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STOLEN CHORUS MELODY: Phyno – Authe ft. Flavour VS. DJ Spinall – Gba Gbe E ft. Burna Boy

Posted by Tyler on March 24, 2014 in AUDIO, News · 88 Comments

Phyno vs. DJ

Phyno‘s musical career has elevated as the Igbo spitting rapper unleashed his “No Guts No Glory” album and there has been needed controversy to ensure the album leaves a landmark.

It all started when fans who bought the LP came across “Authe (Authentic)” featuring international high-life star Flavour and took to micro-blogging site Twitter to vent about the undeniable familiarities the chorus of the song shares with DJ Spinall‘s Burna Boy assisted single “Gba Gbe E” which was released earlier.

Rumours are flying up and down that the melody was birthed by Flavour and Burna Boy during a studio session they shared and they ended up using it without telling each other, while others believe that Burna Boy stole the infectious melody from Flavour and likewise.

DJ Spinall went on Twitter to voice his displeasure with what he described as pretty much ripping the entire chorus whereas Phyno, Flavour and Burna Boy are yet to address the issue directly.

The team at tooXcluisve have gathered that Spinall is going ahead with promoting his single regards of the massive threat “Authe” poses and will be releasing the video for the song soon.

 Listen to both songs and tell us what you think. Who copied who? Who stole what?

See DJ Spinall’s tweets below.

Phyno – Authe (Authentic) ft. Flavour


DJ Spinall – Gba Gbe E ft. Burna Boy



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  1. Life Drama!!!!

  2. E no concern anybody, Phyno just dropped the Dopest Rap Album in a while and this is the only thing the so called tooxclusive team can gather. Well we wonder how foreign artist become big, its through Hardword and support not stupid bitch ass comments.

    • nice one

  3. Even…The Entire Track I?????n????? His Album Seems Fake!!! Stick To ???????r Singles BrotherMan(@Phyno) A????ð Let Real Men Do Their Thing… #I_Am_@SidexBeats.

    • Sidexbeats, no one knows you. You re a pathetic lowly son of a bitch that knows zilch about rap or hard work. And with that attitude, no one will ever know you. You re pathetic and must lead a miserable life. (Notice the use of the word pathetic, its intentional)

    • Yoy are just an idiot.

    • Nigga both of them copied it from daddy showkey, why u hating bro. U cray bro

  4. not dsame joor.

  5. its jxt too plain, phino is the boss here THERE WAS NO COPY. They did their thing themselves@flavour n phino.

  6. Album of the year- NGNG

  7. flavour copied

  8. Burna boy rocks it better anyday anytime…

  9. This is definitely highlife….,and flavour’s style of music……DJ spinal shouldn’t get jealous because the duo Phyno and Falvour did a better job..

  10. Noticed d same tin to.

  11. Whether u like it or not, Phyno album will sell better than burna boy’s own… Whether u like it or not, Flavour is a better artise to burna… Whether u like it or not, ‘Authe’ will receive more playing time to ‘gba be e’…. Whether u like it or not, phyno coped two awards at the headies 2013 and his song ‘ man of the year’ is the best rap single for 2013…. Whether u like it or not, it is phyno’s ‘authe’ that is now making ‘gba be e’ relevant. Dj spinall should still to his industry nite job, and be thanking Phyno for making his ‘Gba be e’ now count.

    • Phyno album will sell better dan burna’s hahaahahaha, joke of the year… Phyno sings 4 the ibos burna sings 4 the world… Burna in the next wizzy

      • dj spina know very well #flavour is not yur age in terms of music even hiz money burna boy is just cool men buh dis bitch kept on fucking hiz mom up

  12. I love Flavour’s Voice.. He’s an expert in it.. Not lyk Burna Boy’s Unheard thick lyrics!

  13. Why re u pple arguin ova natin,if Dj spinall tinks or feels phyno copied him,he shud be proud of himself dat he is creative rather dan criticize or tryna start a beef wit him cos bet me he can’t survive phyno,s beef!!

  14. It’s quite a pity.Flavour actually killed it.Both songs are not bad.The talent of the two singers was actually the difference maker here.

  15. 6ix.o clock, dopest rap album..not dis igbo rappers who cnt go international.try n rap in english mr phyno

    • You are a fool

      • He is not a fool, u are the fool

    • WTF? are you English by birth? fuck off if you don’t fucking know who you are or where you re from ..i.. (-_-) ..i..

      • Dnt u see how dull u are, u ur self is not from an English birth place, so why are u writing in English… MuMu… Or is every one in Nigeria igbo… So if I call phyno and wants to interview him, hw would we chat, isn’t it English… Den why is he now using ibo in his songs…

        • Foolish way of reasoning, tribalism will not allow us to appreciate our own. Who’s good is good Phyno is good

      • Dnt u see how dull u are, u ur self is not from an English birth place, so why are u writing in English… MuMu…

        • Henry, I ma na I bu iti? You are an illiterate, simple! And infact fuck off. Go and tell Olamide, Sarkodie, Efa, Reminisce to forfeit rapping in their native languages to English. And pls before munwa echefuo, you are a fool.

