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Kiss Daniel – “Woju Remix” ft. Davido & Tiwa Savage

Posted by jimmyking on February 28, 2015 in AUDIO · 144 Comments


Woju crooner Kiss Daniel is out with the remix of  his most anticipated single Woju. He features Davido and  Mavin’s first lady Tiwa Savage to rekindle the monster hit and it worked perfectly well. Tiwa Savage brought a new approach to the song making the remix a hit  just like the original version.

Download, listen and share your thoughts.

DOWNLOAD: Kiss Daniel – Woju Remix ft. Davido & Tiwa Savage

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  1. Nice mix………first to download…….

  2. Nice mix….first to download

  3. Nice 1 bro keep it up

    • Kiss Danie kadje – headphones sick love love Ella Christina kadje the love love love love go Love love live love Kia kid love love Book love love love some people may just comes to me I’m in now my mum you log so cool love love hi am just go i’m going straight free thank you way way they are going you go there you go up thank you way way love love

  4. Dis is a masterpiece!Massive outing indeed…Its anoda hit again!

  5. Dis is a masterpiece!Massive outing indeed…Its anoda hit again!

  6. 9ice1 bro luv Y?????o???? Tiwa

  7. Y is everyone saying this is nice??? Tiwa F**ked up the remix!!! The original is 83times better than this sh*tty piece.

  8. is unlike OBO, he should had killed this nice jam

  9. Its very nice dey all did. Well

  10. Tiwa u fuck up ooo no be Ur type, bt y kiss Daniel go go do dis kind song wit ties Na……… Obo baddest I dey feel u.

  11. you are awesome

    • Thank u jare

  12. Kai!!!! Davido and tiwa savage kill this track!!!! Wizzy would have finished the touch!!!

  13. This track is just magic!!! Davido and tiwa savage just kilked it!!! Wizzy would have given it the finishing touch

  14. cool 1..I love it

    • i dnt see any thing bad abt the remix shaa,bt kiss has given his tym thinking maybe tiwa and davido will give him joy, bt they did perform to our expections

    • i dnt see any thing bad abt the remix shaa,bt kiss has given his tym thinking maybe tiwa and davido will give him joy, bt they did perform to our expections

  15. Tiwa spoil diz

    • The song is good if is not ok for those that say so go and release your own album so i can hear it.

  16. dis musik is very nice…….y una dey complain…..which one una don commot…….

  17. this so called big stars have successfully destroyed the poor boy’s hit song. He should have just featured Toby Grey. It is well sha…

  18. Milento

  19. Nice 1 kiss na u get am I dy fill u bro.

  20. I love this remix!!!!!!!!

  21. Tiwa am doissapointed in u dis tym around buh y nau,ur solo dey mak sense if u feature any artist or na cos of pregnancy? Abeg woju koma lo foju mtcheew fk

  22. This remix was so uneccessary … U would have stuck to the original … Worst remix ever

  23. Nice song Kiss Daniel bt. Sry, evry other version u create can’t beat the original version. The original version stil d dopest.

  24. The Original version is quite better.

  25. Life shaaa……..but y sum pple ar so wicked…???u cnt do anyfin nd u cnt ecourage dos ??? ar doin et……OMG

  26. This nice song, featuring Tiwa was a gamble that has backfired… She for rest ‘cos of d belle.. U for just feature sheyi shey… Still nice though but I expected more from the ‘Big stars’ he featured.

    • U think say to write music easy? Why be say nija pple wicked, OK if u think say na just to comment u sabi, idiots, enter studio go write ur song. Well bad belle is ALLOWED, idiot, fool. Just tell me wetin do d song, like say u no download for phone. #ToStupidNigerias #GoWriteUr Song. Hahaha

  27. The original version is superb but the remix is very ok too @obo/tiwa nyc 1n really like these……….@kiss d, I love these track making sence.

  28. I support evry1 whu tinks d woju remix ws uneccssary,bt dope sha..No knife bt OBO will alwyz kill

  29. is there d remix video

  30. Tiwa killed it.. Those saying she failed, know nothing!

  31. 1st to download

  32. Nice woju remix track

  33. I can’t bliv all dis ass lickers will give kudos 2 dis kind of annoying remix? U beta go & beg Toby Grey cuz u just made her famous wit dis crap called remix

  34. Really kiss Daniel? I just deleted ur dumb ass off my list! U turned a masterpiece into a master crap! OBO & Tiwa shud be locked up if dey were paid 2 destroy dis boy’s career! Who Eva reproduced dis remix must be shot, stabbed, buried, removed, butchered, burnt & den casted at d bottom of d red sea! Toby Grey should do a remix cover 4 u?

  35. kiss Daniel would have thought wisely in featuring wizkid cuz it’s a love song or phyno to give an opposite in language but d idea of tiwa was right, davido is been featured always so there will be no changes In style

  36. Is making a remix to an actual Hit really necessary. That awkward moment when ur original song kills any other thing you cld tink of……chidinma wld hv bin good on d track tho instead of tiwa…..smh
    A waste of my data….

