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Burna Boy Or Wizkid…Who Is More Talented?

Posted by Oluwatobi Ibironke on January 26, 2018 in Content, Social Views · 112 Comments

Since the release of ‘Heaven’s Gate’ everyone seems to be waking up to the brilliance of Burna Boy. It has been almost all positives for the singer. ‘Burna Boy is amazing,’ ‘Burna Boy is a genre on his own,’ ‘He is a walking vibe machine’ and many more. What really struck me was when someone said ‘Burna Boy is better than Wizkid commn beat me.’

At first I was like WTF, then it hit me that maybe Burna Boy is actually as talented as Wiz, if not more. So I thought I should ask you, TX readers, who do you think is more talented Burna Boy or Wizkid?

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  1. Oluwa Burna Boy Of Course…

  2. burna all the way

  3. Burna Boy all the way!

  4. oluwa burna ur face show….he is ten times talented Dan wizkid

  5. tx u pipp are fools…imagine comparing musonda to messi!
    fuck diz site

  6. They are both talented but one has grace than the other

    • Nice talk

    • Waaa Sherry sensible reply

      • Thanks bro,you said it all.

  7. Burna boy has always been slept on, he’s a genius. And is better

  8. BURNA BIG!!!

  9. Burna of course comman beat me too

  10. King burna for ever !!! Wiz his just an overrated artist

  11. Burna boy ni o

  12. why will this comparison come out in the first place. Pls don’t ever compare Wizkid to Burna Boy. In everyway Wizkid is Boss. Star Boy….

  13. Burna Boy’s OUTSIDE album is the real Sound From The Other Side, the thing is since Wizkid’s SUPERSTAR album in 2011, OUTSIDE is the most Creative Urban Album yet by a Nigerian Artist and the best Album since then till now, I’ll say They are equally talented but we need to start giving Burna Boy equal respect as Wizzy, Thank you Burna for this album, More mad jams and exotic collaborations like “Heavens Gate” this year please.

  14. Wizkid is kaboom??

  15. Wizking all d way

  16. Oluwa Burna !!!!!!!!???

  17. Una be fools

  18. All of una na Fool 4 tooxclusive, Wizkid all d Way

  19. Wizzy can sing we all know that but burna is talented

  20. Anyone studying the Nigerian industry knows Burna Boy is the most skilled and most versatile artist from Nigeria… P.H city for life

  21. People mistake talent and acceptance for been a genius. Burna is brilliant and also a genius . D work he puts in his music is enough to set up a college to tutor wizzy.the last body of work wizkid put out is enough to explain my work. Amazing vibes amazing rhymes beats and sound engineering but looking at Burnas work alone in 2017 and 2018 I would say d album title sound from the other side looks better on Burna. He is vast and real.

  22. When wizkid was making money burna boy way nowhere so it is wizkid

    • Na wetin dem ask u? ?

  23. oluwa burna of course

  24. Burna Boy

    • Burna is super talented but not to be compared with Wizkid #starboi

  25. Ur f?ther, who told u d?t burn? bo¡ e no get money

    • b 4 lyf

    • No body is saying anything about money one home work ask of father and mothher Burma boy and wizkid who do dey no.

  26. Jesus!!! tooxclusive are fools for updating dis on their site….. comparing a lost artist with a God of music that has placed Nigeria and Africa in the world map

    • I hope you mean Burna boy cause he hated been a legend

  27. burna d learn work for were wizzy staboi dey……..intanational soundz bro.

  28. Ayo all the way

  29. burna is talented buh wizzy is blessed, so u should respect who is on top ……. no b beans

  30. ty

  31. dis is pure shit..fuck u

  32. Wow !! I Love tooxclusive!! Truthful people still exist in Naija ?. OLUWA BURNA to the world ?

  33. Oluwa burna

  34. OLUWA burna

  35. Talent is notin bt achievementis the best, compare their achievement will judge who is talented, wizkid all the way, when we talk of talent and achievement

  36. lolzzzzzzzzzzz……traffic Jam talent and being a genius burna boi is versatile but don’t tryna compare to wizkid their works speaks for them check the countdown since burna boi came into the game till today he’s still a teenager where wizkid is

