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Davido – Naughty ft. DJ Arafat

Posted by Jim Donnett on September 9, 2014 in AUDIO · 151 Comments


Finally! Davido is breaking his silence with an official release of his first single in the year 2014.

The man of the moment who has carted away numerous awards in best and indigenous categories, shelved personal plans in a bid to promote his label’s acts. Regardless, he’s been an entertaining feature in other works by celebrated artistes.

With another nomination on the MTV EMA platform which was only announced recently and an eventual win in sight, Davido premieres Naughty featuring Ivory Coast’s DJ Arafat. This one is a certified club banger.

Sample it!

DOWNLOAD Davido – Naughty ft. DJ Arafat

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  1. And now whr d link @???…….4 a common song again????

  2. This song is trash, i swear make this guy no dey make mouth with one hit song lo…

    • mumu the song make brain joor

  3. Okay!its davido we all know!this is goin to hit!nagode

  4. Daaah… 8.39MB for a common song of how many minute?? Tooxclusive, hmm una too lyk money!.. Going 2 another site 2 download it joor

  5. Noise!!! Wizkid can do better anyday amytime

  6. Arafat killed davido on ds track, dug a grave and buried him…

  7. It’s tyt joor!
    Una chop beans nii?

    Kip it up bro

  8. Davido is the main man….abeq make una tel una wizkid make e com learn work o

  9. Davido is the main man….abeq make una tel una wizkid make e com learn work o#lolxxx

  10. I no dey lyk diz dj arafat at all.. Without hitting download, I knw de song is be rubbish!..

  11. I no dey lyk diz dj arafat at all.. Without hitting download, I knw de song is rubbish already!..

  12. And what is special with this song abeg? What is even wrong with Nigerians? Every Nigerian artiste can sing this pls. Nawaaoo. At the end of the day, the real artistes are sidelined for this rubbish. NOISE. If this song climbs any chart, then I ll know that Nigerians just listen to artistes’ names and not music.

    • correct!

  13. And please can you in anyway compare this rubbish to show me the money, joy, oje, number one lover, one question, all by Wizkid in just one year. After waiting for soo many months, so this is what Davido can offer to his fans? Another reason to show how talented Wizkid is. Just that fans are unnecessarily against him for nothing.

    I said it here before, I will still say it again, any day Davido goes versatile in music like Wizkid, then I will believe in his talent. By versatility I mean singing songs other than party noisy songs. Maybe let him flow on a reggae beat, I believe that’s the reason he called Wizkid a legend for doing what he can not do.

  14. Wah dah f**k ix wrong wif 9ja….davido drop a sonq nah less dn 10mins e already qah 20 comment if is skales or dem patoRk, seyi shay e.t.c …10 dayz afta b4 u qonna see 15 comment…wah dah F**k ix MadaFhacker’x

  15. Nice music

  16. 8MB? I got it with hopes that it would make sense. I expect it to be well hyped eventually & the video will see heavy rotation. But I gotta be sincere, the song is a first grade RUBBISH. Thick yellow shit rubbish. I’m disappointed in Davido’s inclination for hits that have clogged his creativity!!!

  17. Wu tiok say wizzy beta? 4gt daht tin jare.

  18. The Wizkid sickness don dey catch am too.. Not really feeling it.. Arafat brought a little life to it sha…

  19. DOpe Track

  20. ok, d track z cool bt personally DJ Arafat wasn’t needed.. my rating 5.5/10

  21. i can beliv i finish my mb on dis pussy song shit. #wtf

    • U trippi ryt

  22. Guy go back and learn how to compose good song listen to zombie by nizzy and dump that shit you called song

  23. Omo DJ Arafat murdered Davido on this… After hit songs like Aye nd Tchelete.. Is dis what d broda has to offer?

  24. He’s still d king. Nice one

  25. Rubbish track after 4month..shame at Davido

    • Enemies of progress..see yur dirty frinky mouth..mumu ode

  26. Don’t knw how some people grade songs. How will u call dis song rubbish? Gosh. Some guys irritates

    • The way you spell is very likely comparable to the way you appraise matters, music not being exempted.

