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Wizkid – ” Final (Baba Nla)”

Posted by Tyler on November 13, 2015 in AUDIO · 293 Comments


DOWNLOAD Wizkid –  ” Final (Baba Nla)” 

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  1. OK

    • I concur. It is nothing but okay by Wizkid’s standard. This is not the chart topping stuff he’s reknowned for but it is the not the worst piece either. It is bang average and smooth to the ears

      • I love you wizkid keep moving d lord is wit you

      • the song just dey. but if Runtown mad over you no win 2017 best song of the year, then na big cheating

    • wizzy baba NLA no mind u hater u be olodo. wizzy frosh baba nla!

  2. Like seriously… This song is weak no lie

    • U mumu eeee,u no knw beta tin 4 ur life.. U be fool

      • Ok

    • U NA dey craze,u can do better tin among u dis people saying d song is weak or rubbish,g guy don make am stay there in poverty and discouraging people,,smellohs wit no talent

    • Wait o who be dat person way say baba Nla is weak is lyk eh u no well

  3. Lmao…wizzy is just too much…better than the rest…wat a JAM!!!!…damn!

    • Wizkid is the best guy i ever seen you are blessed with music and you will never de part from it i love sty so much AYO is your boy OKE

  4. seems am d first today…. bin anticipating, anyways nice jam!! wizzy baba.. but y no comment from u guys at tooxclusive??

    • wheezy holi baba NLA I hail ooooooooooooooo

  5. wizkid is a big deal ,he never disappoint, actually he is my Africa’s no. 1 …all the love from South Africa

  6. i réel dis track …….. . starboy4live

  7. tbh i dont know dis fizzy frosh guy but his -Legova is a hit

  8. This is so weak and it lacks creativity. Hot garbage!!! I saw the hyping on twitter, but now its just a HOT GARBAGE!!!

    • Useless song

      • Una b fools

      • U be fool

    • You don’t know sh*t , this song is hit.. U r hating for no reason cox ur comment can’t stop d wave ….. GET A LIFE MAN … Certified hit

  9. Bros mi always doing great, bravo

  10. dopest jam of duh year…… Omo wizzzy ur gbedu is final

  11. dopest jam of duh year…… Omo wizzzy ur gbedu is final

    • I swear I have listen to dis 20times today and still counting… I too love this wiskidayo

  12. Starboy take over

  13. Always doing great Bros mi hmm……..

  14. Wiz king baba n LA every gbedu is final like gboa!!!!!!

  15. Bravo brother, gud job

  16. wizzy you are hot.

  17. Funny song wake up wizzy

    • Get out of here baba n LA has spoken if u detest go hug bokoharam

  18. I’m not impress with this

    • Goan die

  19. he sang shit, this guy shud stop singing please, hey tooxclusive return my mb

    • lol bro pls

  20. Damn wizzy wizzo legend na u baba

  21. Wizkid is still d boss jor #baba nla balo

  22. Dis hit is Final !!

  23. wizzy baba nla won. dis song isdope

  24. Wizzy, omo music don finish 4 ur mouth???…u try sha

  25. Haters…wat is ur problem…u will hate on such a jam again???????…wtf is wrong wit som of this wack and myopic nigerians?…smh…what a pity…wizzy baby baba nla won!!!!…jammest!

    • mumu what’s the meaning of such a jam again?

      dull fool, who asked you to comment, am sure you didn’t even download the song, wayward ram.

      • U ar a madman…wetin concern u

  26. This is rubbish song.Wizkid should stop singing rubbish song for us.How come that R kelly feature him in his new album,I know this must be rumour.

    • oloshi hater kon by ni eh!!… go and sing ur own… mumu

    • Pls kill ursf….cos its asif u rili wanto kill ursf ontop anoda pesin meta…..Ofonu

    • Lol….na we fans they cause trouble hmm…but to say the fact….this is not a dope jamz at all…let keep fans aside and talk the truth.

    • u be mumu…enemy of progress

      • Pls kill urself, Go and sing your own. Enemy of progress. You are a lost cause if you said any of the prior. He should kill himself cuz he has an opinion? No man you should self destruct. Sing his own? Have you got down syndrome?. Enemy of progress? I figure you can’t get ahead in life b/c they halted your progress

        • Am i love with dis guy named wizkid i no feel sleep again i swear no be lie pls type ur pin code for me i dey beg u pls.