  37. Omo na Burna I choose ooo,
    Omo na Burna sabi pass for d two

  38. Burna boy’s Outside A.K.A sounds from the other side

  39. Burns boy is dynamic, and his lyrics are better than wizkid’s lyrics,
    My opinion tho

  40. Hahaha burna boy wizzy hmm u ppl why ar u compare burna with wizzy the different is clear wizkid is always winning artist Africa nd abroad respect star boy Dts talented

  41. Burna boy’s an alien, if at all there’s someone out there more talented than he is it’s certainly not Wiz.

  42. Burna boy is

  43. Even wizkid knew burna is overall better than him

  44. all this one’s are just bunch of dump human being….. just because you hate someone doesn’t mean u can’t acknowledge their good work….
    only idiots and haters would say Burna is better than wizkid

    • c as tx put people 4 work everysoon dem go stil compare f2 with wizkid den na go dey talk rubbish make na go do beta tin wey go add moni na acount.

  45. Burna Boy is better than him for my side

  46. Burna Boy!!!!!!!

  47. Yo no need fi all diz arguments…if you know good music you know consistency is key in the business its not by who there first but who can stay longer…Burna been dropping hits since day one from the time of his first mixtape burnotice’ till now….it’s unfortunate Nigerians just got to feel tha vibe recently.

  48. wizkid is more talent dan burna boy

  49. Wiz is good buh bro burna boy is the best and actually my best he doesn’t put crap out its the kind of artist the world is looking for , his standard is so amazing , I think y’all need to listen to d outside album and if you listened to good sounds and master song engineering you would know burna boy is a boom, I love that guy and if you doubt then these are the songs you should listen to , like to party , roses, tonight , smoke some weed, freedom ,ice cream man, duro ni be , before, deja vu, calm down, giddem , devil in California, outside, rock your body, gwarn, heaven’s gate, sekkle down and lots more, the guy is creative ,he’s the city gyration . a.k.a the ice cream man, #burna, #diversity,# good work, #blessed

  50. Lol Nigerians and der foolishness. Always blind argueing, look at someone saying burna is d most lyrical artist for naija where u go put brymo? Nawa o there is no need to b foolish, wizkid is better than burna, later they will start comparing pato to wizkid now.nawa o

  51. Burna boy ? ?

  52. wizkid. only got grace nothing more burna boy all d way

    • Grace is for everybody but follows the lucky ones

  53. u cant compare burna boy with wizkid
    bcoz dere lines r very very different burns boy can. b smtyms a rapper

  54. I do not hate wizkid, but we can’t dispute the fact that burna boy is music himself. He is talented he is a genre of music, he is a sound on his own, he makes lyrics. He won’t give you oshozndi but he’ll give you heaven’s gate and city of Africa. There’s no denying this guy is underrated moreover he doesn’t even give a duck about y’all awards. Fufillment makes a man. I’d you’re a fan of wozkid download and listen to burna boy’s album. I know wizkid is successful but BURNA BOY is the best.

  55. Lol….you na know no anything, wizkid more talented than burna boy,,,,,,in 100% confirm ,,,,,,,pls let vote for the right person, ha ha from the beginning till now ,,,,wizkid baba NLA. ,,,,,,all burna boy fans you fit carry sars come oo.

  56. Lol….you na know no anything, wizkid more talented than burna boy,,,,,,in 100% confirm ,,,,,,,pls let vote for the right person, ha ha from the beginning till now ,,,,wizkid baba NLA. ,,,,,,all burna boy fans you fit carry sars come oo.

  57. Una brain dey pain una….. How will u compare burna boy with Wizkid? Wizkid is way better

  58. Oh so now it’s Wizzy VS Burna, and no longer davido. You so called bloggers are the problem. Hungry evil individuals trying to pitch these two amazing talents and their fans against each other just for your own traffic. Guess what? They are smart now and won’t easily be fooled by your stupid comparisons

  59. burna na master all of all na senior man

  60. Burna Boy is creative and an undiluted talent even Jidenna said it. He single handedly wrote a couple songs for Drake and kept it lowkey, Wizkid only wrote “one dance” and Drake’s co-writers modified the lyrics.

