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Blackface Has A Legacy?

Posted by Jim Donnett on January 28, 2016 in Editorial · 72 Comments


Apparently, it seems Dammy Krane became the one person who woke everybody else from their slumber over allegations on material theft that have long been swept under the carpet considering how other artistes are now rising to the occasion, taking their gloves off and pointing accusing fingers.

Wizkid who was recently caught in this crossfire with the enterkraner has also come under serious heat from Blackface, a one-time and part-member of Nigeria’s can’t forget to remember trio music sensation, Plantashun Boiz. As against previous alleges which had much to do with his latest recording ‘Baba Nla’, this fresh claim has indicted his award-winning number ‘Ojuelegba’.

Although I shan’t delve into the details of his out lash (you can read all of that HERE), I couldn’t help not ignoring particular lines of commentary he made while trying to straighten out the messy cringe. So I quote him verbatim as saying;

“All they are doing is to bring down Blackface and to say that he is not relevant in the industry. SOME PEOPLE ARE BENT ON KILLING MY LEGACY. I believe there is definitely a gang-up against me in the industry and this has been going on for a long time.”

Legacy? Really.

Blackface thinks he has a legacy? I am perturbed by that thought. If by chance he’s referring to events whilst with his former crew, it still remains uncertain what exactly he was famed for in the group other than he was part-singer in the group, and complemented their trio in making sweet harmonies. I mean, anybody can do that really. Even I can.

I’m not trying to hate or bring down the person of Blackface, but from my stand point as a regular guy who found preference in the kind of music made by some dudes like that, I still can’t finger out the indelible mark or lasting impression made by Blackface either during his stint with the Plantashun Boiz or moments that led to it’s final disbandment. So what exactly is he saying?

Rather than throwing jabs at the thieves, shall we not concentrate a bit on the property owners whose negligence have cost them an assumed fortune? This Ojuelegba song is perhaps pushing 2 years in record already so why did Blackface have to wait this long before speaking out? Isn’t this the same carelessness he exhibited which led to similar alleges made over 2face’s African Queen? Oh, I just got word now that there’s even fresh allegations about yet another song sef with 2face again.


Honestly, Blackface need not bother about a non-existent legacy, nobody is trying to kill anything. Instead he should seek out ways to nip this open-handed carelessness that has now become his career bane.

Written by Jim Donnett

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  1. U this Jim Donnett guy sometimes u speak d truth other times u talk like a teenager, Blackface may not be hot rite now but d dude has a legacy bro, Leader of d plantashun Boyz nd his debut solo album was d shit….So speak not as a child we all know why he had to lay low for a while. So while u too mite b quick to quench his fire Remember wen u wer bumping Hard life….If he doesn’t have a legacy Den Daddy Shoky and a whole lot of oldies have no legacy also. But this is typical 9ja we ve nothing we value except to live in d moment.

    • Egbon, pls show US the Blackface legacy……………

    • I’m glad you mentioned Daddy Showkey who in my opinion actually has a legacy. You can like to talk to Burna Boy or even DJ Spinall, Patoranking, Terry G and hear their host tell you so much ’bout bein’ inspired by him. Even without havin’ them talk, you can see the direct influences in the style of music bein’ made today. How then can we relate same to Blackface? Who are his prodigies or understudies? Where are his mentees? Can you tell them out from today’s music crowd?

      So lemme help you with an addendum to your comment – I speak the truth, always, only that sometimes you have a personal reserve to some of the issues dealt on. Which isn’t entirely a bad thing. In as much as you’re entitled to your opinion, try to always apply some sense of objectivity. How you perceive things in your mind based on factual deductions can never be the same as issues with an obvious generality of thought. There’s a difference!

      • Now daddy shoky influenced Burna Boi nd Terry G……Really? BFN served us d cold truth as it affected Nigeria nd made us dance to it at d same damn time. So cox BFN has no artist who wud swear by him meaning he has no legacy? which makes me wonder ur definition of legacy.
        All things being equal Owo ni koko sha!

        • You’re exhaustin’! How can you not know that Daddy Showkey had (has) an influence on these peeps. You’re making valid points tho’ based on your concocted notions but the deductions are yet not factual. Thank God everything is online today, apprise yourself of available information. Or better yet just take a damn book and read!

