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Our Female Artistes Are Sleeping While The Males Are Stinking! (MUST READ)

Posted by Jim Donnett on April 29, 2015 in Editorial · 146 Comments


‘Eeeyyysss, hold it!
Before some o’ y’all begin to talk your dirty trash back at me, lemme be clear that not all the photos represented have a thing to do with this piece. I just loved particular copies too much that I couldn’t but stitch them up in a grid. Then again, they must have slept or stank at some point before the second coming of the messiah. So really, mas que nada!

I watched the African remake version of “We Are The World” and everytime I saw a Nigerian, with Tiwa Savage, Praiz and Yemi Alade being the exceptions… oh Emma Nyra too, I had to ask myself ‘but why?’
But why, Sean Tizzle why?
But why, Banky W… and why the bazinga, Kcee why?
Even to the assemblage of what I’ve chosen to term the M.U.M.U pack – not excluding D’Prince, Patoranking, Mosa, Iceberg, Di’Ja and Reekado of course (by the way congrats on your convocation!) I asked why, why, why? While these one were probably too excited to have featured in one of the world’s most classic tunes, the other Africans usurped the privilege and showed off their impressive music skill. It pained me so badly that out of the mighty army of Nigerians that stormed the recording, we had to be properly schooled by the South Africans who clearly possess better vocal skill and musical appreciation than we do.

Our faith and strength now lies in the ingenuity of the producer to mask our vocals with computer-aided assists and studio edits. These guys can’t sound nearly as nice and melodious as they do in their studio records and they find it difficult replicating the stunts they managed to pull off in it. As if it isn’t shameful enough that we pride ourselves on empty nothings, we brag loud about things that might only happen should we wake up one beautiful morning to purple skies. Has anyone wondered why our international features are restricted to rappers alone? Do we think we can stand compete with well-bred, seasoned vocalists? That’s even reaching for the stars. Let me come down to our level. Can our vocalists stand a healthy compete with themselves not to now talk of the Grammy winning kind? Is it by singing applaudise and sampulu that we think we’re going to nail a spot on the Grammy’s list? Each and every one of us shares blame in this menace that has become our industry – from the dictating folk at the top, to the players and right down to the fans. Let’s face it, our industry may have grown in terms of technology and software, but it’s people haven’t evolved. We’ve only succeeded in shifting base from one level of low to a new level in low.

It’s become common place for our artistes to claim certain levels of versatility because they thought well to revamp a stale craft. Take Banky W for example, since he started this his I’m not even a rapper something, he has eroded the true essence of his powerful tenor and scampers now for the lower octaves like Mariah Carey (the great) sometime did. At least he can actually sing unlike Sean Tizzle who I’d always been scared to hear what his raw vocals would sound like when D’Tunes isn’t saving it’s ugliness with all the power in auto-tune. So you can imagine my villainous excitement when I learned that he too can croak like a dirty frog after I saw him in that video. Very scathing stuff. Worse off, these are the things that our generation up-comers center their beliefs on. That if it isn’t done this way or like this, then one wouldn’t make it. I wouldn’t hesitate to point accusing fingers at talent scouting platforms; those who have swallowed their vision for birthing new actual stars and short-changed that for admission of a bunch of wannabes and conformists. Talent hunts should be on a mission to seek out the misfits, the rebels, the radicals who are then groomed vigorously through a becoming process but instead, they’re after pretty faces, guys with nicely curled or frisked hair and girls that look good even in cheap makeup.

Can we be liberal enough to draw the line between hate and honesty? If we can, then we’d have begun the first step to solving one of our people’s greatest problems – that is heralding and patronizing mediocrity! So when I say Kcee needs to pump all that money into a men’s bespoke tailoring label instead of music, nobody would say I’m hating. And when I address issues like Burna Boy, Lil Kesh, Iyanya, D’Banj, Ice Prince and Wande Coal, people would reason first rather than cast pebble stones that date far back as my ancestral heritage and all the way back to my generation unborn. We need to open the eyes of our minds and see that we’re a people full of nothing but stinking shxt. The men who talk a big game have been neck deep in this dung for long and the women have been sleeping on top of it. We’ve slumbered too long and it’s time to wake up. Emma Nyra needs to wake up and move past Ubi Franklin in his role play of ‘the victim’ because those millions still won’t bear him (or her) the desired fruits. Same thing for Eva, it mortifies me that I haven’t got her totally figured out but she needs to stop sleeping and get her shxt in check. Times are changing fast. We have the likes of Yemi Alade already taking lead while some Simi chic is lowkey scheming for a takeover. It’s in the same vein that the Mya K’s, the Kolly Dee’s and Barry Mayne’s have strongly opposed to back benching or playing second fiddle because they came to an early realization that they are to make the industry, not the other way round.

