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8 Male Artists Who Have Lost Their Mojo

Posted by Temitope Delano on September 15, 2016 in Editorial · 121 Comments

There is nothing more disturbing than that essential masterpiece of an artiste who churned out hits after hits suddenly deciding its okay to go on self-retirement without prior notice, so to speak.

For this post, we will be talking about the top ten singers, who once ruled their chart but in recent years have succeeded in losing their way. Yes, due to their passion for the craft, they have tried to put out some NEW stuff which never did latch on instead, gave us an underwhelming and disturbing feeling of being savagely raped/robbed, with a few making matters worse with awkward resuscitating collaborations. Maybe its time to yell out in Simi’s voice, STOP, but again, should we? I for one would love to hear new stuff from a few of them.

Nuff said, here are the top ten……



This legend has one of hip hop’s memorable voices. Right from his times as one third of the boy group, Plantashan Boys, back in the 2000’s, Tuface, stood out. His fame and prominence blew to a greater height upon going solo, dropping highly successful albums which held within it massive hits such as ‘African Queen’ an evergreen track that stamped an imaginary approval on his forehead as ‘The Voice Of Africa’ Tuface reigned supreme and rode on the back of success; headlining shows, dropping hits, doing international collaborations e.t.c until he drove off the road of success. With each release this one time sensational artiste seems to be going on a downward spiral on charts and seems to bee finding it difficult to release another iconic love song or even any love song that will move us the way his old ones did back then. It now seems even the shows and endorsement and achievements  Tubaba, has snagged over the years seems like he got them through pity or past glory.


Terry G

He alone could magically sing the same melody, change up the lyrics and titles, stamp a new name on it and have millions swoon over it like it was a different song entirely, yes, he is the akpako master, and for years, we reveled in his madness alongside, enjoying every bit of freedom he placed on our laps without as much as feeling like we might need to have a me talk time. For years, Terry G, dished out hits, collaborated on successful songs, landed the biggest shows, topped charts e.t.c until in recent year, he suddenly fell out of the surface of the earth [so it seems] the once vibrant, carefree, highly successful speaking in not tongue genius, now is a shadow of his vibrant musically self. He now does club shows and even free shows all in dire need of staying relevant. Here is a thought, how about get a song writer, record a brilliantly hyper-active song, and put it out for your fans and no….nuff with the gospel, my life ish storytelling babbling , because every other sad act out there seems to be doing it doesn’t make it cool or appreciated.




For years, 9ice gave us memorable hooks delivered in same memorable vocals communicated in of course the memorable language, Yoruba. His first two albums, Certificate and Gongo Aso, had singles which not only topped charts but also electrified it, these albums were basically an avenue for spawning hits. Like I said in my last post, 9ice’s music was basically the soundtrack to some people’s life as he had tracks which were not only relatable but singalongs. His emergence on the scene was like a breath of fresh air in and out of the music industry. Fast forward to his marital woes and split from ID Cabasa, everything turned grey and like the trooper that he is, he struggled to remain relevant by releasing song after song, forgetting that there was a reason why he was loved back then. Sometimes the secret isn’t about the medium of communication sir. Find this fault and please make us all dance and sing like we no one is watching.




Someone type in Ketchup singer on google and see what brings up. In as much as I want to really go in on this artistes, I feel the first story you find about him on google says it all…perhaps he has been that way for a very long time now.


Dammy Krane

Video thumbnail for youtube video VIDEO: Dammy Krane Performs “My Dear” For EgoFixTV « tooXclusive

Fine faced boy in Chidinma’s  {Story for another day]defining track Kedike,we all coveted and literary drooled over when he finally dropped his own songs. He has released single, which when put together should be an album and he has lit hearts, charts and stages with some of them. Krane, who hit the limelight in 2012, same year he was signed and released his first song titled, ‘My Dear’ was nominated in the  ‘Next Rated’ artiste category at that year’s Headies. Fast forward to 2016 armed with ‘xteristics of a silly/jaw dropping body of work’, it seems all  Dammy Krane needed was four years to redefine the grace to grass story he so effortlessly created with his sound.


