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Why The Nigerian Music Industry Might Not Deserve A Talent Like Burna Boy

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Is Burna Boy talented?

Asking this question feels like crossing a river to get water. It’s a fact that we all know; even the spirikokos, if it were a heaven or hell type of question, would acknowledge that Burna Boy’s music stands out from the ordinary.

So instead, I put up an opinion poll on the TooXclusive website asking what feels like a more engaging question – “Burna Boy or Wizkid…Who Is More Talented?’

Even I that asked the question had to do a double take to be sure that it is Nigerians and not aliens that are actually acknowledging the abundance of Burna Boy’s talent, even to the point of rating him ahead of the can-do-no-wrong Wizkid on the scale of talent deposit. Wonders will never cease o, so Naija people know just how amazing the guy called Burna is, but they’d still not come all out for him like they do for the likes of Wiz and Davido.

So why is he so slept on, or is it a thing of character? I wouldn’t know for sure but I need no one to tell me that walking out of award ceremonies and sponsoring a robbery attack on another singer aren’t exactly reports that endear you to the fans. These are some of the acts that has soiled Burna Boy’s name overtime and maybe it explains why his music suffers in the area of listenership.  But the ‘bad boy’ rep cannot be the reason his following doesn’t match the size of his talent. Some of the artistes we even refer to as A-listers, the ones with bulky following, have their fair share of controversies and wahala too.

Burna Boy, they say, is a hot spur whose hyper-masculinity causes his abundant talent go to waste, but really, a lot of his troubles are mere consequences of his nonconformist character. Take a look at the incident at the 2013 Headies award ceremony where he walked out of the hall after losing the Next Rated award, which is supposed to be our crystal-gazing at the future star, to Sean Tizzle. Burna Boy got the labels, ‘proud’, ‘arrogant’ and all sort of words that I can’t even write but fast forward to 2018 and you’d wonder if it was Akure weed or ogidiga that blurred people’s vision from seeing that Burna Boy had a strong point.

I mean, despite all the ‘trouble making’ and even with the tough battle of self, Burna Boy has kept his music output fresh and chilling. Usually, his materials come forth with all shades of brilliance. Ask your favourite artiste, if he/she would like a Burna Boy verse and you are sure to get a “hell yeah” and an excited look from him/her. I mean – that Burna Boy’s talent qualifies him to be in the class of the industry favourites, is as plain as the nose on your face. If it were a place where genre diversification is appreciated and out-of-box thinking was rewarded, Burna Boy would probably be the one enjoying the rave Wizkid is enjoying in Nigeria, today.

Our guilt isn’t far away and that’s why we always have to answer questions on whether he is underrated or unappreciated.

Burna Boy just does not make the kind of music we appreciate around here. His music isn’t what seems to have become the unofficial ‘Nigerian sound’ -Afro Pop music, and he is not interested in bending over or diluting his sound for the sake of penetration – it’s not in the character of nonconformists like him.

Why do we not rate him well when the polls show that Nigerians agree he is more talented than their most celebrated artiste? – what’s his sin? The measure of objectivity in the poll result alludes to the point that Oluwa Burna is unmatched talent-wise and he makes commendable effort to put out material but he doesn’t offer what most of us want so we move on to the suppliers of our needs.

It’s almost a case of meeting a trader who is so serious and conscious about selling a well packaged Mathematics textbook to you, when what you need is a novel. Naturally, you’d move on to another trader who might even be uncaring, rude or arrogant with his/her approach but as long as he/she sells the exact thing you visited the market for, you’d sha bring money out and pay. It is an unfortunate twist that sees a lot of fans say ‘oh Burna Boy is good,’ ‘he is amazing’ and all but their playlist shows betrayal.

It’s a not-ideal relationship, it’s an unfair one in which one party is giving but the other is not interested in taking, leaving all the beta beta offerings to fall to earth – such a shame!

Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke

I have magic in my hands and I'm excited to be sharin' it with the world.
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  1. E carry cult matter for head, that why is music is shaking in Nigeria

    • Since the creation of this site,this is the most stupid comment

  2. my sabi boy sure die.too sure. Oluwa Burna

  3. Burna heading for something bigger… Watch 2018… After he gets his international discovery it’s all over…. Nigerians would now have to start reclaiming a son of the soil that stood the same grounds with us and spoke about what was actually going on.. And we could relate but Because of whatever reason because of sentiments and bias we would regret all those ill thoughts, cos he really is like u and I with our very own vices, I’m happy to see at least now we can’t deny the obvious talent, some wish they could.. Burna still hasn’t blown truss me when burna’s time starts… U guys would realize that he wasn’t on leveling grounds.. I pray he just focuses more on his career than any other negative energy looking for him to slip up…#diamondInTheRough #BurnaTotheWorld

  4. Burna boy be my mandemr ??

  5. FACT

  6. Burna boy moiving forward this year

  7. No doubt Burna Boy has been the most developed artist from Nigeria. His sounds and flows beats those of our everyday celebrated musicians.

  8. Man like burna is rare in d industry when we talk of music dat make sense#burnatodworld#

  9. I wrote sometimes ago on your page that burna boy is the most underrated artist in Africa ,especially in his mother’s land,but don’t forget the problems he’s having it his type of music, I’m quite sure about that but I think he’s heading in the right direction. He once said he writes his songs for his fans alone which I’m proud to be one of them

  10. Love burna boy for sure I’m not surprise some people choose to listen to him now because the Truth will always reveal itself. Love burna all day and I can boost of having about 40 of his song on my playlist , I can sure kill for him.@AkpoborAmos

  11. Man burna boy to the ? earth I find no word to explain how good is his ?? ????

  12. I love burna boy and his kinda music

  13. burns boy has believers and not fans! all this things about him and WizKid is all uncalled for, they’re far from each other, check songs like freedom, run my race, down to this time DejaVu , heaven gate, Ye. he killed the Afro section of Nigeria music with this songs, Burna boy should never be compared with any other artiste! he’s a young Legend!!!! Burna boy lyrics flows in my blood!!!! I’m a strong believer !!!!! dejaVu

  14. Since 2012, i have been a die hard Burna fan. I aint sleeping on him. The guy is dope AF! I got 133 Burnaboy song features and all…
    He’s my GOAT!

  15. Definetelly he owns dis year 2018

  16. Much love @Burna but still @STAR BOY all the way ??

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