      Intelligent people listen to music, and foolish people do too. When the foolish ones hear the collection of the intelligent, they deem it boring. But in the final analysis, wasn’t it this same year that KCee released Hakuna Matata? This same year we’ve heard lots of songs that seemed they were released 5 years ago as they’ve been quickly forgotten. It isn’t that we’ve stopped having long tolerance for good music, it is that we have come to be overwhelmed with the availability of rubbish works.

      You may come here to say I irritate you, but I’m sure you don’t know our ways of thinking are well determined partly by the entertainment content we consume

  27. This song is Wack!!!!! Arrant Nonsense Mtcheeeeeew

    • Ur father…badbelle pples..can u sing..fool

  28. Let’s b Sincere Wizkid is more Talanted! But Wizkid realised his mistakes and Flawd wen Fans Placed Davido over him…. Guess Wiz already learnt his Lessons! #M not Taking Sides… it’s just d simple truth

    • Fuck you..idiot..smellow..davido is beta dan wizkid 100%…wizzy too dey bragg…God will punish all davido haters..fools

      • You just a fool who thinks he can come over the internet to spit rubbish, brainless twerp.

        • Sharap..mumu..pple dey talk u too wan talk..wat do u knw abt musiq…u suppose to be sucking ur mother breast now…fuck ur pussy..fooools

          • You bast..ard ranting like a goat who had a stick stuck into his anus, go get a life, if you stalk me again, I would let you receive what crazy fellow like you receive, silly cunt.

  29. Nice 1 bro kip it up don’t mind or care abt wat pple say jeolous 1 still envy, GOD bless u davido.

  30. #wacksong #samestyle … dis dude no sbi anytin joor … Zzoomin’ off to #oje….::::…..#Starboi

  31. #wacksong #samestyle … dis dude no sbi anytin joor … Zzoomin’ off to #oje….::::…..#Starboi

  32. Sincerely speaking, dis is noise.there shudnt be any comparison btw davido nd wizkid, but yet, dis is total a big fan of davido but d truth has to be tld. Dis is noise

  33. Mtchewwwww…jst wstd ma ba3 by gehin d 3g on 2 dwnload whack davido’s sng…baba u no geh talent…aw e go switt wn u no buy or steal am…mumu osi

  34. Cool! But was expecting something more than ds tho….!

  35. Nice song from O.B.O

  36. Mtchewww..jst wstd ma ba3 by gehn d 3g on 2 dwnload dz whack davido’s sng…aw e go switt wn e no buy or steal am….

  37. Cool song!

  38. Davido is a Noise Maker#okBye

  39. Doped song bro kip it up…all ur hater shall die with hunger…u far beta dan wizkid..wizzy time hav gone…wizzy is going down slowly…fuck you wizzy

  40. Doped song bro kip it up…all ur haters shall die with hunger…u far beta dan wizkid..wizzy time hav gone…wizzy is going down slowly…fuck you wizzy

    • Are u God?

  41. Nice piece of work! King davido keep on ruling ! Dope song !

  42. Nice piece of work! King davido keep on ruling ! Dope song !

  43. Nokia once ruled the game as is did wiz kid.but apple is ruling now,bigger and better as is davido.#this song has nun special,but truth be told,its imprudent of u to say its rubbish unless u can put sum better on the plate#OBO is the shit take it or live it#MTV said so#BET said so#so who the fuck is u broke boi to say other wise?fuck y’all saddists#Naughty#baddest

  44. Lmfao…..all this comment are so Hilarious,”first grade rubbish”chia daris God oooo……Davido mks wizkid sick,wizkid mks Davido knw who is d best let dem sing together,frm dere we will know who is da best.but I see wizzy killing it thou*wink*

