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Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) – Fire Fire

Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) – Fire Fire . Paul Okoye of the defunct boy band, P-Square begins his solo career with this new record titled Nkenji Keke.

This love song is certainly amazing.

Enjoy below

Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) –  Fire Fire

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  1. It’s truly fire fire psquare back papa ejima #double #double

  2. The song is fire just like its title

  3. wow…. truly fire fire
    this song is on repeat
    As e dey hot

  4. Paul Tha real PSuare

  5. Dope song but u gat to reconcile with your Bro……#respect#

    • Very matured comment! Exactly

    • ?

    • Fact

  6. wow,dis is really fire fire,dis is d psquare voice.Keep it up bro

  7. Rude boi with good fire fire song attitude.. Mad song on #repeat

  8. Kul

  9. I salute you boss of life!!! Thank you so much for using your talent to help your brothers and your family … No matter what peter sing, you are the psquare !!! No need to call you rudeboy

    • Foolish

    • u wan compare dis song with cool it down??… dis song dey ok but cool it down na hit.

      • You be correct person

        • the two songs are cool but I found it difficult to pronounce Rude boy or Mr P,all I know P-square, thanks

    • What are you trying to promote? Your statement is your own opinion but its a stupid one…

    • rude boy na mad artist abeg..make una no near am..and u talking about cool it down..that song na crap..these guys shud get back together..

    • You are the most foolish person on Earth

      • abi nah u be d gud person eeh!

  10. Chiaaaaa i love this song die

  11. Respect to you rude boy we gat your back bro keep it up as we expect more from you.

  12. Another upcoming artist ???

    • Lol,u no well o

  13. Good song but I’m not happy

    • y are u not happy?

    • y are u not happy?

  14. the voice of psquare

    • This is psquare but we hope they return

  15. Not bad

  16. Paul I was not expecting this style from you, please give me more hit,anyway trawle for you. Make me know you are the really the singer

  17. Voice of square nice one

  18. #KingRuddy the hit banger himself

  19. Nice one

    • Nice one rudeboi

  20. Been waiting for this shit a long time
    #Psquare fan I remain
    either Peter or Paul, Rudeboy or Mr P
    I keep loving the song…..

    • Great comment. No need to choose and cause wahala

  21. u guys were born unique ….twins ! dnt let Ur difference stand between u guys for ever. can’t one of u swallow his pride for d sake of Ur uniqueness…twins? u guys sheared Ur moms womb for nine months , breasts,love, etc..all u shared together , do u guys think she wil be happy with this turn out ? ….pulse n ponder over m words ,

    • nice comemt

    • u get sense

    • nice comment

    • I swear u talk wella i like Mr p music but i Luv psqusre pass Rube boy pls go back and reconcile pls

    • U b correct

    • God bless u nigga


  23. Paul, Rude boy or whatever you call yourself, i just want to advise to go back and apologize to your twin brother Peter,
    because you only sing rubbish, COOL IT DOWN by Mr P is far better than your song FIRE FIRE.
    U be fuck-up guy well well
    Jude dey use ur brain.
    Peter-Mr P is the real P-square we know and love.

    • That’s it,,, #fact ??????Mr P all the way ??

    • This is the fact bro, thanks I love this comment peter is the best and the true face of p square

    • Baddest rude boy.Na God de do am…. Fire fire de go

      • Fire dey go….. stay with Jude…. Mr P stay with your own tooo. Thank God no body can stop you. You said it all If man na God, you for no fit do anything. Dem want make you gang up with your twin against your senior brother n you said no. Mama Twin, you don see this thing tey tey for Jos, dat s why you put your feet down say no way e no go happen. Immediately you kpa…. the thing when you see as a mother show..? Dem come to scatter house because of money… not employing wisdom. PAUL is holding the entire family together. Paul is the centre of gravity for the Okoye Family. God bless you paul. Shebi dem don born too, no wahala, dem go reap wetin dem sow.

    • goat!!!