Nigeria is supposedly the bedrock of promotional music in Africa, so how is it that we’re the ones doing the major undertaking when it comes to actual music affairs? Is chuking me bad bad, iNo teh yhu lie! You shudda seen that video, how those other guys (I mean the South Africans) washed our hands clean and wiped them dry the way and manner they displayed their talents. This our commercial style of music does nothing to advancing the creativity of our music intellect – either by prowess or skill. It’s like getting trapped in a prolonged holocaust and for us, success is measured by who attains a newer feat in defining the peak of mediocrity. The pioneers of this new music movement sought to dodge a curve ball but ended up taking a wrong turn and have remained on a steady miss thence on. The nature of our die hard spirit and hustler ambition has managed to put the name of a few on the map but let us not forget that the world is like a jukebox, the music never stops. Although it may seem everyone is singing along, the hard questions being what exactly is playing and who is singing to what?

Written by Jim Donnett

The thoughts expressed in this article are solely the author’s. They are not in any way connected with, or a representation of

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  1. Kinda true d diss too much sha..#peace

  2. Hmmm, dis one strong oh oga Jimmy, mak I go watch dat vid first b for. Commentin

  3. Gospel Truth, They care in Signing Gays and Bitches. Not Talented Artistes. Nice 1

    • naija no de carry last… tune Al d way

  4. This person is foolish

  5. tru talk… Thumbz up bro

  6. Absolutely true in all sense!!!! Commercial music is sooo NOT the way forward for our Nigerian music industry…. Its high time music artists realize the true importance of music to a society and improve their skills, because its totally absurd when an artist sounds like an angel in the studio but on stage sounds like a broken bottle!!!!

  7. The only nigerian artists that truely rep us was praiz,yemi alade and emma nyra …..then d rest of them were crab…..banky and mr ofeshe tried also

  8. Oga Jimmy, This one is strong gaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn!!! Buh its d honest n crystal clear truth n I’m ready 2 chew up any hater who would not want to accept the stark reality of this post. I’ve also really been wondering, y is it only d rappers dah get d foreign collabos apart from maybe Psquare (Wizkid is not worth mentioning) from Joell Ortiz 2 2 AKA.. N ppl will be telling me dis BS about Tiwa n Bey being former classmates, she can’t even come near Solange (of course she can’t lol) talk more of Bey.. I’m really disappointed. I’m wondering where all our hard hitting rappers even went.. Jesse Jags isn’t d same as b4, then Eva, even Phenom.. Even M.I, the M.I of Safe not d 1 of Bad Belle.. Its as if he’s really pressing for wah he said in Crowd Mentality (Negative Improvement). Our rap scene has been ruined by all this shitty ass Local Rappers n its really unfortunate. Every thing about our music boils down to money ish n d Nigerian mentality if not, y wud Praiz go d direction he went. And Kcee lmao, he should not be afraid of embracing his calling. After all Kanye is a designer. Even at home, Dbanj no matter how hard he tries to run away from it. For d females, Seyi Shay beta crawl back waheva hole she crawled out from, Simi is dope, Yemi is dope, d rest are *sigh*.. We need better talent hunts. It really boils down to us on what shit to accept or waht not to accept. Nice post man.. Awesome.. I’ve been looking forward 2 this 4 a long long time.. Don’t be discouraged. There r a lot of us who enjoy ur posts that don’t really comment.. Awesome piece with d funny stuff.. Anticipating ur next write-up. Thumbs up.

    • #WORD..I love dis Mr khenedee

  9. Music is as far as we are entertained fuck all that bullshit u are saying.nigerian artist are the biggest in Africa, so, fuck your sentiments, ur just hating……

    • he’s not hating dude! the Nigerian male artists all flopped excluding Praiz. u talk like this cos u know nothing about music but gets carried away by beats

    • Hating? You obviously don’t know shit about music

  10. Wateva…De video is still dope 2 me

  11. I didn’t hav to watch d whole video wen I saw harrysong n d mic n all I culd say ws harrysong bawo??? D s.a artitise were far beta

  12. Jimmy…its d truth..I can even do it beta Dan dose fools who just disgraced demselves..(ofcauz nt d south Africans)d r dope…I swear…would af been berra if d had done it alone..buh Still one Africa all d way.PEACE

  13. dats jst d fucking fact, Our music industry is full of Ish. boring boring song like Chelshit style of Play. lol.