  61. Oluwa burna all d way ooooo

    He inspired many upcoming artists,Buh who even bring this matter come here,burna boy is a good artist I must say Buh no b to carry am compare him role model.i hereby close this case.i sign out[@@]…dl sam

  63. Truth is, Burna has content than Wizkid. Both are talented. I personally pick burna over wiz.. thing is Burna doesn’t walk around kissing asses. If he did only jah knws where he would be by now. He has his own sound

  64. Talent is nothing when not achieved. You can have the talent and potential but without hard work and consistency you are going nowhere. So comparing wizkid and burna is laughable.

  65. y r u guys always bent on comparing pple… diz guys are doing different sounds. ..

  66. Burna Bwoy

  67. I love burna boy and I also love wizkid
    They have made Naija proud
    I don’t think is ryt to compel the two cause as far I know
    The two have different style of music

  68. Burna is more creative than Wiz..he’s got better lyrics as well..Wizkid got good rhythm but Burna has better vibes

  69. Burna boy of course


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  71. God knows tooxclusive are so dum in fact Jim D or what’re your name is if I catch you in my WhatsApp I will insult goodness out of your life after posting dis am gonna WhatsApp you instantly.. shey God wan punish una ni..

    We lover of good music, we love Burna and his music but really comparing him with Wizkid he can’t even accept dis nonsense himself as d burna..
    Pls go online life is easy now read all about what Wizkid has done and what burna has done.. Burna no go passout do u guys even know how many foreign musicians has future wizkid and how many is yet to.. Tooxclusive and all dis fools saying nonsense here are just too dumb can’t believe my eyes Burna Wizkid… u guys didn’t appreciate Burna as good as he’s den, he left start doing his things on his own making good music.. u guys are now comparing him with Wizkid boss of Africa.. why is Nigerians so wicked are you looking for his downfall..

  72. Wizkid has been consistent for years …burns hasn’t
    You guys just disrespected wizkid by stopping so low no doubt burna is good but not as good as wizkid make una no dey do like that o abeg….stop being sentimental uno like person no mean say make u dey talk anyhow . ..Runtown is more talented by burna as long as am concerned.

  73. omo it’s burnaboy no need to fight or insult anyone…

  74. Burns boy

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  77. Egede Burna!

  78. Wizkid

  79. You nigga shouldn’t be asking blind question, Burna all the way

  80. TX, you don’t have to compare burna with anyone cuz he don’t even like that shit…burna boy is unique and special and don’t fucking need any bullshit from anyone….he don’t sing saying bullshit or make you dance Azonto…he do music…music for life

  81. burna boy is more talented than wizkid.. but wizkid is the most successful of the both. Just because burna is underrated in naija.. lyrically wise and different kind of tune.. burna boy baddest songwriter.. I pray you get the recognition you deserve

  82. I can’t imagine comparing Burna boy to wiz just because of heavens gate can he enter the heaven…burn you burn. up wiz baba nla.

  83. right now na star boy star boy ��

  84. To of them re great
    But wizzy is always the man
    Blessed up

  85. Wiz and Burna are super talented. Nigerians are sleeping on Burna becos of his kind of songs. Burna all the way. There is no Nigerian Artiste like him.

  86. Burna boy is better

  87. Really?? Asin really????

  88. burns boy most talented

  89. burns boy most talented


  90. wizkid

  91. They’re both supremely talented artists and the good thing is they’re both NIGERIANS!!

  92. how can it be burnaboy is wizkid that is more talented

  93. Oluwa burna lawww

  94. Oluwa Burna undisputed champion?

  95. burna

  96. on my own imagination, Burna boy did nt reach wizkid any were.
    he still a little boy in wizkid side.
    so, Wizkid is talented than him.

  97. how are you

  98. what sort of nonsense is this

  99. no argument……burna wins this one…..the guy is too versatile that he fits into almost all genres of music…
    most talented in the country by far

  100. wizkid all the way

  101. Burna boy ..Don gorgon???

  102. i love u man

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