  37. Same mistake Praiz did remixing Mercy…..smh

  38. wack music, is just acceive dey force davido with his crackin voice buh tiwa try sha

  39. All of una wey talk say ds remix no gud “UNA FATHER”. This song go get best collabo nominee

    • 13 Don’t change my birthday my birthday okay can you longer be there right now Ella Christina kadje Kiss Daniel love are you and dad here for you are you love love Ella Christina kadje i’m guessing you bet your song your song I really like you so gay love love -love

  40. Total rubbish, u just spoil my mood with this wack remix or mixre

  41. This track is really nice,wonder y ppl are beefing…#thumps up guys,job well done

  42. Too gud lyk tooxclusive but davido wasn’t at he’s best but he tried he is jxt a human can’t b perfect all d time

  43. Yo! dis remix is crap

  44. Ella Christina kadje the Kiss Danel Mum and me and my mom dad do you go are are Love love love love Jobolota love love love live Blackpool was work
    No II while Maono you play da let me go nowhere

  45. Ella Christina kadje the Kiss Danel Mum and me and my mom dad do you go are are Love love love love Jobolota love love love live Blackpool was work
    No II while Maono you play da let me go nowhere

  46. I don’t find d remix interesting. Still prefer d original sha.

  47. Kiss u be fuck n-gga, wats tiwa doin in ur studio for dis remix, u simply wasted d BET Award winner effort on dis song…

  48. My expectations were so cut off with this crappy remix. I see no reason y tiwa shud be here, she bastardised d song big time, OBO fell my hand! So so pissed!

  49. One wrd… Boring

  50. D remix wasnt dt bad na.i guess people just too like d guy and expected more. Nice jam btw.

  51. I like the website

  52. Kiss Daniel nice work u done. Tiwa savage u av always been making me happy I love ur part. Davido u no try at all u fuck up big time

    • Ella Christina kadje Kiss Daniel My family are yeah oh my birthday Mark don’t care 13 Touch me let me know where you are I got there love love love love you love love i’m guessing your song I love you so mad I just love yourself don’t you go home you forever love love I really miss you too very nice okay okay Love me my mum my mate my sister are you going with me for my birthday mum my birthday is March 13 love:):):):):):):):) you can sing with me sing amazing I want to hear you sing to me yeah love love love

      • Ella Christina kadje the love kiss Daniel love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love lovelove – love Ho Love MeetMe tomorrow love Kiss Daniel Kadje -:)????????????

      • Do Kiss Daniel kadje Love -love Love -love love live love love-love Ella Christina kadje love -:):):):):):):) love -kiss further Daniel kadje love. Love -love Love -love Liop love -love -love -Kiss Daniel kadje love love live oily. On wizkid – $$$$$$$:):):):):):)” love love love -:):):):):):):):):):) -???????” Birthday why I man I am I – (…) The-Kiss Daniel Kadje -Ella Christina Kiss Daniel kadje love love – ????????@ SSSY love love -$$$$$):):):):):):):):) go MeetMe love love -love -love Jo livoe

  53. Ella Christina kadje the ?????????????? Love love love ex

    • Dinner Kadje global princess Ella Christina kadje love love love Kiss Daniel love love very much I love you what have you what are you doing where are you doing I love you star I love everything about you are my guy who really and so Q there I will buy you for my birthday and be my birthday March 13 Mark 13 Mark 13 and tomorrow on my birthday again love love love love love Car Maghreb are you there at nine. Kiss Daniel love love love about to play me up at home cleaning up action to marry you yes I think yes yes yes yes how are you forever and ever in now

      And now my darling I love you

  54. I don usually comment Buh am gonna comment dis 1…OBO nd mah diva yhu guys did justice tew d song abeg…can’t stop playing it

  55. kiss yhur good

  56. nice won kiss

  57. Wow! Sum masterpiece here…. Jam so killing kiss get me a ‘casket’ cux dix song is still streaming in my soul…. Nice one man,,,, #obo I see ya,,, #tiwa nice voice nd thanks for trying to flow with my dialect…. #woju still blasting in speaking #uniabuja still rocking it….

  58. OBO killed it. Tiwa sef try gaan!

    Our new kid on da block, kiss Daniel rock on boy!!!

  59. davido was d ryt person 4 this 9iz choice, but I was expecting something beta than this, 4rm obo

  60. Bullshit….

  61. Nice track my broda nd thumbs up to Tiwa nd OBO all of u saying trash bou dz song, ‘middle finger’ to ya’ll, ‘SHOYE’ gbogbo yin???