    • fake yungsix real warri boy can neva denie phyno fino dey are both kings yungsix nd phyno

    • HOW HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN PHYNO RAPPED IN ENGLISH IN “MULTIPLY”? He is cooler in Ibo abeg. Onye iwe na ewe gbawa door Biko.

      • i dey tell u…phyno akuwa go yiri Tom Ford! ona ewe gi nwanne go MUD! Hahahahahaha

    • stupid He goat

  16. fool no be small one o

  17. Well the two songs sound alike. from the look of things. the melody are the same lets say the truth.But lyrics are different and different meaning and view. In America after 50cent finish his own song. Beyonce sing same thing with same melody. If anybody knows what will make him/her blow. Just do it

  18. fashi, Phyno et Flavour una rock joor. infact there’s no gainsay the fact that this song is theirs. anyi abiara ile ndi mege I.T ? dawaii!

  19. Their lyrics are definitely different. So, what’s the fuss all about?

  20. Most of us problem is. That we dont welcome good tinz and that is what is holding so many people break through.phyno the more haterz talk about you. The more you kip. Cooking your ten thousand cookies OGABOSS say. So

  21. Yung6ix album still d best..
    Na hype una dey hype

    • Well my dear I will recommend u withdraw ur comments cox youngsiX won’t be happy u made that comment with his name and secondly – u should no that in music everybody – has his or her own.signature- and phyno’s as u can see is more of His Dialect which is igbo – and everybody be it hausa-yoruba and igbo still enjoy it even though deh don’t understand him – sometimes just like olamide — and youngsix acknowledged dis – fact that’s why he featureD him in his album and also – phenom too — so bfore u coment pls tink twice xpecially when ur name – is copied from an artist

  22. Well both choruses sound melodiously alike, but, have different lyrics and messages. Well as for copying, I know I hear the remake of Reminisce’s Ka Ko Bi Chicken beat and instumentals on DJ Spinall’s Gba Gbe E and so far, Reminisce is not complaining. So, why him carry the matter for head him song is still good?

  23. Youg6 ur fada nyash!!

  24. Aw wuld u say dah yung6ix album is d dopest rap album in naija naw,guy do u even listen 2 rap,or aw wuld sum1 say dah nwa biarra ije,d only a big nwa shuld start spittin in english,do u fckin understnd wah sark is sayin,NGNG is d dopest albumu culd ever listen 2,nd d authe melody was birthed by both flavour nd burna so y wuld burna go use it first without tellin

    • U nor see urself, why did u think it burna that copied flavour, why not tink the other way round… Mstcheeewww… And apart 4rm that, I have neva heard flavour sing like that… Using that melody… So I guess flavour robbed burna

  25. The melody might sound alike,but seems not true cos even an abnomar being will beable to differentiate between them.nice one to you phyno phino.

  26. No1 z dat burna aint been flavours level nd dj spinball aint been phynos level lemme ask flavour nd burna hu du u tink has d tallent more how du u tink d king of hih hop higlife will copy burna make unah mind unah self ooo ah rep ngng till leave music am flavours fan till ah die

    • Shut ur mouth joor… Flavour is just like Timaya, all him songs too dey resemble… Why burna is just unique… He came out with his own style

  27. Authe is my fav song of the year. Shit has bin on replay. Phyno nd flavour re d dopest.

  28. They sound alike but the difference is clear . Flavour nd phyno did a better job. We can manage gba gbe e or wat ever it is called.

  29. Very funny……………….

  30. All of u ar jobless… Am expecting d stupid 1 to comment on dis again..fools

  31. Y’all r daft gba gbe e makes more sense dan authe abi wateva is d name u guiz shud jus b truthful 4 once… Phyno stll 1 of ma best naija rapper has dope punchlyns yes evri1 knws buh gba gbe E is kinda more intresting dan phyno’s

    • You are a fool+. How can u compare gba gbe e to authe? You must smoking from ur ass, licking through ur brain. If you don’t like d authe, then go sit for mud maka na I bu iti.

      • Shut up ur mouth, u are the fool… Gbe gbe is fucking better than the wack shit…

        • And who is this idiot? Nwanne no time, u r already in the mud.