    • Leave wizzy to blow us up ooooo…Haters!

  27. Wizkid as an artist is weak at the moment… the best way for him to bring out the best out of him is to free the competition spirit and just be the Wizkid… the Wizkid we always know

    • All I see here are haters. Does this even look like a competition? If its davido you’re talking about…….they’ve both buried the hatchet so what’s the competition here? Well I feel there are some people that are always goina hate no matter what but pls try to build your own life. Baba nla has made it so he’s chilling now- You sef go and make it

  28. But wizkid don they go down i oooo ! I know no which music get this Xmas ooo make person tell me the music make he get this Xmas oo

  29. Wizzzzzzzzy baby u the best mehn……… Filin u die…

  30. Wizzy I love u lots like aaaaaaah!!!! Dis jam is final !!!! Haters go and die !!! Final !!!

  31. dope instrumental buh wak jam#beliv#

    • all d anti wizkid about dis song will die by fire, bad belle

    • I love i swear

  32. When I Talk Is Final!! The Main Fact That Both Haters & Lover are Downloading I Appreciate!

  33. When I Talk Is Final!! The Main Fact That Both Haters & Lover are Downloading I Appreciate!

    • wizzy baby keep smiling it’s ur tym i swear i luv dis song die helo haters keep hating while wizzy is going forward keep it up i pray dis wont b ur final music we b wizkid fans luv ur song more

  34. Love dis music!! Wizzybaby baba nla for sure.

  35. Baba nla… Big jam. God bless @Wizkidayo

  36. Weak or nt wizzy u be baba nla won!! Make de knack head for floor ur jam nah final!!!

  37. Yahgah wizzzywizzy nice one

  38. sometimes I wonder if his the one writing this kind of songs all about money,girls,cars e.t.c seriously this is not music he should bring his A game just the way he started with banky w

    • Dogs will never appreciate bones. Shut the fuck up. Go to the studio and create your songs let’s hear. Did he beg you to listen or download the jam?

    • Hmmm any way sha ayo try but hmmm u can compear dis song with gidi girl never

      • Wizkidayo u dope but d song is 2short really exsiting. Yeea ya star boy tin

  39. Did someone just say this is the song of the year? Hyping is allowed but calling this the song of the year is an insult on the nusic industry.
    Haba! I rate Skibi That ahead of this.

    • ori e ope!! skibi dt kor,skibi dis ni

    • U are a fuckboy

      • U ar a madman@ayoola

  40. [Music]
    Download Tekno Ft. Flavour & Phyno – “Duro” (Remix)


  41. Wizkid wrote:
    ” woke up mad and tired! My Mac crashed on me and I lost everything! Guess who also lost his back up files? Me! Tryna get my files back but Baba nla still drops today!!! #TeamWizkid they can’t stop us! We move!”

  42. WTF are these haters talking about.. this jam is by far doper than than that weak and lyrically lame Davido’s the money!! Also, Wiz is one the guest artistes in R.Kelly cos he’s naturally gifted in his craft.. unlike the fake guy called Davido dat goes around buying and stealing songs from other artistes ~ artificial talent plus a frog’s voice!!.

    • Face reality and stop acting like u monkey… this is not a competition… at the end of the day Davido bags all the awards…. He didn’t buy his way to the top monkey… he’s shit is final… Wizkid hate wan kill am… he needs a break

    • You re a fool and you can never attain the level of success Davido is presently all through your life. You will die a poor man like all your family members are.idiot what brought about Davido in this contest.This song is lame and you re saying nonsense.Bastard

    • Best Comment so far. One Cigar for your head, abeg where are u? I’ll like come sweet weed with you. i’m a good fan of wizkid

  43. This jam is by far ahead of that crappy Davido’s the money of a song. Wiz is naturally gifted in his craft, haters are liable to die young!.

  44. Wetin happen to dis jam now huh…. People will always say rubbish Dis song is cool and okay… what else do you need?

  45. u no u b baba won tele tele. no wahala jare

  46. na so una go the drop unnecessary coment if u think it is easy go studio… dope track jor

  47. The wait is over ?????

  48. Beta dan the money by davido

  49. This guy is the bomb

  50. Hmmmm..@wizy…no time for shit…sorry this na rubbish…baba nla ko…baba kekere ni..lolzz

  51. Well it’s not easy to sing, kudos to wizzy, one love to all Nigerian musicians, but the best music this week is “THE MONEY” Davido ft Olamide

  52. What an incredible nice song from wizzy

  53. still dwnldng

  54. Wizzy wizzy u wil always b da best cos evrytin u do is final..dis song is final cos wizzy ni baba nla won…

  55. all d anti wizkid about dis song will die by fire, bad belle pipo… wizzy u too good jor and its final

  56. Whoever said dis song is better than davido’s #Money….shuld gerrarahia mehn shii….I appreciate good music buh dis is absolutely nonsense… only “final” I just dey hear for the song(self praise(d) ) mehn….

