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ALBUM REVIEW: Olamide & Phyno – “2 Kings”

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 8, 2015 in Album reviews · 54 Comments


Artists – Olamide & Phyno
Album – 2 Kings
Features – Lil Kesh, Wizkid, Storm Rex
Producers – Pheelz, Young John, Major Bangz, B.Banks
Platform – Cloud 9 Music
Running Time – 37:28 mins

I can vividly recall my college days, how I sat through sweat rounds of endless arguments, tough back and forths watching men take sides on who’s a better rapper – Olamide or Phyno? So now that they’ve released a joint album together, can we possibly rule out the argumentative factor seeing as they subjected themselves to a healthy compete? But hey! If any doubt, one thing clear is that 2 Kings is the shiii. No, it still didn’t do much to revealing who’s a better rapper of them two but the stand out factor would be that Olamide and Phyno spared no ammo when they suited up for their gun duel on the battle field of rap.

It starts off with Cypher leading the LP’s tracklist and was the only production by B.Banks. Olamide and Phyno lace their indigenous takes on the bars in turns with both rappers exuding appreciable confidence and not outdoing each other in a clear context. Although it’s in my opinion that Phyno pulled all the score points. His composure gave him the upper margin. Koka Koba makes me want to retract that statement considering the impressive wreckage (Miley Cyrus style) Olamide does on the record. He owned almost three minutes of record play with his Drake-styled delivery (the vamp to the hook though). Phyno is proof that one doesn’t need an entire track time to show his fine stuff. A third verse is just enough.

When I first heard Nobody’s Fault, I had to check my playlist to be sure it wasn’t shuffling. Pheelz produced that song and those sounds? Dem no be hia o. The retro style instrumentals are quite the welcoming feat and it’s anthem-esque rhythm samples some sweet ol’ pop grooves of the early 90’s. The thirst behaviour of both rappers on the track can be likened to those of a vampire with bloodshot eyes as they drop heavy lines like arrows launched from tied bows. Phyno even dared to acclaim they’re the only rappers living above the law. Like? Again, I say Pheelz is underrated. Very much. In the same vein, Major Bangz commands respect as such. God Be With Us has elements of Funk. Phyno floats easy on the electro riffs and Olamide is his ever witty but jocular self.

Ladi is the first of tracks to introduce a swing on 2 Kings. The beats have somewhat become a Young John signature, you just know it’s him when you hear it. Phyno keeps finding newer ways to impress with his lyrical composure. It’s very riveting! Lil Kesh may have found his thang with this school kid approach. It adds this special hippy feel, and then Olamide who you can’t almost tell apart from Lil Kesh wrapped up their tuneful banter. Phyno’s Une equally requires some swing action. The musical melody falls in a cross genre of afro, rap and ragga. Very tricky something Major Bangz whipped up here but trust Phyno to always live it up. Une symbolizes the test of a man’s strength in handling something ‘physical’… just ask Phyno if you need further clarification.

Have you heard Olamide on reggaeton beats? Well Pheelz made it happen on Real Nigga – a very smooth dance hall jam that had Phynofino and Baddo gliding effortlessly on it. Phyno did some good bits with his vocal impressions on the hook but maybe a Patoranking or Burnaranking wudda done perfect justice. Speaking of which, Wizkid is one superstar who’s worth every brag. Forget his delinquencies, guy knows his stuff. Confam Ni sounds pretty much like a Wizzy kinda joint – afrobeats and sway. The full effect of a baddo x wixxy synergy wasn’t toned down, they rather opted for something different; exceptionally chill but yet clubby in it’s melodious feel. The LP winds to an inspiring close with the last tracks Carry Me Go and For My City. The former features Storm Rex – the diva who slays loco style – and with her beautiful high tenor. Carry Me Go is not one of those love song stereotypes that we’ve become used to, still it aptly fits the purpose of events that the Ibos call Ilu Nwanyi and Igba Nkwu. The Pheelz-produced track has a very rich Ibo high life flavour with extra saccharine.