  32. the beats sounds alike but phyno did a better hit track with the beat.(my opinion) spin ball did well in his own level. no Beff much respect for both. ONE LOVE

  33. uhmm copy? u could hear the originality in flavor’s voice.. y’all r just hating mehn… phyno nd flavor would keep elevating

  34. If you have said anything concerning any artist due to the mad iss of a stolen chorus ??? Grow up …

  35. If you have said anything concerning any artist due to the mad iss of a stolen chorus ??? Grow up …
    Feel free to die young

  36. Wtf! Was burna boy singing or sniffing smthn thru his nose? If e no panadol,e ?? fit be like panadol!!! Flavor n phyno did A????? better work!!QED all haterz g? mud makana unu bu iti

  37. Flavour and phyno’s track is too weak joor… No spirit… Spinall and burna’s track is a jam

    • You are senseless. U don’t know anything bout music. I can see u r d type who take noise making to be music. MUMU.

      • Loooool no be small making noise

  38. All my phyno and flavors’ haterz ekorigo hancha are going gaga!. Biko nwannem do not compare flavour or phyno wit any body makana osi na akaraka”

  39. Biko help me gwa ndi mgbajiaka. Abuchi said so

  40. Na igbo fools full here… Bunch of tribalist… Hu is sayin phyno n flavour r nt good dey r 4 sure… Buh gba gbe e is doper dan authe… D both make sense sha

    • Igbo fools??? Uncircumcized idiot, Rep ur Tribe…. Hw d fuck u compare gba gbe Shit to dt Dope Authe? Wia av u lost ur sense of Understnding Good musiq? Pls go take ur Nite pill

  41. Yall are talkin shii while the artistes are busy making money$$$..kip hating n phyno is counting his millions #nwaigbo

  42. If dis shud be an Election….den Phyno don win already….Phyno Fyno all †?? way…umu Iti ana amacha!

  43. If dia was ???????????? Igbo tribe in Nigeria, Naija 4 still d????????????? like Chad or Tanzania or even Seme…..Igbos are †?? only blessing God gave to Nigeria, d????????????? made dis country recognised today in †?? world in field of Sports, Entertainment, Music, Business, Economy, Health, etc….pls ???????????? man born of a woman shud insult †?? Igbos again else U????? insult U?????? blessing Ã?? U????? know †?? result….@M-dard abeg withdraw U?????? comment sharply….onye MGBU!!!


  45. shit even burnaboy never say anytin buh dis fuqin dj spanner his just makin a hell of noise who know yuh mama self comon get away….tank God phyno nd flavours musiq could help getin yur musiq fame buh still on it kill yur self dj spanner

  46. dj spina yur back de ground buh u neva gree maka u be itii??? Why u won die

  47. What are you guys saying??? These songs are fucking different why are you guys hating????hating is irrelevant

  48. Stupid people wat do u know about rap??? Phyno Took th award 4 best rap singe-MAN OF THE YEAR,Best collabo- GHOST MODE and has been nominated severally. Burna got nothing! Flavour Ada Ada has won nothing less dat 4 awrds & his album is among top 4 selling album at d moment! Who is DJ Spinal?? Where Burna’s Album dat was released since?? Phyno was making wave witout album now dat he has released he shut everywhere down!!! FOLLOW me if u want more infor @ RealJohnmodel

  49. iyie…! ogbasa kwanu anyi. mbaaa..! egwu phyno ejego mba and obata go. lolssss. its jux an option pick and play the one yu like.

  50. No guts no glory rap album of d year

  51. Most of yall shud be delivered 2 Sambisa forest in exchange 4 our precious girls…Burna boy don chow Dj spinall small change clean mouth wit Koran move ahead una position dey reason okpata. Taa Bafwoo!!! Flavour and Burna aint on the same level and probably neva will be,wit all dis junk Burna’s bin freestyling lately

  52. After every talk here, I just dey laugh , olamide been dey rap for yorubas, igbos no dey understand, now phyno don dey rap for igbos yorubas don dey beef. Very funy men, na yorubas start this linguistic thing so they should stop hating. Atleast make them see as e dey be. As for the song flavor and phyno bury am well

  53. U haterz ar seeking Phyno’s attention by criticizing him but Phyno is too busy counting his millions. Keep hating while Phyno keeps making his millions

  54. Ok got d hook, but u knw sometimes melodies could sound the same. It all depends on your inspiration so Di anyi don’t act like HEY COPY COPY jux badu kwu ya dia.

  55. Hea guys y not stop all d noise n mind ur biz dey ar making their money weather we lk it or not

  56. the hooks sound alike but the truth is this, the CHORUS MELODY: Phyno’s – Authe
    ft. Flavour is more glorious n solid than DJ Spinal’s Gba Gbe E ft.
    Burna Boy, Spinal’s song lack some basic ingredients I wished he had featured an artist that can harmonies the melodious of that song, am a song writer n an artist so I know what am saying

  57. Una comment dae swt me slf….

  58. authe is better than gbagbe cuz it was very interesting than gbagbe. and u guys shld stop hating

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