  62. stupid song, so boring,

  63. Dis is nothing towrite home about….From d director to producer and Davido my guy and tiwa . ..u all messed kiss Daniel. ..pls don’t kill d original .i go manage d orijo and u must not remix all d songs. ..kiss Daniel u got all d vocal for dat songs. …davido and tiwa are still good singers ….but for that. ….ur performance was below …pls don’t try dis in the studio again

  64. Wat rubbish is dis! Daniel wat in d world were u tinkin, its nt all songes dat needs a remix for crying out loud. Haba

  65. Maybe u should try a re-fix of d song.please…..davido tried,but tiwa savage did nonsense…..mstcheeeww!!!



    • Kiss Danie kadje -Ella Christina kadje Kiss Daniel kadje love -love -lioop WiD Kid Hi Ho rain is my friend love love love

  68. Nice one….. Songs is nt dat easy as u guy tin… Hmmm
    Give it to dem


    • Ella. Christina kadje the love kiss Daniel kadje love loclik lib lion lope lovlie LCD love policy Ella Christina kadje -$$$$$$$$$$$$$$-:):):):):):) love love on. Lou Kia kid Jooooook love live You Ella Christina kadje the I like you so now love live – wiz $$$$$$-$$$$-$$$$-$$$-$$$$-$$$ Google give me love me I know I can cook love love -@@@@@” love love

  70. Rubbish!!! Kiss daniel abi daniel kiss no see phyno to feat in dis song?? Deleting tins.

  71. this is trash olamide or lil kesh would have killed it you’ve just wasted a huge song

    • Olamide and lil kesh is a very bad option daz trash

  72. Making sense, an epitome of remix

  73. Useless nigerians, who eva said dhis remix is trash let thunder fire daht person..yea phyno/wizkid can sing but Daniel needs pple like davido and tiwa to boost his rep nd he made the right choice so if u have nothing to say pls put ya dick/puci in yo mouth and fuck wah u ve to say coz this track is ee’fn DOPE. Thumps up ma Tiwa, You rock!!

    • yeah true talk jare. …

      • Ella Christina kadje kiss Daniel kadje -WOJU (AMBODE APCl2 -?????!!!!!”love Kia live loving love-live police
        Nave Extended Moisture 48hr love live Vaseline. Nice lib lis love polo lil love You live love love

    • I luv this video i was just pretending to say thrash it is impressing even my best musician is there that is davido and tiwa luv it

  74. yeah nice remix with the ryt people, who said it should av bin phyno, u wana spoil the music abi. If not davido den wizkid. nice one jor

  75. WizKid was just d best choice, this song try o but not that bam! kiss Dan nice move but try out WizKid for anoda remix probably !

  76. expecting only kiss Daniel n Davido the female voice spoiled everything. sorry ooooooo

  77. Lonly one one love too u. Kiss

  78. u guy were only commenting on ur expectation… na una condemn double wahala remix of oritshe femi and later fall love the track

  79. Please kiss daniels release another song love love love this woju,cheers

    • I know rite plss kiss Daniel
      can’t to hear more songs of ursss

  80. I hate this remix despite d big stars featured in it. It’s as if kiss daniel totally changed in this video.It’s not just u or d song we fell in love with in d Original video,the lady in it n her unique smile also attracted viewers n this is coming from a Lady. Read ur interview n u seemed very intelligent, So, stick to what makes u different n Nigerians worldwide will appreciate u n pls choose wisely who to remix ur songs wt in future.Thanks.

  81. Nice one! I can understand the angle from which peeps who never saw anyfin good in the remix are coming from. It’s so normal to see a new piece as being stupid but trust after a while dey get to love it more…Dt was how you pipu rubbished Oritshe femi’s double wahala remix ft Dbanj. And now u all loving it. NIGERIANS e una body. Tiwa and Davido killed it so well.

    • So true man

    • Ella Christina kadje -Kiss Daniel kadje -[..,,??!!’}•Love•Ella Christina kadje -:):):):)-:):):):)(^^)” {love}•kiss Daniel lad Luv point live love on love polok you :):):):):){love}•Kiss Daniel kadje live love love on Christina kadje live love Licok

  82. i stil believe in tiwa savage
    i love the mavins n for davido is jst a genius

    • What do you mean Davido is a genius

  83. over 98% of almost al d songs in africa tiwa savage as featured in many of dem.TIWA SAVAGE u re still d best CUDDOS

  84. kool

  85. i love d song Tiwa na u try pass jare kiss Daniel nd davido una Weldon i love u all

  86. cool 1..I love it Mp3 Song Download

  87. all of una wer talk say dis remix no beta una be indomie water. Una go fit sing chorus for church? Not to talk of to sing for television make everyone listen. Na una work as nigerians not to appreciate beta tinx. Abeg oBo, tiwa and kiss una don try kip it up no mind una brothers and sisters wey no lyk beta tinx

  88. Je suis ivoirien d origine nigeriane maiq je l’kiff bocou votre musique continué vous faites la fierté de l Afrique

  89. The song is okay…. Thumbs up dude…

  90. am Bola

  91. mmhhm very sweet,very nice

  92. i just started downloading songs from this page and i think im feeling it. thanks to you guys….

  93. nice mixx bro…. very well done. kudos

  94. This Is So Booom Booom.. These very guys killed the track..
    Kiss Dan And Dave Plus Tiwa Sav.. yo guys rocks…
    I wanna see video please

  95. audio is very funntestical

  96. its be very gud

  97. I love you kiss

  98. Tiwa you killed it men!

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