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The Mavins – Dorobucci ft. Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello & Di’Ja

Posted by Tyler on May 1, 2014 in AUDIO · 354 Comments

Don Jazzy recently started a trend with the hashtag #Dorobucci on Instagram; many users jumped on the trend not knowing it was the title of a song by the Mavins.

Produced by Don Jazzy, we present “Dorobucci” which features Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr SID, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello & Di’Ja.

Hot or Not?! Listen and tell us below!


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  1. No link punkass

  2. D song is so so so Dope…Loving it lyk Dorobucci

  3. #Dorobucci #DoroMavin #DoroSoLovingThisSong

  4. Dorobloody so dope

  5. this is a song that will surely make Dbanj miss
    his old pal.

    • What if he doesn’t?! Can’t you just download and shut your damn mouth!!…Go get a life bro

    • Must u mention d banj, fag head

    • @Wande
      Why bring Dbanj into this??? DoroSTUPID!!

      • I agree with you @shezWeirdAf???? but I love that song wait I am hungry I need a ???? and a ???? and for desert???? or???? or????.

    • @Wande
      Why bring Dbanj into this??? DoroSTUPID!!

  6. Am loving doro

  7. Its always mavin”’s baddest gang dorobucci joor

  8. Dope

  9. Doro toh gbasky. Song on replay.

  10. Join us for free exam runz guruscafes •tk

  11. Lovely song from the mavins!

  12. Really loving this one. Mavin record movment is really dope. Concerpt to bad.

  13. Yaga!!#Dorobucci#Doromavin#Dorodope

  14. Marvin am shrt of Words #smiles# U dha best . Any1 who knws wat inspiration is wuld knw thiis Song is DoPe.

  15. But my baby hello bad pass dis 1 ooooo.doro rubbish#

  16. Marvin am shrt. Of Words #smies# U dha Best. Any1 who knws wat inspiration is would knw this song is.dope! Doro Super!

  17. am them in love with the music….wishing I could have it all to my self

  18. Doroskillful, doroballer, jazzy u d boss

  19. Woooo doro sure doro best lines ..lmaooo..doro messi jawe

  20. Doro ginger,doro hanggin,doro baggin,doru mavins.murder them

  21. Supper hot, don baba na so doro

  22. Supper hot, don baba na so doro

  23. dorotight

  24. Doro ifycent,,,,,,,,doro omenuobi………..over making sense…..doro don baba j…..ur da best

  25. #Dorosweet #dorofrosh #dorotakeova

  26. I love Di’ja nd tiwa delivery on the song #nice tune

    • i loooooove di’ja
      doro mega
      doro bad
      doro double oh seven
      doro na yaro
      doro e get money
      doro like for do anything doro like for do….

  27. Dorodope…….. dorokipup…….Dorolurvyumarvim

  28. dorobucci bymavin.#doromega,#dorumessi#dorofresh#dorosuru mp3 on repeat allday:D

  29. Nice Delivery tiwa and korede Bello….. Dorodope

  30. Nice 1 Mavins

  31. And Doro want us to still vote for him next year elect

    Who is Doro?.ion.Doro is a Lazy person, Doro is a coward, Doro let Boko haram dey Bomb our country anyhow, Doro let them kidnap our Girls, Doro still dey attend marriage ceremony, Doro no care about our country atall, Doro is doing nothing about all this problem falling on our Country.

  32. dorro yaro,dorro suru,dorro lere,dorro messi, dorro minado,dorro naldo i just love d way almost all of dem made refrence 2 d songs dey’ve sang abegi dis song is a jam aye thumbs up mavins and congrats tiwa

  33. Doroheadswell

  34. Doroheadswell

  35. Doro fly… Doro swit! This beat is just …..
    Doro Everything.. Thumbs’up guys..

  36. fresh. beautiful. amazingly creative. I love it

  37. Lollz…… Guys this is so hot, I promise its gonna rock the town base on the lyris and the pertan of the song,……. Don u are a real Don nice one brother tiwa dear u almost kill me with that nice voise @korede keep it up let the fire burn and let’s party hard with this hot banger……. Other artist for promo add me on 22BE1099 or follow me on tweeter @djwhalz

  38. Doro mega, Doro super, doro star, Doro megasuperstar…Mavin be bursting my brain!

    • dorobest, doro song, doro best song…# doro mavins

  39. who no like dis song, no like beta tin…………………..doro on auto replay.