      • Why cause

  24. Am so happy

  25. pls d video

  26. Nice song rudeboy, but i prefer psquare better

  27. Nice one but make me want to cry, was waiting to hear Peter’s voice to make it complete

  28. Nice one but make me want to cry, was waiting to hear Peter’s voice to make it complete

    • me too….I expected his(peter) voice to drop but I love dis jam a lot??

      • U are confuse bro

  29. wow that’s my biggest bro but I really missed you shall, but am not 100% happy, i wanted guys to do the remix of chop money.. anyway bro you are the best

    • the one they did with Akon is what?

  30. Psquare cant be d same again

  31. Thank you for this one

    • truely

  32. Another up coming artiste, so nah like dis ona wan take kill ona musical career..both of you are good together .You guys should swallow pride and come together #TeamPsquare

    • Thank very much bro, that what i have expecting from them swallow pride and come together as one, i love psquare and not this mr p and this rudeboy.

  33. My advice is, go back to your brother. If you follow comments here you will find out no body loves you except those asking you to go back to ur bro. Anyone saying to you that you are better or your brother is better is encouraging the split. This song has no massage I must be sincere. Halleluyah and baby fire fire, no sense at all. Maybe if you were still too, Peter would’ve said no Paul let’s do it this way rather. Your brother may not be a good singer list you condemned but I can assure you he makes mind blowing contributions that have helps you guys come this far. Finally I must say, I NO DEY FEEL UNA AGAIN. those flavours are gone

    • God bless you

    • I like ur comment pls let Paul and peter know dat two is better than

    • things has turn out to be the way it is but all the same an God win


  35. carry your Bros along…. forget sentiment. sad truth.

  36. RUDE BOY is too good to be name twice

  37. The real psquare. #VoiceOfPsquare #MyRealGee God bless your career. Calabar got luv 4u. Pls visit Calabar for Xmas festival. #Rsvp

  38. The real psquare. #VoiceOfPsquare #MyRealGee God bless your career. Calabar got luv 4u. Pls visit Calabar for Xmas festival. #Rsvp

  39. Dope song

  40. what is this?

  41. this is the voice of real psquare
    carry go
    thumbs up

  42. please rude boy I want u to go back plz u two comes once disem day please Mr p what ever rude boy ur blood do forgive him Rude boy plz whatever mr p do forgive him please don’t allow any guy deceive you guyz

  43. Move on Bro. …. Am now feel the voice of former Band group PSquare. …. Rude Boy, You are bless. But two head is better than one. … Make peace with ur twins brother.

  44. The truth is this song is dope..So dope it should come with a rizzla.. No hating on Mr P but is the bomb…

  45. Nice one bro

  46. Chai!!! I love dis song die, keep up d good work Rudeboy

  47. respect, bt u guys share d same womb 4 gud 9mnths

  48. wonderful song

  49. Abeg this guy is too good, just same Psquare voice. Now I know

  50. Abeg this guy is too good, just same Psquare voice. Now I know

  51. do it like never b4 my brother

  52. To speak the truth is not a bad song but to me it was what I expect from him to do nothing far from the old Psquare group thanks for that But Peter Came in as an upcoming with a breakthrough song that is Lit and this Paul song is normal flow to expect from Psquare I love you Paul and I love Psquare but sorry am sticking to #MrP #Godbless

  53. the song is good because of the voice, but if you listen to it again and again you will notice that something is missing, nothing is in it except the voice, no vibes, no message, is just like an up coming artist, I love p-square because you people are complete when it comes to music, the style and the moves, psqaure is entertainment, entertainment is music, no music no fun. we need you guys back psqaure, Africa Michele Jackson

    • You just said my thought exactly

  54. Dope jam from the founder of psquare himself “Rude Boy” #RespectPaul

  55. Both are good but Two heads r better than 1… I prefer cool it down than this fire fire and I Love Squares than (mr p and Rude boy)….

