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Seyi Shay – Crazy ft. Wizkid (Prod. By Legendury Beatz)

Posted by Tyler on October 15, 2014 in AUDIO · 123 Comments

Seyi Shay feat. Wizkid_Crazy_Official Artwork

Returnee vocal powerhouse Seyi Shay gets together again with Starboy Wizkid to deliver her newest club rave.

She’s titled this one Crazy with production credits to Legendury Beatz.


DOWNLOAD Seyi Shay – CRAZY ft. Wizkid (Prod. By Legendury Beatz)

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  1. Legendary killed it,Seyi has a pretty nice voice nd wizkid is amazing..lobatan

  2. Crazy duo! Wow! I didn’t see this coming. Wizkid definitely killed it yagaa!#team_wizkid

  3. OMG What a chemistry

  4. Nice joint……..

  5. This is a madt jam!!!

  6. Nice 1

  7. Cool Sheyi shay wizkid l

  8. Team wizkid fuck haters

  9. Fuckin ass rubbished song…..dia track is fucked upon

    • Lol we are getting used it

  10. Am in luv wit ma bebe#..dope jam!!! wizkid!

  11. One man go use one year dey sing aye evrywhr another keeps dropping hits then some rams will be comparing when clearly one is miles ahead.

    • True talk

    • It is better to sing good songs every year than to be singing rubbish everyday….

    • Stop comparing wizkid to davido because they are both different people. U r saying this song is nt nice but hav u record a song b4 or even go to the studio. wizkid and davido are good musicians #true talk#

  12. Rubbish….seyi..pls dont let wizkid voice kill your career oooooo

  13. Young b or wats ur name be like say Wizkid don kill one of ur family b4

    • God punish ur papa wizkid kill….olodo

  14. Loving this jam #teamwizzy

  15. Bad collaboration….!!!!! Big ups #wizzy

  16. Bad collaboration….!!!!! Big ups #wizzy

  17. “oh anytime dy hear my song dem say am amazing gann”,dts bcos yo truly amazing!….Jam of d world,!ur incessant delivery of masterpiece mkes d diff btw u nd ur underpar colleague(Davido) #JesSaying #YAGAH!

  18. “oh anytime dy hear my song dem say am amazing gann”,dts bcos yo truly amazing!….Jam of d world,!ur incessant delivery of masterpiece mkes d diff btw u nd ur underpar colleague(Davido) #JesSaying #YAGAH!

    • Weldone wizzy fuck haters

  19. Nice song seyi shay X wizkid

    • Wizzy cary on nor stop….start Bois

  20. DOPe!!!

  21. This stuff is rubbish oh. Shooooo

    • Big rubbish I tell you

  22. Davudo will always be better than wizkid #fact well stated#

    • #fact unwell stated dude! … U gotta av to rephrase dat!?

  23. jammmmmmmmmmmmm

  24. Legendary seyi oluwa wizzy nice jam……yaga..fuck haterz

  25. Hmmm davido no wan release song again…?..em dey waka 4rm studio 2 studio 2 find song wey em go buy 4rm person….Big headed boi..wizzy 4 voice in africa

    • Naughty…….. That song better pass the rubbish wey wizkid dey sing

      • Ah swear base baje

      • If ah hear???… ”Naughty” wack lyk crayyy !!!!! D dude should av jst made it solo!

    • hahaha true talk

    • dumb ass idiot….y re u so dumb to d fact dat Davido has proven himself better dan wizkid? he won 4awards in the year 2014…nobody even mentioned davido in this post nd u’re beefing d nigga for his awesomeness….dumb idiot!!!

  26. Waste of my gig….. Am in love with my bebe? Could it be ur love, could it be ur touch, could it be the stuff wey dey make me won marry you go today…. Rubbish lyrics…. Will u die for me, cause I will die for you…

    Nonsense lyrics… This guy should work on his lyrics. Mumu mumu lyrics… Seyi saved the song.

    • Asin all dis peeps dat hve nt enterd voicing booth b4 nd u’ll be here critisizing songs.nawah 4 una sha.sweet music!