  40. Good Musical Combo, Good Sequence, Good Job. #DOROTEKNIKS

    • Tha fuck…did u just said Wack?..How pathetic is that?-one advice bitch, get a life!!!

  41. #doronadiva#doronatiwa#doro Doro doro
    love #dorobucci

  42. Doro luvly

  43. Dorochef…doroincredible……doroincrediblechef……doronice one guyz#dorothumbs up

  44. Love d remix Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr. Sid, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, Korede Bello & Di’Ja…dope song but korede bello killd the song…

  45. dope music

  46. DoroDjjimmywest #gudmusic

  47. Doro mavins..doro beat,doro nice song,doro tiwa,u always rock gal!!!nice song mavins!!

  48. Doro mavins..doro beat,doro nice song,doro tiwa,u always rock gal!!!nice song mavins!!!

  49. Doro-Infectious music. Di’ja,korede,tiwa n sid killed it for doromi

  50. so cool

  51. Doro mega doro super doro star doro mega super star

    • D line burst my head!!!!

  52. Doro banks ma Niccur….thia song is dope when I heard ur part reekado I said to myself “that’s ma guy singing” nice delivery…..cudos to mavin

  53. Dorosweet

  54. doronice, dorosong. Doro producer,doro make sense. being playing auto repeat. Marvins,kudos. Thumbs up

  55. doro Tiwa, doro nice doro SID doro dope doro jazzy dorobucci

  56. doro Tiwa doro nice, doro SID doro dope, doro jazzy dorobucci

  57. Doro evrytin doro frosh doro bloody doro na diva doro all doro all

  58. Dorowire dorohot doromoney………..

  59. Is Don Jazzy again, what do u expect? Abeg me i don Doro dey go. Award winning song

  60. Dorodope,doroswt,dorobeatbadt,dorodonjazzynaboss,doromadestsong,doroamhighondissong#

  61. Dorobad, Doro dope, Dorofeeling d the song,dorobucci!!!

  62. doroswit doroeminado dorofine pass anybody dorofat dorobad

  63. doroswit doroeminado dorofine pass anybody dorofat dorobad

  64. dorodona,dorocute,doromavin,doro dope music

  65. DoroSupa,Doro de bomb,Doro dope
    Thumbs up 2 mavins.Doro Jazzy,Doro Boss.#Doro on replay#

  66. Can’t stop listening to dis song, dorodive, dorosupa,dorofresh,doroclassic

  67. Damn dis is so dop frm mavin….cabt believe all d doros;doroclassy,dorojazzy,dorotiwa…well to cut it short u guys re makin me crazy thoo…..a million thumbs up to mavin

  68. Dis Song DoroSweet#

  69. love don jazzy… dorotight

  70. Thumbs up to marvin on dis 1

  71. Doroeverything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. dorosuru dorolere dis songnis bam!!!!! u guyz are best kio it up muah!!!!

  73. dorosuru dorolere dis song is bam!!!!! u guyz are best kio it up muah!!!!

  74. dorosuru dorolere dis song is bam!!!!! u guyz are best kip it up muah!!!!

  75. dis track moder wella

  76. dis track moder wella

  77. This track is Doro Correct. U guys are classic

  78. dorosuru dorolere dorodope dorolikey doroeverything

  79. Great Tune by Mavin crew.. I love this!

    • doro every, doro shaking doro denge infactoooooo doro all doro na every

  80. Doro 4 all my babez doro….tosin doro,bola doro,yetunde doro and d rest doro….@segun 2 all my doroooooo

    • Doroeverytin,doromksense

  81. Doromega dorosuper dorostar #DORO_MEGA_SUPER_STAR

  82. doro dope, doro song for life, doro song of the year

  83. doro dope… doro live ur life, doro song for for life…

  84. Doro philip doro 2much moni doro 4eva

  85. Korede doro roborobo..,thumbs up to all d mavins

  86. Dorochizzy dorosexy dorohot dorome I love dis

  87. Doromonkey tay,dorosmall karamo,doroukwu doroevrytin don baba u mak sense….gbam

  88. I haven’t listened to the song yet! But with all this comments doro-cant-wait!

  89. This song sha…..duff my hat…dope

  90. Doro mhe and then doro yhu

  91. Dorokunsi I love u guys mavin records!!!!

  92. Doro shege! Doro yen iska! Doro waka mai dadi! Do Doro Doro the mavins…

  93. Doro shege! Doro yen iska! Doro waka mai dadi! Do Doro Doro the Mavins! Doro Doro badt guys…

    • HI

  94. Doro yato ! Thumps up dan jazzy & d Marvins crew . Scattter d Doro

  95. Doro Sena, Doro Olima, Dora Touch, Don Yurch, Doro OOU Guys and Ladies,Doro jazzy, Doro Boss! Tiwa and Reekado Banks Kill The Song.