For My City joins the list of those hustle streets anthem where those who made it pump their fists in the air and holler out loud as survivors that they are. Olamide depicts his hood roots when in a dramatic switch, he goes from bespoke vocals to Bariga champion. It’s utterly amazing how western sounds marinade well with local influences like indigenous rap. I think one of it’s beauties is that it’s such a creative sport and can be applied to just about anything. R&B, pop, house, afro, dance, reggae, folk, contemporary… you name it; Olamide and Phyno will bring it so good that you can take it to the bank and cash it out, literally. While sediments remain unsettled about their prominence as local rappers, they’ve succeeded in brewing very classy stuff from out of 2 Kings. The album is fun and shows the mind versatility of both acts – Olamide trying out the Ibo dialect, Phyno doing same with Yoruba, fusing in a mesh of sounds from popular genres, language transitions that do well to almost defying tribal barriers and with lucid images of aspirations that will ultimately be.

The hip-hop culture suffers because first, we’re yet to deeply comprehend and have a firm grasp of it then secondly, the rapid growth of borrowed influences tend to stifle it’s break out. But 2 Kings is more like the battle axe, crafted and fashioned for the reawakening purpose. Olamide and Phyno broke the fetters and toed in the direction they reign supreme as kings. Thus as dawn approaches, one can only stay earnestly expectant for what’s next. Who’s picking up the baton or will it be left lying on the floor?

Rating – 4/5

Vector's Rating

Reviewed by Jim Donnett

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  1. TX! Blew my mind 4 d 1st time…. Loving the album more

  2. for the first time tx making sense. nice one tho.

  3. D album waz trash.. Stp mkin stupid tinz famous… Olamide nd phyno style of muzik is gettin tiring

    • Sing your own style n let’s c’mnt mudaf!

  4. Still Bangind diz Album real hard…BesT of the BesT

  5. Kudos to TX very nice review… #2Kings Can’t stop playing this album. #ChibuzorChukwudi…Alobam dem.

  6. jim…. u r gr8…. lord u write so well.. jealous!!!!! loving d review.

  7. Comin from 2 of the best rappers in nigeria, I expected more. No need for em “groovy songs”. They given us enough with the ones off their albums . Even with the title of the album, “2 kings, we expect punchlines showing that they kings of rap , All we wanna hear is bars Upon bars. They could have done better rather than give us half-hazard album. Tbh, the album don’t even deserve ur ratings. Poor review

    • Forgotten this set of people said they don’t need d fucking punchlines or worldplay???? Mehn! Y’all just listen to songs with knwn d meaning

  8. To be honest all you just said is crap,u are just hyping the album,Ladi is the most stupid song ever you can ever imagine,how would lil kesh say all sorts in the song and his beloved mentor/god couldn’t ask him to be descent. TBH radio would never play that song,and a song isn’t a hit if the radio can’t play it,some other songs on the album were waste of beats,Pheelz,Major banks,B.banks,Yung John,prolific producers,pheelz just keeps stepping on the gas. This album or mixtape should be rated 3/5 that’s just because of how serious and composed phyno was. Olamide you better than shouting on a beat

    • All igbos should be drowned thruly! *pensive* stop being bias murdaf!

      • Guy am Yoruba,nd even ijebu for that matter,but we are one nigeria and I can’t see shit and let my neighbour step on am,the album is shit finish.

        • Suicide ursef nigga!

      • Look at this fool saying igbos should drown. The guy is yoruba. You or you comment I don’t know who’s more stupid

        • Actually can’t figure out wah u saying… Did u go to skul @all? Just asking tho *pensive*

  9. One thing about reviews is that ur free to say any ish u like…the album for me is ok 3/5 ….
    follow me on duranko7 n check my new rap single n review.. #HUSTLE

  10. Gr8t review @E-WISE coming with fire#E-FIRE

  11. wat a waste
    singing songs dat can corrupt d society especially d young ones. 2 kings is bellow expectation

    • Duhhhhh! Corrupt my ass! Just stfu!

