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STARBOY Entertainment drops the much anticipated wizkid new single and a video to go with it. Caro features US based rising star LAX .. Watch and Enjoy!!



pixel VIDEO: STARBOY Ft. L.A.X & Wizkid   CARO

Posted by on August 20, 2013.

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  1. #Bow~bowz says:

    Cool video, nice one guyz#Awww!

  2. I tink dis is captiv says:

    Bennet betsy

  3. iyk3 ogaboss says:

    Wizkid is on point!

  4. orgkid says:

    Its a wonderful video from the starboys. Simple but hot.

  5. yomiribigbe says:

    Great song, great video, bhad beat. I beg, na who do the beat?

  6. @im_judaspriest says:

    Dis is d say tin wizkid as been doin same old tin dat y I will always prefer davido..but nice video tho

  7. Clean Video... says:


  8. nipzee says:


  9. Cool video 4rm d sta says:

    Ogunbusola Ezekiel

  10. Joey Ekpes says:

    Mad song…Mad video…Wizi u d thing man..! gah gwan!

  11. @chumajimmy says:

    great song and sharp video-wizkid heading towards legendary status

  12. danny says:

    I love the song, wizkid and l.A.X killed the song. Starboy things. Bigups

  13. chuka chuka says:

    Chai, jam of the world… wizkid you're the best

  14. yung boss, pin:285F9 says:

    Cool buh same line

  15. G.Milly says:

    wizzy yhu too badt. i hail, God Bless ur hand work. yaga. Caro

  16. edom chima says:

    Nice video from starboy keep it up

  17. Nsofor donald says:

    Mhenn wizkid is alwaiz burstin my membrane and who made this beat….

  18. tobbylee says:

    nice one from starboy

  19. Fegal says:

    kul and it make too much sense

  20. olak says:

    I rest my comment kudoz 2 wizzy,lukin 4 caro wia is caro*wink*

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wizzy make ur head d dere fo me oh u too much….285BA2f3

  22. paul says:

    Like seriously dis is absolutely crap music….

  23. wondaboi says:

    Good video not too gud song sha

  24. fresh boy says:

    Wiz dis ???? video na bomb, I will always be ???? no1 funs….kip it on!!!

  25. feelings says:

    Wiz dis ???? video na bomb, I will always be ???? no1 funs….kip it on!!!

  26. feelings says:

    Wiz dis ???? video na bomb, I will always be ???? no1 funs….kip it on starboy….

  27. feelings says:

    Wizzy dis ???? video na bomb, I will always be ???? no1 funs….kip it on starboy….

  28. feelings says:

    Wizzy dis ???? video na bomb, I will always be ???? no1 funs….kip it on starboy….

  29. feelings says:

    Starboy u can add me wit dis pin numba 267EC3CE

  30. ezue birdman says:

    Som1 com hlp me wizzy is killin me wit dis muzik"caro" i tell u 1 tin wizzy u r.a muderer muzik is wat u kill wit……. Kip it up ah hail u

  31. Savvymarvy says:

    omo wizzy u r on point…buh shey na u get d song…anywai d song sef dey make ma head dey bang

  32. Viper says:

    Wizzy….u killed it all….I fink u've got more talent dan davido buh I'll still always prefer dah guy..keep it up

  33. Anonymous says:

    As an upcoming artist…I sewiously nid u n my life….hmm…here's my pin pls…328FD6C7

  34. blaze says:

    Diz muzik is dah bomb..star boi fin

  35. Nice one says:


  36. 22BB1612 says:

    M feeling it

  37. kingsleygbenewei@yah says:

    Wizkid playing a good jamz and they makes me to reason

  38. zamani noni says:

    Dix Girl wey davido don use wash 4 Gobe……no wahala shaaa….wizzy u too much….!!!!

  39. maryam.... says:

    nice one wizzy and l.a.x…..cul song n a superb video,kudos to Moe Musa


    Dats a nyc video tho n hottttttt

  41. ydin abbey says:

    This cool any how keep it up wizzy but look up to that name ydin am coming up to rule

  42. ydin abbey says:

    This cool any how keep it up wizzy but look up to that name ydin am coming up to rule

  43. iykeez nwani says:

    Fresh video wizkid. You don come again

  44. bharlowghun says:

    wizzy noni! i hail ooi…cos ur dis song iz making my head bang

  45. warris fashion world says:

    U to much I belive u star boy caro

  46. A$AP says:

    dont dull that babe!! please who knows her?

