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Four Nigerian Singers Who Actually Can Not Sing

Posted by Temitope Delano on April 12, 2016 in Editorial · 153 Comments

Good music, anywhere in the world, brings life to the saddest of soul, safe to say, Music is life. Now when you want to rate a music as being good, the first criteria on the list will definitely be the voice. A good voice is etched in timbre and tone and can withstand the heaviest of pitch be it high or low.

Good music makes you stay in that blue or pink buble, that place you feel safe and hapy at all time, which makes listening to a bad song make one feel likestanding under a tap and allowing the water run into your ear drum.

It beats me when I hear people comparing a terrible singer who sounds like he or she swallowed a huge fish and decided on using alcohol to wash it down to an excellent vocal powerhouse singer all because the latter is selling more record…till date, am stil at a loss.

We will be using the number one criteria of good music (Voice) today to list five top artistes who are the worst singers yet in the industry.

N.B This is not a hateful post, I actually do love some of the artistes on this list.


  1. Davido: Except most people want to lie to themselves will they claim this fine and successful gentleman is a good singer, lets face it, Davido, is a terrible singer. Some would want to claim it’s because he has a raspy voice…no child…its just clear, he is a terrible singer. When he sings, it sounds like mid aged Patrick Star of Spongebob Square pants series.


2. Kcee: Yeah, he got away with the Limpopo song and felt, ‘Hey People are enjoying me, why not keep on making people fall into coma every time I sing and make my money’ hence Bureau de Changer. No argument, no debate…Kcee, should stop singing already, but again, I think with training, he can get there. You can do it Kcee, we believe in you.



3. D’banj: No doubt you are an entertainer, but no sir, singing is a no no. D’banj, sounds like an over-riped mango sometimes having its skin peeled off aggressively with a screw cork instead of a knife.


Lola Rae Egwu Screenshot

4. Lola Rae: I have listened to her songs over and over again and all I can think of is barbie dolls making funny noises but then I realized its just her voice.

This list is solidly based on my opinion. Which singer do you guys think should make the list.

Written by: Tope Delano

Twitter handle: @Tope_Delano

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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Tope Delano, is a creative content writer/editor at She is a graduate of English and Literary studies who enjoys writing and listening to music. When she is not writing or listening to music, you will definitely find her reading or watching a romantic comedy movie
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  1. Tope delano or warrever ur name is..tot i was gonna c don jazzy’s name 1st,,d’banj dnt knw how to sing,dn sing ur own..

    • Don jazzy na producer and backup singer so no talk too much

  2. devil go punish who put dbanj name for d list…ur generation nor go do better thing for life again….writing rubbish.

    • God punish d madman weh put d banj name for that list…what do u mean a whole coco master u smoke…

    • dude chill.. act matured do U av to U abusive words

  3. Plsss listen mr writter there is a difference btw being a good singer and making good musik and that’s what davido kcee dbanj has done in the past making good musik with what kinda voice they have bcus that’s wat really matter,so let them be mr writter!cus I don’t really buy the idea of dx article bcus dx article was made jux to reduce there profile,common mr writter there a bera tinz to waste ur ink on!

    • So true man

  4. lol anony……wen I see Dbanj I shock………omo Dbanj good like die……..u viewing rubbish u go sing yha own naaaa nama

  5. The truth is bitter tho d list is right but not complete they are still others.just because u can make hit songs does not mean that u can sing(like d writer defined singing having a good voice)

    • Op please give us ur criterias dat makes one a good singer????? Dbanj sang oliver twist nd d whole world of music danced to it,!! Op I guess u r a better judge of musician dan G.O.O.D music nd universe music????? Bro wtf did u eat or take today????? See haterz ooo nd I swear u ve davido nd dbanj on ur playlist,,,, mofo get a life nd stop spewing shiiit on d internet btw who hired dis dullard??????