    • guess who…yhu are a big fool…i know yu are so ugly so stop commenting cos we don t need people like yhu on this page,,,,fuck off..yhu bloody dirty gay guy….

  57. Wizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyyyy on the road to bank we don buy am finish de here de make noise both lover and haters baba nla no. 1

  58. Y’all saying Crap… Your fathers Shud enter Studio if anyone will buy their Songs…Appreciate A Niggas Hardwork…Is Davido’s The Money Better than This?Wisen Up…And stop being Gullible….Peace Out Niggas….I go by the Name #JAY

  59. Wizzzy!!! Nice jam….. #AguyOfsuchAway

    • Better than expected..wizkid sang it alone all by himself.good or not,i still appreciate…cause am also an upcoming star in the industry so i gats appreciate by name climate reping youngstar entertainment big things coming up #2015.

  60. Mah God!!!!!!!! Wizzy is always d baba,,,,,,, haters are jess shouting,,,,, gat big love 4 u cos u b d Africa No. 1 in case oders dnt knw……………… Na soooooooo,,,,,,,,…….

  61. is the song ready for download

  62. What an overhyped track.. Wizzy is one of my favorite buh dis ain’t close to his usual Jam.. I keep repeating all of Davido’s tracks tho

  63. …come rain, you amazing. nice creativity… good diversity. yiu #DisturbingNigeria #DisturbingLagos #DisturbingUSA #DisturbingLondon. Leggo #TheHeadies #TeamKesh

  64. dis is simply melody….notin else….if u tink d track is weak….try do a freestyle of it….den u see hw worst u can be singing….baba Nla…final.

  65. Dis song is dope bt too short

  66. Wizzy u too gbaski!!! Dope music

  67. Say my gbedu is final #starboyteam yaghaa

  68. I hate ppl dat dn knw wht to say this song is better than davido money

  69. Right wizkid is not even competing with anyone, buh still he drops hit. Kindly listen to the rhythm in his tune. Final track shows another strength in wizkid’s versatility. All dis davido fans, let’s b realistic, davido cannot and will never sing, all he dies is shout, no wonder drake doesn’t have his time

    • Dude u are a sick illiterate,Jesus so because Davido didnt sing with drake is it bad?~what kind of statement is dat,oboy u better kill ur poverty mentality b4 it destroys u.Even if davido cant sing he still bag alot of awards,pulls alot of crowd and has alot of money in his name,not to another person,Im not a fan of davido,but talk with sense.FOOL!

    • U say all these hateful comments about Davido because when you see him, U see the reflection of where u wish to be. Davido is probably the best right now the awards don’t lie. Everything that proceeds from his mouth or froggy voice(as another hater stated) is overly interesting and pleasant to the ears.You don’t hate him, you hate yourself. Wizkid nice song anyways forget the haters.I luv both you and Davido.

  70. Wizzy killed d show already abegi make haters gerarahere. Yagaaa

  71. #Sharp…. Nice jam from team #EME… #WIZKID #BABA-NLA… I must feature you in my tracks not track….

  72. Just short of words dope

  73. Nice love song

  74. Honestly, I am a wizkid fan but dis song is so not it…”whack” shld be a good word. D same ” get baby wey like dis and do dat…”, Wat happend to Fela-inspired Starboy? Dat “ayö” album was so matured, inspiring &off d hook…ayo, one question, mummy mi, ur matter…
    He cld have done beta considering d competition out dere. *smh* #disappointed

  75. On repeat

  76. wack, no lyrical content at all….

  77. Just because you like wizkid…dosn’t mean if wizkid sing rubbish you will not say the truth….clam down dudes not so…I like wizkid more. Than you…this song is not hot and is not sweet.

    • True talk..

