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Darey – “Pray For Me” ft. Soweto Gospel Choir

Posted by jimmyking on July 7, 2015 in AUDIO · 234 Comments


On this mid-tempo Afro-soul groove, “Pray for Me” Darey features the five-time Grammy award nominated, two-time Grammy award winning and one Emmy award winning Soweto Gospel Choir, Darey channels the spirit of his forefathers, playing the role of a traditional folk storyteller as he relays a positive, relevant and inspirational message. “Pray For Me” is a story of triumph, even against the greatest odds.

The rhythmically infused, yet soulful recording blends perfectly with Darey’s signature classic vocals and carries the audience through a picturesque sonic journey which crescendos with the rich harmonies of the 20+ fold SowetoGospel Choir.

Download Below & Enjoy!!

DOWNLOAD: Darey – Pray For Me ft. Soweto Gospel Choir

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  1. Darey!!!!!!!!! this is good music!! no dilution!!!!! God bless you for this!!!!

  2. Nice1 Darey this is cool, nice melody, nice sound….

  3. nice track.. I love it

  4. Darey dis is a very lovely track, I started enjoying d song more wen it was in 2:08mins wen soweto choir entered.. infact u made d best choice by featuring dem… lovely song bro

  5. I don’t normally comment on songs bt this is cool and mature one from Darey.Am really enjoying it

  6. This is my best song of the year!!! I cnt even find a proper adjctv to qualify aw gud it is. This song shld b gunning for the grammy!

  7. am a upcoming artist gospel singer.I Ned helper .cal 08138332459

  8. Wow! Atlast I heard n definately not disapointed. Kudos to u boss of RnB. DAREY…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Love it like mad

  10. My kind of song anything anyday.

  11. GOD bless you for this lovely song.. Amen

  12. luvl mai montor

  13. Its just de best and nothing but the best, never loved ur song de way am doing now. Its just cool. U are bless

  14. M not dat surprised. Y, cus dare dose what Dates dose best. Nice one.

  15. Amzin song amazin artist,darey is jst 2 gud….keep up d gud work bro…

  16. art alade@darey oluwa bless u for dis one.

  17. Darey doing Gospel? Nice one my Man,

    • pray for me adurah
      nice one darey

  18. Nice music bro kip it up

    • Kodjo Agbona from Lomé. This isnpiration is toi much. The very first time i heared this song… Oh no… my émotion! I’v ne ver dreamt of fedding pu with this song some day. Good job Darey; Félicition à toi; bon travail

    • Kodjo Agbona from Lomé. This isnpiration is too much. The very first time i heared this song… Oh no… my émotions! I’v never dreamt of fedding pu with this song some day. Good job Darey; Félicition à toi; bon travail

  19. you’re the true son of your father; to whom much is given much is expected. Those other artists singing non sense: remember, what you do is a legacy to those coming.

    • I love the songs. I never knew he doesn’t sing gospel, until dis afternun wen I heard it on radio ?D????? immediately I downloaded. Its very very wonderful ?D????? great. The lyrics are touching. Kip it up bro. Like my fellow has said, others are singing non-sense, total nonsense. One thing I knw is dat if he kips going on gospel, criusly speaking, you will definately move far above unexpected. Thumbs up

  20. From all the songs I’ve been opportuned to listen to since my existence, I must confess that this is one of the most inspiring song I’ve heard from a Nigerian not forgetting to mention Timi Dakolo’s “wish me well” which from all indications is more like “Pray for me” and indeed a “masterpiece”. Just hoping that in the near future these two lords of inpirational music will collaborate and not only shake the music industry all over the world but will make the world tremble and and even yearn for more. Bravo! Darey you are really a true son of your father and indeed a *supergenius*. Thank you for this *MASTERPIECE*

  21. so in luv wit dz,Soweto choir u killed it too… its so inspirational

  22. Heard it first on the radio n I was touched… I had to download it Asap.. This is 12/10… nice 1 Mr Darey

  23. Nice track,nice concept.d song is ultracool,inspirational….keep it up DAREY.

  24. Truly awesome song. I av always been a fan of DAREY. But u just took music to a whole new level in Nigeria. Dis should win awards even with politics. DAREY thank u for d inspiration.