    • fake ass nigger trying to hate, when it is obvious you use his song as your ring tone

      • You are the real hater here… You mustn’t be an ass licker. I like wizkid but I think he needs more work.

        • You fucking twart.. hold it there or i knack you pako for head.. lolll

    • Fuck ya all haters….dope song…#thumbs up for wizzy and sheyi…Torex6219

  27. Dope1…luv u seyi shay

  28. Nice.. but davido sing pass ham far far.. davido nor dey rush bring out anyhow song.. his songs always hit the market … Team davido

  29. Davido should enjoy d spolights cuz its d 1st n last tym…en songs don kreb

  30. Fuck haters seyi shay frosh legendury beatz frosh Wizkid frosh iyalaya gbogbo haters wit kid davido smellow

  31. Don’t know y hating don’t love d artist love d muzic, Davido s gd so z wizzy buh dz song z 1 mad jam

  32. nice1 seyi s big up 2 u wizzy, u still d no1

  33. Nic1

  34. Good music…big up seyi shey and wizzy

  35. Sam or Ram abi wats ya fucking name??? U said u hate dis song, but already u av crammed it nw. See ao u dey sing it with no mistake, beta stop hating abi ao many u don sing b4

    • Oh boy you no like wizkid pass me. Admit it, the lyrics from wizkid is the perfect example of rubbish. Nice song but Seyi made it nice.

      • Have yhu guyz noticed dat wenever lion king drops anytin ar all,it gets more comment dan anyoda celebrity in nigeria…dats goes to show dat pipo re downloadin his songz luvers n haters..last last d boi too gud sheyi sheyi knw inshort everybody in d world knws

  36. y is it dat whenever I wanna download wizzy song, I will be hearing davido davido everywhere, y won’t you guys mind ur business and get something doing

  37. Big up wizzy

  38. Cool stat bwo! Tinx #sheyi shay cool song

  39. seyi shay repaired the song

    • Indeed. The lyrics from wizkid is just so wack

      • @ sam have u ever been to the studio talkless of recording a single track?

  40. Amazing song,nice collaboration, seyi shay n wizzy baybee killed it big time

  41. Fuck haters u always complain abt Wizkid music bt still u will still download and dance 2 it oga o enemy of progress

  42. Mad jam wizzybaby!

  43. Mad jam

  44. When starboy and irawo collides…what do u expect???…nice jam

  45. No b wizkid get d song …..he was ft.

  46. Honest I think all your comments are based on your kinda music, davido is enjoying a fruitful year but so also is wizkid and to be honest weather we like their music or not of prefer 1 over d oda its doesn’t matter bcos dey have made a name 4 themselves so stop putting up stupid comments cos it doesn’t affect their career

    • u sabi.. U are onpoint .i done love u

  47. wiz!!!! seyi!!!!! legendary!!!!!!…….ya’ll shuld go start up a band 2geda……unna go blow pass jakson 5…..ah tehhh yhu…no joke

  48. Gud music joor

  49. Nonsense…same thing always

    • you are too deaf to differentiate beat and lyrics… not to talk of music.

  50. Jam of life seyi and wizzy eleniyan.. Legendary beat gave their best #Kudos

  51. dis sng is wack just wasted 5.4 mb

  52. The rubbish most of u r posting is wack nt dah music or wizkids lyrics…look wizkid is fargone so it doesn’t matter if u think his lyrics r wack or not….fuck you…wizzy is always a BOSS

  53. if d lyrics was NT good…. seyi Shay would have tell him 2 change d lyrics…..atleast is not his song

  54. i see no possible way you guys should start comparin dem..its time tew seperate d art frm d artist..wizkid should work on hiz lyrics..thats just it.