Wande Coal


His stint on Olamide’s Who You Epp made me wonder if he was cool with his career aging reversely, like really did he not think he sounded silly voicing that part on the track? Now, we all know Wande, is a phenomenal act, from the start of his career, he had always shone above the rest. From his dancing stint to his entrance into the Mo’Hit’s fold, Wande Coal ensured he was ‘epically’ felt on any track he laced with his vocals, rangng from hits like ‘Bumper to Bumper’, ‘Ololofe’, ‘Taboo’, ‘You Bad’, ‘Pere’, amongst several others. Then he left Mo’Hits, joined Mavins but soon, stormed out of the label, this was after surviving  his album being delayed at Mo’Hits. Dripping off betrayal and failed promises, Wande Coal gradually slipped off our radar with his desire for doing songs that are just like the subscription I have at home, BASIC.




Yes, we get it marriage is very important in a man’s life but again, should that be the reason for the creativity which at a time gushed out in torrents to now be reduced to a trickle/ Bez, is one of the super talented Nigerian acts, who do not rely on just their vocals, which by the way, he seems to have in all folds and shades, but puffed up with a mastery of some musical instruments.  His brand of music can only be described as unusual as with justa  single album, ‘Super Sun’, he managed to secure a place in the hearts of the millions whose souls are embedded in hip hop, fuji and alternative sounds. His song, ‘Stupid Song’ went on to top charts and snag awards, placing him in shows and tours which were highly successful until it all came to a ‘one minute Randomic halt‘ which further buttressed my issue.


Sean Tizzle

Sean Tizzle

February 22, 2013, this music maniac dropped what I call a different kind of single for a newbie, he dropped Sho Lee, sung in Yoruba, enjoyed tremendously well by the Hausas, Gbagis and Fulanis, true story, I was in the north when this song dropped and boy, did it rock Jos town. Now, if a song like that can rock a non-speaking Yoruba town, one can only imagine the welcoming havoc it wrecked in places like Lagos, Ibadan and the rest. Not stopping there, Sean Tizzle, went on to drop several other hits until in recent years he decided its better to be a bad Impression of Toke Makinwa added with the better version of Seyi Shay. There is a reason why we allowed him steal our hearts, he made MUSIC, he kept it originally simple yet epic and all of a sudden it seems that part of him has been toned off. Do some good music, hell just do something, in your case simple does it.

Think some other artistes should be there, let us know in the comment section.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of


Written by: Tope Delano


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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. d’banj??? Hahahah, dis guys are happy to see 2face on that list tho, at least som1 is tinkin.

  2. At least someone is finally speaking the truth. Tuface, wande coal, Sean Tizzle…I over agree. The writer no even need put Ketchup, na waste of time to type. Nice one Top.

  3. Couldnt agree more. M.I, Burna boy shouls be added as well

  4. Couldnt agree more. M.I, Burna boy shouls be added as well

  5. U dey craze. For mentioning Burna Boy, it is glaringly obvious that you are not only dangerously ignorant, you’re also grammatically impaired.

    • Tubaba or not Tubaba, the fact is that dey hv lost it take or leave it,

  6. God go punish una,go and listen to 2baba recent songs b4 u write.fools

    • Like ‘coded tinz ‘ never existed right?..

  7. Where is iyanya and ice Prince

  8. This idiot say MI should be added. Smellos, the only person missing is d banj.

  9. Where is Dbanj? 2baba is not suppose to be here. Not a good article.

  10. for 2face to have been on this list despite the ways he has been killing shows and getting endorsement this days and releasing reasonable song his known for and not just club songs show hw sentimental tooxclusive really is and for those supporting him being on this list show those are his heaters, mind u Sean tizzle is coming out strong and this rubish u wrote is ur opinion and is base on sentiment coz nobody gave u the right to final say and conclusion on any matter it’s just ur unreasonable opinion…respect to 2baba and Sean tizzle that makes song and not just stupid songs

  11. I don’t think wande should be on this list. His last album was amazing. So was mushin to mo hits. There can never be another album like that, it’s a growth process and you have to grow with the artiste besides jayz can never make another blueprint. And I think his verse on who you epp was splendid

  12. it’s ur opinion coz no 1 gave u any right to conclude and finalize on ppl career….u and ur colleague that supported u on dis are confused for adding 2face on that list as if u don’t know the kind of songs he do, baba is getting endorsement and killing show oh and tizzle is coming out strong