  25. Weldon…

  26. this is really nice . i love the song

  27. this is really nice . i love the song like die

  28. Great work
    Very true life in the city is…
    But darey prays for us

  29. *thumbs up* i ad alwaiz wodad if music in naija is all about HipHop whz tokz only abouh LOVE, MONEY nd SEX. GOD bless darey. We nid mor peepz lyk u to redefine nd refine music in Nigeria.My M rili luvz duh song

  30. Men, this is spot on, Dare Nailed it completely

  31. good song, good interpretation, good message, bravo darey

  32. you always murder it man… am listening to it right now.

  33. Darey the legend God bless you, lovely song.

  34. this song has got me having goose bumps. big ups Darey

  35. You blew me away wit dis one Darey. Chaiiiiiiiii, i know u can make Nigeria Proud.

  36. You got my heart Bro tanks 4 dis song, more bless on ur part

  37. Wow I must say this is amazing and mind blowing , lovely song good sound and best decision on the featuring I must say I love this one, God bless you Darey

  38. Nice work from darey

  39. Dis is music dts highly unique.d message is so clear.Dare,I’v neva bin ur fan bt wit dis song,wot choice do I av dan 2 apreciate dis masterpiece n kip prayin 4 u.

  40. This track is awesome and i love it….nyc1 darey

  41. play for me God

  42. OMG!!!! We had to use de song as a choreography in church…..Xo proud of u bro if ah were a boi..ah wld win project fame wif dat song!!!

  43. Dis song leaves u deep in thoughts…

  44. Best song for year 2015 so inspiring

  45. Darey shows y he isn’t in d same category wit other singers wah a song damn diz dude is awta diz world lyrics, composure, vocals iono wah words 2 use 2 describe it. Good work from soweto gospel choir

  46. Dare …hear me…your songs are not just now, it live now and after you. I wish to feature you with my lovely daughter soonest.

  47. WOW! I love this song. Great ballad. Darey you give music critics reasons to love Nigerian music. I’m just speechless. I love that its mixed with yoruba and that soweto gospel chior did the backup. So proud of u.

  48. Afta herin d sng I. Knw I had to dwnld it

  49. Good and nice one Alade..keep it up and flowing.kudos

  50. More blessin MR darey may the lord pray 4 u

  51. I love this darey…… Thumbs up

  52. wow this is something else.. as an artist I think. something like this is more better ..I will work hard to come out with some more better.. darey good job.. God bless u..

  53. dis song is so dope. well done darey and the soweto gospel group

  54. Darey… This song is well ahead of its time.. I downloaded it twice… I spoke to 10 person about it. Am #aladetic… Vocals…. Gbadura funmi

  55. God!!! that voice…… mehn……tumbx up a million times,!!!

  56. This is my best track for the bravo from darey

  57. This is my best track for the year bravo from darey

  58. Nice one *BRO* trust me it one of my favourite for the year *2015*

  59. Lovely song, I luv it.

  60. Dis song inspired me so much well done Dare u too much!!.

  61. Nice one dare more grace to ur elbow

  62. The video pls…u kill it with d soweto choir..kip it up with d strong voice nd lyrics

  63. ur d best darey luv u

  64. Take it or leave it dare is the best

  65. Mennnn this is beyond my immagination is just a bomb….keep it up darey

  66. Jeshhh..dis luvly kip it up inspirational

  67. Wow so nice cool music it’s touch the heart of many people out there kip it up GOD BLESS U

  68. Very nice song.. I wish this song belong to me.

  69. if I say in love wt ds song, its definitely an understatement. thumbs up drey!

  70. Nyc song Bro…….

  71. I am leaving for the city, this song is giving me hope. And I will always want to hear it more

  72. Shows bright rays of hope……… Thumbs up Bro!

  73. if you wana do gospel,do gospel
    dont bring light and darkness together cause der surely got naffn in common””

    • Nyc 1 darey

  74. Nice one

  75. dis song is one hell of a song…darey men u killed it bro, thumbs up man.

