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ALBUM REVIEW: Phyno – No Guts No Glory

PHYNO No Guts No Glory ALBUM REVIEW: Phyno   No Guts No GloryPhyno

Artiste – Phyno

Album – No Guts No Glory

Features – Omawumi, Flavour, Runtown, M.I, Ice Prince, Efa, Olamide, P-Square, Chigurl & Stormrex


Producers – Major Bangz, Phyno, Wizzy Pro, Chopstix, Phyno & Jay Stuntz

Running Time – 01:07:17

Record Label – Sputnet/Penthauze Records (2014)

Self proclaimed Man of the Year and indigenous hip-hop royalty Phyno Nelson finally sets his debut album “No Guts No Glory” (which is undoubtedly this most anticipated album of 2014) free. The over-lengthy album which is preceded by hit singles “Obago”, “Parcel” and awarding-winning single “Ghost Mode” features many big names in the Nigeria music arena just for presentation.

Coursed to solidify Phyno’s footing in the music industry, NGNG is an LP that oozes attention-demanding attitude, from the art direction to musical content. NGNG might not leave you in the lurch, but it will fail to quench your thirst.

Overall Phyno delivers a solid debut LP slightly weakened by so-so fillers and half baked collaborations, but read our track-to-track review for a broader view:

1.     Chibuzo (feat. Stormrex): NGNG opens brilliantly with “Chibuzo” featuring the vocals of over-looked high-life vocalist Stormrex. Although the guest did not sing, she gives an undeniable depth to the track as she assists Phyno who gives insight to the journey of his life thus far over the banging Major Bangz production. “Chibuzo” familiarizes you with Azubuike Chibuzor Nelson.

2.     Alobam: Heavy is the perfect word to describe “Alobam”. Slightly inspired by Drake’s Worst Behaviour, the declaratory hip-hop track picks up where the opening track left off, with Phyno’s edgy and attitude packed delivery intact as he shouts out his hommies.

3.     O Set (feat. P-Square): Very cheesy but highly infectious and loveable, Phyno dumbs things down on the P-Square assisted “O Set”. This number obviously was crafted with the sole intention of landing a club hit hence the star-power of Africa’s leading duo P-Square was summoned and they did just that. The Wizzy Pro produced song maybe be tagged empty and pointless but it is very needed; “O Set” will cause a frenzy and launch Phyno into international waters if treated as a single.

4.     Nme Nme: The pressure to make a high-life song is understandable but “Nme Nme” has no business being anywhere near the tracklist of “No Guts No Glory”. Average at best, the cut proclaims enjoying life yet makes the LP less enjoyable.

5.     Man of the Year (Obago): “Obago” is without a doubt one of the best tracks on NGNG. Phyno brags like true hip-hop royalty; he evens digs deep down to his origin as he spits; …East coast nigga, now I’m banging in the West”. Phyno’s performance on this record is complexly dynamic, mind-blowing and deep; he is truly the man of the year.

6.     Chukwu Na Enye (feat. Omawumi): Only God knows why “Chukwu Na Enye” is the sixth track on NGNG, only God. Why place a song with the theme of gratitude and spirituality which will work perfectly as the closing track in-between “Obago” and “Aju”? Was somebody drunk? Secondly Omawumi is a fantastic vocalist but a female with a stronger command of the Igbo language would have done a better job.  That said; the cut has its wow moments.

7.     Aju (feat. Olamide & Efa): This song was not meant to happen! It lacks the fire felt in previous Phyno collaborations with Olamide like “Dope Money” or the latter’s “Baddest Guy Ever Liveth”; and who let Efa crash the party? As expected Phyno and Olamide let out steam like animals on the super production credited to Major Bangz while Efa struggled as she delivered lines in his native dialect Lokaa, but ultimately failed to rise up to the occasion.

8.     Parcel Skit (feat. Chigurl): Skits are key elements of hip-hop/rap albums and Chigurl killed this one to say the least. “Parcel Skit” is refreshing and hilarious on different levels… Awesome!

9.     Parcel (A Big Nwa): It is safe to say “Parcel”, “Obago” and “Alobam” are the centre pieces of the album. Major Bangz lays the foundation for yet another big indigenous hip-hop anthem and “Parcel” works perfectly on the dance-floor.

