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Wizkid – On Top Your Matter (Prod. Del B.)

Posted by @Tobi_tx on October 25, 2013 in AUDIO · 136 Comments


Here’s a new material from “Starboy” Wizkid, this one is titled “On Top Your Matter“. This right here is a good tune, is anybody better than wizkid when it comes to making hits?

Hit that play button and tell me what you think!



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  1. 4st 2 dwnload…YAga!!!!!

  2. Wizzy_lee is d best ???????????? doubting….wher ????????????? d haters….wher dem dy,shw up A?????d???? wizzy wil murder .U?????

    • I like it. Wizzy keep it up


  3. Wizzyyy ur d best.jam of life.yaga

  4. Fucked up song…

    • Ur lifeeee mtchw #yaga#

  5. Wizzy u be de baba u cook de song well nd dat y i buy am costlly keep doin ur tin demm h8ters go fall lyk de walls of jericho

  6. Abeg make we talk true… Wizzy too good abeg… He can murda any beat… Thumps up starboi… This jam on repeat…

  7. Wizzy is vry good, no doubt, but this song no sweet even one bit, I'm just being honest.

    • u pple qo sinq urs na if u tink itz nt interestin enuff**YAAGAA…wizkid ride on,1 love baba

  8. wizkid is a bomb he's just too much better than everyother #ontopyourmatter is a crazy beat just can't stop dancing !!!

  9. Hollar

  10. Must all his songs b 'baby' 'baby' always. Na wa o. Make dis dude grow up nd sing mature hits abeggg. Mitcheww

  11. Haters always do dem tinz, Wizzy rideOn

  12. goin 2 d 20th tym of listenin to dz track….mehn! u kil d beat…..8tas go kil una self oje…can't jst wait for his album

  13. Wizzy is gud no doubt bt am xo nt into dis song nyc wan sha

  14. d song is not bad at all..nice one boi

  15. All this bad belle una wan begin dey on to wizkid matter abi?….Each and every one of you will dance and av this track on ur playlist…wizzy pls neva mind dem na o

    Na ontopurmatterdemgoquench!!! Kip it up.

  16. D song z kul

  17. Wizkid is really great

  18. Thanks God wizkid add a nice Vioce if nt ?

  19. Omo see confam music,I don die…chai chineke,abeg go listen to d song again if U????? ?? like ??A???m,use home theatre increase volume 100%…walahi U????? go give testimony…wizkid I fit die on top U?????? matter eeee…

  20. This days artists jus get a gud beat, say rubbish and pple call it a hit, meanwhile perfect lyrics r out there and dis same pple are fustrating the artist. God will help all of us. To me dis song is a trash bad lyrics dope beat

  21. Wizzy is vry good, no doubt, but this song no sweet even one bit, I’m just being honest.

  22. Wiz baba fqck fake frndz StarBoil is killing the show anytym anyday lolz Yung thugz ft J Higher gucci gabbana bobo gucci gabbana or yu can still add me on BBM 26583B14

  23. Pls wizkid don't die on top her mara ooh we still luvs u

  24. Omo wizzy baby ur d bomb ok…. Tuale… Ur beta off dan DAVIDO… Kip it up ok… Davido is only a noise maker

  25. Nice one

  26. Na wa 4 una… Some of una nor dey lik good tinz sha… Na una first dey complain say wizzy na only one style him dey use… Now him drop with another style… And u guy are still hatinq… Please stop hatinq cuz wizzy cn neva die untop ur matter…

  27. Fools calling him bro boss and some on but all he has 2 do is jst drop wack jams disappoint fans and disrespect ppl

  28. Zereiwu u such a looser I swear wats davido own now

  29. wizkid is nt bad also in makin hit buh i prefer davido..honestly

  30. Dis song na song of life nd dope die

  31. Those who are heartless, once cared too


  32. How many hits davido get… Davido get hits reach wizkid??? If na hits u wan talk abt

  33. wizkid u re just too much.haterz can hug transformer for all i care. yagaaa

  34. Wizkid on top your matter is worst can someone open mouth singing bullshit.babe kiss u babe, what is meaning of that. Man if u don't know what to sing any more respect urself.stop disappointing ur fans.dis music really spoil my day, abeg Wizkid respect urself know the kind of music u down write better music is not a must u will release music every month. Me tire with dis nonsense top your matter even the title of the song no matter sense even. Learn boy

    • Na dangote trailer wey kari iron rod nd cement go do d person wey say wizkid no try gboa!.at last na una go even die on top e matter

  35. wizkid want to kee a person oooooooooooooo i luv u oda like u

  36. Wizzy some ppl are jealouse of u… Kip it up.. Any 4 u anonymous go and die… Wizzy is beta off dan davido… (((((TUALE joor wizzy baby))))

  37. Kokomansion ur nt serious… U beta go back to the village

  38. wizzy is good but honestly dis song is rubbish! let's be real for once guys.