  13. Why would they even include 2baba here, even after buckwykd and breathless.

  14. Where is d banj, bikoo and ice prince , Jesse jags.

  15. For chrissakes the writer asked that you drop your own suggestions enough with the mumu comments now, must you guys add insult before you say your bit? All was correct. And those saying Dbanj, am certain I have read a piece by him where he mentioned Dbanj, if he do am again, na witch hunting that one go be. M.I, burna boy should be added

  16. For adding 2Baba alone on that List you must be very high on cheap drugs… Fear nor catch u to add 2face.. BigFool that’s what you are e

  17. You are quite narrow minded to put tuface on this list
    Officially blind is still a jam
    You surely dont know good music

  18. why is dbanj not on this list?… and I wonder what 2baba is doing on this list… nigga is still pushing it strong upon his advancing years…released Babylon, officially blind, mr. senator, no more sorrow and still headlining shows and getting multiple endorsements.

  19. dis writer iS a mighty bastard. for this thrashest thrash.#hypocrite #Punk #Deadbeing. 2baba so far has steadily release meaningful songs that has top charts. bagged some mouthwatering deals. and you are here criticizing the king of Africa music. sentiment will kill you. #Goat.

  20. why is dbanj not on this list?.. and 2baba shouldn’t be on this list. despite his advancing years nigga still working strong.. released officially blind, Babylon, Mr. senator, no more sorrow…still headlining shows and getting multiple endorsements

  21. D’Banj should be on that list, Ketchup has been dropping hits of late, so he’s no where on this list. Wande Coal messed himself up after that sudden drop out of the defunct Mo’Hits Records with no knowledge of Record management and now Lil Kesh is following his train. Please where do you place Joel of Kennis music? Small pikin wey just dey start him musical career professionally said he want to go on musical break…… i see that has being stupid.

  22. i strongly believe this was written based on strong hatred and envy. can’t imagine 2baba on this list. wizkid and davido put together is not close to legendary king 2baba when it comes to unique and mature lyrical content.
    well i juz remembered one of his songs that says
    Dem a writing stuff about me
    Most of them I know they only want to destroy me
    Burn them, them no get another story
    But out of my fame, they want to claim say I am holy

    • Pls when was 2face’s last hit. Forget all these sentiments 2 face hasn’t released any decent song in the past 3 years, club banger or not. Leave matter abeg. 2face is living on old Glory, which is not necessarily a bad thing considering his age. Same thing that happened to R Kelly

    • About the list that is non of my business but please dont add Davido to this biko, cause i dont know how people think, the writer said “if anybody is missing” drop your comment not if you not satisfied with the article abuse me…….

  23. 2baba wasn’t supposed to be there.. no koko master @ dbanj


  25. You fools, you keep saying tuface shouldnt be on here, he is releasing new stuff, headlining shows. same with 9ice, infact at the rate he is going, he might just outdo the entire music industry. The writer couldn’t be more right, these artistes have lost their mojo and they need to be called out so they can sit up. Well done Tope. M.I, Burna Boy, Davido, should be on this list…cos for real, what has the dude done in years.

    • you are the mightiest fool. @Micheal who dash 9ice shows when last did he headline any top show if not for 2baba who helped him last year @fortifiedparty. #Tribalsentiments kill you.

  26. God punish who write dis shit about 2baba

  27. i dn’t get it last week you listed oya cum make we go and babylon among your hottest songs of august and now you d mind to put greate one 2baba d greatest of all time on your wack list ba you better appologize before we ban your site because in our country we respect our legend

    • i concur with you. this piece is totally disrespectful and bad. we all know 2baba is still releasing more mature and dope lyrical content than sum of this new shits called new school

  28. TX if don have respect for legend we now remove 2face name on list stupid pipoo

  29. you are the mightiest fool. @Micheal who dash 9ice shows when last did he headline any top show if not for 2baba who helped him last year @fortifiedparty. #Tribalsentiments kill you.