      • Nice One

      • Mr. Man you know nothing about music… Making good music is Different from knowing how to sing… Oliver twist no doubt is a good song in all ramifications… And moreover it happens everywhere in the world. With good packaging even if you can’t sing you can become a star… And the guys above are good examples of good packaging not good singers…

        By the way where is the G.O.O.D music you are shouting about today? Didn’t they dump is ass?

        • You lie bro bring good music to the world and you say he is aint no good singer mean you kinda high

  6. Guy,talk something wa sweet #leavesongfordavidndbanj

  7. Plsss listen mr writter there is a difference btw being a good singer and making good musik and that’s what davido kcee dbanj has done in the past making good musik with what kinda voice they have bcus that’s wat really matter,so let them be mr writter!cus I don’t really buy the idea of dx article bcus dx article was made jux to reduce there profile,common mr writter there are bera tinz to waste ur ink on!

  8. Hmmm, the writer is actually on point tho. D’banj is definitely debatable….he’s obviously a better singer than those on the list. Good article nevertheless.

  9. Hey writer/hater, you forgot yo fada for dat list.

    • lollllllllllllzzzzzzzzzzz u bad gon

    • nigga u b baddest

  10. others including bracket

  11. Totally agree with the list. In fact it’s missing a whole lot of artistes who fool us with a lot of studio editing and fine tuning. Like he said the article is based on VOICE not the quality of their music. Don’t let simple english be your problem. Stay blessed.

  12. verrrrrrrrrrrrrry correct davido voice is too faaaaaaake dbang na end worst pass. I love this post. wittiful write up.

  13. we all knw dat dbang bought that award e won @mama’s last year.

    • How much oga?????

  14. davido go beg wizzy for better voice.#failed voice.

  15. I know that only Yoruba thugs are the ones that is going to hate this post. #truthisbitter#

    • Ode,oponu..u b ibo boy abi,,idiot kcee na yoruba shey?? instead make u use brain think na ur yanch dy control ur hand…

  16. d bang u better go and learn from ur legend 2baba b4 ur career end like a famous pornstar .same with dumb OBO.#receivesense#

  17. I don’t even want to know who tha fuck wrote this,i no this is frm a bitch or the bitch ass Nikka type,fuck your generation for listing those their name starts frm the they are the best thing to ever happen to ou industre,you here saying rubbish

  18. The person that posted this is just a bad bells, if they can’t sing plss wat can u do, can u even sing a worship song. Plss don’t criticise people

  19. And don’t forget psquare.

    • Ur fada…if there is any artiste I dnt enjoy pple tlkin shit on…is P’square

      • ur mama smelly nyash, idiot, i go talk am again, psquare cnt sing to save their family

  20. Please tooxclusive should stop this kind of articles. We have worked hard to build a music industry. Make una no use una bad mouth pursue foreign investors that are willing to invest on our artiste. Abeg oga writter and tooxclusive

  21. leave dbanj out of d list pls…even davido is good in hook and hardlips…so dat still make him a better singer

  22. D list is spot on! Buh u 4got vava voom 4rm skuki! Nigga shld b toppin dat list. Lol. No hard feelings skuki.

  23. Davido can actually sing most of y’all av forgotten that Carolina chorus or Daddy with reminisce this writer is very dumb

  24. Fuck haters

  25. i believe this writer wants to use Davido and Debaj’s name to be popular. Debanj is the only artist known outside the shores of Africa. irrespective of whether they have good voice or not. therefore, we need to celebrate him and the rest not bring them down. dammyflex.

  26. The list is correct since the writer is base on voice so don’t misinterpret just read with understanding before u make any comment. A good singer can sing any thing e.g 2face,psquare etc aside studio work they can deliver. Davido has a very crack voice which involve a lot of studio work to get it wright, ,Dbanj uses auto tune which help fine tune his voice ,kcee uses auto tune also. They all have good music but not good vocalist.