  39. Dan bura'uba shege Ubanka

  40. U mother fuckers hating on wizkid d guy is blessed so if u hating on him u cnt b successful

  41. I just knw d music is gonna be wacked,let me nt waste my MB

  42. honestly I'm a huge wizkid fan but this song , even banky w must have complained. this is below wizkids standard let us be honest as fans. I love wizkid soooo much but dude needs to settle down and compose then at other times u freestyle. haba!!!! God ble

  43. omo baba wizzy,I fit free ma babe cos of u.u na hw to murder dem….kip doin ur tin bro we got ur bak

  44. Wizzy is gud buh am nt enjoying dis track. U r better dan dis man

  45. So what is dis song abt? Fr me, it doesn't make any sense. Bad lyrics

  46. Steve

  47. 9ja music

  48. #OnRepeat Love the Chorus /#Shayo de go on top this song

  49. love yah bro no homo.lov dis music

  50. useless song

  51. Na shit… has no meaning to me,maybe you should try sometin else

    • Idiot fellows must u always complain about a persons hard work if it is dat simple why dont u haters get into d studio and produce one hit song for us to enjoy but if u cant why dont u shut ur mouths up even ur for me STAR BOI ur blessed nyc track waitin for d video.yaaaagaaaaa.

  52. yaagaa…. hot 4eva

  53. I dislike wizzy songs b4 but dis time,he blow me of of ur matter on steady repeatyaga.

  54. I love all wizzy's songs but this aint on point bro…. Ur Jaye Jaye video is dope.. A killing video.. I luv jaye jaye video

  55. Nice melody lyrics not making sense am not his fan tho niether am any of other artists fan I just love good music trust me guys d lyrics did not make any sense no hating

  56. Wizkid has proven beyond reasonable doubt that he is one of the best & most versatile artistes in the industry today. His creativity knows no bounds. This is a laudable effort from the hardworking talented artiste & should be appreciated by all lo

  57. ???… u knw ehen the funny thing in life is tht u can't please everybody, thtz just the fact … even JESU had haterz, respect 2wo baba wizzy# oluwa is involved…yaga#

  58. Anonymous u 1 confused ass hole,wizzy is dope I don't care what you think my person na my person.why not Do ur own mix tape. Let us see good u are,ohhHh my bad sorry no body wil even download it cus no bodi f**king knows u,let wizzy. Enjoy the hails given to him jore make we hear word

  59. Hehe………see gobe ooo, una wan dey fight on top d mata ni?? Wizkid abeg h i fit download only d beat jare, ur lyrics na wash joor. I go put lyrics for u,u sef go 4get beans dey chew lyrics. OH! Tuale BADOO, lyrics b4 beat policy lo sure ju….

  60. Enny moo


  62. Captain shegz.

  63. Wizzy is struggling now seriously listen 2 d song..

  64. wizkid is cul and wizkid is gifted in music bt wizkid lk down on people and don't like his chirdhood friends which is wrong an for these music he sing to sincered it did nt make a sns I holp he will see these to make correction

    • That’s correct is totaly wrong to betrays your childhood friends

  65. To be nonest wizkid have to change his life he should just like his friend davido davido lik chelin with his friends let me tell u stop sein these friends of yours if u don't have money u can't see them again bcause they migln with u bcause of your money not any thin they is a sayen with that any one wey live house the house don livam why did Akon like the African musician is he not better dan *** bt he like the african musician an always want to raiz up coming musician

  66. wizkid is jst 2 good 4 my ass

  67. He shud hv featured an ibo guy nice bit

  68. U r gud no doubt..ride on bro

  69. Dasino

  70. wizzzy is the best and no one

  71. Pizzy

  72. Dj Looqaaz

  73. Dopest…. Eva green song…just like LOVE MY BABY… Danceable tune..

  74. @inidt

  75. Professa Wizzy baby is ma nig of life anytime. God bless ur mother wizzy. #dope tunes..

  76. wtf is wrong with dis wizkid guy…is he d best or d best

  77. wizkid is freaky cool, you murderd the song and beat like never before

  78. Hai God the music sweet hahahahahah is me asintoyaman on the beat,

  79. Prince idris

  80. Prince idris

  81. Rubbish This Wizkid Wey Una Dey Talk No Sabi Sing Reach Wande Coal Una Wizkid fans No Just Get Sense To Listen To Lyric Na Only Beat Wizkid Fans Grow Up

  82. shoboy6h add on 2go and gmail m a upcoming canadian artist

  83. this song is so so cool…new concept,nice melody n beat…lyrics may not be d best,bt its still ok..shebi na wizkid sing am,u shouldn’t expect too much frm d lyrics..overall 8/10…ride on Bro!