  78. Just keep it simple bro…world jam of our time..anyone comparing wizzy to davido is just lyk comparing a Tiger to a Cat…#youkilledthisbro…#you dnt need african awards,they dnt deserve you…aim 4 da grammy

    • True yarn

    • shut up

  79. NYC jam and dats final haters hating BT still downloading data the d mata, u say its bad BT HV more comment Dan the money

  80. i give this song one month and its going to be the jam of the year final

  81. ERRYfin final #dope jamz

  82. Wen wizzy drops a record, u knw it will surely cause madness in da clubs,streets,homes,etc. #TeamWizzy #BabaNla.

  83. This is so lame! Wasted beat… I feel pained for legendary beats sha, after so much work wizzy just dropped a hot mess!

    • I hear say ur papa dey sing…legendary fuck up…e 4 give ur papa…#idiot

  84. This song is mad. U people like to beef wizzy

  85. up!!!! up!!!! up!!!!! sweet shii

  86. i’m a wizkid fan. but honestly he ain’t dropping it hot like before,truth be said. but it isn’t easy to sing a song else everyone will be doing it. still nice one tho it could be better.

  87. Oh my!!!!!! Thanks for saving my day bro. I’ll have this for lunch and dinner

  88. Oh my!!!!!! Thanks for saving my day
    bro. I’ll have this for lunch and

  89. Wizzy baba,ur gbedu is final,dope song.

  90. Oh my!!!!!! Thanks for saving my day
    bro. I’ll have this for lunch and

  91. Mehn…!!! you kill it with your tone…!!!

  92. dope track boss…………u d boss i will always wanna hear 4rm…….#wizlion…………#team wizzy,

  93. Rubbish song.. Waste of mb

  94. dis song wan take me oo..wizzy u self na final..carry on

  95. Wizkid is back with dropping new hits again, surely you are Babanla wizzy Wizkid

  96. .

  97. Legendary beatz well done! WIZKID yagaa!! Pls if you hating on wizkid.. U will shoot urself in the foot. If u listen carefully u will know this jam is banger!!

  98. I love this

  99. Too be frank lk Edward dx song is below average..wizzy common u better dan dx nd I can feel sum auto tune in dx song!

  100. I support you Wizz but this truly is kinda weak, it’s my first time commenting but you’ve gotta add more sense and creativity to your music. STARBOY

  101. Em nt ah fan of wizkid bt truely dis song is ah dope one…..i tink dis is dah best song dat wizkid has has recorded for d past 2yrs

  102. Baddest

  103. Dope shii, trust me on tha

  104. baba nla wizzy you have end it all the final of the greatest song of the year and beginning of 2016 wizzy remain blessed

    • baba wissy yhu d bomb…yhu r truly blessed yhu gud to the fullest…dem hater will hate but yhu are stil kicking harder dan eva

      • Yahgah!!!#wizzybaba/I feel u 100°©?***-+Hater’s gonna hug transformer**-+Final-(baba NLA)

  105. this song is so dope, the melody is jst too dope……. wizzy baba baby baba nla won…..

  106. Some so call mumu up coming artist go dey talk rubbish here all bcs of wizy…I pity you, make you no face your own palaba…not until you talk nonsense to the person that can help you promote your own song hmmm..bastard

  107. team…..wizkid all the way

  108. Anybody that hates this song must be retarted honestly, this song sweet die

  109. blessings nd love dat is final

  110. Actually to me this song is below expectations ..
    one of the wack songs wizzy has dropped so far …#NotHatingTho
    I’m wizkid’s big fan .but the truth has to be said
    its a jam no doubt but i just dont feel it coming from starboy

    just saying tho

  111. Oh Lawd! i dont think i need to download this song anymore. The comments here have spoken!!!!

  112. Iampizkid wizkid baba nla very very dope song but hmmm

  113. Baba nla 2short

  114. U can h8 the song buh its a hit nija will always remain nija

  115. baba nla ma gbedu is final wizzy lion loke loke love uu til da end

  116. u r too much….u killed everyfin…#starboy…we dey feel u for Ghana

  117. Baba nla….this gbedu is final!!!

    Haters una food don done

  118. S. U. G. A. R. M. U. M. M. Y. I. S. V. E. R. Y. R. I. C. H. C. A. L. L. M. R. J. O. B.

  119. S. U. G. A. R. M. U. M. M. Y. I. S. V. E. R. Y. R. I. C. H. C. A. L. L. M. R. J. O. B. O. N. T. H. I. S. 0. 8. 1. 6. 0. 5. 0. 1. 9. 3. 5.