  76. It’s a lovely song very inspirational

  77. I’ve been a fan for long tho… Darey you are simply one of the Gs thumbs up

  78. Never commented on a song before, but this one, hmmm many thumbs up. it’s cool, nice, inspiring, touching….. the list is endless.

  79. Pray for me nice song

  80. Wat a heart melting song,thumbs up darey nd 2 the soweto chior u killed it

  81. this is a good music darey

  82. Anytime I hear this song it keeps me thinking where this world is gonna lead me to with or without all my qualifications. Hmmm such a powerful song

  83. Well done Darey. This is a beautiful delivery.

  84. Beautiful and inspiring….

  85. Am broken ?????????

  86. what a sensational song,i need to confess that i replayed the song like 8 times,nice job Darey,u av never fall my hands

  87. With this song you are in a way redirecting the youths back to their roots. You have reminded us again the word of God in Ephesians 6:1-3,. I love this song because you sang what I have demonstrated all my life and which I do preach too. God has made our parents oracles over our lives. Love you. I pray God wil yet use your songs more. Peace.

  88. infact this is cool. is
    nice when sleeping

  89. I really love the song.nice one

  90. Nice one man…… Kip the good work going

  91. Wow!!! Darey may d lord almighty bless u with this song so so touching almost crying while seeing d video. I pray the lord never allow ur inspirations be drained.God bless u

  92. His his the fucking best..

  93. This is awesome,fantastic,lovely and good message from you uncle dare, hearing the song make me feel i could share my talent in the song as the percussionist am so so amaze bros dee more of this sir. Dray percussion

  94. It awesome, I give it u, it the best song of the year 2016, pray 4 me.

  95. wow. darey dis is nice. good work

  96. Good music from Darey !!

  97. nice melody, thumbs up!!!

  98. this song is one of the best song in the World, God bless this Talent of ours!!! Thumbs up Man!!

  99. Highly spiritual?

  100. My everyday song… Nice one Darey

  101. Awesome!!!

  102. Love it nice 1 darey

  103. Hmmm…I Dont expect this from dare but you just surprised me….I love this song…kip it up …u wow me…

  104. Love it

  105. God bless you for this track#crying

  106. mw love dis song lyk crazyyy #,emotional

  107. Gud one bro

  108. Jesus Christ Darey….. Thank you bro

  109. Darey,Pray for me it’s a very nice gospel song,keep on singing gospel musics,tnks

  110. My best track ever! Nice one bro.

  111. correct! this music

  112. Can any1 do it better than the son of Art Alade? Bro Darey, ever since I was born. I have never listened to a song that will rise all the muscles and the hairs in my body but your song did. I was in tears and your song made ne to remember my late father who passed away in March this year. I am expecting more of this and I know you are getting to places with this one. I love you bro..Thanks

  113. What a lovely song, I love it and I pray that God will bless you for this song.

  114. Awesome!

  115. i luv it, to my lost parents.

  116. Dat was hot dare

  117. Highly inspirational… May God bless you for more than this…

  118. I play over n over, inspirational, God bless you

  119. This is a highly inspirational song i have ever heard here in Nigeria

  120. Joy Adie

  121. I’m crazy about this song. Dare deserves an award for this song. Pls i want the instrumental version of this song to be played in a Ghana royalty movie, it will be nice.

  122. So sweet

  123. God bless you for blessing my soul with such a wonderful song pray to be like you someday. The sky shall be your starting high like an eagle.


  125. Meehn… the lyrics,love the music,and also the video! Great music indeed “pray for me_gbadura fun mi”

  126. When you hear an awesome song that resonates with the story of your life….. You have to shed some tears, even at 41 I tear up each time I listen….. Amazing inspiration.