  45. Sonq jxt commot 2day…see comment

  46. Omo na una noo ooo…davido dn sell e sonq carry money qo club d f**k naa,una dy arque rabbishhh

  47. MahdaFucker

  48. But rili, som pple are very shallow in dia thoughts sha… No one is sayin dat davido hasnt won almost all d top awards dis one is sayin dat wizkid’s songs are beta dan davido’s. Truth shud be tld nd lets for forget abt d fame nd awards dat deze artists av.dis new song by davido is full of noise nd ot lacks unheard lyrics.davido is a pro in d game nd so dere4 he shud act like one by releasin gr8 songs nd nt dis kind of hullabaloo. I enjoy his songs, but i think dis one ryt here is a no no.if u are a true fan,den it’s best u tell him d truth nd nt hyping nd washing him even wen u know u’ll get no recognition from lying to him….this statement is made without prejudice tho!!!

  49. Davido osee once again..

  50. Ewoooo .. Confirm rubbish !!

  51. Fuck fuck fucking DJ Arafat him 1st craze before

  52. Chai. how I wish I can get my 8mb back. I am a big Davido fan but this was a complete waste of Mb. the song is not in any way exceptional. average beat, okay chorus, very watery lyrics

  53. stupid song…just making noise

  54. dis guy just lyk noise

  55. Pls hu has a nokia pin mouth charger here?

  56. I just wasted my mb on this song. this is not just it at all. really disappointed.

    • Did u buy d song u criminal..downloading songs for free is against d law and u still dey complain say ur mb waste…u suppose dey jail u bastard!!

  57. I heard and deleted d song. Not worth keepn in my playlist, dz z just noise,i wasted my mb. Am #wizkid all d way. But i expect davido to give us sumfn better than dz he just wasted d beat.

    • dat song is a good one for us cameroonians ok boys my megab were not wasted fuck haters

    • buh I lyk dis song

    • Omo u smoke enough weed than u usually do or perhaps ur ear da pain u u da talk rubish abt mb david beg u make u download nd for fricks lyk u no da cause quarel btw diz two if da hav scores to settle let dem do it thereself no comper my Davido with Ayo again monkey

  58. Leave Davido,nxt year iz kumin..he hz goten all his shinin dz year..whic kind useless wack cray song b dz? no learn lesin 4rm oda stars dah had stardom n den had notin,kus of hw huge aye n skelewu wz he hznt yet realisd dah itz onli 2 songs he hz rili sang dz year,tchelete asyd kus as far as I am concerned dah song 2 is cra,evn wif d khona crooners..I advice dah davido shud put his sh*t 2geda,n go n tok wif shizzy or whueva wnts 2 gv him beat n noe wah hz future wud b…dz iz hw dsapionted I am

  59. Davido and wizkid fans don b like Man U vs Chelsea. Loving it… lol. but they ar Both killing it out there 4 real !!! Luv dis Guys. Team Both.

  60. This is what I call OVOKO

  61. all dis idiot causing d song,na dem go first dance 2 d song wen dem play m for club,dose dat hate d song re wizkid fans,davido all d way

  62. ds song is rusted.. no pattern

  63. 8mb for dis rubbish song

    • Uh no deh shame??

      • hola davido……dz song is completely stupid,foolish….I can’t belv I wasted ma tym,mb downloading diz ish….pls learn from ya boss..WIZKID OK….advice tho

  64. Pls u pple shld leave my rival alone oooooo# Dope Dumbest Dooom Song . Keep it up friend#. Nd to yu my fans keep d fire burning for me# I will always gve yu guys d best. Tanx fans luv y’all

    • But its true na….. Da song is just over wacked! Sori Davidough! Or sori, Davido

    • Thanks bro for the support. People would always want to hate if they don’t like you, I don’t blame them thou I know they are all juz jealous

  65. The song is okay..I like it….nice one OBO…let’s jst enjoy dia music and not compare him with wizkid…(They are both Good

  66. Bin consistent of gud music won the battle of dis two young baddest artist ryt my nigga davido make ur head straight o.madt love for u.1 love.

  67. bullshit. arrant bullshit. na my mb dy pain me nw sef

  68. Davido is the best!! Wizkid fans dayo is just a kid, dat likes yaga, caro, aahaa, and yaaaiee!!! Can uh imagine that. So davido is mean and blv uh me when I say he is better than wizkidayo!! Yaga’ lol.