10.        Kush Music: “Kush” is cut off the same cloth as the second, fifth and eighth tracks and is almost as good as them. Phyno bravely chants “you don shine your eyes?” in the chorus on the tribal hip-hop song which glorifies “kush”. Obviously the light-skinned rapper bares his love for smoke and getting high in a grand fashion that will influence even a non-smoker to bump to the track.

11.       Authe (Authentic) [feat. Flavour]: The authenticity of “Authentic” is to be questioned as international high-life star Flavour who is guest artiste on the groovy mid-tempo ear-candy, laces a hook very similar to Burna Boy’s hook in “Gba Gbe E”. Produced by Jay Stuntz, the song is very similar to “O Set” in aspect of mainstream acceptability, international appeal, radio appeal, getting the party started as well as launching Phyno properly into international waters.

12.       Anamachi Versace (feat. Runtown): The highlight of this track is the bumping production, kudos to Wizzy Pro who is also to be blamed of the groovy production of “O Set”. Featuring label-mate Runtown, “Anamachi Versace” is a pretty decent rap song about swag.

13.       Good Die Young: A solid rap album is never complete with an emotive, powerful and soulful track and “Good Die Young” does the job on NGNG. Sampling Mavin Gaye’s 1970 hit “Abraham, Martin & John”; Phyno shows a softer side as he talks about his life deeper than he did in “Chibuzo”, touching provoking topics like the death of MC Loph and more. “Good Die Young” is the kind of record that will set Phyno on the path to legend-dom and Major Bangz as a classic hip-hop producer, the production is engaging.

14.       Ojigi: “Ojigi” produced by Jay Stuntz is a filler that is hard to digest and easily forgettable.

15.       Icholiya (feat. Ice Prince & M.I): Producer Chopstix build a solid foundation for Phyno, Ice Prince and M.I to play on. “Icholiya” sees M.I show flashes of his pre-Chairman days and Ice Prince failing to heat things up with his Aboki rap-style. At end of the day Phyno steals the show nonetheless. Afro hip-hop fans will masturbate to the track.

16.       Shey U Know: Songs like this do damage to a beautiful body of musical work. “Shey U Know” is ridiculously poor attempt to create a typical love song. Epic fail!

17.       Ghost Mode: “Ghost Mode” is an energetic collaboration that arguably ignited the success of Phyno. Many do not know that the fiery track is produced by Phyno.

18.       Holiday (feat. Runtown): NGNG closes is a very dull way. The album which is already too lengthy is dragged to a boring end with a shallow typical eastern tune.

3 stars out of 5 1024x238 ALBUM REVIEW: Phyno   No Guts No GloryPhyno

Reviewed by Ogaga Sakpaide [ @Ogagus ]

0 ALBUM REVIEW: Phyno   No Guts No GloryPhyno

pixel ALBUM REVIEW: Phyno   No Guts No GloryPhyno

Posted by on March 28, 2014.


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  1. team phyno. says:

    Hey tyler, what u said bout the track “nme nme”. Is really stupid, do u knw the meaning of “no guts no glory”. Kip ur head low and reason that phrase again. Perhaps u re tryin to say in a way that phyno has alternative reason why he did the track.

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  7. chisma says:

    Kill them all. I enjoy this album even if i do not understand haussa. He got style, punch. The flow is too High. Big up !!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    D people dat review dis album are doomed 4 lif, phyno is d dopest of all indigenous rappers, d album is 100% good. Respect 2 u master.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Phyno 4. L

  10. Anonymous says:

    toiccludive is jealous pls. wait for ur time snd stoo hating

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nme nme,is deff ma fav song on d album!!!!ur review is poor

  12. Anonymous says:

    phyno move ahead 4 forever

  13. Pahzkarl says:

    Mehn! Dis review iz a dumb as f***…. Haterz wuld alwayz find sumtin 2 say…. Dis album iz xo on point,nd u re here sayin trash… I cnt believe u re sayin dis stuff… Well mayb itz bcauz u dnt undastand wat he iz sayin

  14. Anonymous says:

    Mehn! Dis review iz a dumb as f***…. Haterz wuld alwayz find sumtin 2 say…. Dis album iz xo on point,nd u re here sayin trash

  15. Fuji says:

    Is this Supposed to be a promotion or Correction …But Nice one on Nme Nme and Shey You know its better replaced with hi singles what are you waiting for-Shut Down And My cool Eva is fucked on that Verse and M.I is of no use on Aju beta replaced with Jesse Jags or other good Rappers buh Jesse is supposed to be on the Album ……

  16. Anonymous says:

    man of d year,u too much ooooo….
    e big nwa

  17. gboto says:

    Watch out for Gboto Jesus…slim igbolicky rapper coming soon..

