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Wizkid – One Question f. Yemi Sax (Prod by Dokta Frabz)

Posted by Tyler on February 14, 2014 in AUDIO · 112 Comments


As promised Wizkid unwraps the Dokta Frabz produced ‘One Question’ featuring Yemi Sax on Valentine’s Day after releasing the video for ‘On Top Your Matter’ barely 24 hours ago.

Let the music do the talking; so check the latest musical offering from the Star Boy and tell us what you think.


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  1. too dope

  2. First to comment

    • Can’t you see cool up there?

  3. Cooool

  4. Shey d song sweet ??? B4 I download am

  5. So dope…luvin it like kilode#TeamStarBoy

  6. I gat oneeeee one question are you gonna dance with me?!? abeg come to turkey wizzy ???

  7. Too sweet gbabeski

  8. i luv dis song wizzy i gat 1 question areu gonna dance wit me?

  9. fantastic wiZZy i luv the song

  10. nice one wizzy,,,mah val on point

  11. Without the beat, the song is wack. Big Up to Dokta Frabz

  12. The song sweet?

  13. yuh smashed it#nyz1

  14. Wow!…Amusingly amazing!…thumbs up bwo…no worries shez gonna dancee wid you…*wInkS*

  15. Nice1 star boy…..need d video ASAP

  16. Kind of cool bt not that dope like what I hve heard 4rm weezy b4……9yc 1 though

  17. #Sexy tune For 2

  18. Wizzy Wizzy Yaga!

  19. Thumbs up starboy! U did it agaiinnnn

  20. Dope song!

  21. Dis guy is 2much

  22. U d best Wizzy

  23. Bro God will definitely bless u more.Bless up bro,u go never tired…Amen…

  24. Dope u da g8tst point gvn

  25. Wizzy baby ua 2cool wizzy u da bst #keep_it_up 😉

  26. star boi,keep rocking,we ar waiting for star boi album

  27. star boi,keep rocking,we ar waiting for star boi album <3

  28. Dis song is wack now,u ppl praisin it shuld b triuthful,very empty song as usual frm wizkid,I kip sayin dis n I stand by it,Davido has better songs dan dis nigga,with better lyrical content,wiz is a talent too buh its high time he starts puttin good effort in writin songs dan just chantin on every song… Mtcheeew rubbish

    • What lyrical content… Is it aking a village girl if she wants ferrari… Mstcheeewww

    • Bruh i haven”t listened to the song yet, buh you’re jusst a hater wizkid is just too good that you can’t help it#TEAMSTARBO…#YOUROCK…. Go fuck yur granny she is gonna want yur cock mortherfucker ….

    • Na true bro,na nonsense wizkid dey drop after his fist album…

      • Diz is nt about wizkid listen to d song ur self n say d truth it is complete Rubbish”only d one’z dat reason high will knw dis song is shit

    • The song is not too bad but can be compared to davido’s new song Aye, but i still find it difficult that this song is done by wizkid cos its unlike him or maybe he choose the g person to collabo with but for me i don’t like the song and i have even deleted it sef

      • So one did a very and matured song 4 you… U all are all saying its, come to think of it, wizkid is the only artist in african that does almost all genres of music… Can davido do this kind of song… And dont you guys get tired of listen to song like skelewu (all the girls dem dey dance galala, all this student dey cuz casala)… Dont get me wrong i like the song myself, but most of the lyrica makes no sense, but the beats makes the song very good… Sing this song without the beat and sing skelewu without beat and see which of them would be prefered..

        • Nice word,this song really make sense and its good to be hear when one is bored or thinking.

    • Leave dis boy alone for crying out loud.Everybody knows dat wizkid is far better than davido.. *star boy team I rep

  29. Grown n sexy song. Thumbs up wizzy!

  30. This song is very matured song….

  31. Wah gbayiii wizzy! Abeg wu b dat idiot wey tok say dat song wack without beat.

  32. Ow is dis song dope? …. SMH

  33. Cool song, a bit different from d usual Wizzy , unique all the way.

  34. This song is crazy nd 4 d haters continue hating while wizzy is making is money cause d more u hate d more wizzy makes money just accept d fact that wizzy is better than ur fathers