  12. I enjoyed the album. I think the album review is fair.

  13. wack i wud say, i need to say this about TX editors, u once said reminisce local rapper is better than vector’s king kong, kong) was way much better, now you telling us again this 2 kings7 album is great, not at all d whole album was wack despite impressive effort from the producer..olamide wax busy cursing, singing rubbixh..i rate this 2/10

    • God be with us is dedicated to people like u!

  14. I knew they’d hype the album with d shit they were singing…If na wizkid album na them go criticise d life of d album. Mtchew. Rubbish people. The only decent track is confam ni which olamide still ruined with his noisemaking.

    • STFU Mudaf! Wizkid fan I c! D album wey ur wizkid drop whr’s it 2day??? *searching*

  15. Street ti take over, punchline o jawo mo! Lovn this album to death!!!!! Hating on ‘2 kings’? #Suicideyourself

  16. 2kings…!! Skibo !! Emi sexsy!! Baba igbo ..Baba Obago… !!!!! Pin: 26EACE16

  17. Nice album phyno nd olamide murder dis shit #BEST

  18. Am an mc but still upcoming and am gonna say the album was great not just bcus it was dropped by phyno and olamide, check out koba or ume, that’s one hiphop and a commercial, so the album should be good enough to go

  19. All understand by this TX is u konkluded by saying Phyno is beta Olamide

  20. guys up talking rubbish.. I bet you don’t understand what they are saying.. some say they were saying shit and can’t be played on radio.. well.. we are listening to it. you want bars.. they don’t do bars.. they just flow.. local rappers.. punchline adi ewete zi ego.. great one Ola and Phyno

  21. am all over this……isi’m saa gi efere anyi abiaziri efere contest…..olamide baba duro u on point……#ladishoki i see ur hippy…….#loving and 2 haterz……all u can do is hate….#kissurself

  22. 08059594614 for jamb upgrading

  23. Na wa o sme pple get tym to talk anyhow

  24. Lol?? Decent? This is a variation of hip-hop. You cannot ask the language to be decent. And this guys have got punchlines tho’, seriously, y’all just don’t see. They just don’t “flow” did you hear ghost mode? “They say I take all I got, but I got all it takes”

  25. Dem don sing..e make sense or not u go download am..dem don make am…even olamide talk am 4 confirm ni say em don blow…so d shit u talkin about


  27. Phyno And Olamide Them Don Hammer Na Them Be The King Ooo.

    • Is true i love phyno pass my food pyhno is my man eny where i see him i must thank him because i like him well well

  28. i luv my lyf

  29. i luv my lyf o

  30. Album so bloody:-):)i can see them hate ass mofos blidin

  31. I need all the musicians to go and rest eccept phyno my frends say that i should run mad because of phyno

  32. Phyno were will i meet you

  33. Can someone tEll me the name of the artis that her instrumental was play at the of the. Video?

  34. mad flow…dope beat…..thrilling

  35. olamide is de best artist ever…dey call him local buh e recieved a award from graamy…wow!!!!…olamide-zero joy feelin ur flow der…dey no born phyno well

    • olamide rap but phyno is the rapper in ladi colabo lil kesh tried as a young up coming rapper but phyno and olamide modal it with gud rhymes and leries as an unkwon up coming star i will b the one to knokout phyno respect to him and olamide phyno is my mentor all i nid is sponsor 08163020154 this is my number if any show party my stage name is (say it

    • olamide rap but phyno is the rapper in ladi colabo lil kesh tried as a young up coming rapper but phyno and olamide modal it with gud rhymes and leries as an unkwon up coming star i will b the one to knokout phyno respect to him and olamide phyno is my mentor all i nid is sponsor 08163020154 this is my number if any show party my stage name is (say it

  36. hi, Ibrahim i 2 gbadun d guy badoly

  37. Feeling the niggaz it’s not fucken easy

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