  14. Praise’ Harrysong and Yemi Alade moda d song…

  15. 9ice one jim,nobody can deny this fact stated above

  16. I don’t agree with all your points for instance why are dis same nigerian artiste household name in dis same s/a my friends who live in s.a always talk about how nigerian acts are worshipped all over africa why is so many internertional music brand working with the likes of wizkid,dbanj hmmmm food for thought and again I don’t think africa should b looking forward 2 win a grammy its not like its d worldcup or something and those same americans ve acts like future and all s wack song we hear dis days wit so much autotuning example ‘tuesday’ song ft drake and I do agree with u dat we don’t ve a go a and r department 2 scout raw talents in nigeria dats d only point u got right nigeria has its own sound although our artiste should learn 2 still do a variety of music. Tanx

    • Bros….Grammy is like the Olympics of music…evri artist aspires for that honour….sorry to say this Buh u r a fool if u don’t see that….

  17. I’ve always said this, all popular Nigerian female musicians can actually sing but the males don’t even have to know how to sing to be popular eg. davido(the worst of them all),wizkid,Dbanj,terry g, timaya, skuki, runtown, dr sid, etc ….I was wondering why they didn’t feature the likes of Sojay, Shaydee and Timi Dakolo who would have represented us better… I was shocked they allowed kcee,Sean Tizzle to destroy that song

  18. Absolutely true in all sense of the word. It’s high time Nigerian artists understood the importance of music to the society. If our artists truly wish to see the dream of winning grammies come true, then they have got to stop focusing on commercial music. Its heartbreaking to hear artists sound like angels in the studio and sound like broken bottles on stage.

  19. You have hit the nail in the head…I’ve always said this, all popular Nigerian female musicians can actually sing but the males don’t even have to know how to sing to be popular eg. davido(the worst of them all),wizkid,Dbanj,terry g, timaya, skuki, runtown, dr sid, etc ….I was wondering why they didn’t feature the likes of Sojay, Shaydee and Timi Dakolo who would have represented us better… I was shocked they allowed kcee,Sean Tizzle to destroy that song

  20. You are so damn correct

  21. You know what I think……how south african’s sell their music is diffrent from how nigerians will sell theirs…..let’s now talk about their similar way of making beats how about that….if this so called nigerian artiste starts selling vocal sounds song….Would you buy them? And was afro pop suppose to sell based on vocals…..let those who wanna sell on vocals sell on vocals and those who wanna sell on auto tunes sell on theirs…okay the harrysong you’re abusing you remember his song was the only song that was chosen by your grammy based on vocals and content …that was from a nigerian not a south african….learn to appreciate what you’ve got. If you don’t …xenophobia still continues..because you too do not believe in yourself

  22. #Pure fact.

  23. Actually,some of d artists dat rep naija were nt meant 2 be there bt u can’t rite us off dis much… we’re highly respected, dis kinda classical songs shld leave out 2face,banky,cobhams,timi dakolo etc & not commercial musicians

    • Shldn’t leave out I mean… I wish Brymo was there too(we’ve got nice products jimmy)

  24. Yemi is really on point. Dem really beat us hands down. We nid to improve our singin skills. A must watch video!!

  25. Dis is Naija,jst lyk jamica we hv our own style of music.Dis is d land of afro beats.Pop is nt our tin,r&b is nt our tin,even rap we stil learnin.A lot of us cnt sing lyk dem trey songz,tyrese,usher etc,but so many of us cn entertain wit jst d lil skills we hv.So many of us cn spit few gud rhymes on a nice beat n make it a hit wit jst d poor lil voice we hv.So many of us cn mak d club jump all nyt n mak d party rock til d mornin wit our nt reli gud way of singing.Now,isn’t dat a gud tin?Shud we b tryin to sing lyk dem americans wen we knw we r nt blessed wit such voices?Isn’t it a gud tin dat we nigerians hv our own style of music?Isn’t it a blessing dat yung dudes witout angelic voices r makin gud moni frm dia own songs?payin dia own bills?takin kia of dia families n stayin away frm crime?Itz nt all bout voice,n itz nt until we sing lyk d americanz b4

    • I wonder why he’s barking, may be you can teach us. We are Nigerian, this is our music and no doubt we trying, must we always be like the Americans? Please find something better to write about

    • Guy bone that thing….wah do u mean by ppl in Nigeria can’t sing lyk whites?….when dare art alade started wasn’t he goin along dat line,wat of timi dakolo,wat of chidinma,….na just d stupid trend of oda trashy artist dem dey follow…