  47. Anonymous says:

    Caro do caro do, Caro do o carry, best video, good beatz, I hail u legendury beatz

  48. lax murder u sha says:


  49. rafael speed says:

    Moe 9ce 1 nigga

  50. wizzy baby loke! lok says:

    Tunde salawu

  51. oboi wizkid u b d ba says:

    alex ackumbur

  52. 2love says:

    the guy is gud

  53. star boi uu 2 on poi says:


  54. kebiru says:

    Y can't persson not download video here???

  55. cool with nice video says:


  56. Anonymous says:

    Bello damiloa

  57. matrish says:

    Bad beat or nt I still love u wizkid, lookn forwrd meeting u

  58. ohiozee says:

    Wiskid u ar d best any tyme nice video yaga

  59. d-jazzzz says:

    Wizzzy z just 2 much…..

  60. Anonymous says:


  61. yaa...biggupz to yhu says:

    Obrain tinzy

  62. jimmy says:

    Does banky w has something to do wif the caro video

  63. WOOO WIZZZY I LOVE U says:


  64. daniel weird says:

    Dat caro babe na killa.

  65. Queencess says:

    Nice song & the beat is so sick….so universal !!!!

  66. i'm lukin 4 car says:


  67. its so gud says:

    Wizkid is so on point nd he his tu gud

  68. Cool song....Cool vi says:


  69. 9ice0 1 @ star boi says:


  70. hahaha c c caro says:

    Amin D na Ijeoma

  71. wizkid u are the bes says:


  72. wizzy nice song via says:


  73. HENrylord says:

    The difference btwn wizkid and davido,is dat wizy is fukin good,and davido is also doin his fin we'll so no sweats,wizy dat track is bomb

  74. great video n nice c says:

    J haggi

  75. Anonymous says:

    wizy u r d bomb abeg wu do d beat. starboiz kip it up cuz u r movin up to greater leven. Nigerians caro dey ma hws oh na me dey hide am

  76. olu Nelson says:

    Wikid u are 2much,u are killing evry show, I dey enjoy u man, keep it up!!

  77. D song make sense di says:

    Angel willow

  78. Nice 1 wizkid wat a says:


  79. i love the video...m says:

    Davison osagie

  80. wizkid don cum again says:


  81. SLIMD says:

    You are Killing d beat with ur flows. Thumbs up man. Wish u more awards

  82. Anonymous says:

    wizkid u 2 much., love dah song lyke madt…u d best

  83. just downloaded caro says:

    D anointed

  84. Wakizzy says:

    Wizkid got it rigth,it must be one best videos of the year

  85. Kay says:

    TOOXCLUSIVE.com U guys need to revamp and redesign your web page as you can see above people are mistakenly commenting on the name page and putting their names on the comment tab. As u can see sort this out let dere be orderliness

  86. Kay says:

    I did it purposely so u guys can see wat am saying!

  87. that's sickly d says:


  88. nice one wizzy u re says:

    Cris jay

  89. niyilola says:

    i love d song,interesting nd loving,very kul

  90. YCAN03 says:

    caro b fine gurl n wizzy b fine boi……u killin me ooo

  91. Petkid Petrely says:

    Starboy tinx wizzy baby is on point

  92. adamu visiboy says:

    Do you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or do drugs?

  93. Mc Bright says:

    Where ar u caro o! Nice one wizzzy

  94. nice one Broda says:


  95. @6milez_official says:

    Nice one blood @wizkidayo.

  96. khardeejhart horlaro says:

    caro dey mak mie head dey scatter i dey hail hoo whizzy on point

  97. chim Bryan says:

    what about the girls in the video, aren't they hot

  98. zamani'xcuevans says:

    wizkid honour 4 u.

  99. D moniy says:

    Wizzy ur ar too.mush,am felin it in my system

  100. young batty says:

    WiZzy u gr8t just keep it up nija alwys be ur fans.

