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Phyno – Street Muzik (Kush Muzik)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on June 26, 2013 in AUDIO · 59 Comments



Here’s a new tune from the “Man of the Year” Phyno titled “Kush Music“. This guy’s delivery is always on point.

Press play and tell me what you think!




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  1. Lemme here it 1st oh b4 judging

  2. THis ngga is crazy! dope!

  3. Mehn, phyno ????? so G?????o???O?????????? @???????????d????? poisonous as he will infect U????? wit his muzik @???????????d????? he ????? making rap fun. Am officiaaly in love wit dis guy @???????????d????? his muzik. Better dan MI a 1000 times. He makes ?h?????†??s very difficult looks so easy. Thanks bro 4 promoting †?? language. Keep it coming. Anxiously waiting on ur Album. Peace

  4. Wooooooooooooow….!!!…I will 4eva love to listen to ur tracks…this guy is just doing what I didnt expect form him…If u didnt get award this year,,,I will suspect smth…thumb up my nigga.

  5. @pashey na wa 4 you oh how will you compare phyno 2 the rap chairman MI phyho no even reach him boy iceprince talk less of oga 4 the song am not impressed his just making noise the song is 2 noisy phyno u one deaf our ear please do something better 4 example man of the year.

  6. Do something that is even better than man of the year so that you will continue 2 be outstanding and never bending.@pashey watch your tongue.

  7. phyno is a king in dis game! phyno acha go Anya!!!! @jboycul just hush ur mouth and quit killing phyno’s vibe. that niggur is way too good gon. comparing him and MI is cool. am sure em get am pass ur chairman coz he ain’t mine. phyno is my chairman peace! #obago

  8. On no grounds shld anybody anywr eva compare phyno to MI,let dis b d 1st n last warnin…Its quite obvious dt dose hu overhype dis phyno guy fall unda two groups:Ppl hu dnt rili undastnd wt rap is abt n Dose hu r bin tribalistic. Mi hs proved himself sound intellectually,Phyno is yet 2 do dat,he hs a reservoir of childish lyrics…He’s nva impressed me…Also Any1 hu listens 2 foreign rap music wld kno phyno steals flow pattern,ds aint no false accusation.Doubt me?Go listen 2 Rick Ross’s verse on Nicki Minaj’s ‘I Am Your Leader’ n den listen 2 Phyno’s 1st verse on dis Street Muzik song agn…Wr dem Phyno fans at? Cm tk shots @ me 4 sayin d truth #Peace#

  9. Dopest==HATER OF LIFE!

  10. dope!!!<img src="; width="1">

  11. Ppl here makin noise abt mi,mode9 is da king in d game, vec is even better dan mi.
    As for phyno he’s goin gud in every track. I rate dis one a 6

  12. Abeg abeg abeg, shwooooo. Which one be phyno better pass M.i
    Wetin even consine M.i join this matter.
    Rate the guy new release instead of to dey carry matta dey go where matta no dey.

    E rap igbo nd english_ so na only the english part other tribe dey understand. The igbo part no get meaning for where others dey. Na that one e take beta paSs m.I?

    Make e go rap english joor instead of to dey beat around the bush=foreplay 😛 ?(???)?

  13. Who’s MI sef! No be VEC be 9ja’s current best rapper? Why una dey here dey drink sakold for anoda person Cold.. Phyno is making headlines now that’s it..

    Phyno is at his peak now..

    Owe gi tinye isi n’otule okuko..

    You can’t stop him maka na obago..

  14. Phyno is finally here.. He’s d man of d year and I tink he’s better than whoever u wana mention now.

  15. MI is a king phyno is just a mere servant b4 King MI abaga.

  16. @Jboycul dis page is not for promotin MI. Why are u being defensive? MI rap is so damn childish and femine “kekenapepsa, all guy d vexa” is dis rap. If nt for respect dnt u knw Ice Prince is beta than him? Phyno is d in thing, bringn hardcore rap 2 d Naija scene just like Olamide,Da Grin.Plssssss watch ur tongue, KPORO ONWE GI GAA COURT AND SUE URSELF.