  27. Mr writer u are very dumb fuck yhu……dbanj,davido nd kcee de have a nice voice…….mr writer I tink u should go nd sing ur own song let’s listen to it nd dnt 4get to tag it mr writer…….dumb ass

  28. D banj is not supposed to be here

  29. all i have to say is that if all this artists mr writer mentioned and other people mention are not good singers where are those artists me and you are proud of ,remember those days we used to listen to foreign music are their voices better than we Nigerian? question is high time we begin to appreciate ourselves there no way everyones Voice can be the same thing, they all doing great jobs, one more thing mr writer be careful how you post things

  30. Runtown own worse pass* #Lolz
    D list is so true, na voice d writter carry rate Dem so he’s on

  31. i concur

    • u are rite

  32. who kon sabi sing if david, d’banj, kcee no fit sing afta dom don bang multiple awards & endorsements. u kon dey post stupid tinx.reason b4 u post

  33. dis one na bullshit

  34. Wack writer wack lost of you talk of voice davido and dbanj gat no voice but has melody they can sing very well rubbish writer rubbish post

  35. you should stop posting rubbish
    they have bad voice doesnt mean that people dont trip for them.
    Nawa for this Nigerian backbitters ooo.
    U wey u get good voice abeg enter industry make we see ur outcome

  36. Im sorry Mr. Writer but you just cant base music on just VOICE….there is so much more to music than that.
    If music was ever based on just voice, then should know there are some grammy winning artists with dbanj/kcee typa voice.

  37. Fuck the aticle

  38. anybody hating on this post is a fool, because, before u comment pls make sure u read, don’t just check out the heading and the list and start heating because u saw Davido on the list ,this article is about voice ,not the quality of the song, and even a deaf man ,just by feeling the vibrations from the speaker can tell that Davido’s voice is wack. so stop losing to yourself, even davido will feel embarrassed if you praise his vocals.

    • wich one ur sing??9 go put mic 4 ur mama mouth mk we hear her own voice..ode oshi,tapa,buffon.#bad_belle..

  39. Thatz hw our so called hit makers flopped on the South Africa xenophia song cos it was time for vocals. Esp Sean Tizzle(Tissue) Lol! Ok bye.

  40. Korede Bello was here too

  41. this has got to be the lamest article ever..
    filled with bull shit…you’re lame bruh.

  42. Mr hater calling urself a writer if u ar so good in writing we would have recognize u here in Nigeria not to talk of Africa*all the artists in ur list voice and good songs was d main reason we recognize them..or do u mean to tell me sony record don’t know anything about good music? better go and look for something else 2do and stop deceiving ur self *looser*

  43. Please Mr writer,Everyone shouldn’t sound same,they are all good at singing,Davido can really jump on any genre of music and it comes smooth,forget about the voice ish,u really musnt rate an artist with voice,types of lil Wayne are good artists irrespective of the voice,wen u wanna talk about a good singer,you have to consider his ability to deliver and not his voice,at least his Davido’s songs have won multiple awards,so long as the music is pleasant,danceable and got content and good message,then you have no choice than give it to them. Dbanj’s problem is just what to sing,for me he’s a good singer…please revisit your post ideology.

  44. may d

  45. what the writer said is true this guys are not singers…i have never seen good singer like wizkid and 2face and wanda coal..if dbanj is good why did he went to coma after he seperated with don jazzy…

  46. wanda coal left donjazzy mohit and he has been giving us good songs all the while, not forgeting how he killed patoranking my wonan my everything…wanda coal you are such a great musician, will love to see you receive award in newyork..dbanj has been giving us wake song since he left mohit…

  47. Whoever wrote this should check an advanced recognised dictionaring for the meaning of sing. Then re-write

  48. Their voices are fine bt they do not use it in its correct capacity. Davido is excellent at back up. He makes me love evn d wackiest of music. Don jazzy too. In a choir, evryone has diff voices but wen blended together it sounds…awesome. I dnt evn fancy those ‘Celine dion’ kinda voices. Too shrill.