  55. jam of life..legendary murda dem…

  56. this music fresh die u fit hang ur cothes put

  57. I’ll be luvin wizzybebe cus dis jamz is drivin me crazay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Watin una dey talk no concern me cus na d jamz I dey feel here xo. I’ll be luvin wizzybebe cus dis jamz is
    drivin me crazay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Abeg hlp ???????????? leave ma bro alone oooo,Wizzy till I die U????? gonna b on dis single lyk mad..seyi kip ht up..wizzy 4uck ur ememy

      • correct…………………. u bam. wizzy all d way

  59. Some of you are just really hilarious. whether it is Davido or Wizkid no 2 Artiste can ever be the same. They all have their talents and their directions and the freedom to voice wateva dey feel like; so for some of you who come out to abuse Wizkid and say all sort of trash,I have just one question for you; “What do you think it takes to sing a good song and make d Lyrics meaningful?” some of you commenting rubbish here need to get a life and stop hating on Wizkid or whoever and moreover this song belongs to Seyi Shay not Wiz kid. If u dnt lyk wah they do or how they do it my dear d industry n market is large Enuf n ure free to compete wiv dem if u ave got wat it takes den maybe by then Dtz wen u will understand dt it is not EASY!!

  60. Big up to ma boss wizzy doing a great job. dnt blame u guys cos it a normal tin in life for pple to talk so kip talking selfemlpoyed. Spectators.

    DMEL Out

  61. Say wizkid na starboy… N seyi na irawo gurl…. N legendury na baba… Guyz 4get wack lyricz diz song na jam…….

  62. hmmm say na seyi shay dy on point na *** be ma babe lolxxx crazy song by wizkid

  63. I love d song die

  64. Wizkid rubbish singer if wess ! Go funny

  65. Wizkid you too much i dont even no what to say

  66. y z dt most of u hv bad mouth ehn??, sing urs nd let c fuckers

  67. Wizkid dope davido dope #fuck d haters#

  68. Loving this!

  69. Na dem take dey sing sofa dem dey make their money

  70. If u think wizkid didn’t kill this song, then u’re a big fool and an idiot ! Some Jealous haters!! They can’t even sing in a choir talkless of releasing a song. Go and make sing yours let’s see. Nonsense !!

  71. y wont it pain davido wen people no holar wen he enter stage bt wizzy he enter stage people sy holar fuck haters wizkid my besties

  72. this song is mad and the lyrics Is superb fuck Haters.

  73. Why you pple like to they hate, anyone that. Is doing such a thing should go to studio and go sing. #motherfucker somebody# wizzy babe oooooo loke loke.

  74. Love d jam..u gat it all wizkid..haters will always drop comment cos dats wat deir job is*respect*..

  75. wish u wat u wish…….wizy……………

  76. Ok.. U guys should just stop hating and comparing… Davido and Wizkid have deir own weaknesses and strengths.. Its not like ur being paid to campaign for dem

  77. Some dumb ass dnt know real music,welli love dis so much.

  78. davido u are de best and shall remain d best move on.i luv u dude.

    • Stupid u…….wuz talking abt davido here ?

  79. This song is crazy,although the title is crazy,i love you,seyi,hope wizkid dont want MURDA? HAHAHA

  80. New Ringing tone::::aye is nw old::::(the two ar jst d best)

  81. I am sure you all are underaged because real adults cannot be using “Yaga”…. What the “hater” is trying to say is Davido sings with SENSE, he might not be as talented as Wizkid, he uses his brain to buy or write songs, unlike Wizkid that just says rubbish with his wonderful voice.

    • U pple should appreciate wat we av…both of them are good but both good in different manner….and all fingers are not equal….team_davido_wizzybaba

  82. Tyt SONG….Sam get serious wif Ur Life…..See U at the top if you get ther.

  83. Love dis song lyk crazy……wizkid is d best……fuck his haters……if u dnt love him u shud go 2 hell coz u can neva b lyk him…..his soooo unique

    • Yes wooh him b d best…i dnt think dat there is sum1 lyk my guy wizkid

  84. Davido nahh boss 4 d place nahhh???

  85. To all WIZKID haters go fuck yourselves…..#team WIZKID

  86. Wizkid u 2much jare……..luv uuuuuuu

  87. you guys should stop taking these things personal please its just this world the both of them are great.

  88. 9ce song,Kudoz 2 da king os suru-lere,
    seyi shay u r gud kip it up,k??

  89. keep it up da song is nice

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