  101. chiemeka says:

    Mehn! this is killing…………….WiZzy U are tooo good

  102. 31673DDD says:

    Omo o gbaki carry go joo starboi lomo latile

  103. donjun says:

    dis song is gbaski………..ooooooo

  104. omo gbado ha u to fr says:


  105. Anonymous says:

    Ganiuyat sannni this song is mad caro

  106. some clueful folks s says:


  107. vicor_volt v*star says:

    Nice,awesome,interesting…whizy u rilli de on point

  108. Abubakar Maniru says:

    i luv wizkid die meyn, 1 luv to wizkid. Say's by karshi commitee of friens.

  109. 9ce work wizzy dont says:


  110. sophy says:

    i always feel u wizzy.. 9ce work keep it up Ayo.

  111. millicent says:

    Always love him.star boy thing.

  112. nasslove says:

    Nice song ,nice video.u r d best wizzy ise

  113. Trevor says:

    TOOEXCLUSIVE una no de see all dis misunderstandin?,na una cauz am ooo…ppl r wrytin dier namez whr dey shud b wrytin dier comntz…de whole thin is jst confuzin..abeg una need check una site o..+ if u no google u no fit enta here directly com fyn somtin nd datz wack…

  114. Anonymous says:

    star boy wiz caro boy

  115. favourmodel says:

    wizkid dnt mind bad bella ppls ur video is onee of dy best fr dis year take three posa!!!

  116. my name is wajea says:

    I like davido more than wizkid

  117. Anonymous says:

    whiz-kid on point ooo

  118. Anonymous says:

    damoski, wiz-kid no ur wife name, an he use it to sing

  119. Anonymous says:

    a de feel u wizkid i wish i can c u n ma lyf bY Sisqo mr carter

  120. PinkChick says:

    Just downloaded it, lemme listen to it, simz i luv d beat. **wia my hearpiece**

  121. CASH RAIN says:


  122. prodigy says:

    Wizkid, you da bomb. Who said is said this video is crap? You are just hating mehn. I like starboy and he’s got mad skills

  123. Anonymous says:

    hmm wel wel wel starboy baba yhu ar 2 much i realy love dis track very much its very interested,its very gr8 nd its makin me happy every dae every moment tanks alot 4 d entertain more effort on it tankz

  124. emmanuel abayomi says:

    hmm wel wel wel starboy baba yhu ar 2 much i realy love dis track very much its very interested,its very gr8 nd its makin me happy every dae every moment tanks alot 4 d entertain more effort on it tankz

  125. Anonymous says:

    my name be turk charlie weezy i dey love caro

  126. Speedy says:

    Nice music and the video is superb, still your number 1 fan…Yagaaa!

  127. star lomo dis particular u did it a great job keep it up says:

    Star boy lomo u did a great job!

  128. Anonymous says:

    Call it crap or not (starboi-Caro). Is the most favourite music I do play in Party its the Hit track in Benue. Thank God for wizkid.

  129. Anonymous says:

    i love it.respect.

  130. […] Starboy – Caro f. Wizkid & L.A.X                  561,190  hits   […]

  131. Anonymous says:

    Girls are lyk amrubber

  132. Akintola Ayobami says:

    Indeed, Wizkid be BaBa…….. May God bless ur hustle

  133. Anonymous says:

    Chai wizzy i can die with out beein ur fan…plz rememba me…ur roll model…

  134. wizzy starboy tinz nice 1 you r Rocking every party,mi luv yah ur music the make me bang keep it up an remain bless says:

    K.C Kris

  135. Anonymous says:

    K.C Kris

  136. i realy love dis muzic wizkid keep it up says:

    His eminence Munachi

  137. wisked u're d best,i realy luv d vidoe says:

    wisked u”re d best,i realy luv s vidoe

  138. wizzy wizzy u're d best i realy luv ur music just keep it up says:


  139. Anonymous says:

    I love this video pls wizkid kip it up @starboy never slow

  140. Titan 32FE5B73 says:

    9c 1 wizzie

  141. Anonymous says:

    Nice one I luv dat

  142. pretamzzy says:

    Yaga kip bursting my head wit jamz

  143. peter says:

    very good song

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