  69. Dis is pure bullshit tho…

  70. Davido nice one baddest…love u both wizkidayo nd OBO

  71. U moofos hating on d song shld 1st ask ur dump selfz if u actually undastand Dj arafaat’s language n then maybe U jes stop crying abt ur wasted MB..cos no one forced any body to download d track!! Shallow thinkers

  72. U moofos hating on d song shld 1st ask ur dump selfz if u actually undastand Dj arafaat’s language n then maybe U jes stop crying abt ur wasted MB..cos no one forced any body to download d track!! Shallow thinkers

  73. fuk fake nigga do mention bout MB! Wat dah f**k?? is it by force to download.#smh! nice song indeed.

  74. Wiz kid fans grow up.must u compare evrything u put ur ears to.jus go listen to AYO and let us fuck wit our OBO,period.

  75. OBO is the baddest.and the haters can mop the pacific jus after thy suck our feet.#hkngang

  76. This song goes haaaaaarrrrrrrrrrd#davido arafat yey#lol OBO

  77. Davido is one consistent mf.kip it up son!

  78. rubbish song chain

  79. Noise..davido sounds like my grandmother Yho :'(

  80. I am driving My expensive cars living in my expensive mansion, fucking expensive pussies, even in my expensive wears.. y’all there Arguing shits when you don’t A dime in your wallet, I am not even sure if you have a wallet or a pocket ! #Hkn

    • Oga jabo joor… who cares

    • @OBO; tell ’em dey don’t know #peace!!

  81. I love divido and his music,I always anticipate each time I see that he released a new track,but this particular song is d wackest I have ever heard,its just sound like someone scratching a cutlass on d floor all through..this is pure noise,no beat,no lyrics,this is too poor coming from davido,I am disappointed.

  82. Leave our davido oooo we don’t like wizkid na by force to like am

  83. 9ice song, 9ice mental. Will take a little time to be a hit. D.j hector

  84. Davido u are my best fan,boss take me with u,I when perform

  85. full ov stupidity

  86. l may not be a big fan of davido but c’mon guys dis song ain’t dat bad like d way odas r criticising it. Though I expected something beta frm davido cos ur present productivity shud be beta Dan ur past considering d level davido has gotten to in his music. nice one sha not bad.

  87. stupid song, wack and waste of MB

  88. I so much love this song. Hahahahahahahaha don’t mind me this song smells more like sheet. Those who said this song is Good should Go to hell with Davido olodos

  89. Am aDJ and d song is banging d club since d very day I started playing it…

  90. rubbish waste of mb……

  91. rubbish waste of mb……

  92. The beat be crazy…..perfect club beats….and who are these mofos who can’t even spell leaving comments.y’all should go back to school instead of arguing about who’s better btw wizkid and davido…nice one davido!!!

  93. Madt tune…jobless n low life’s haters_person dey chop e mony una dey there dey hate..una beta go luk 4 job #Hustlehard..I like davido bcos of his illefo n attitude bcos am also dat kind of guy. Mony dey so fuk u all*

  94. OBO #Naughty #Baddest #HKNgang #fuckwitus

  95. Don’t is overhpyed xpected him to do better

  96. Nice 1 bro

  97. davido… hmmm,nice one shaa

  98. Pls if ya don’t like d song u can simply produce urs . Whether d song is nonsense or not,d guy is living well morethan u criticizing. Nice one bro but dat Dj arafat ,hmmmmmm.

  99. Nyce one O B O## OBO yhu can do more beta dan dix…keep it up

  100. Vous êtes bête ou quoi? Dj arafat is the best of the best(2kora) stupid man

  101. Davido humm u bad ohh now wizkid’s album will not sell

  102. Davido done bcome boss GOD continue to bless

  103. One thing is sure here and is….Davido cnt beat wizkid

  104. The song is wack??? Bitch pliz at list davido is producing better staff than ur mother who apparently could not produce somthng mor useful#9months jus carryin a hater?shame on u

  105. You r bless dear,nice 1??????????

  106. Nice song bro……..9JA luvs u…….D A V I D O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………I like d way DJ ARAFAT comes in d song…….nice one……………..

