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Patoranking – Sex Tape

Posted by Tyler on April 7, 2014 in AUDIO · 98 Comments

Rated 18! Patoranking is all about sex on this raunchy track titled “Sex Tape” which surfaces ahead of his remix of “Girlie O” with Tiwa Savage.

When we say parental guidance is advised when consuming this explicit number, that is an understatement.



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  1. Patoranking na wa 4 u oh

  2. cool jam

  3. Always fall ma hands….Dat not how 2face or Dbanj Blow….get pp attention through good message

    • Fuck this song is tyt, 2009 you say? WTF is condemning Pato, you must be the leader of negativity. What positive did dbanj bring if not “gimme d koko” and “anaconda”. Leave a man and his style. You are busy downloading free, you will never a pay for a show but for here you get mouth. Chukwu Abiama kpo kwa gi oku!!

  4. What u feeling like ? Is dat a song ? Don’t let pride eat u up

  5. Dat song na him old song na bad belle peepz upload am bcuz pato don blow

    • God go bless u my broda ….

  6. Pato,make una try upgrade.try dey sing song wen get positivity in it,it musnt be sex always.

  7. Pato!!..haba alobam wahs happenin..diz d least am expectn frm yhu @least nat yet

  8. Pato u dull big tym….

  9. Outright stupidity

  10. U are a disgrace o.patoranking

    • U are a fool @ cheki y will u b sayin he is a disgrace…nuisance. u are a complete disgrace to the world also @ cheki

  11. Na your prick big pass?na wah you ooooo.fool

  12. Dog!!!grow no try at all.horny mood or what?u cast.get out

  13. Small pikin.guess you were sex starved before now.but now u have pussy all over so you loosing it.Aids is real cat!!!

  14. Little punk.u fall ur fans hand

  15. Failure

  16. Abeg who produce this song?what a mess?

  17. Guy go reason ur life.I dey help u cry.see as u fool urself sha

  18. Wtf! Pato pls naw don’t act lyk dis! U just started

  19. Oh shittttt.yor a cici.pussy kind of nigga

  20. Weak Ass murderfucking mayeye.yeeeeee dis boy na fool o

  21. Tonzo.mumu serious 1 nai you be.Na u fuck pass?sex champion

  22. Na ur babe you fool first,followed by ur fans.Goat

  23. Patorankee Alubarika na wao

  24. haters stop talking shit,,,pato ride on,,ur fans gat ur bak

  25. Entertainers face critics everday mehn is sad,,,some miserable ass peopeo will criticise u no matter how good u her

  26. I was so wrong thinkin u were d most rated act dis year. Ur’e just a BIG FOOL. Ur pride made u leave Timaya dat brought u d spotlight nw dis. na u fuck pass? na ur prick big pass? Thunder fire ur Papa, Ur real father d wan way dey mad 4 Mile 2. Nonsense

    • mumu dis song was recorded long b4 timaya came into d picture…. go google his body of work from 2009, dis song was leaked joor na freestyle for studio, u wen no dey fuck dey come here dey talk trash yam like u

  27. Hw wud sombody in his right sense go 2d studio 2 sing such trash & some silly fellas ar hailing such nonsense!!! Patoranking abi wetin b dt ur name I SMH 4u!!!! No wonder so many ppl out der criticizes 9ija Music &Musicians. God help us all…

  28. Silly ass muda-fucker! Gosh I SMH 4 ur hustle…

  29. Hw wud sombody in his right sense go 2d studio 2 sing such trash & some silly fellas ar hailing such nonsense!!! Patoranking abi wetin b dt ur name I SMH 4u!!!! No wonder so many ppl out der criticizes 9ija Music &Musicians. God help us all…

    • @dele u are d one out of ur senses cos u act as if u r d holiest dude on social media and I bet u r worst dan dis when it comes to ur personal act. Fool Y dnt u go to d studio and let’s see what u wanna offer us through d Mic. U Nards

  30. Aswr all of una wey yab patoranking for this thread dey mad! Waka!!!!!
    Wetin hin do una? Pesn no fit play with beat again? Btw can’t you dumb asses see its clearly rated 18? If you’re so immature you shouldn’t have clicked the link to begin with!
    Hin no even talk nathn sef. Go hear some specific Jamaican artists first. Nonsense.
    Dey dere dey complain dey kill urslf, hin no even sabi you from adam. Baba dey flex hin money tight you dey complain. Dull haters.