  17. Phyno knowz abeg. “Royal Highest Chilling on Cloud Nine” kush ooooo. Ha nu chaa ha dika ha nwere anya 4.30 Nwanne Ara Agbakwala Gi ooooo.

  18. Huz are those 1s quoting dictonaries and they belive its a coment……..@PHyno nice 1 broo

  19. when it comes to rap i think m.i and ice prince are the best rapper.well thumbs up for phyno cuz he is making a hit#obago master

  20. To me MI is good,bt him tym don pass no examination,phyno is d man of d game of which am d referee,and I give u a red card if u talk down on d man of d year!hahahaha

    • phyno is the man of the year

  21. Y pple dey cry bcos phyno best MI?MI can't remain a king!him tym don pass!not until he drops a new set !phyno music is always dope,u are angry bcos he uses igbo to sing!have u killed olamide for using yoruba? Any body cn compose rap with english!d dope is wen u rap with ur native dialect!

  22. Abeg phyno ur rapping you d write am or you just the vomite watin come out from your mind?

  23. Reply to the dumb ass unbelievably stupid piglet named dopest here, who posted a dumb comment on 27th june abt phyno copying rick ross' line in nicki's I am ur leader. Dopest cow,it is either u r deaf, or stupid, or retarded, or mad, or all of the above. How baba phyno take copy the boss na? If to say I no wan just respect myself, I 4 say make thunder fire u but na warning be dis, respect urself oooo.

  24. Anonymous ur so efin stupid 4 addressing dopest lyk I see all of u dat ar sayin phyno is beta dan M.I ar so ignorant nd dumb..dopest said phyno copied rick ross' rap pattern not rap lines..probably u dnt even know d difrens btwn pattern nd lyrics and u'll com out here 2 say phyno iz beta dan M.I..phyno is nt evn near M.I's lyrical standard seriously

  25. Phyno is ghud but then dnt compare him to M.I. I knw very well those pple who're saying Phyno's beta M.I didn't watch the interview whr Phyno said he's inpired by M.I and Mr.Raw. Let the truth be told, dnt be tribalistic here.

  26. Una don madt finish if phyno copy rick ross. I take it u haven't heard the kick where Don jazzy literally lifted both d pattern n d lyrics from the nineties hit by Ini kamoze "Here come the hotstepper. Jayz copied Tupac's Bonnie n Clyde. I hope d insults in Phyno's tracks apply to u. Not Igbo buh i love Phyno's hardcore rap

  27. well said, pyhno, is an entertainer, a rapper who can do well in swagg and styles, I mean he is versatile, he raps with unique rhymes both in English and his dialect, can mr incredible….u peoples MI do dat as well as phyno- dat is if he can at all. though dere are several factors to consider wen rating rap music, of wich some are lacking in phyno's type of rap, u guys should note this. Phyno is one of d best, and if rÀted by we the listeners and not the so called Mtv or oder music award organisation, phyno will gain 95 percent of nigerians audience. let him keep it up, as for dose who are bent as seeing MI as best, dat depends on deir own definition of RAP.

  28. Raymie

  29. Well, MI & PHYNO are two good rappers. And I still don't understand why Nigerians won't understand what rap means after all. Those who are yet to find out that rap is not about being an intellectual, they should better realise that rap is all about spitting out ur mind with the right bars. Also, for those who say that phyno's rap is childish, I think you should define childish. Cos if u fink phynos rap is childish, then you should pick a jotter, write down his bars and ask me to explain and not talk without lyrical evidence. And my heartfelt condolence goes to those who critisize him for his ability to rap in igbo language, cos I think if I want to listen to English rap I should rather listen to Eminem and Co cos non of these Nigerian guys can be as real as them when it comes to rapping in English. But nona them can and can willing to give me that dope native rap like phyno, olamide and Co. I think MI should give us something more to listen to. I anticipate phynos album.

  30. Dats sooo true, phyno av gat d swagg and style and soo versatile 2send d message in both english and ibo wid d rhymes still intact, hez gat d bars well checked so as for dose dat said phyno's rap is childish, go back 2skul and check d meaning of childish and phyno's rap…….dey are two contrasting fins!!!!!!