  120. wizzyostar

  121. Wack song@wizkid try work on ur lyrics nd stp singing abt girls only…..rubbish song

  122. Can’t u guys see and think DAT wizzy song always look d same am not saying is not good but is song always look d same so he should AV another style cos it look old like u AV head it bfor everytime his new songs come out

  123. Omo the music no sure wella….#mtcheeewwwww…..repeating word finAlllalllllllll

  124. wizkid final. no bader you the best

  125. nice one best wizyyy final no shege

  126. Stupid wizkid fans mtchewwwwwww final kor semi final ni…….Wizkid has lost it finally

  127. Haters will always hate….Good one wizzy

  128. best song of the way ee beta pass the money by davido…….

  129. Nawa ooooo… Everything z rubbish bah? If dix jam z rubbish, then wat abt Lagos boys, wat abt fans MI… Let’s b truthful… D song z gud… Fr him to compose a song fr almost 3 minz z nt easy…. Itx normal sum pple insult him… Cos I remembered wen he sang OJUELEGBA, pple were like dix guy z dead… But this song is played both home and abroad…. Beeferz cn continue…. Itx normal…. Wizzy baby my number 1 musician…. Tnx fr patiently readin@beeferz

  130. Kai….dnt even try to say dat rubbish,the money is far far far better dan final…davido is ah lion nd wizzy is ah budda pest

  131. Some of you can’t speak correct English, hence you have no right to an opinion, this is a nice song from wizkid, if you hating #gerrarahere

  132. wizzy hontestly ure my G and am a big fan. bt dis jam men… e no follow sorry bro although u try sha. wake up bro. wizzy baby.

  133. Nice 1 wizkid…M ur biggest fan I love u alot…dis song is a gonna be a hit itz oll abt tym…nd pls guyx stop comparing Wizkid,Olamide,nd Davido, dey r different pple…nd dey oll have deir own wayz of making music

  134. Nice 1 wizkid…M ur biggest fan I love u alot…dis song is a gonna be a hit itz oll abt tym…nd pls guyx stop comparing Wizkid,Olamide,nd Davido, dey r different pple…nd dey oll have deir own wayz of making music

  135. cool track keep it up bro

  136. Average and nice… This is not the best expecting something better from babanla won

  137. i love all star boy’s music

  138. I love maleekberry and Legundury beatz……Their beats are of the charts.
    I love wizkid he’s like a God to me…But i must say lately his lyrics have become Vane,trashy,and does in no way satisfies me,And to d idiots claiming hes making his money and the people against the song are just talking trash,please grow up,we give him his money,his fans made him we have every right to tell him what we like or hate,its not always about money or fame,after all not everyone can make music thats why we listen to who does and if the so cold musician makes trash’i might as well start singing.
    I got nothing but love and respect for starboy himself.Buh he needs to step up his game 4 us

  139. Dope doper dopest pls permit me mr english dis guy z to much

  140. U all r big fools. They making money u all saying shit. Oriyin ti Daru. Awon werey

  141. Say my girl is finer, wizzybaby baba won! Everybody no dey taya for ur music…smashing hit single

    • To be very honest,I’m a Wizkid fan to the fluids,but the truth be told,this song is just not it,Wizkid should calm down,take his time,reinvent himself,settle old fights with people,and come back stronger and better,I still believe in you,if naija people lyk make dem no give u awards but Wizzy don’t react violently, n give us songs with lyrical contents,maybe u shd try a track with a “shoki” kinda beat,u did it before,u can do it again,if dis song na Jamb,u no reach cutoff mark o

  142. Wizzy needs to reinvent himself

  143. no more wizzy baby, say wizzy baba

  144. d song z dope… hez d real baba nla. to hell wit d haters.

  145. More Love To You Bro

  146. Wizkid you are the number one in africa just chill with your cool life nigga am felling you

  147. Olamide Eyan Mayweather Full Album Now available for download

    just click on my commentary name

  148. wizkid the gr8…jam of the year BABA NLA

  149. wizzy u 2 shape baba god go dey bless u everyday dats my prayer ur gr8est fan kiddy jst dey murder me wit hot muziks twale

  150. Credit shud go to Legendary beats. He’s the tru final. Nice sound to bounce to on steering..

  151. This is a jam of life…. Keep repping us well’ wizzy Baba nla

  152. u dnt xpect evry song to be good, there is tyme 4 evrytin, 2day song mght b gud 2moro bad so nija stop blamin artist