  56. I miss Peter’s lyrics on this track

  57. Waw! I gat ur back Rudy

  58. You guys used a very nice tittle for your songs ‘FIRE FIRE ‘
    and “COOL IT DOWN”
    I would suggest dat u guys “COOL IT DOWN” and then “FIRE FIRE” every misunderstanding you have.
    You are not just brothers. ..u are “TWINS” for heavensake

  59. Ever since you guys have departed none of your music sounds interesting.

  60. You guys choose a very nice tittle for your songs ‘FIRE FIRE ‘
    and “COOL IT DOWN”
    I would suggest dat u guys “COOL IT DOWN” and then “FIRE FIRE” every misunderstanding you have.
    You are not just brothers. ..u are “TWINS” for heavensake

    • Nice comments..

  61. Peter should go to Paul and apologize, Paul shouldn’t be the only one settling the issues all the time.

  62. Paul you are bad coz you killed the beat
    … Is dope but missing you both together… I prefer psquare to rude boy…

  63. oh lawd!!! dis guy dey messed up now!! see as im just dey struggle to rhyme

    • Hey !!!!
      Watch it

  64. Omo this jam just de burst my brain

  65. it not funny…go and settle wit ur twin,dont forget u both came to this world same day…Jehovah is not stupid u made u guys twin…u bate act so mature by coming bk together cos together u guys are great(one love)

  66. Their is nothing professional about that song, its pure wack. NO HATE, am a fan of psquare wheather united or seperated but this song… Nah its bulshit. An upcoming can go anywhere with this kind of song. Thanks

  67. omo rude boy i salute u are truely the best jentle boy bt so talented i lov it i wnt more from you my role model but hw i wich am hearin from p square rud boy jah bless by sir michael

  68. This song is legit. I want P-Square back. But for now, let’s enjoy the fire ?

  69. Nice one rudeboy since today NKEMJI my baby just de fire fire I Don tire

  70. sounds like an upcoming artist

  71. Upcoming Artist

  72. pls reconcile with your bro,,, you without him is zero. pls

  73. wow…I’m happy all the same..thought psquare is dead until I listened to fire fire..this is psquare…..doper than dope..

  74. I prefer mr p abeg

  75. The songs from the two brothers are not bad but their songs is still missing the psquare touch. People should stop giving only Paul the hype of being the voice because Peter also contributes. If you listeners have ears you would notice that the two brother’s songs is missing the psquare touch. When they sing seperately is good but when they come together it becomes a hit. To me the songs they are releasing now is not their standard of songs they release when they’re together and these songs will be quickly forgotten.

  76. Nice beat buy lyrics weak.not making any positive impact in the soul of the young ones.Haleluyah baby this girl hot o,this girl na fire fire.How e take relate na.if u wan worship Satan worship am if na God follow am no mix the 2 together.Na so them teach u for Fatima Catholic church Jos?

  77. Respect to my boss man king ruddy.
    100 gun shot for you on this one fire fire.
    You inspired me the more into music
    You the voise of psquare.. But still respect too to mr p together you are stronger cuz its already been set by jah so pls you guys can’t change it, dont try pls cuz **********

  78. My honest opinion is both Mr Peter and Rude boy have performed credibly well as upcoming artists .But ,there is something we need to know that music is more than beat and sound .It involves good lyric,good performance and good beat.If we are to judge both of them individually ,do they really have it ?. Anyway let me wait for rude boy video before I make my conclusion.

  79. When a man is pushed to the wall lots of things happens, theyve had problem since he stated dating lola. Even in the studio they team upnand choose most of pauls song and video when its supposed to be just peter and paul only. I dont blame paul I dont blame peter, fight happens everywhere, I blame Jude for taking side in their fights, that makes paul thinks he is right (not judging paul) when no one is right.he was supposed to be a father figure in their stuff. Now lets see how jude works with paul. I still luv them all. After jude the next set of people to cause fight is the fans.they are now taking sides and hating…. i see them disliking their videos, but they cant stop any of their shine. stay out if you dont know whats going on.