  49. This writer don’t have a very good point to back his article up. cos if you can just answer this question “what makes them famous and known??? Are they footballers??? It’s not everybody that will be a soul lifters when they sing. Even most musicians as we might say have never been able to get to the level where these people attained. maybe I would have support you if you say they’re not musicians.. many can’t differentiate been a musicians from artists thou.. lols

  50. I make hits and am nt a gud singer…. Dis is why I hate Nigeria… Stupid bloggers… Stupid followers.. Sing ur own gud music and let’s hear… Mofo

  51. I think I just lost an IQ after reading this Post.

  52. Can Fela sing? Must someone sing like R-Kelly before u knw dey can sing? Different voice for different genre of music. The mentioned names hv good voice for their genre of music. Am a fan of any of them. U will also say Blackmagic, John Legend, Timi n Praize dont hv singing voice too.

  53. d’banj is a terrible singer.he had made hit songs in d past but lately d’banj’s music has been xo disturbing……. sometimes wen I listen to hz latest songs I still can’t believe it….dey r xoooooo terrible…maybe he should go back to don jazzy (jz saying)

  54. Whoever compiled this is very stupid and jobless, who your rating don epp? Oloshi

  55. But i still dont understand why kiss daniel lip sync alot on stage tho

  56. Just wasting your time on something useless who even asked to tell us that they have bad voice while not go and sing let’s hear your voice don’t allow use harsh words on u rubbish

  57. Sometimes I wonder what Nigerian fans are upto,cos this is totally rubbish,How could judge artistes just because you dont like them and their songs perhaps who are you to judge cos we have different taste so you can tell me to listen to your favorite,I`m so sure if one of this artists you just mentioned help one of your family this wont come out pls dont be enemy of progress!!!

  58. There is a clear distinction between having a good voice and being a good singer.
    Davido might not be blessed with the silkiness of Timi Dakolo or the suave of 2Baba, but he is a very talented singer and he sure knows how to make beautiful songs.

    D’Banj is unique, and I find it quite repulsive that you say he is a bad singer. How many singers out there would perform better on “on top of the world”, “Oliver Twist”, “Why Me”, “Fall in Love” etc.. those songs are not just classics but they were well delivered.

    You need to do a proper analysis on what singing is about before you can decipher what good singers are, and clearly from your post, you are a very poor judge of talent and a bad writer.

  59. I support the write up it is true, I know why he included d banj simply because d banj backup singer was Don jazzy his previous albums I knew it already, but d banj is not a bad vocalist dou, his voice is OK compared to the rest. the rest got lucky in the music industry.

  60. The person way write this article no get sense. you no add Don jazzy and Co name, you go write Dbanj and David.
    when will you get sense?

  61. Lola rae is a good singer …#fact

  62. oh my god! dis list na s***t these guys kcee davido and d’banj has done a lot in d music industry let’s 4get their voice or tone pls 4 god sake leave dem alone they are making their money

  63. All these yoruba boys, always hiding from the truth just to protect their own….. The article is correct and speaks raw truth… Recording hit song doesn’t qualify you a good singer! Mumu people…

  64. The writer isn’t a Tope delano anything .. He’s probably a stupid igbo boy that has nothing to do. Imagine putting d’banj and kcee on the list.. Better tell us ur real name bastard

  65. Holding back the urge to let out the bluntness bolstering in me now.i will just tell the writer ‘what have you now achieved”

  66. Fuck u dat put D’banj name there god go punish ur life idiot Smellos, Emergency no B hit

  67. Hmmm

  68. its painful to see how our people think ,how many of you can teach you little children to listen to most of this nonsense this guys are singing .what song can you really pick that you can teach your child from the one dbanj and the once davido has sang .

  69. if all of dem can’t sing who u EPP?