  96. Worst song of d year

    • Doro knock Doro me Doro off, Doro knock me off. Meeeeeeen can’t say further.

  97. Doro wire, money, doro rose roy

  98. Nice1 @DORO FRESH FISH

  99. Wow,d mavin u guys have killed me oooo.I love dis song.doro me

  100. Marvin record u r dope….love dis doro tinz….God bless u guys

  101. I Dnt like d song its too overrated

    • That’s what this kind of song diserves (overated), though ur comment isn’t important.

  102. I Dnt like d song its too overrated

    • But song is gud

    • You’re just to lame and stupid and ignorant…to appreciate gfood sound…..#dorostupid

  103. Doromegasuperstar,am lovin it to all doro yurch

  104. Mehn this song is so doro me rite now

  105. Dorobucci doro jazzy doro tphat doro my love doro 4 life dodododododo don’t doupt it too hot

  106. I love the song but the dorofish doromega dorobucci it sound nice

  107. Dorobuci is doroing me right now……..hahahahhahahahahaaahaaha

  108. #dorobucci #dorobig #doroheavy #dorolovedissong #dorojamz

  109. I love dis song…Kudos 2 Marvin …The baddest crew

  110. Marvin killed it!!!….Doromarvin…/The baddest crew/

  111. Well done Don Jazzy and crew….Tiwa u killed it o!!! Even my 3yrs old dota has her own “doro”(dorodaddy) 🙂

  112. #Doromavin #Doronice

  113. doro ghozie,,u knw say doro nack pass carpenter wey don dey nack bfor….dis song s dope!..luv it frm d start to end.

  114. Wow!DoroMakesense! Korode killed it! Doromegasuperstar!

  115. Doro jasi, doro fresh, doro eminado, doro classic, dorosuru, dorolere


  117. Doro nice….doro sweet….

  118. Wow doro interesting, doro repeating, doro dancing cos doro love the song like kilode…..doro mavins keep it up

  119. I luv the song so sweet like my babe

  120. Doro me doro u. doro suru doro lere doro super doro makesense, am in luv wit dis song dorobucci, doro everywere doro una try *big smile*

  121. doro nak pas carpenter doro na tiwa, follow d lada she no dey tire, doro heavy, doro grab ,doro skilfful, doro kpako ,dereminado, dorosurulere, doromessi, doro mega super, doromegastar, doro bad, double 07 doro yaro. Hahahahahaha. Its a year o doro jor.

  122. this dorogucci is sweeter than honey.I love the beat.I can’t wait to repeat it

  123. How do i down load song?

  124. Dorothis dorois dorotoo doromuch!!!

  125. This song is Doro dope.. even self i doro like am

  126. I’m doro dancing oooo

  127. Who can tell me d mean of doro

    • Doro means “I am”.,…doro jazzy means I am jazzy. Doro star means I am a star

    • Doro me doro u doro korede bello

  128. Doro |fe,doro |ove..

  129. This Dorobucci is three much, Doro we, Doro us, Doropray for our chibok girls ooo

  130. Doro google for those wey de fine the meaning of doro

  131. Doroswit, omg od dis doro is dorobaddest” don jazzy keep it up tiwa kill it.

  132. doro tiwa -doro eminado- doro na diva doro na diva

  133. Doro everybody

  134. Doro chibok,doro senator,doro folly,doro senator folly

  135. M????????? best track dorojazzy keep it up

  136. Me too o. #Doro EDNA#

  137. Dis song is d best among allllll.

  138. i love dis song …evendough i dont listen to secular songs much..but asfor dis ..i love it … a fan of jazzy,drsid,tiwa……i love d rest too but dont know much ‘r dem ..but they are promising with there soundz they will go a long way with marvins family…….am an #urbangospel singer/artiste #Evangel #teamsocmuziq….am cooking an URBAN GOSPEL VERSION OF THIS SONG TO BE OUT SOON……….THIS IS A HINT: DORO:JESUS, DORO LORD…DORO JESUS IS LORD O..DORO KING ..DOROKINGZ DORO ,DORO KING OF KINGZ…DORO HEALER,DORO MY PROVIDER,….DORO JESUS MY STRENGTH ….llolololololool..its crazy really ……….bye #CHRISTORDIE #IREPJESUSNAIJA!