    • bro u re wisdom filled

  80. Lol….Bullshit,,pls is this a poem??

  81. Paul better reconcile with ur BRO
    because the song sound noises, u don’t follow this up coming artiste dey make noise, pls listen to cool it by Mr p, mama by tekno x WizKid , fia by davido and tilapia by Mr eazi, and take correction u re better than this bro @ rude boy

    • Please you people should mind your business, when it’s your time to sing all of una way dey here no go fit sing sheet come out, talk less, must of una here weed nd waiting dey under woman legs no go let una carry first put, they’re blood no matter what blood is thicker than water, make una dey watch waiting dey come of una mouth or comment, nd comment no be by force! Una go just dey show una self for waiting na concern una, besides they born them the same day, how many of una go fit do waiting those guys do for the families nd fan’s over the world.

  82. Paul better reconcile with ur BRO
    because the song sound noises, u don’t follow this up coming artiste dey make noise, pls listen to cool it by Mr p, mama by tekno x WizKid , fia by davido and tilapia by Mr eazi, and take correction u re better than this bro @ rude boy

  83. Yes, cos you missed one during your kindergaten….lolz

  84. After reading it you asking if its a poem @ Boss. No its a poetry. Bullshit.

  85. Respect rudeboy!! Keep being u and being humble!! No doubt u are truely the voice of p-square.

  86. I love this song like mad

  87. nice one, Paul baby the fire fire, and Peter baby come the cool it down, it is OK, you people should do the remix together let see how sweet it will be na

  88. fire fire ?… I love dis song but got to reconcile with brother better together

  89. Dope
    Loving this

  90. Its obvious you are the Psquare!

  91. Lovely song

  92. Jesus indeed na real fire fire

  93. Mad jam. Thumbs up man, God bless

  94. Love dis song …but try n make Peace with ur brother u guys are better when u sing together ..I love p square

  95. Good work.keep it up.

  96. It’s quite hilarious to read A lot of Ignorant Comments on this thread… Few people say the song has no msg, like the songs they have been listening to and calling hits have messages…BIAS is an Ignorant state of Mind. This is more like a song for a Wedding, And its beautiful.

    • Thank you all is just to make one less important.. I keep wondering , humans can kill with their mouth. 70% of Nigerian music makes no sense , we just dance to the beat ?????. NICE JAM RUDEBOY

  97. My phone has been on repeat fire fire Issa jam

  98. Wat a hot song 4rm Rudy boy u are da best of da best we need more 4rm u

  99. Rude boy you too much, you still the Best….I die for this your song

  100. You are the real psquare, wonderful song no need of rude boy na you be the master #respect#?

    • You are de best

  101. Stupid song…Paul go back to your brother u are losing is clear now that Peter is beta Dan…..

  102. Stupid song…I deleted the after wasting My time and MB

  103. Nigerians are so funny .. Infact humans generally… If u lime the song comment . if u dont like it comment and stop bringing in Mr p and comparing both here. If u want to stick with Mr P do and if u want to stick with rudeboy do same.. Afterall na rat when dey inside na they call the one outside to come eat food. If psquare didnt wash their dirty linen outside. Peeps wont talk. Wish u both success in ur journey of life.. Nice jam anyways

  104. You are de best

  105. Hissed abeg better go & reconcile with your bros if you like make e de hot u dia oh

  106. u are d real psquare what have that gone to do with there success must they work together. let each of they prove then self. by the way what is hallaluya baby fire fire dey any sence there .it gospel song or worldly. if You can not arrange your lyrics .abeg nor bring anysong come out here again

    • Confirm

  107. Love this song

  108. y every body de talk like dis?the song make sence die.beside I de tell all my frnds make dem download am.make una go sing if in easy.up rude boy we love u and your brother both u guys are okay.

  109. Voice of 9ja! You put me in the mood, I wish I will work it out with you

  110. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA, this is TRULY THE VOICE OF PSQUARE @RUDEBOY… Breathy and sounds like psquare

  111. Paul don’t think without you peter will never make..!

  112. people they stupid how can you say mr p is p square and people saying they need to hear his voice he has no voice i have watch them live performance

  113. i rep you rudeboy,each time i listen to ur song i feel alive thank u big bro#golden p

  114. The song is OK but pls reconcile

  115. Dope Nigar

  116. #team Rude Boy i stand.