  30. i hav a gr8 respect 4 diz site…. Buh is lyk dey wnt pple to stop visitin their site,mst sum1 drop party jamz b4 u knw dey are doing gud? Davido,D Banj are wack but their name are not on the list… Fools
    2Baba,Wande Coal on diz list? i knw d reason y Wande C name is their after his dope album,dey were expecting party songs from which he didnt,and some fools are mentioning M.I coz dey dont know what is good music,they sit in hut their waitin 4 party songs… MI illegal Music3 was cool buh u guys dont listen 2 Hiphop
    Tooxclusive dont have respect For African as a continent Legend @2Baba Idibia na wao after releasing meaningful songs like oya come make we go,Mr Senator,Babylon and many others….
    Is like this might be my last time visiting diz Wack rude site

  31. You should take 2face off this list…..dumbass list

  32. we av d banj,may d,ice prince,

  33. Tooxclusive has proven to b d most stupid nd foolish site Eva for adding 2baba d greatest of all on dis wacky list…dull people

  34. Tubaba is a blessing n evry new song from him remains an inspiration to we the fans… We love him n i know that he is a king, our number1 and a master of d game. u guys keeps hyping weezy n looking for ways to bring others down. I read ur articles every day n I must tell you that u ain’t going d right way… u still remain 1 of d best music download site n I gv u ur kudos.

  35. Tubaba is a blessing n evry new song from him remains an inspiration to we the fans… We love him n i know that he is a king, our number1 and a master of d game. u guys keeps hyping weezy n looking for ways to bring others down. I read ur articles every day n I must tell you that u ain’t going d right way… u still remain 1 of d best music download site n I gv u ur kudos.

  36. Nahh, 2face can never lose his mojo.
    2baba is music.
    9ice,Terry G and wande coal , don’t even go there. Those guys about be legend status am talking 2baba status.
    Don’t care about ketchup he ain’t got no talent.
    Just cos they don’t release songs every other day don’t mean they’ve lost their mojo.
    Sorry bruh/sis,this is a miss . Next please.

  37. Tuface is nt suppose to be on dis list,dbanj should be the first,follow by Faze then Iceprince.wander coal’s last album na nonsense=rubbish he earned hiz worth in diz list

  38. 2Baba is a Legend like Fela is. .. What else do u want from him? He has outdone himself. Havnt u heard his recent songs ? U want him to sing like Mr Eazi and Lil kesh abi.

  39. 2baba is a living legend for name sake!!

  40. una dey craze tooxclusive..dats why u cnt be like oda blogs bastard for including 2baba

  41. the thunder wey go strike you dy do press up, how you go put Tuface n wande coal.E bi like say you smoke weed with pepper.. Nonsense

  42. D banj never made hits on his own without mohits. 2 face has lost his magical touch. We should let them know they need to work

  43. I expected TX to av taken away dis post…There are some people you Jst Dont joke wif…Innocent Ujah Idibia(2face)? Nah Nah…I beg you in the name of any god u worship kindly apologize to 2Face,or else nobody wud app. ur good job!

  44. I having a feeling you copied and pasted this shit from some where cuss it’s not making any sense tooxclusive

  45. i don’t want to see 2baba on this fucked list before morning or else. I rest my case. #Bastardized bastard.

  46. #Yoruba goat

  47. #Yorubagoat.

  48. #Yorubagoat

  49. Tu face? Haba! I disagree

  50. Nigga raw. Lol

  51. Faze, Naeto C, Ruggedman should be on the list

  52. This Tope guy dull sha… for u d put 2baba on this list, forget lyk of dbanj nd psquare… itz lyk ya dumb… cheap contorversy, tryna boost ur ratings!!

  53. Tuface!!!!!!You mistaken guys!

  54. The writer must be a learner a particular artist can not remain 100% ontop its not possible. Where is cellin dion, where is R Kelly but it ll be stupid for any one to say they av lost their mojo.2baba remain consistent for over 20 years has any one does that? Think b4 u write o. Let’s wait for 20 years from now and see where our current trending artist ll be.

  55. Only a small boy can write this kinda article. What do u know abt the music industry. if Fela was alive you would av added him sef. And add the likes of King sunny ade, sef mumu.