  139. Doromakesense

  140. I no fit shout eeeee. Doro everything joooorrr

  141. doropussy

  142. Doromavins#dis is d best music ever tanks 2 d best producer#dorojazzy nd d 1st lady#dorotiwa kil it all.omo mavins u be d best big#DORO# 4 una

  143. doro fuck…..doro pussy

  144. #doro mozainic#love dis muzic

  145. dorowackest,nah beat dy fool us 4 9ja

  146. #Doro#Doro#Doro# for ppl wey understand wot #dorobucci# means.As for me d song makes sense u doro every thing for d beating

  147. It works like Doromagic

  148. Doro pumping; see doro

  149. doro scute

  150. Deriz a doro in evri 1 so I suggest u choose d verse of d doro u are and make it ur ringtone

  151. Wow!!!ah really really love this song.Keep ed up buddies

  152. Very very hot but I no see am download

  153. Doro Niller, Doro need, Doro love. Doro men, Doro cheat, Doro fuck pass everybody wia don fuck before……….Ooooooooh I can’t shout oooh, I got married to EMINADO but Just of DORO I won’t thinks twice than to divorce to marry DORO my heart, DORO desire……lols

  154. doro-larrykay

  155. doro boko, doro haram, doro bring, doro our, doro girls, doro back, doro boko haram bring our girls back oooooooo.

  156. culd nt download it tho

  157. #Doro Sam Doro Nigeria Army#

  158. Pls wats the meaning of doro

  159. Pls wats the meaning of doro

  160. DoroNigeria. Luv this song

    • Doro 9ja,u guyz are too hot

  161. doro…..Jo Gen.don jazzy

  162. Doro muaaaah!!!!!!!! Doro smootch d song!!!! No time Downloading mua now!

  163. Apart from the meaning of the music #dorobucci the music is fabulous

  164. Nice one Marvinz

    • D song is 9ce but. Wots d meaning?

  165. Doro buchi doro jazzy doro luv I love dis song kai doro june

    • Doro agbo is echoing,men u guys should i incredible.ur doro is no contradiction, men no shanbles. Doro exploite.kul.

    • Doro agbo dey echo doro tiwa savage,doro jazzy,doro d’ prince doro mavins,men u guyz are incredible.doro no contradiction,doro no u guyz worth it doro fly,doro,doro,doro,dororororororodododododododododororo.

    • Agbo in house echoing nooooooo,agbo echoing doroooooooooooO.doro kilode,doro kilo desire i desire doro tiwa,doro kilo acquire i’m hoping to acquire doro savage.doro kilo derive i’m deriving don doro kilo perceive i do doro d’ prince, doro dija,doro bank but no bankrupt doro mavinz. Doro kilo adore i adore doro like kilode like kilo happen.

  166. nice one guyz. dis doro makes sense die!

  167. Doro diva, doro sandra, doro sandradiva dis song make sense die i got married to clement,at dis point am divorcin him,wannah marry DORO

  168. Omo doro na hin sure pass ooooooooooooooooooooo d badxt doro d sweatest doro d

  169. dats very lovely…… Doro BlueBenson

  170. dats very lovely…… Doro BlueBenson

  171. Doro shur pass make brain ni

  172. Doro bring back our girls

  173. This song is doro beauty from doro musician with doro class.

  174. Dis song is doro superb.thumbs up to all d doro marvins

  175. luv ya guyz

  176. Making sense

  177. Nice song,I wonder y don jazzy wasn’t voicing b4. Dat guy got much more talent yet to be tapped. Eminado was da bomb n now Doro, mehn I first heard dis Doro at d hotel beside my house,n decided to download it. Infact d song Doro is my BB update now. Don jazzy kip it up

  178. wow!. Doro ginger #wink#

  179. Doro

  180. Doro fresh,doro dupe,doro jazzy do am again

  181. Don u r 2much

  182. Dorohorny..doroniara..dorodollar..doropounds..doroheaven…dorohell…

  183. dorokporkish dorofred doroewere doroAnita DoroAlobam

  184. the song dorobucci is Wao, doro like am

  185. dorro every every.tuale 2 DON himself d god fada.hhmm

  186. Doro fire. Doro bomb doro boko doro girl doro gun doro. U guys to kul man

    • U no say Nigeria z doro scatter,everywhere doro bombing,students doro searching

  187. mhen dat song no b here o chai thank god for tallent o.