  117. #team Rude Boy i stand.

  118. #team Rude Boy i stand…this is really psquare’s voice

  119. All these ones taking sides be sincere with urselfs,nobody loved the Ps separately, u all fell in love with the brand psquare not mrp or rudeboy.if they cannot come together let them just stop singing.I love u guys as a team,not dis sh*t.wen u guys are back I will start downloading ur songs,for now my m.b is far precious for each of u love my people..

    • yes you are right I don’t like any of their single songs and I can’t download any,till they get together.

  120. Na your side i dey rude boy…

  121. please uncle Paul get back to unite the squares again.

  122. rude boy am one of those great fans of yours I love your style,fire fire is a very nice song.keep it up

  123. Cool it down sound mature dan dis!

  124. Nice song Mr Rudeboy but u need to understand something about life and that is forgiveness. Forgive ur bro and reconcile with him. Thanks

  125. cool song bro but you should not be world apart

  126. cool song bro but you should not be world apart

  127. Say dis one na upcoming artist nee…am disappointed can’t even download it

  128. Maturity is finding your freedom en do what will inspire your children… hope that u will still collaborate wth yo brther.. cz love en respect is the best no matter what difference u hv..

  129. This is the worst music I hve ever listen to in my entire life, this fool is jst behaving as if he owns psquare right from onset, shit guy, your voice is shit, fuck off.

  130. this song is awesome but u two are better of together

  131. To me it’s totally rubbish, u guys are messing up loosing your fans, I can’t download two p, when I know is just 1 p square, u guys sang “wahala dey” must the wahala Always be in your family, always beefing? think about the days of your mom, plz reconcile, no harm in saying sorry, my role models, I find it difficult now to add more styles to my break dance skill just because of your singles, no dancing again, u guys goes with featuring now. both songs from u guys are rubbish and useless, your money drops if u are no longer joint psquare, think abt it,

  132. I believe you bro…..ur lyrics and melody is the reason why I fell in love with you @d 1st plc, the real voice of psquare…….pls I will love to be in your record

  133. All I wish is to be in your record label bro, I believe I will learn more bcos you are the best

  134. Dope jam but as a fan the need to get back together cus thats the swag

  135. nice song

  136. Paul remains the real psqaure we know either u take it or u leave it, I love u rude boy keep it up God is with you bro, after all the best are yet to come one love

  137. This is explosive!!

  138. Good job!! I like your confidence of not releasing the video and the audio together. The audio is ear appealing already, unlike your bro, who aided his songs with its video. A good song is appreciated audiolly.

  139. No comparison, you are better.

  140. Typical p square. Good music

  141. D song mk sence..but at it bin na two of una (p_square) d hit fr mk sence pass lk dis …i just dey wait fr d day i go hear say una settle…

  142. Nice song..please i want you and your brother back.. Try to over look everything.. Much love

  143. Cool it down is better than this fire fire thing. Fire fire has very weak lyrics compare to cool it down. My opinion pls.

    • Ur opinion is shit…. Raw shit.

  144. I would request to go back…it would have been better if your two……i love you guys do it SS psquare not rudeboy and mr.p.

  145. Nice song yeah it’s truth ,if God says you will succed in your career papa ejima that can say no no one because this blessing will accompany you wherever you are ,and also God to protect you during any obstacle that the divine protection of God be upon .God bless you and good lucky

  146. Aldo I’m Yoruba yet I dislike that witch girl Lola Omotayo. Peter marry u and then wahala start. she is d only one Dt can bring them back. she has d key. she does not understand what it takes to be a wife. she must swallow her pride, visit Paul n Jude and apologize. beg them to come back or settle their fights. if she can do that, she will be surprised how much goodies, love n respect will come her way. let her go read Proverbs 31:10 downward.

    • Mature and correct talk. Try call am.