  84. u guyz are mad o . hatin on dis song .i bet u in onths dis song will b on ur play list . wizkid is not a rapper .so dont expact him to drop tyt lones so u cam nord u bighead . he is d best at what he doz . even olamide as a rapper still dey sing meaningless song s .like mesorole

  85. Wizzy… u are on point yaga.

  86. U quy’z dt re cmplainin bou im,re xayn trash,etz jez a free style,abq wich snq hv yu urslf sanq

  87. Ogbeni Wizzy ride on jor, they will always Criticize, Gbayi on your matter

  88. Wizkid U????? ????? too much jst stay bless A?????????????D????? 4get wht dy ????? sayin d lord is ur strent.

  89. Baba wizkid I greet u ooo no one go bit be like u carry on we dey ur back

  90. No maind those people dey are enemy of progress

  91. i was in the club last nyt when i heard this song…& i wz like…champn bath for u niccur

  92. Mtcheeeeewwww

  93. The song makes no sense 2 me @all……….

  94. taiyepaul

  95. pls letz get tinz straight. Starboi is nt a rapper so u shudnt expect im 2 fix his rhymes 2geda perfectly lyk dat of ice prince…wizzy is far better dan davido…do yhn want 2 compare skelewu wif dis??….haters go hug transformer!!!!

  96. Bayor

  97. Wizzy..we no snd anybody…no mata wat..u wil stil qet an haterz…i fit die ontop ur mata…scope my gf wit dat…wizzybaba always on point…ur jaiye jaiye video dy kil me sef…eyin haterz…se bi awon lo ni soro ooo…u be d best of d best…pray ur e

  98. Wizzy i dey feel ur vibes………… I fit die on top ur mata

  99. Says pwrittytee

  100. Mtuaaa…:-*,i luv dis music lyk any oda tin….i fit die on top yr matta jawe wizkid….dnt listen dose bad minded pple…kan ma wi kan ma sooro lo,ti won lopo…ogbemi wizzy ridd on jawe

  101. If ? like wizy, like him, if ? hate him, hate him, he will use ur mather to sing and get his money……..dope wizzy is da best…?y role model, I can sing, nd I want 2 ß like wizzy

  102. Pls pple wen I upload my song pls dnt beef,I’m upcomin nd I wnt to blow plssssssssssssssss, I will ß gr8ful….wizzy I gud

    • I fit die on top ur Mata aaaaaaa babe ooo

  103. Love me make I love u. Babe lollipop.

  104. U 2 much wizzy,dz song make sens die…anyfn wey dem 1 tlk,make dem tlk abeg…ah fit die on top ur matter,luv me make i luv u,kis me make ah kis u@G~STAR

  105. weezy baba na u be baba now

  106. i luv ur skills guy u are too much i swear……………….went to hv more of ur song in my mind pls star bouy

  107. Nice beat, lovely melody, good concept…flexible Whizkid…tualee.

  108. Bro!,u too much thumbs up maximum respect God bless ur hustle

  109. Wizzy I hail..mak haterz dey beef..u sti be baba ooo

  110. D song is dope

  111. wizzy guy u bam…….hmmmm fimile monjaye ontop your mata on point…. Hatters there is a way to solve all your problems at once… just walk down the road and give a very big hug to a working transformer…. lol…… hahaha

  112. Dis Track keep me *Smilling* Wizzy boy No one above thee in Nigeria Music industreet to me

  113. A beat of copy … Listen to love by R2bees u will know what I mean. Good song anyway

  114. I couldn’t believe you could do so Great you are Great I love you flow

  115. Majority of you who criticise can’t even do anything good in life. Bad lyrics/Bad beat whatever, we get fun out of it, it’s a wonderful song. Kill yourself!

  116. Can anybody link me how to download the real video. Thanks

  117. wizzy no mind those wen open der stinking mouth say dis song no sweet,if e. easy make una go compose una own,wizzy I love u

  118. wizzy dis song is on point jor#salute ur haters wit d middle finger#well done

  119. Jobless pple making arguments on matters dt doesn’t concern dem.stay here b fighting over ur yong bros who ve gone far better dan dier song u cm sing in ds life wey una cm.


  120. Wizkid i love ur songs and also urs

  121. Best most talented young artist of the world. Omo u better pass Justin bieber bcos u never and u will never fail me. Abeg settle ur beef wid DAVIDO. I can’t wait to see una collabo. May God grease ur hustles

  122. I for die for yu or wat wizkid babe

  123. He did justice 2 dat song anytime I listen 2 de song I melt down its jst enough 4 me, nice lyrics 2 he nailed de song# get lost haters

  124. Una dey kill una self the guy don chop the money add am to him savings.
    PS. Mostly lovers will understand the lyrics. Party freaks the beat and senseless people nothing.
    Good one star boy.

  125. Chai!! Wizkid this your music don kill me for here as adey listen am.. Well done


  127. i love the song ooo

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