  18. Ibunor_ed3@live.com says:

    MI is not the best naija rapper. Black Magic’s album Based on Belief better than mi2. Ill Bliss’ Oga Boss. Vector’s Second coming, Ice Prince’s ELI, etc. Y’all check.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Yeah! Let MI give us a blend of english and hausa let’s see what he’ve got…..by this criteria, phyno knocks him down……..and his album is a knockout. Phyno should have featured vector instead or jesse jagz. Man you should try doing a collabo with Sarkodie let’s see what it will be like…can’t just imagine.

  20. Michael white says:

    You can’t say that I’m is the best because, he raps only in straight english. He should try mixing-up with his local dialect Hausa let’s see what he got…! Phyno is the greatest! Olamide is good too! I just love the blending on english and local dialect. MI should try it before he could be said to match up these duo! Phyno is just coming up remember. And in the next 5yrs he will dominate the industry. Phyno is the GAME.

  21. Anonymous says:

    What happened to the songs 48, can’t you see, and cool……they are good music and should have been there in the album.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Res says:

    No rapper is lk M.I in africa beat his album den you cn come and argue@J.I na true joor I see u

  24. @lionnoble says:

    Phyno is de man year know body test him 4really. Phyno is undisputed champion not I M d Short blAck boy.

  25. scrado says:

    yung wot??…u hav otitis media….yung6ix is de embodiment of wackness

  26. Anonymous says:

    Icholiya, is jux d song I dnt like dia, bt Phyno is good, bt he gat to work sometins cos for him usin ibo is hard to get d rhyme dan yoruba, bt still yet he is doing it great, thumps up to ya…… No guts no glory man of d year…

  27. curtyz says:

    Yea…..they can’t stop u, ure like an “obago”….thumbs up bro

  28. Anonymous says:

    Xo luv d guy

  29. Anonymous says:

    phyno man oga obago ur album is vry vry good atink i love dt……kp ur work doin up….

  30. Anonymous says:

    Go boi, kudos 2 u i dei wit u ma G.

  31. Moh says:

    Am a yoruba boy,a big phyno fan,but I must confess,hez gat cool tracks dou,d icholiya song aint dope itself,pyhno,ice prince and mi no try,maybe it’s d beat shaa. But gat to work harded… I giv d album a 60%. Sure u’v gat more phyno. More greez…

  32. Anonymous says:

    6 o’clock album better than no guts no glory

  33. Mudi says:

    Gud album but yung6ix is definitely gonna win album of d year

  34. Tony says:

    @j.I u are very correct mehn M.I remains da king his albums are da best rap albums ever in africa and its yet too b beaten.

  35. Future says:

    Taa!!! Gbafuo here osiso!!!! Phyno’s album is the best album of the year, but incase iwe na ewe gi, nwanne go mud.

  36. Pedro says:

    Ever since I read Tooxclusive’s review of Tiwa Savage’s album. How they talked shits bout Donjazzy’s part in the album. How he performed bad in Eminado and how Eminado never worth it. Ever since then, I see you people as iti(s) (illiterates). Eminado later turned to be the hit song from the album. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you should try to bring the person down. As for N.G.N.G, east niggas are banging and loving it. So stop the trash u guys are writing maka una bu iti.

  37. Nuelsom says:

    Nigerian bloggers sef. I can’t believe they lack shame. How can you copy a review posted by Jaguda.com and call it your own review? How do I even believe that Jaguda never copied from anyoda source? Ok wait, all you are able to do is to change d grammatical structure, but the ingredients are 100percent the same.

    Anyway, na una sabi. As for me I like all songs in the album. Even if Phyno is only laughing in a track. In as much as I hear his huge and deep rap voice, I must LOVE. Haters you can now go down the mud.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ghost Niggar U are on point, tell Me how U did it. No human being is perfect don’t criticise the album.East coast Niggar pls keep giving us more of this.