          • @jim donnett I tink u have too short d fuck up if u hve notin to say anymore, u keep on saying negative tinx abt others, wen u knw life. Is full of ups and down…… all of una no get time to dey comment on dis idiot post….. go llook for a job man, or beta go to d studio and do a song for u and ur family.. ASSHOLE#pussynigga

  2. Gbam.. tru talk

  3. Of course legacy for smoking igboo

  4. Jim u said u ain’t trying to hate him but ur write up suggest u hate him. Why hasn’t wizkid or 2baba come out to deny d allegation. There is no smoke without fire so keep ur mouth shut. Are serious saying blackface have no legacy? We all know he wrote 60 % of plantation songs. He wroke african queen n 2baba knows dat. His first solo album was a hit n u know it. Lets b honest the guy might not have a rossy career like 2baba n wizkid but u just cant talk him down like this trash u just wrote.

    • This write-up doesn’t suggest nada. Rather your mind has objectified it as such. You’re aware 2face has ‘lready spoken, right? And Wizkid, well let’s just say he’s in that phase where he desperately needs to seek a situational address esp on issues like this. Have you tried puttin’ yourself in any of their shoes and reasonin’ things out from their perspective? My friend put on your thinkin’ cap and stop pokin’ where there are no open holes.

      • Maybe its too late to reply ur msg but u really need the thinking cap more than I do. Both tuface n blackface are fr my state n I know both of them when they were nobody. Blackface is much more cool n humble.

  5. Guy Na rubbish u write here

    • Did you actually read the post? Or you’re just goin’ by the majority of comments already represented here?

  6. Jim Donnet each time I try to see you as someone with atleast a little brain in that tight skull you just prove me wrong.

  7. Well respect to blackface but this z not how things run n the industry. Why wait after two yrs or more before u said they stole ur material,where u sleeping on ur igbo wen d music d mk waves?? u hv threatened 2 go court well than 2 waste that money to lawyers Enyia channel dat moni to music mk u blow lyk dem

    • As in, those were exactly my thoughts too. Too many things about this his late outburst really doesn’t add up.

  8. This jim donnett of a thing should not be allowed to write an article anymore. Been long I open this site again cos jim makes me angry so as my friends. You are killing tooxclusive with all this stupid words of urs. Before any good artiste now blackface has been in d game. Hit song don’t me u don’t ve a legacy. If u say he doesn’t,!!! Do your dad have a legacy? Am talking to Jim. Fuck you and tooxclusive. Abegmusic here I come.

    • Stop use luminatin level on music, jimmy wot so ever u call urself, I,m not a beger. And I we never be, dis is our country and nobody can do any how and go free, even in d eyes on GOD, u must play for forgiveness, so tll copycart to go and appoligize to the one n only BFN

      • Remember even the Bible records that ‘vengeance is mine, says the Lord’… as such, please do not feel behooved to play God by decidin’ who deserves forgiveness.

    • Stop use luminatin level on music, jimmy wot so ever u call urself, I,m not a beger. And I we never be, dis is our country and nobody can do any how and go free, even in d eyes on GOD, u must play for forgiveness, so tll copycart to go and appoligize to the one n only B F, me respect him large, massis presenter,

      • That you respect him this much doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of objectivity.

        • Hey jim, you don’t have magic in your hands… don’t think otherwise…Now, i think you also wants to get successful in your stories by bringing down blackface….#we all knows that Bad news is good news for you…..

          Think of it, Blackface wrote African Queen,….while 2face sings blackface’s emotions to annie idibia.

          Jim, do you read at-all?, your opinion can cause disaster for the next generations to come……you like it or not…it is in history that 2face is a thief.

          Jim, to be successful, You need to respect the truth…..i know you need money from your stories, but try and build a legacy like blackface

    • Oh dear, I’m sorry that I (and your friends) make you angry. It’s okay to avoid lookin’ on my posts but it shouldn’t stop you from gettin’ quality music downloads from here. Please.
      And iDon’ think it’s fair that you’d want my source of livelihood to be taken away from me.

  9. BlackFace has no LEGACY,,I think d only one he has is to ACCUSE d youngstars of stealing his songs,,He should be happy someone helped him develop his songs that he should have wasted and no one will hear about,,How many of his songs make waves in Nigeria? I beg make em relax

    • I’m really laughin’.
      Thanks for sharin’ your thought.


    • I think you’re wrong. I reserve every right to do as iDeem fit. That’s why we’re different people, we musn’t share the same views.

  11. Blackface does NOT have ANY LEGACY!!!!!!! Believe it or not, it aint putting extra cash in my wallet.*.

  12. Guy you dey talk big trash…dis Jim guy is dumb as fuck

    • This here, is an example of a very strong and myopic sense.