  127. darey Is 2much jare

  128. it such a lovely song darey structured it

  129. Lovely man u kill it

  130. U rili nailed it dear.dis song is so hrt touchin n soul liftin..u were rili inspired to do dix.kip it up@darey

  131. Darey you’ll always remian naijas no1 r&b duo forever….Nice song, nice lyrics……#foreverdope

  132. this made me recall the memories I had with. my mum.. u are always the best in naija

  133. wen I first heard d song it was so great dat I could nt help myself dan 2 dwnlnd it darey u r d man I love ur music nice 1

  134. I can authoritatively tell you that this is simply out of this world. Haaaa! What a beautiful song.

  135. Dat song kul darey keep it up

  136. My favorite

  137. I luv dis song die…bro carry on ,nice voice

  138. Darey u made me shed tears that’s lovely

    • Me too

  139. nice song dairy kip it up

  140. You make people that forgot home to look back and remember their parents…. Thanks bruh

  141. hmmmm it song is really touching tumbs up

  142. best naija song ve ever heard

  143. Darey nyce sng wish it cldneva finish

  144. It nice

  145. The song is waoooo

  146. this is one of the best song in the world
    I love it

  147. I love this song God bless you Dare

  148. God, i almost cried… Not sure i’ve watched this kinda music video before, so heart touching.. Keep it up Dare Art Alade, you just made my day. God bless your music career

  149. I heard this song on the radio for first time on 16th of October then was waiting for presenter to mention the name of the artist cus I was so touched by the song,God bless u Dare

  150. you are the best darey

  151. Love this song

  152. cant jst stop loving d song@darey alade.

  153. This is a song of the soul, filled with oassion and it carries a message…. it brought out tears from my eyes…. sometimes we must take chance no matter the challenges

  154. Darey God ll strengthen you…. Thanks for the inspiration


  156. I lov this music darey keep it up

  157. Now this is Music!!! Lyrics, Rythem, Beat….. Definitely the song of the year. Nice one Date.

  158. It very inspiring I love it.

  159. So inspiring dare.. i love this song … pray for me

  160. ????

  161. Like dis. Thumb up

  162. Nice 1

  163. I Was closed to tears when I listened to this song.

  164. I like the work you are doing out here keep it up.
    Wow really nice

  165. Look at this song from the left,it is super-cool and looking at it from another angle it is super-hot,men Dare am not surprised sha,na your way,,,,,,,,,U are always doing the super songs with your super voice,You killed it,,,,DARE and TIMI DAKOLO anytime,,,,Music no be noise

  166. this is called SONGSPIRATION of all time.

  167. this is the song of the year. deray this song is powerful………its makes me feel like crying

  168. I made the 200th comment love this song. Oh


  170. HI

  171. Wow! For the first time ?n ages m hearin this from darey….. Infact it simply amazin, marevelous, superb.. Love this song lots

  172. Darey really sang well in this one, nice song and good collabo from soweto choir

  173. If you died now…..know that this song is that legacy….you and Timi Dakota get me every single time….one word #LEGEND

  174. Song gave me goose bumps

  175. i ve neva commented on a song b4 but this is great nice voice and good lyrics

  176. I listen to the song for the very first time and I fell in love with it…. what an inspirational song, the lyrics, the back ups, the recording they were all superb… God bless you for the good work.

  177. This song gives me some strength and hope for the future. Though I dont understand some of the words,but I feel blessed listening to it.
    Bless u sir.

  178. The song is wow just wow

  179. The video the lyrics are so emotional kudus darey nice rite up

  180. Soul songs are ballad that makes the mind and soul feel better and cool at even and odd times. I appreciate this piece of song done by Darey. keep it up man!

  181. i lov de song, itz wonderful good one for sir darey

  182. very good Dare may God bless you

  183. This is the best inspirational song I have heard

  184. great voice

  185. ah really love this song like madt

  186. this song is really nice and mature.. keep it up

  187. Nice and a touching song

  188. This song ‘Pray for me’ is not just a Song, it carries a message along. And not just the song and Message but so Inspirational that clearly defines ”Obedience & Disobedience, and it’s results” in life.
    U had a real experience, nice music! U did all well.

  189. Dare never disappoints.

  190. Dare never disappoints

  191. Wow this song has touched ma hrt.zewe

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