  35. Na wa o… Different artist gat different flow… Wizzy just gat to start writting songs not chanting anymore

  36. Men d song bammmmmmm. Haterz go die, wizzy is really talented or u wnt to dance with him.

  37. The Sonq Is Just Lyk Skelewu And Pullover makinq Sense Tho..i’m in Luv Wit Wizkid

  38. neva downloaded d song but from the comment so far tink am gonna like it. To all wizkid haters go fuck yourself

  39. who b dat we talk say davido get beta lyrical content pass wizzy. You are just haters and you are always their greatest motivators

  40. Diz song os total rubish

  41. Dis song Is total rubbish”wizkid himself know

  42. Dis song is total nonsense, wizkid z really findin it hard 2 give us matured songs sumtymz…. He shud really stop singin love songs afta gettin high on weed nd shit…. Which one is “baby, baby ,baby….. Nawa o … WE ARE TIRED!!

  43. Starboi I luv dis,keep it up,I feel die on top ur mata

  44. God punished d person way dy compare davido lyric with this rubbish song… I swear dis song no mak anytin……. #Premature song or na baby won hear am

    • Wen I First Downloaded It I Didn’t Like It..Pls Try 2 Replay Dis Song Wen U Re Alone Or Wit Ur Girl Or Wen Ur Mind Is Free…Guy D Lyrics Is Gud 4 D Time Nd D Beat Nd Yemi Wil Get Her Luving U More.Dis Is A Big Heat

  45. God punishe d person way dy compare davido lyric with this rubbish song… I swear dis song no mak anytin, u beta go back to E.M.E 4 more toleration cox u too scatter……. #Premature song or na baby won hear am

  46. fantastic tune ur matter is complete

  47. Wizkid let me tell u, dis song is nyc dnt jst mind dem, dey wnt to b lyk u bt d cnt kuz ur wizkid n d r haterz…….

  48. Davido nd bad lyrics..*she fine pass darego* she dey do lyk ronaldo* wetin concern ronaldo say d gal fine? Another wack lyrics *baby gal jus cum,cum balance 4 me* wetin dis 1 mean na?

  49. U knw y i love wizzy??? He has no time for bullshits….yeah his recent songs are somehow bt he has nice beats…my own b say I’ll stick to ma usual eminem and lil’ tunechi

  50. U ve tried,z nt easy 2 compose or write a song(gud song)bt u r stil 1of d best simply bkuz of ya gud voice,fnk u ar a gud composer nd nt a gud sng writer,26b090cc


  52. I’ve got ONE QUESTION: LYRICAL CONTENT? We all kno it’s only FEW of our Nigerian Artists dats got it. And DAVIDO is definitely not ONE. Sincerely! D song is cool. Wizkid makes music, nd he jst did. If LYRICS is ur prob, make som 4 urself. Atleast, Wizzy didn’t tok abt his money (Which is obviously killin dis HATERS).

  53. NAIJAL0RDS . C0M


  55. Y comparing wizy wit davido. Let dem do there things their own way and let’s see who last longer. For me wizzy always kill every track wit his uniwue voice and his lyrics are always sensible. Dis track is very different 4rm wot pple was xpectn and dat Makes wizy a beta muscian cos e made it known to all dat he can make music in different ways . Dis jam na highLife for matured men nt for amateurs

  56. xO dOpe….wizzi baba u are always killinq it…ride On brO….

  57. Wack song…it doesn’t even have a rythm

  58. Good instrumental,nice flow bt I bliv Wizkid can do better,luv d highlife flow…can I ask a question?
    Y do our nigerian musicians keep repeating d same line in a track……eg- Iyanya,Timaya etc
    Yemi Sax nice one.

  59. dis song bam luk dnt boda u sef abt d lyric bt abt d season in which d song waz sang it waz on val day so wat do u xpect

  60. Mtcheew shebi na WIZ…my nigga continue ur very very good work..more grease bro.

  61. Waste of megabytes

  62. Ova hype,this is just wack

  63. Rhythm tried small on the chorus part…but the verse it really sucked.. I have learnt not to judge wizkid on the lyrical side cos on the real the boy no really go school…lol

  64. good song but make a song featuring olamide or davido.i lv yr song,yega

  65. Sweet,nice,cool…..carri on dear u too much

  66. just loving yemi sax part…sooo dope…wizy pls u just spoilt DAT beat for yemi…u did it in hurry to match up with davidos aye…ain’t cool man…no competition in destiney…I love you and davido…but you guys should note d fact DAT your songs can Neva win Grammy…unless u guys change from Dis shiit….