  13. This Jimmy no nothing about Music, saying Blackface as know legacy is Shit… Where were you when Had Life, Ahead of the Game was a hit….tooxclusive should stop this Dude

    • You’re wrong, iKnow a few ’bout this business of music and the Nigerian industry especially.
      You may not subscribe to my views on Blackface but it doesn’t mean I’m a numb skull.

  14. Forget, black face was a good artiste in is time, and maybe he has new plans to blow our minds. Sir Blackface for professional song production check us at ifoestudios +2348179369451, address 10,taoridi street of bode thomas junction.

    • New plans to blow our minds? I really doubt that. Nigga’s done and dusted up ‘lready.

      • give him a chance, are you an artiste?

  15. The only ppl who wud say blackface ve no legacy are teenagers who no hear….Really wonder if dis Jim guy has grown a beard yet!

    • Wonder no more my friend. Please check my IG handle @jimancipation and have fun perusin’ through my gallery of empirical evidence opposin’ your claims. I am #BeardGangAndProud … very proud!

      • @Jim having beards does not mean your old enough and around to have listened to BlackFace’s hits. A visit to @jimancipation showed a boy with beards and trying to grow up!! #BeardsNoBeOldAge

  16. Fuck u, u di disrespectful son of a bitch. Blackface’s got legacy

  17. Jimmy u r a shit, very stupid, if u can do wot blackface did in plantation era u shldnt av being lyk dis. U tink music is easy? U dnt worth dis job. Tooxclusive shld band u cos u r destroying dere reputation. Fuck u saying bfaze has no legacy! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • For a fact, iKnow music is NOT easy. And please tone down on the vocal filth.

  18. only teenagers will say BFN has no legacy .. Menh dat dude ws a hit , haba he gave us hard life to erima to head of the game and all those songs were hit back to back

    • LOL… iSee what you did there.
      Sadly tho’, iDoubt teenagers now even know who Blackface is.

  19. Black face has never and will never have a “legacy” in nigeria music scene.he’s the topic right now because of his false accusations and I hate such musicians,instead of uping his game and work with better producers and a better team to revive his dead and buried career he is busy pointing fingers at successful musicians.That shows how low he has gone featuring wizkid in a track would have giving him a better publicity than this but he’d rather hallucinate after smoking better wake up mr blackface.change your name,your team and look for a more positive publicity.

  20. Black face has never and will never have a “legacy” in nigeria music scene.he’s the topic right now because of his false accusations and I hate such musicians,instead of uping his game and work with better producers and a better team to revive his dead and buried career he is busy pointing fingers at successful musicians.That shows how low he has gone featuring wizkid in a track would have giving him a better publicity than this but I guess he can’t afford that so he’d rather hallucinate after smoking better wake up mr blackface.change your name,your team and look for a more positive publicity.

    • Firstly, you’re putting up posts with the name ‘Anonymous’. Obviously, you’re a coward for that. Secondly, you sound like a ‘White Elephant’ … You should use your Dictionary to find out what that means. Blackface is popular at least and you’re just a random anonymous phool. Lastly, clearly you’re not WISE!!!

      • Sigh. Carter, iThink a serious point to address would be this vile nature that is fast becoming your person. Allow Blackface some chill while you get some help for that, okay?

    • You sir, deserve a standing ovation.

  21. Blackface is wrong, let’s say the fact. Nigerians sometimes we think upside down, you want to come back into the industry, and u think these is the rightway, he should know the industry is diffrent now, some of u are saying he he’s big then, listen we all know blackface during the plantashion boiz era I even we all know them, we all grown up, we all know the remedies, all of them, but blackface don’t forget, remember when u could nt afford ur house rent anymore, when ur wife left u. These is the same mistake he made then, he did not concentrate on music, and talk too much, wake up man I love your music, I like ur song. We know u well, u should be ready to make more friends in the industry now, not enemies. U cnt make good fanz these way. Those who support ur word now are stll those who yab u then when u are down. U need to make more money now, and more fame, anytime I hear blackface music,m I told myself , these man is at top three best singer in niger, we all knw it
    He is the best singer in plantashion boiz, a word is enough for a wise,

    • Very valid points raised. But err, iDon’ agree that Blackface was the best singer in Plantashun Boiz. No, never. Not then, and definitely not even now.