  70. Fuck ya’all dumbass mohfoz, supporting dis wack blogger. If he/she really meant to rate dem thru dia voices then people like 9ice, psquare, donjazzy e.t.c should top the list.
    Musik has really gone beyond that man, davido with his cracked voice produces much mor good sound Dan wizkid, likewise nice too, our voices are different dats y there are different bases in muzik.

  71. Na wa o!!! See wetin dis NAMA dey talk,u no get work?? Comon men b proud of wat u av,& lets encourage each order,bt if u tink u r enemy of progress,pls short up & stop sayin nonesence…been an artist no b moi moi o broda

  72. You are very much correct Mr writer cos all of them on your list here are just opportunist…. All of you criticizing the writer can do better than Dbanj, Davido, kcee and even more people in the entertainment industry he forgot to mention not that I don’t like their music buh this is just the truth.. You guys should just accept the fact that they are just opportunist not a good singer

  73. IDIOTS

  74. I concur….9c write up

  75. Stupid song…!

  76. Some People are just senseless sha for putting davido n dbanj in d list why dnt u kuku put oritse femi n olamide in it n see what people will do for you idiot!
    we all listen to dbanj #why me,fall in love,oliver twist,bother u,feeling the nigga,knocking on my door etc and we love it even including u tope abi u cn swear that if u dnt love d songs make thunder u abi u wan tell us say u never dance to skelewu,gobe,etc before

  77. skuki!!!!!!!!!!! those two are d worst they should be @ number one, dey are truly terrible. I so much agree with ur top four, nice one.

  78. Someone will just sit down and type rubbish just to get peoples’ attention. So Dbanj with more than 20 hit songs no sabi sing abi? Someone who has been thrilling his fans since 2004 no sabi sing? Say something else. Songs like top of the world, oliver twist, olorun maje, and many more are enough to disprove this article.

  79. don’t think saying trash about people life can popularize you. d banj is note an artist for your mouth,in short you are a naive

  80. Dis guy should stop saying this things David is making his money and he is here writing articles imbecile.

  81. I need someone to suppot me in my music.i am a singer,igbo raper and composer.

  82. tope you can not blow if you try to make a mistake in entering music.. stop casting others… Young Jobless Writer. u can’t write I swear!

  83. I never wanted to reply to dis senseless fool dat wrote dis article maybe he wasnt thinking straight.. He forgot in a rush dat people have different vocals. Choirs in d church have different voices.. U are pretty foolish

  84. Dbanj can’t sing period ,why do you thing kanye west dropped him out of good was don baba jazy’s beats that hid dbanj’s inability to sing all the while.Now look at all the effort he puts in to put out an average song like emergency. Let kanye west sign on wizkid and see! He wont let him ever go.the boy is a genius .see how swizz beats loves this boy called babanla

  85. I Believe Evwi One Has A Unique Voice ,u Cnt Expect Evwi 1 To Sing The Same Way , Davido Voice Might Seem Hoarse Buh Uses It To Deliver Wel So #Watdafuck#

  86. Tope or wat do u call yourself, u should look for something to do with your life instead of judging these successful ladies and gently men. whether they are good singers or not they are making that wave… come 2 think of it have u ever been to the studio before, do u even how 2 sing abeg go fuck urself ” WHO U EPP”

  87. Lola Rae s got a nice voice. She was successful with it at America’s got talent #TalentedBae.. Dban’j doesn’t need a magical voice for his songs, his voice is great and fit for his hits pls #TheKing.. Ever met a guy whose every song is a hit? Davido is bae pls, whats the use of your sweet voice when you can’t give us back to back hits with it like OBO does everytime #TheBest.. People keep hating on Kcee cause of a few below par songs and his self confidence taken as arrogance yet hes doing very fine in the industry with hits #Boss… This guys are great guys, No offence writer but your article just seems more like you’re hating.

  88. Whoever wrote this should go get a job and stop hating wtf man…

  89. supported more especially Kcee

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