  147. Nice song but get it together with your brother..

  148. Wizkid malo

  149. if you are against this very track,u are an idiot.

  150. both guys are good but better together

  151. D O P E ! ! !

  152. you are good rude boy but it still better if you and your brother are together because together is unity my brother just be wise thanks for the music God bless

  153. please nobody should ever compare Mr p cool it down with Rudeboy fire fire. cool it down was a hit I bet you. Mr p kill it like serious… guys should listen to the two tracks and judge it yourself. Rudeboy just shouting fire fire.

  154. Please please please and please you men should talk it out not as rudeboy and mr p but as p square please cool it down and fire out that misunderstanding.

  155. rudeboy you killed da song, is on fire right now on my turn table, always on repeat @ DJ SWEETPAIN AKA D BEAT MAKER +2348065453070

  156. cool down and fire fire na know sense two of them shall come back and drop new song for us in the name of p square
    come back come back p square

  157. still remember when VB you guys sang bizzy body. you guys made it clear that “Perter and Paul they be one no be two” make una call heaven then una go see say una parents and fans no dey happy. blood is thicker than water think about ur kids, what will their relationship be like when dey grow up. please for the sake of peace come back and make good music. thanks Okafor chika 08149596433.


  159. Bros your brother is cool and you are fire fire cool it down

  160. twins are born and maid to be 2geda if not both of u could have been born sesperately

  161. Rudeboi if to say you be shema I for rush you… Badest vocalist respect

  162. The twin that can’t dance just exposed himself.

    Nice jam anyway

  163. I lyk d song and it makes sense bt I want u guys to come back as one

  164. I like the song and as a fan of psquare i would love you guys to come back as one irrespective of what the issue maybe because if God can forgive you of all your sins then you have no other choice than to forgive each other and come back together.
    I rest my case…i am tiz

  165. mr p,was just westing rudeboy time king rudy his songs is advacing like 2face listing to muno ft rudeboy

  166. Wat is dis #fire_fire?!! Mehn U gotta reconcile wit ur brother! Dis song is total rubbish… Where is ur D Day? My guy ur d- day is near!

  167. Nice one Mr rude boy

  168. U killed it…. I love the song


  170. God is your strength love d song

  171. Sweet song paul

  172. unbeliveable shaaaa

  173. dope song…you are good we know…but the two of you together are better.

  174. this song is nice……………but is better for you too singing

  175. nice one from rudeboy.. still on repeat

  176. Your voice alone is The main p. Square

  177. Abeg make una no see who is guilty or not make then cm together afteraw they are brother, and both then are performed well

  178. Sure thpe are still good at what the does whish them all the best and reconcilation

  179. Fire fire is a hit you are a true psqure coz your voice is still the same well as for your bro one will only know it him wen you see his video not audio,I love you both.

  180. wow this is truly fire but am not encourage by ur separation with ur brother ,u guys started it together but u end up separating with ur brother because of one thing or the- other, u Guy’s should remember that; wen nails grow long we cut nails not finger similarly wen misunderstanding grows up, cut ur ego not ur relationship, if davido & wizkid could reconcile then wat about one blood like u Guy’s, so wat I can say is reunion .thank you…

  181. wow this is truly fire but am not encourage by ur separation with ur brother ,u guys started it together but u end up separating with ur brother because of one thing or the- other, u Guy’s should remember that; wen nails grow long we cut nails not finger similarly wen misunderstanding grows up, cut ur ego not ur relationship, if davido & wizkid could reconcile then wat about one blood like u Guy’s, so wat I can say is reunion .thank you…

  182. Fire-fire boy

  183. Rude boy fire fire was the song that woke me up this new year………

  184. bros abeg reconcile wif ur brother una get song buh una make sense 2geda

  185. Rudy boy make it better with ur bro get back
    I no it was a messy but trust God get back together its ur bro and u to have the some blood
    Remember ur mamas words she wanted ur pipo to be together so don’t let her down were she is
    Fire fire is vary good but I wash ur bro was on it it would had have been super hit papa so thk ov it

  186. The whole world is disappointed in both of you, and there is no music u can bring up individually that can measure half satisfactory to ur joint music, God had joined u in the womb let nothing separate u psquear remains the ultimate..