  107. he love all davido musics and
    his swag

  108. Great club banger nyce one davido #O.B.O#

  109. Love the song its a banger can’t stop listening to it Davido you produce good music always ure the best God bless you much love #Aye :* 🙂

    • Zandile the south African princess…..

      • ry5kunhg vbfvnjk puybfg fdjhewt kjhcvx

    • Yeah! It is true my friend Davido was a king

  110. I can’t remember the last time I went to a club, and see people dancing to wizkid’s song…pls can u play the so called good track “joy” at the club? If dj play that song for club walahi I go find 7up bottle stone imm papa, no be red label bottle wey dey easily break… Cause that’s the worst song that I can groove with, I need songs with beats and the musician gingering it, wether lyrics good or not, in as much as I am catching the flow, mehn the song is good… I prefer it to that trash called ginger by that agbero LAX and his oga in command, mumu oga wey no fit goinger boys, shey we wan dey chop yaga??? Yor papa there, no be only yaga, you no like malaga… Mumu wizkid… Go to a good club that grooves 2mao night, and see where ground dey scatter to all davido tracks, wether singles o, or collabo, he has always proved himself in dancehalls… On top ur matter 4 club? NO , aye 4 club? Yes yes bring it on, and u know americans can’t listen to all this lyrics, what they need is the groove, no wonder davido had 6000 turns out whiles sourCes have it that no nigerian musician has ever had up to a thousand so far, not even the so. Called prefered musician wizkid… Tarh!!! go and flash the toilet you smellows

  111. Sorry o, being versatile or not, na ur pocket… This is a dance hall song, it sells all over the world, not those wizkid slow yaga mumu song wey no dey carry groove… Baby oya follow me go, baby girl, you are very naughty!!!davido proved he beats wizkid, the very day he had 6000 people at his show in new york, when history have it that no nigerian musician has pulled up to 1000 fans at a show in new york, even wizkid… No wonder he throwed shades at the dude, jealous and proud mother fucker

  112. i love davido bt he fuckd up n dz
    song..anyhw TEAM OBO

  113. I love everybody’s comment both d opposer and d supporterS , d tin is dis its not all d time u get it rite dats wat I want everybody shuld. Tink of , well d song is not dat bad just dat davido is not d type dat sings like dat b4 , u get d possible 4rm d immpossible . Shout 2 HKN

  114. Davido is doing crab nowadays….wizzy don dey try pass you oh

  115. Lolz davido nah BOSS OO even when I ping Davido he tell me something if you want to know ping me asap 331A0821

  116. nice one HKN boss! we the best

  117. U ar stil der boss#whiether good or bad…………untooo bad bell……enemy of progress$OBO¥hkn

  118. #OBO#u ar unlimited¥my pin 3325AAA3

  119. @Davido am a Great Fan, but seriously this track no try @ all, i know you can still do better, even the person you featured, not someone you can do nice collabo with,but all this good try harder next time….Saggy

  120. DJ Arafat ko DJ assana ni I no ft download am d Mb too much I no ft waste 8mb ontop songs pple dey criticize like DAT even hin fans sef but he is making his cash by collaboration and tours sha but he fuck up no b lie…


  122. Dope music…I feel u OBO…wizzy is always repeating both the beat and lyrics…wizzy sucks..u gar whar I’m saying?the lord has psoken

  123. Compose ur own and let us see..u guys should learn to be appreciate once

  124. Why are we cursing ourselves,d. 9ja entertainment industry can jst ova hype artiste. in d end no matter our perceptions Davido is still makin a lot of moni from wateva “cool” or “fucked” song he let’s jst enjoy or delete d song..#phew

  125. Davido usilegeze uzi kaza upo juu sana apana kushuka chini

  126. World davido you are just too much your number one fan!!!! Ahmad

  127. Wizkid can do beter davido didn’t do shit on this song it was all arafat

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