  188. dis song is highly dorocious,,,I am dorocratically shaking my head righta now…@doro meaning,,,it means ‘anything’…ha ha haaaa

  189. This song is verry dorobumbum dorokissing dorodancing I like it

    • Doro a.y.n.m i luv doro bucci doro me!

  190. Doro pussy Doro, Doro Pple Doro, Doro

  191. I haven’t been able to download it yet bt anywhere I hear it, I just wanna listen to it without any interruption. I’m LOVING this song like MAD. …DORO MEGA SUPER STAR…

  192. doro me i want to download and the baddest crew

  193. i luv dat song una 2much

    • i want to join mavins please this is my number 09039024110 thank you

  194. doroput am, doroscream, dororelease, dorosperm, dorotire, doro fuck pass anybody wey doro see.

    • Doro short pass anybody wey doro see.doro don make everyboby go gaga ooooo

    • Loll…. dorobad!

  195. the doro tin is killing me and my baby like doro husband doro wife

  196. doro no dey make any dorosense o

  197. dorob***i/ doro me/ doro u/ doro live/ doro luv…. that’s to my beautiful d*r* my Queenpin d*r*/ my all in one doro/…..Doro Gladys Doro chineye/luv u doro!

  198. Doro mega, doro super , doro star, doro na mega, super , star oooo! Doro correct abeg jor!

  199. Don jazzy doro is making me mad dance dance tired

  200. Doro sweet i hear this doro make sense for club i play doro

  201. u guys should remember us we need u guys help

  202. i want to join mavins crew pls anybody dat can help me should do dis is my number 09039024110,08025052640,08062533210

  203. #DOROFRESH nice one mavins

  204. Want to download

    • I Luv D Museec

  205. Bigger u don. Even if they thought u won’t still make hit song without them. Ur still d best

  206. I love dis song thumb up for marvins ……………………….. U re d best.DORO SUPER MARVINS

  207. ah luv it…nyzzzz track.

  208. i really like the track,but i’m eager to know the meaning of doro

  209. I luv dis song so muccccch…..kudox to everyone that put dis song 2geda one luv doro ppl.

  210. love listening to the song DORO MAVINS

  211. This song make sense.
    It is so surprising that many people who said they like this song don’t want to patronize Don Jazzi and d Marvin Crew by going to buy it from the store; they want to download it for free. Doro-Pirates!!

  212. Doro God bless u guyz

  213. Don baba j..u re mouth boss,I av always luved ur production,,may god continue 2 grant more gft..d’banj is missin a lot..I just dey feel 4 d guy..cuz he is now singin out of point

  214. Good song

  215. Doro me, doro U, doro pussy

  216. Doro get fance. Thank doroGOD

  217. Love this s song dorominado ooooooo awesome I have been looking for the song at last.

  218. #Doro dae maki all d girlz dae feel #robo robo

  219. Simply hot. Dope! My best part is tiwa’s part. I love y’all

  220. D banj go regret well well.

  221. Doro go make pple to run mad ooo especially girls of nowadays wey dey called doro fire dancer… Doro bull… Doro shit…

  222. doro me doro u!!!

    • Doro fresh

  223. #Dorobucci inna de whole Africa. nyc 1

  224. Doro hot, doro jazzy nice song doro please ? guys should choose me Amara 08100403486


    • U re funny

  226. Who bring dbanj into this song?DORO stupid!!!!!!!!

  227. nice hit

  228. Wack song simply overrated, what does Doro mean? Nigerians would just be saying it like fools
    Ps: am not Nigerian

  229. doro mega. doro super. doro star. DORO MEGA SUPER STAR!!! lol you don do manins. YOU DON DO!!!

  230. Waiting for the dorovideo…

  231. Doro doro nyc song

  232. Doro Pussy, Doro Dick!

    • doro gallant,doro kesha bxtxt combo

    • UR CRAZY

  233. U guy’z are d best kiss kiss

  234. @anthonia
    Doro song too much, but I dey petty dbanj oh.
    Why u leave d jazzy self, c ur life. Soon now nobody go dey here u again. Oga on to don jazzy I greet oh.