  187. wow for the first time i heard this fire fire i was like jeez who gat that voice i was told its rudeboy. my model you gat a nice voice and its really God Doing it but i miss that team voice and dance psquare , pls make una reconcile, love u guys plenty… God bless

  188. Wow. The real Psquare voice. Real Gee. So much love

  189. Wow. The real Psquare voice. Real Gee. So much love

  190. This is what I call the p square in one person

  191. What a hit Fire Fire ?

  192. See! I just like & love what you said now, really you’ve gat my mind you really said my mind….. Infact I like you for that comment.

  193. Nice song but i just wish u guys can reconcile….. U guys made me want to give birth to twins.. ..plssssss come back i miss you guys singing together.


  195. To be frank they’re both good. But mr p is just a new artist while rudeboy is a foundation and real psquare. If you want to feel psquare hype go to SIR RUDYY

  196. Nice one hubby!!!

  197. I swear my guy you are the one that make your brother to blow without you no your brother I fell you bro this song is driving me crazy you are the main star bro

  198. 9ice 1 Back 2 Back

  199. I think is high time p.square should get back together. Fire fire and cool it down are all good. There is no need of separating it is not favourable to the two

  200. I really like this song

  201. I can’t enjoy this song without BIG Peter..
    I miss his voice here..
    I want p square not rude boy….
    I wanted to download this song I forgot. I still typed fire fire by p square instead of rude boy..

    • Tell psquare to listen to #Me and my brother by Lasborn. She really tired.

  202. but what happen waw dis is incredible but let d two brothers join together again

  203. I like it mana mana

  204. Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    I love you back to back. Bigger you I pray. Nice beat… Dope voice. You Badaa Badaa


  206. even wizkid and davido are back as brother I see no reason y we should still be having Mr.p and Rudeboy uptill Dis time .pls guys come back as one again do ur individual songs again together..let give peace, love and brotherhood d chance. we love u both together.

  207. I’m sad to see two loving brothers split. i don’t remember of the name rud boy or any other name that may or may not come up but all i remember is p-squar. busy-body, ifunanya, forever and asamkpoto, this where part of the OLD songs that were release back then. well i say that no new song release by rud boy or any other will be regarded as p-squar. oh i love one final song title fire fire by either of them because voice is still p-square.

  208. This will trend big in California USA. Quick star delivery and promotion. Buy it, download it, Swings like they used to with the stars.

  209. I love them all, its seems u people preferred violence than peace

  210. May I ask the audience pls I want to know. WHO is the elder one among p square?

  211. Their music will never be sweet in life if
    the do not come together again

  212. Nyce song….
    But I want you guyz…biko nu!??

  213. Nice song mehn

  214. stupid go back to your brother

  215. What is Mr P, or rudeboy means,abeg you guys are good when you sing together just forgive each other.

  216. Good songs for both of I love psuare nt rudeboy or Mr P ,abeg,not even a little child will be happy to hear about it abi (Michael kashita).

  217. Pls my beloved p-square, u guyz should forget everything dat hv happen, pls swallow pride and come together, two heads are better than one. I was a full p-square fan when u guyz sang (Super Fans) now who did u want me to be the fan, Rudeboy or Mr. P. Pls reconcile with each other cos am still a “psquare fan”

  218. blood is blood never to be destroyed

  219. Am appreciate. To u p square u are my boss

  220. nice brother buh u have to reconcile with ur brother

  221. wow wow nice song brother buh

  222. It pain’s me whenever I remember of hw u people scattered, well i don’t hve much to say than to beg u both to remain p square ;let call every thing that bit at night mosquito OK

  223. I always love your voice and your song, despite the conflict between your and your brother, you still devoted your time to make this lovely song.

  224. P square my best song ever y do u split apart, please reconcile with your brother pleas

  225. Indeed is a nice one my mentor, kip it up

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