  22. Jim u dey use a wise guy approach on all ur RP if truly u re d one but clearly u ve not acknowledged dat Blackface put in work in his days u never metioned any of that instead u fix ur laser on d fact dat he has no legacy….And I wont be surprised if u say Eedris has no legacy. I respect ur opinion but I think u re just trying to kill BFN’s vibe, if d music industry was lucrative den I wonder if u wud ve dis opinion plus e’one pointing the fact dat BFN did his thing u really cudnt careless abt wat dey said but those who share ur tuts na APPLUDISE for dem. So I think either u re being paid to trash him or u just hate him like dat. Jah Bless

    • Again, you’re wrong. Eedris Abdulkareem has a legacy. Ask Vector, even M.I, they’ll tell you how he was one of the revolutioners of the early rap school in Nigeria.
      Can you have a legacy without nothin’ or no one to show for it? Even Wizkid, young as he is already has a legacy in the works. Maybe yes, Blackface must have put in work, serious work for a fact but it prolly just wasn’t enough or legacy worthy. I mean, do you even know what you’re sayin’? Are you fully in the know, the context of legacy that is being referred to here? And I’m not even talkin’ about it’s literal meanin’. That you saw him to be a buddin’ star in his prime isn’t an automatic guarantee to be labeled for a legacy.
      See, the music industry has always flourished. It’s always been lucrative from day inception. Only that it continues to update itself with the event of time and seasonal changes. We say nothin’ or no one lasts forever, yet things such as memories do. You can say mine doesn’t serve me well but then again, that’s debate entirely for another day. Regardless, the information iHave exposited herin this post is nothin’ but the cold truth. You can choose to accept it… or perhaps not! Anywhichways, I couldn’t care much less.

  23. Jim I feel you re kinda biased. . .Just cuz Blackface is having issues now doesnt mean he doesn’t have a legacy. . .#theTRUTH

    • Well Jess, that’s entirely your opinion and iRespect that. But lemme ask one question, what is this legacy y’all so speak of about Blackface? Can anybody tell me? Can you, Jess?

  24. Jim ur write up couldn’t hav been more on poin..!he just wants publicity when his career is already buried 12ft under.Legacy my foot!!…Jim na BaBa nla u be

  25. Life is relative,y the guy only gave his view on blackface and wat ever he has written does not change the fact about BFN .stop the insults.I believe BFN is a DOPE musician and he has legacy.

  26. did really wrote african queen? tu face should give straight ans on this yes or no… n stop beating around d bush.. i respect tu face very well but he should just tell us we want to know

  27. Prolly a bit late to comment but reading through your post clearly shows your thought. for one thing am not in support of calling out fellow artist for any reason, let your vibes do the talking for you. As for legacy, clearly shows when you started hearing music and your type of music. To have THE BEST group in Nigeria then is a Legacy. You acknowledging that there was once a defunct group called Plantashun Boiz is a clearly. I still bump on them tracks till tomorrow. As one of ur commenter said..if music was lucrative like now only God knows where they wouldda been. If he was able to keep a group with a more vibes for more years than the Remedies, Immaculate et al is a legacy. Another you forgot he is one of the pioneers of a record label in form form of a group Trybunal like we have now in Mavin, EME etc..that’s a legacy. that he never has good advisers and always wants to be different doesn’t mean he has no legacy.

  28. u are a fool jim for sayin black dont hv legacy. u went to school but knw nothin, i pity ur perent who spent thier had earn money on u. go back to school again g

    • Smh there shuld be age limit to Internet access cos for you to post that type of comment you’re obviously too young

  29. Imagine talk, blackface has been dull for a long time… his name is still there, he just needs to work hard.

  30. I didn’t even know black face sang songs talk less of legacy, wait dude has an album wow.

  31. Jim, i cannot argue about the non-existence of Black Face’s legacy, but that is probably the only thing you wrote that is way beyond the intellect of a 10-year old boy. Who assembled the group, who is the leader of the group. I would like to meet you in person. Some blind love we have for tuface at times makes him untouchable even when he is extremely wrong. Well he is tuface and can get away with anything even murder. To you Jim, do not write off you head alone, make deep research some of us have spent our entire life following the industry.

  32. D problem wit d 9ja music industry is d@ 70-80% of d music listeners r illiterates. I neva pass by any of ur articles without reading them bcos most tyms it’s lyk u take words ryt outta my mind. No dey make urslf suffer dey argue wit someone whose dopest rapper is an Ice Prince or Olamide (pun intended). D@ aside, dis Blackface guy mata don dey tire pesin, abi na only him songs dem dey steal? Just seeking attention I fink.

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