  31. The truth be told MI is good okay,but phyno difinatly the man of the year.after much much nwanne kudu nke mere last? U can't stop him maka obago.

  32. Forget guys, phyno is killing the joints, just relax and cha anya, u go feel the joint, see ur iz like anya 4:30

  33. Am nt 4rm igbo, am a huge fan of m.i bt i tel u diz phyno is dope his delivery is 10/10 2be sincere if u listen 2 dope money objectivly u wud c dat phyno’s delivery z beta dan olamide’s..i dnt hear igbo or yoroba so i cnt coment on m.i(rap messiah) needs 2 stop advertisin 4 glo n gv us wot we knw him 4..but 4 d tym being Phyno z d man of the year..

  34. Phyno is gud, but guys stop comparing and enjoy d lyrics, if u don’t understand igbo ask som1 to help u out, olamide raps in yoruba and I love his songs tho not yoruba. Jst enjoy d song abeg

  35. Peeps be yarning dust! Phyno is a different rapper from MI, two different styles. Phyno can’t do what MI does,MI can’t do wht phyno does! Dey ae both Kings in their GAME!!! As for dat guyy dat said,phyno is just making Noise,I think its fair to say Olamide makes Noise too.
    If u don’t undertand what he is saying, listen to d beat and watch d delivery, we do dsme to olamide too,we don’t understnd him,most times, but we enjoy d beat,and his delivery.

  36. Omo make una fashi! Dat dude is jst keeping it street! Dat guy phyno don somtin S treet joor… as for mi u no fit compare d 2 cos dey simply comin 4rm different angles! Phyno is more radical! If u undstand d language he is usin mahn no doubt u will knw hw heavy his lyrics are! I love phyno die

  37. if you can do better than phyno ,okay hgo start urs letz see..fuck all haters ..all i know phyno is good and he’s the best igbo raper now.more grease to ur elbow ..phyno

  38. how wish all those niggas who dnt like phyno could understand ibo language …phyno is using heavy and hard ..infact difficult igbo lyrics which no one can do as for now..phyno i’m expecting more from you…u said phyno is not good have u listen to..ghost

  39. Mi, ice prince, olamide, phyno are d best rappers we have in nigeria. So y’all shld stop d beef, shut ur mouth nd listen to good music…#phyno u re so real.. Kudos

  40. @jboycul u re a beefer, u just gat 2 get rid of dat attitude nd stop been biased. If u dnt like phyno simple as dat, rather dan spitting rubbish out of ur God forbidden mouth… Mtchewww #nd if dey put u for mic now u no fit compose chorus…smellos

  41. Phyno is the best, end of discusion no more comment

  42. Phyno’s rap cannot be rivaled by any other igbo rapper. Dude’s on top of his game atm..M.I na chairman! No doubt but he’s not producing the goods right about’s for the moment. Phyno’s the man of the moment.. The Man of the year… #and he’s just getting started 😉

  43. I’m yoruba but I’m a huge fan of phyno

  44. Killing urselfs ova phyno vibes and MI are jst waste of tym cos dis 2 dudes are making dia cool cash in d muzik industry, and u guys are here running ur mouth and critisising ppls talents and raps….. Funny dudes….. Phyno respect 2 u…

  45. Phyno iz d best,if u no like him pls hang ur sef.ahahahhahahahahahaha,,,,,,,kip on 8tin while he kip on movin 2d top,,,

  46. Phyno Nwa Awka, sail on joor!!!

  47. Phyno is d best rapper of d year, hatters park well..

  48. Kush muzik my number one

  49. Kush muzik beta dan ghostmode and obago

  50. Gonglomerit 2 my king phyno am pelf hopin 2 pop wit u nday

    This is fucking goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood our nigga???????? with DOPE MONEY, no guts no glory for anyone????????????. If you no like am Just Le Le ????
    My ALOBAM are you in support,,if yes say OBAGO if no just SHUTDOWN.
    Cus we all have orleady activited GHOST MODE in the this Fucking PARCEL. And KUSH MUZIK just ???????????? for it and O SET for my IWOTAGO????.


  53. Whether he raps in his dialect or English,hez still de best

  54. Phyno no gurt no glory

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