  56. First of, thank you for this post, finaly someone bold enough to speak the truth. I have read through the comments and majority of the fools hwo commented never took their time to read through, they only saw the names and the cabbage side of their brian pushed them to spill their stupidity all over the comment section. All the artistes listed on here are spot on, from Dammy krane who walked into our lives with ‘My dear’ to Ligali to condom sir, then Ketchup with his show me your rozay, to coc banana or is it tuface who gave us hits for years and then suddenly went into unintended self exile, or is it Bez, we were all so excited to have bringing with him something good, something different then suddenly marital life came calling…I could go on and on. This writer couldn’t have been more right and yes, I tip my hat off for him. I want more of such rugged truth, at least one site is doing it unlike the other ass lickers.

  57. Oh and yes, the likes of Davido, May D, M.i, Should be included

  58. 2baba? Who wrote dis shit d person as tetanus in his/her brain….#officially blind ko na wetin

  59. Wande coal?? Who wrote this? I’m 100% sure u didn’t listen to wande coal’s album. You needed to compile a list didn’t u??

  60. 2baba wack die,glory still on Africa queen,no wonder he hrdly kill show outta Nigeria cos dey kp calling him legend,legend my foot,
    dbanj Top of d world and Emergency is nt enuf to kp him outta dat list, both songs dat am sure will still be played in 20yrs to nw,timeless songs

    • u belong to the class of moron i wonder hw old u r

    • lolllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz this dude is bastard at the apex level.2baba first album alone kill dbang career. Yoruba people tooooo like extreme sentiment. #Bigots

    • lolllllllllllllllzzzzzzzzz this dude is bastard at the apex level.2baba first album alone kill dbang career. Yoruba people tooooo like extreme sentiment. #Bigots

    • U be correct guy , the hype of legend they give to tuface in Naija is deceiving him big time nobody knows him outside Naija except African queen on 11 yrs ago. When u cross to African dbanj beat tuface hands down , top of the world, feeling the nigga, bother you , confidential, and emergency top charity in Uganda, south africa, kenya. Check all his releases in the last 7 yrs tuface don’t have 1million view on any song . But check dbanj songs in the last 6 yrs even inspite of hatred from jazzy fans he beat tuface in term of popularity, airplay, YouTube views

      • my guy @mandip don’t deceive yourself at all lol. dbang is no where near 2baba music wise 2baba outclass dbang. 2baba has won over 80 awards still counting. first Africa music video to be played on MTVbase. first Nigerian to win an award from America president Bill Clinton. first Nigerian to appear on Billboard album world chart. the first artist to win 4 awards in one night @Headies.the first African artist to Have an appropriate priced album. since ha 2001 till now 2baba has never gone a year without winning an award. #Mightyfact.mehnnnnn the fuck legendary list is endless. when last did dbang release an album?????? u have forgotten i guess so. even dbang himself called 2baba a living legend and a mentor. on is instagram page. go and check 4 yourself. Yoruba people will never accept the truth

      • mandfool it is not by getting million viewers on youtube or airplay winning award dosent make you d greatest dbanj it is how you inspired life of d youth and hw ur influence on d life of youth he inspired 90% of our artist today don just because some holse are viewing ur video on youtube dose nt mean u re better stupid dbanj weh no fit move his solo carrer sinse him leave mohit mumu do you know wat time is it 20years d man is still do it oh you tink is eazy go ask dbanj

    • stupid animal, you will never have sense.

  61. All I can read on that list is ignorance ignorance and more ignorance.

  62. 2face is d greatest Nigerian artist off all time no act can do music d way he does it so plz take dis shit off ok

  63. For u to have added 2baba on this list, it shows hw ignorance u ppl are and becoz u run a site where ppl download music doesn’t make u know and truly understand music, mind u dis is d beginning of the down fall of tooxclushit

  64. letter of thought.

  65. It is so convenient to sit in your room, and write up near defamatory things about people. You think it is bread and butter doing what these guys are doing? U do not consider the fact they would read things such as these? … in short, it is easier to criticize, I wonder how you, the writer would fare being in their shoes!!?..
    You can argue that this is just an expression of opinion, but in truth it is more destructive and malicious… Good luck achieving success yourself by ‘bad mouthing’ people..