  39. @rapojeme says:

    Review nicca, that’s too harsh jor…. But I agree wit u 2 some point. Its all gud. Everyone pls go get king Jesse Jagz’s album/Mixtape. Its #HipHop without any mistake. ?

  40. jd says:

    poor review. ji i see you mi is the fucking best

  41. Anonymous says:

    In phyno’s voice, THEY DON’T KNW!!!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Sharp u bro. 042 gat it

  43. Anonymous says:

    A’big nwa has always been a dope dude to luk out for…..nwa afo

  44. Andre says:

    Nice jod from Phyno… First album from him, he did an averagely good job tho… But for an artiste who brings indigenous rap to the western market @ dis very competitive moment, kudos 2 him…

  45. Anonymous says:

    Stop hating please you guys should go get a life…..even u wer post this preview de talk rubbish I wan ask you one question. You no how to sing even with ur own language?…I bet not

  46. Anonymous says:

    Bad Review..Great Album!

  47. Anonymous says:

    who said Aju is not hot, Efa did very very well there, itz even one of d hottest track in the album, I love phyno and badoo’s verse too. phyno nice album. but would have prefer my cool to holiday. where is paper chaser ft ill bliss. all in all nice album

  48. Sisqo says:

    Its All phyno everything…Dope all the way, I just don’t see the reason for M.I but iceprince was good anyway…#successalltheway

  49. Danbrown says:

    @J.I …i dy tl u d 2 best rap album.no body can beat it.im go soon drop d 3rd one

  50. Anonymous says:

    To me I think this is an AWESOME album no matter how d tracks were

  51. Anonymous says:

    The album is so cool am feeling it. Phyno tried his best and his best is good enough.

  52. J.I says:

    Still waiting for that rap album dat will b better dan M.I’s both album still den M.I remains the best rapper in africa period.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Love D Album
    Buh!Y Nt Features D Likes Of Davido/wizzy!
    D Album Would Av Bein D Album Of D Year

  54. Efa says:

    Honestly I love Efa’s Verse That he is not a superstar doesn’t mean you hate, even if phyno rap nonsense u would still say e make sense cos u love him, allow this guy grow biko

  55. Okadigbo says:

    Cool album… Love the tracks. Your preview is also right on point.. Big up to phyno the beast

  56. Anonymous says:

    No one is perfect. I think the setting of his tracks are ok phyno fino

  57. swagbuzor says:


  58. sam says:

    Phyno abeg na you sure pass

  59. sage says:

    dope album

  60. Anonymous says:

    Phyno simply killed every beat…. More grease. to your shoulder…..you are already-made no bi “OK”…….don’t mind those “Nose people”……that will always say something to undermine……you’ve already craved your path to legendary. You are the Naija Sarkodie!

    • sam says:

      Don’t mind them, am sur most of them don’t even know the path to the studio not to talk about writing a song and forming tunes

  61. Mr kadsol says:

    I really don’t undeestand that Amarachi song please who is the owner runtown or phyno?

    • Sam says:

      Am so sure that you are not from the eastern side. Well thats aside, phyno owns it. Well if you can understand the language then you will notice the lyrical content from the song. Every Nigerian is trying to expose the Nigerian language and cukture to other countries..
      Lets try to be reasonable. I think its high time we started writing lyrics more in our local languages. Thanks

  62. Mr kadsol says:

    To be sincere phyno featuring was nice but ice prince , m.i failed to deliver as if they were forced to spit on the track,now aju ft EFA was a big mistake olamide didn’t hit it like the way he use to, flavour killed it

    • sam says:

      Please get a life… And stop hating.
      Lets face the fact Efa tried on her own side and the choc. Boys killed. Olamide was on track there. Please listen through the lines and don’t be decieved by the beats

  63. Anonymous says:

    This guy is hot man. Am so loving the rymes

  64. Sam says:

    Thanks for that fact…..

  65. Longe says:

    Dude, u can’t say sarkodie is the Ghanian phyno because Sark came out first and he is more popular… But that doesn’t mean phyno is not good… Its just like saying Wizkid is the Nigerian Justin bieber… And lastly dnt say Phyno is better dan sark… Cuz I have heard both rap in straight English (Shut down and Aboki Remix)… Bro Sark Killed it… I still like Phyno cuz of the way he goes into the beat though I dnt hear what he says…

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