    • Dorobucci iz a knd f lovin song ,doromoney

      • Am loving this;doro me doro you doro us

    • Lyk mad dbanj u’ve fuckd ur self up ..don jazzy am loyal 2 ur service sir!

  235. Doro honey

  236. Doro honey, doro tiwa, doro eminado

  237. #doro grab

  238. Doro too mch . Don jazy ur d best.

  239. Bros Jazzy I dey play keyboard 4 church so I knw small abt music but honestly when I dey hear ur song (the instrumentals) d tin dey bost my head. I dey pray make 1 day mak u still dey do something wey we go fit dey play 4 church so dat we go still dey groove 4 church too.

    • Doro bucci I’ll like have a bea like this on my music aldum.
      Yaariyan hot
      May I mary Tiwa savage in. Peace

  240. Ki

  241. Doro jazzy, doro savage, doro dr sid, in short doro mavins dorobucci is really killing the street rocking the street don jazzy I give kudos to u ooooooo

    • Doro hot

  242. Doro kpaco….doro 007…

  243. dorosatan doronati dorodevil doromason doro pull soul pass devil itself

  244. Doro bath

  245. Doro bath

  246. Doro Malvins. U guys are gr8t, kip it up.

  247. cnt stp listenin #dorobucci..siq tune…big ups

  248. is good

  249. Doro Sexy

  250. Capability

  251. I luv dis muzix paaaa especially tiwas savage part “doro hot doro cold”

  252. i love this song it so mwaah.

  253. Doro bu chi. Is doro ur chi. Is not my chi. I dnt no of u

  254. Doro nyc

    • Pls what is d meaning of Doro? What is d. Song all about. Can somebody pls put me tru?

  255. Satan is at work here ooo…..even Christians re busy enjoying de song without knowing de meaning!!…#dorobucci means ‘Doro’-god ‘Bu’-Is ‘Cci’- god……tink well nd u will see dat Satan has captured many soul frm dis

  256. doro make me crazy i like the futuring please next time add flavour plus chidima

  257. infact doro jazzy u know say doro hot and doro gather pass every one for the gathering is gathering me

  258. cool cool cool doro cool …simply this song is too cool….

  259. Please can someone explain to me what doro realy is?

  260. Please can someone explain to me what doro realy is?

    • It is a definition of someone who is exciting, fun, spontaneous, and sexy

  261. Why DORO?
    Whats the meaning of DORO???

    DORO Fuck!! DORO go to hell !!! DORO die!!!!

    • Watch your words just cause you don’t know the meaning doesn’t mean you have to trash the song

  262. dorro boss

  263. j”adore ces clips

  264. I love dorobucci it is so fun and lively.

    • Its killing me doro me doro you doro us

  265. Doro me doro you doro us,cnt stop dancing

  266. Doro bitchass niggar

  267. Doro killing me

  268. Doro honey Doro sugar, Doro salt

  269. I love doro

    • fire dem bad

  270. that is wow guys

  271. How does this thing even work sef

  272. j vous aime les gars allew 2 l avant

  273. so gud

  274. I’m lovin the song DOROTIWA,DoROmavin.DoROjazzy

  275. #doromegasuperstar oo

  276. What does the same doro mean,sorry to ask am a zambian nd de song z hot in my country bt I cnt find de lyrics to know de meaning.

  277. Dis song na b hit doro

  278. i love this song ……. i want to shout to all my lib people !!!!!!

  279. doro mega
    doro super
    doro star
    doro mega super star

  280. Bad muzick not bad

  281. I rilli lyk dis song to de extent I stop whatever am doing wen I hear dis song

  282. Nice track

  283. Gud for dancing

  284. you people are realy killing me dorro love dorro you..tiwa here is my number 0711643817

  285. Doro this doro tht nxaaa hev u evr listened to ADAOBI hey u guyz rock wish u culd kip singin lyk a team kwaaaaak doro you……

  286. u guys rock shout out to ma gal tiwa u rock gal continu singing as a team guys lots of luv


  288. wat a dorro wat daz it min …

  289. I i need to see jantamanta now


    • Stupid person u wrote ur phone number any body can call u and trick u e.g 419 idiot

  291. I like dorobucci so much. With the sweet match your songs give us.

  292. i just love every song the make

  293. I want know more about reekado banks

  294. I want to join illuminated

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