  67. #okbye its funny that most people talking here dont understand the professional realms of music and song writing. Like poetry, song writing is spontaneous for everyone who’s passionate bout it. Wizkid doesn’t seem to care what u think, he’s just expressing himself and doesnt know u hate it. That is personal passion for what you do. People are really hard to please. Lol its really not easy for this guys too. Good one WizKid!

  68. Wack shit!!!

  69. i wanna be like u

  70. They are both Gud buh bigup to wizzy

  71. Wizzy should grow up,all his song na Baby baby aahh!!! The song is cool but No Lyrics just baby baby aahhhh_i cannot downlaod this song_it will be waste of MB

    • As far as am concerned wizzy ostensibly the best

  72. Tx! Too much..

  73. What wrong if he uses baby in his song… Is he the only artiste who uses… Watin make him con talk.. Woman???

  74. diz is rubbish tot u would have done something better dan dis like very dull seriously…record good n nice songs message for wizzy

  75. Wetin concern dis song nd davido..ona dy mad abi.anytin wizy do dm go talk abeg leave story dm go talk.wizzy get boluwatife…

  76. Well. I luv u so much wizkid, bur mai hand drop when I listened to dis song , because u came Up with a very nice concept and beat, but lyrically u are no where to be found,, u just kept repeating baby, baby, baby, baby please wen u come out so sing next time we have people whose gat good hears for ur voice and good lyrics , and we hav deos who are just satisfied once the beat is good so please balance it well next time, as for me the song is wack , love yah still , big up to u man

  77. F y’all 8ters!!! Wizzy. Bby loke loke 2 u man!!!!! its called. Comercial if y’all dnt like It go do ur’s n let’s hear it….thumbs up 2u Bro Kip it up

  78. Lion wizzy….mouthed u…u rock moi world

  79. Lion wizzy….mouthed u…u rock moi world

  80. I’ve got ONE QUESTION, are u gonna come to GH again??????

  81. ncy song wizkid kip it up

  82. If u want lyrical content, go listen to wu-tang clan or immortal technique… This jam is banging, some high life thing… Dope tune still!

  83. Wizkid killed it joor……….itw nice

  84. Wizkid killed it joor……….o wa kpa

  85. wizz na my manchi

  86. Na dokta frabz I vex for in dis song nigga stick to hip hop jo

  87. I’m in love with this song ‘ keep it up wizzy, I love you dude

  88. I’m in love with this nice song ‘ keep it up wizzy, I love you dude

  89. Critics until davido do a live instrumental performance den no one has d mouth to bad mouth wizzy….so dope bro….I would av loved to play d board for u bro mi so so so so so dope thumbs up bami..@ bad belle let dem play ds on ur freakin sists weddin she is gotta dance her life out…

  90. To all those that are making mouth say the song no good cone sing your own make we hear am…. Most of dem get frog voice ooo … Sweet wizkid I dey feel you

  91. Brother you too much dear, am a big fan# (and i will keep blowing you breez) as for those bad belle wey dey like wetin dey use tiny mouth pencile sketch for drawing book. #Anyway, the only advice i have for all those bad belle is this, anytime you hear any of wizzy’s song in the club, you better seat down and don’t shake, because if you do or move any path of your body #stroke will desend on you right there# and let me see how you will talk nonsense with your mouth again. Anyway, i thank god for his song_ joy_ , anything you wish him will return back to you ten times in jesus name#…. AMEN….# :hmmmm (brother abeg if you dey shear your blessing, no forget me oh, because i dey borst bad belle people head here for you oh, and i don contact well for you too, both i no dey complain noh, you na my brother from another mother, abeg# ( 08164361779 or 08096377335 )# i believe you bro. And the ministry will keep moving to the permanent site, in jesuse name…#.. AMEN….#


  93. wizzy wizzy gonna dance even if u don not show me the money

  94. I like your music I want to know your email address i full in love with your muse I want to be a Singer but I don’t know how to start form so can you please help me to be a Singer like you if you do this for me I will never forget you in me life.???????????

  95. I like your music can I know your email address please because I fill in love with your music .?????????

  96. Respect to my guy
    whizkid.. na man u b

  97. wizzy senior boy I love your music but I went u to help me out plz ur email address

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