  153. original final baba ooo.d guys banging he just can’t stop raw talent ……..baba no fit die

  154. Really cool!

  155. Wizzy BabaNla

  156. Inspirational Song

  157. Where the video at bro?

  158. Still waiting for the video BabaNla

  159. Who gat the key to my limo?

  160. I see, Wizzy

  161. Wizzy baby loke loke

  162. E don dey delay

  163. Yaga, StarBoy

  164. Wiz Lion, dem go hear word

  165. this is just a freestyle####…that’s what some dump ass niggas dont understand… terms of creativity wizkid is the best…#2baba even confirmed it…this song is just a nice hot jamz haven’t seen such a cool freestyle for decades

  166. u too good…love u wizzy

  167. baba nla…you na big man. yaga

  168. starboy 4lyf


  170. wizzy baby baba nla won

  171. Wiiiiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy. U are too much. Wizy lokeloke

  172. wizkid is my main NIGGA all cos iam so much in love wif is music all tyme

  173. I like the flow of wizzy, heaters let him be I was one of you hearter before.
    if you can’t beat them join them let life move on …

  174. obi is no more a boy , people let this guy be …..

  175. wizzy Ur life is a mission!” Ur music is the best ever!!

  176. swag boss kill dem all

  177. U see dix song song is killing me slowly i love u wizkid

  178. Wizzy babanla!!!! This is the perfect song ever

  179. nice rythm,nice beat,bt man,ur lyrics Dz days dey dey trashy oda Dan b4,I no go shaa I still gat d music on replay

  180. This is the final #star kid#

  181. Nice jam

  182. Dos sayin wizkid don go down.una all be sense at all….check facts last year and check who made more impact mofos

  183. (baba NLA)nice 1 jor u 2 much jah bless

  184. well 2 me,,,d jam has good rythm,bt poor lyrics,,,dude should work more on his lyrics..

  185. it’s a real track

  186. Makes sense die..
    Kp it up

  187. wizzy u too much my boss u be baba nla for life

  188. The song is cool and wizzy is so hot in the video

  189. Am a wizkid fan but honestly its a wak song

  190. We have change is name to wizpapa, too much!!!!!! u know what guy music for soul no bi child’s

  191. thello my people

  192. Wizkid is sweet . I like this song seriously

  193. Do something about your voice…..that’s where the problem is from

  194. wizkid u 2 much

  195. the gbedu is final wizzy baby baba nla…. i luv it kip it up

  196. Omo wizzy…thumbs up bro! #ur gbedu iz final#

  197. wizzy baby loke loke na oluwa dey do dis 4 u i swear i luv dis song lyk “mofedaku” i b one of ur fans helo haters keep hating while wizzy is movin forward baba nla ni jooo mehn i luv d song die i pray dis wont b ur final song u jst started. keep flying joooo

  198. But Why


  200. wizkid u be my baba ooo bcos i luv pas my dad kip it up

  201. wizkid the baddest man on earth… davido nor reach were e dey .. wizkid fine boy man of all people and too much money… he account don full with billions.. how wish i will be like him only god for know wetin me go do… as i dey here so i dey baa for wizkid.. davido nor reach make davido go sleep.. davido you nor get swag na small small pikin shirt na you dey wear… if you are for wizkid fans let me see you say yeh yeh

  202. wizzy baba nla……. you are the best…. I love this song,, fuck all haters…..!!!

  203. Wow! Wiz kid’s Baba Nla is really awesome.

  204. wiz-kid bab nla.. more hit songs com’n fr sure

  205. Any wizkid song was a hit back to back ko ni da fun iya anybody who said dis son is not sweet pass d money

  206. I disliked wizkid but love vhiz song

  207. I love vhiz song, but dislike wizkid

  208. Nice one wizzy.I dey feel u

  209. All this haters will just keep hating ne buh we all know by the way Nigerians sing nd by the shit we listen to here y’all will agree with me this song is baddass

  210. Wiz Baba na u be number 1

  211. All of u wey dey talk rubbish u dey kraz, if we wan point person wey dey sing rubbish na olamide…. Wizkid na baba baba nla won. He is d best among d rest, if u no lyk d song go kiss toad.


  213. Nice one

  214. Wizkid final

  215. Wizkid babanla final

  216. with love from Cameroon…your jam is killing the hottest join sports here man…starboy forever..

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