  31. U guys are the fools and dull ones.. Upon reading that this song was made 2009, u still pouring insults on him… How daft can y’all get, typical Nigerians.. DUMB AF

  32. Even if the song wass recorded 2009 must an upcoming act record thingz like dis u must lose ur fans pato

    • Sam dnt talk like this, u can’t tell me u have Nevea watch a porno… And u too urself u use those words… So probably he was just playing in the studio, and made the song, had No intentions of Releasing it… So am very sure this song was Linked by One of his Haters (might be Friends) who wants to kill his career, and dnt want him to succeed…

    • Sam is really stupid for sayin he must loose his fan, who re ur own fans?ode boy.

  33. Why niggs no dey reason lyk dx…sha u no fit hear ni sha dx 1 sound lyk newly recorded ni..kai! Nigerians!!! Omo ale dudu! Patoranki’ me love ya so well place d 8tas pun d mat not aa bed…whyese!!!

  34. Why niggs no dey reason lyk dx…sha u no fit hear ni sha dx 1 sound lyk newly recorded ni..kai! Nigerians!!! Omo ale dudu! Patoranki’ me love ya so well place d 8tas pun d mat not aa bed…boom! whyese!!!

  35. Old or new record,his a dumb ass fool to have recorded such nasty words and called it a song.Timaya wil never hav allowed this.its very wrong.what a pity.truth be told.

  36. Sex starved fool.make all of una wen dey support am shut up.He sang rubbish,dirty track,his a disgrace.He should publicly apologise to fans for this trash.

  37. When will nigerian artist start to come out with tracks that cn win them grammys for Godske?see wetin dis mumu go sing now.

  38. Hypocrites commenting…poor peeps always complain ?n?????? criticizes smh †?? those people who said bad shii about patoranking

  39. Can dis song win u an awrd?wetin u dey turn to sef?guy caution urself b4 u get kicked off the hook.we knw sey u sabi fuck.its it a criteria for the next headies?lolz

  40. idiot, is dis a song ?? very foolish, pride go soon kill u..

  41. Shootin star I admire ur style fuck these people;;bt watch out 4d kind of songs u kick to D people, dey dnt knw wat music is N hw it is done am into dis shit bro kip it up N double ur hustle.

  42. the song tyt just dt itz raw. lemi biliv itz not a newly recorded song

  43. Nigerians haba always saying shit.. Which of una fit sing.. Na curse una sabi.. Person freestyle una dey yab am.. Even timaya get a track he titled sex tape..

  44. Hater yall are d fools,dats our vybzs kartel….na patoranking…..if U????? nor lk d jamz nor listen…abi na force…haters una gud na una nor locate studios…idiots

  45. u guys are dumb nd stupid Af dey fuckin told u dat dis a very old song nd ya all re still sayin shit….u no holy pass joor get a life nd fuckin keep quiet modafuckas……d song is a fuckin freestyle….mstcheeewwww

  46. leave pato alone o

  47. Hey God oo guys guys chill sum1 is tryna fuck pato up look sum group of hater jus uploaded dis song in order to rate pato zero dey jus wanna bring him down yall shud stop actin like kids nd help patoranking istead of making things worst plz, yu guys are sounding like yu been xpectin dis kinda fall from my bro its not fair, buh dnt worry who eva did dis is gonna be screwd cos we gon get em, its not patos fault dat dis happend plz on behalf of my bro we are very sorry k were eva pato is now hes so sorry k, free ma nigga ranking. Pls guys lets help him togeda. fo d main time guys…….. Show luv, nit hate. Help pato, help my bro. Tnx

  48. I like the song oh!! Who no dey do am??

  49. Patoran shda don beta

  50. Yeh!d track is raw,nt d kind of flows we wanna sing to buh,insultin him is nt d best xcept u jst dnt lyk him.He’s got reli good talent dat’l help improve our industry so I tink we shud rather advise him instead of insultin n callin him names.Remember he is jst a human……he’l do beta next tym

  51. Pato I’m highly disappointed in you

  52. una fuck up

  53. Guy u ar just a big fuckin fool 4 doin dis kind of song u said is a old song but u fuckup full time I dn think u no God coz if u do u ll nt do dis kind of song u ar just makein every body to hate u nd is nt Good