  66. No one says tuface is not a legend, but like seriously his songs/albums recently are not top notch…gud write up..

  67. Ice prince should be on that list Tope

  68. Some of them I agree to, but 2baba has been moderately successful; Wande Coal and Bez too. I think the careers of the rest are over esp. 9ice. D’banj should be on this list too.

  69. wat about d banj?

  70. my guy @mansion don’t deceive yourself at all dbang is no where near 2baba music wise 2baba outclass dbang. 2baba has won over 80 awards still counting. first Africa music video to be played on MTVbase. first Nigerian to win an award from America president Bill Clinton. first Nigerian to appear on Billboard album world chart. the first artist to win 4 awards in one night @Headies.the first African artist to Have an appropriate priced album. since ha 2001 till now 2baba has never gone a year without winning an award. #Mightyfact.mehnnnnn the fuck legendary list is endless. when last did dbang release an album?????? u have forgotten i guess so. even dbang himself called 2baba a living legend and a mentor. on is instagram page. go and check 4 yourself. Yoruba people will never accept the truth

  71. 2baba and Vocal powerhouse a.k.a wande coal on dis list and d’banj is not on it… you’re fucking outta your mind

  72. Mehn Bez just lost a child (his first baby) and the poor dude still went to release that “Randomic” song and one blogger is busy in one corner writing whatever he/she want…

    Well, i can’t really blame some of this bloggers…
    Sometimes you have to look at life from another perspective!

  73. abeg 2baba no supose dey this list bcos he has been doing good songs, nd that is what he is known for.

  74. Tooxclusive like songs for teenagers and 2face no longer sing for children but adults and mature men who know and appreciate good music….Oya Make We Dey Go….2face is a legend.

  75. 2baba university in heaven is working on your DNA so dat God can still send someone like you for next generation i heard stories obout so many greate people like bob marly 2pac miceal jackson fela kuti and d great martin luther king how d inspired life i was unborn den i just want to know dat am bless to be in ur generation please tell his story to your unborn children incase the will met him

  76. Emergency by Dbanj is a hit!!! go kill your self @Brian_2dope

  77. I’m a big fan D’banj and I think bros should be here no doubt. I don’t think its wrong to have 2baba on the list, legend yes no doubt but he ain’t got that fire like he used to.(Almost like Wande Coal’s situation but 2baba still dey try small sef) And I don’t think its malicious either, its a normal process, soon to come the hotty hotties of today will be there. Spare yourself waste of whatever and replace ketchup with Icey Princey…

  78. Take this trash away

  79. hey guy can u drop a hit song let see how long u will stay on d chat

  80. Wande coal is still dope even 2baba confirm wande is the best artiste in nigeria….he might nt be singing everyday nd releasing commercials like olamide dat does nt mean he is nt good, any track he jump on is a hit…nd who u epp refix by ola nd coal was a big hit wande kill d song even olamide said dz guy don kill ma song. D list is just d writer opinion cuz I wonder why..may d,sean tizzle,olu maint,ice prince, omawumi,waje, etc are nt dere….bro please watch 2baba shows he dey kill dem nd is silence is better dan some musicians hit

  81. Wande and Tuface still doing good. Nigerians just love noise making and rubbish kpangolo songs. Fuvk off

  82. Wande and Tuface still doing good. Nigerians just love noise making and rubbish kpangolo songs. Fuvk off

  83. U r insanely stupid, hw cud u eva tink of includin 2baba on ur brain stickin list??? Hvnt u listened 2 “Officially blind”, inclusive of d refix??? U neva hear “Oya Com Make Go”??? Den u deaf reach brain… Whr is D’banj, Ice prince, joe el, etc??? Abeg com help mi wash my yansh coz I dey toilet if u no get beta tinx 2 do….