  54. Hmmm,am an artist as well.And my name is Kay manius.I need to chip in one or two things.Parto,I wud urge u to always encourage gud songz bcos wen u ar no more.ur pasts will speak for luv bro

  55. Pato never intended to record dis song, he was only playing wif the beat in the studio, some people are jes hypocrites and enemies of progress. Timaya sang “shake ???? bum bum” n “UKWU” una no complain. Some1 freestyled all the shit you guys do in secret, una come dey beef. You all are jes pathetic and jobless hypocrites. Pato, you’re the new king of dancehall and you’re gifted. Keep up the good work, and shun dem haters

  56. Patorankings!!!!!WTF is dis song all about???? Ur my nigga nd I really love ya songs…buh dis song does nt make u a responsible guy@all..soo disappointed..upgrade guy….

  57. cow

  58. I love pato but am disapointed. Deleted the song. Pato retrace your ways or loose fans. #shikenna

  59. Patoranking u don mad, omor u no follow, dis track na big tym rubbish,

  60. You can’t change a man. Patoranking did wht he is gud at and what y’all can do is criticize negatively. Weda old or new he expressed himself. I knw I like it. Thumbs up ranking.

  61. U haters jst heard it’s old freestyle song, dat sm1 jst leaked d song, n u pple stil condemn Pato..he possibly can’t release dis kind of song @dis genesis of his career…Pato I stand by u

  62. Better songs dey wey artiste dey mail una, na how to downfall pato una dey find una fada tooxclusive

  63. Better songs dey wey artiste dey mail una, na how to downfall pato una dey find una fada tooxclusive

  64. Y’all re pussies,jobless fools,patoranking is out dere counting his nairas nd u all re here stressing urselves out,d barga doesn’t give a fuck about y’all… y’all can go fuck urselves nd plssss get a LIFE for chrissakes

    • God will really purnish you

  65. Pato u try abeg na dis kind song we deh lik fuck Dah pussy man pls fuck her on her birthday fuck her like tk fuck the pussy make it juicy wataguan pato nice tune Weh go carry you go hell

  66. Foolish track odeyen.lolz

  67. I used 2 like patoranking but not anymore cos dis track sextape is so so useless and d lyrics are just annoying #SAD

  68. Pato is an idiotic animal and to y’all , go and make your money

    • Guy just try nd shout ur mouth, jxt hia riting nonsense. Only u fuck haters of pato, same u pato idiot. Wots ur fuckin P?

  69. All of una fada

  70. Nice raw Play… Sight ya

  71. anytin u do in diz world humanz must talk buh my broda patoranking don blow so my broda pato jellof …u 2 much..

  72. #((((TeamPato***

  73. nigga acting like they can do beta

  74. we realy love pato

  75. #whayasaY. all dem hatas go n take shekpe

  76. Haterz pls rot in hell…love ya #patoranking…skailey esque

  77. i love u pato (wayasay)ahhhh

  78. bla bla bla

  79. Omo all pato haters kiss ma ass (omole sho le fo mi bolaji)…dis jam dey boost all d clubz ona dey talk rubish patorank u b d best lolzzz

  80. if u fit sing then go sing ur own n leave d rich guy alone….abi una no dey bore pussy

  81. Winners love to win hatters love to hate

  82. Chaii… How he take affect u guys? I all a a choice of listening to the song or don’t even click on the link at all. Free this guy and let him do what he knws how to do.

    • I mean u all have a choice of listening.

  83. I luv u and ur voice patoranking, don’t mind all dese ha8erz….u guyz be ha8in wen he’s already got his money, dnt go and look 4 somtin 2 do with ur lowlifes…mumu otondo pple

  84. Abeg ma una leff ma main man pato na him haters go upload d song ehhhnn abeg

  85. Smh for all the critics on here, because the honest fact is that even though this song is profanity at it’s height, it’s a jam for days.. And hell, it’s rated 18, yet most of you are acting like kids…. It’s funny too, most of you probably jammed to take ‘take banana’ and other half-way-to-profane-songs, but a little explicity and you guys want to burst your fucking guts. Like chill the fuck out and just carry your bad and biased taste in music elsewhere, secular isn’t for everyone, good grown up music isn’t for everyone.

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