  84. The tables are turning time have really changed and I must say that it’s never easy for some these artist to evolve with the contemporary naija,2 baba and Wande coal shouldn’t be on this list wande’s last album wasn’t so bad not sure u listened to it,the thing is we are so carried away by these new bees and we simply forget these veterans pls try to give credit to who credit is due jor no ever call Wande for this kind thing abeg. No be joke oo

  85. Tuface on dis list ?
    U most b high on ur tin again.
    Where dbanj, MI, d prince, etc

  86. I cnt believe 2baba is on dis list,is like u guys are nt current or is it dat u guys jst wnt to mak him mr known to us,dat young man is a legend&he is still one&only 2baba

  87. Whoever did this list is a big fool

  88. 2baba, wande coal and sean tizzle should not be on dis list. Dey are stil making waves bez is not even an artiste.the has never made a hit in his life. So there’s no point including him. If it wasn’t for dstv i wouldn’t know he exist. Terry G’s music is no longer needed. We are all tired of his noise. Dammy krane stil dy try. At least. Issue was a he shouldn’t be here. I hav nothing to say about the rest. Buh ma wande coal is stil making hit. Even on collabo and his own music. . So wande is a mistake on diz list

  89. The writer never said those mentioned above aren’t singing no more, he just saying they’ve lost their grooves, try comparing 2 face previous songs with the recent ones, same as nice, ketchup featured davido in one of his current songs, but it’s definitely not like they used to…

    They are all lacking…
    They all seemed to be MIA..

  90. Ice Prince, somebody? Naeto C? Well Ketchup never really made it so you might as well take him off

  91. Obviously y’all dnt understand english… D article never said dese guys r no longer talented.. Only talks abt how dia latest songs are sub par , compared to d previous epic songs dey made, nd suggesting dey shld try nd go back to dat level..he gave an honest opinion to a few on his mind.
    U hav urz.. Giv urz too.. 2face is a legend no doubt, but. There’s a but he’s nt bin doing it for me like he used to.. D melodies he gave with songs like tear drops.. Or for instance or true luv, can anyone really compare dat to mr senator or any of his new songs, let’s call a spade a spade nd stop kissing ass.. We r all entitled to our own opinions.. Its ok to disagree , I dnt hav to label u with insults just cuz ion agree with ur opinion.. Dat trend shld b dead n buried abeg.. Hw come no one talks abt wizkid, i mean dat shaba was a waste of collaboration, if u ask me wizkid has fallen off,yh we had ojuelegba but dat was 2years ago, all he does now is feature in songs nd sound like someone who is screaming from a bathroomdnt kill me plz, just an opinion.. ..dnt get me started with dbanj..dudes way off… Nd yh.. Burna boy diverted like big time .. Bt den change is keen.. Some of us like it.. Some of us don’t,like I said we all hv our own opinion

  92. Nawa ooo shey Na until dey shout u know say dem sing… na lyrical content not shouting….disagree abt 2face

  93. for fuck sake mut you lots add in insult to make a point? this is uncanny!

  94. rasta no support 2baba ganja name on ur list man

  95. As dem tek chop u raw for daring to touch 2baba, shame no catch u? Hahaha hahaha…… u must delineate ur indicators for identifying an artiste who still has his mojo? So having mojo is releasing club bangers abi? What happens to music for the conscious minds…. go listen to Babylon…. so still having mojo means chart topping releases? What happens to cross continental barrier breaking contemporary pieces like ” oya come make we go?” Coded tins is not a club banger abi? An indisputably only one music mogul with perhaps the best and well scripted music concert….”buckwyld and breathless…..” he has got the best performing band aside Asa….. your preference for music for the children of nowadays is the obvious problem with 2baba…… He can’t play to your childish yearnings if you fail to grow into his league of listeners and admirers….. The same 2baba grabbing deals from all corners has lost his mojo….. perhaps the one outta many who we can buy his record to add to our already impressive catalog of music for the soul….. don’t worry I will ask him to be dropping singles so he can start winning awards for u…….. In closing, let me ask u to stick to ur lane of water melon music and keep enjoying them….

    • You shouldn’t even bother typing, People hate what they don’t understand, Criticize what they can’t comprehend… these kids started listening to music when? When wizkid dropped superstar? Or when Olamide dropped YBNL? How do you expect them to comprehend songs like ‘Come make we go?’, when it’s not ‘Omo Alhaji’ and not asking them to get wasted?.. if you can produce 2 afropop artist that has managed to stay over average relevant for over 2 decades and your memories of when they ruled the airwaves and topped charts, then we can consider your place in deciding who still has or lost their MOJO!.

  96. sean tizzle is now out bahd guy with is tizzle nation gang and a new album tittled moving forward go get urz very good music

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