  26. Dis is Naija,jst lyk jamica we hv our own style of music.Dis is d land of afro beats.Pop is nt our tin,r&b is nt our tin,even rap we stil learnin.A lot of us cnt sing lyk dem trey songz,tyrese,usher etc,but still so many of us cn entertain wit jst d lil skills we hv.So many of us cn spit few gud rhymes on a nice beat n make it a hit wit jst d poor lil voice we hv.So many of us cn mak d club jump all nyt n mak d party rock til d mornin wit our nt reli gud way of singing.Now,isn’t dat a gud tin?Shud we b tryin to sing lyk dem americans wen we knw we r nt blessed wit such voices?Isn’t it a gud tin dat we nigerians hv our own style of music?Isn’t it a blessing dat yung dudes witout angelic voices r still makin gud moni frm dia own songs?payin dia own bills?takin kia of dia families n stayin away frm crime?Do we reli nid a grammy 2 prove our talent?Hw many grammyz does R Kelly hv?D music hustle is nt all bout voice,n itz nt until we sing lyk d americanz b4 u tink we’v done well.I dnt knw hw u view life bt 4 me life is a survival n nt a competition.Use wat u hv 2 get wat u want.Big upz to evry Naija artist dat put up a song out dia.May God bless ur hustle

  27. Hard hitting use any shuga cover am..

  28. Let the truth be told. I can’t stop reading this article, even though I like commercial beats.

  29. Our musicians are just lazy and I think they prefer d easy way out of it,u can not begin to imagine d hard work dem americans put into dia musical career.

  30. I ve listen to d music too, all artist there rep him or herselves, what I dnt understand is y u *jimmy* ve to tek on ur own peeps in d name of so call point u fink u made here, jimmy, u r just a hater dts all I can c in u. Ur point meks no sense to me , cos we are who we are, they are who they are, wot I dnt even no is y is almost educated pple lik u will always wnt naija to b lik dis, b lik dat. Ask ursef who do u jimmy resemble aside been naija breed dt u r. I love our artist for real lik I love my country die.

  31. Your just writing notes… Bros….. I listen to the message… not looking for the best vocalist

    • All y’all who saying that Jim is hating or saying he has no point, you are all a bunch of very stupid, ignorant, illiterate, slow minded retards incapable of growth and development. So after reading such a long text, all you got from it was that Jim is simply hating and making no valid points? Jesus! What kind of madness is controlling your minds? Well, I guess you’re part of the target audience of substandard music so it has to appeal to you. Did you not hear Kcee attempt to sing? And after going through that horrible psychologically damaging experience you still think we can’t do any better not just on a classic piece like that but in our industry in general? May God save your souls from the hell that dishonest and blind, ignorant opinions are taking u to. Rubbish. Please Jim, God bless you. Someone kiss this man please.

      • Why do I av dis feelin u jimmy or either one of d toox staff..4k u

  32. Truth is always bitter #TBT
    Na nonsense b all those commercial…. Watin e dey teach una? Abegi mk we talk true na nonsense we dey do oo.. NONSENSE #hiss…………..
    To all naija stars in the making
    If you want to sing commercial abeg dey try pass correct message “sms”.
    Naija no go spoil, we must improve kai.

  33. True talk..TBH I was disappointed and I noticed all d artistes featured on dat song from Nigeria are MTN ambassadors so dats d reason behind our flaws on dat collab…we actually av guyz dat wil beat dos SA guyz hands down…dos guyz ar MTN stars and nt 9ja all stars,bcos I can actually provide good 9ja vocalist dat wil do better in world must nt be secular musicians,we hav good gospel vocalist whc believed dat was SA did they brot their Gospel artiste onboard….imagine d selection wasn’t done base on endorsement sentiment

  34. Really…. I had the same fear when I noticed Sean Tizzle was to come up, but then he surprised me. Why are u so mad?? The only disappointment I had there was Kcee….if DI’ja was allowed to take his part, it would have been a different story. Another thing was the lack of Nigerians in the solo parts.
    Truth is, it was a South African affair…they picked their best. If you had let MI Abaga be the music director, the sound would have been totally different, beautiful and unique. There were very few other African countries too in attendance sef. Imagine diamond was not present. 2face sef, Wiz, P-Square, Kimani..etc. So pls….

  35. Dope article, only if they’ll read this article and see the message. God bless the writer.

  36. The truth is the scouts would rather choose people who hardly possess talent over us. We the upcoming female rappers are left to struggle on our own. Let them get what they deserve and allow their cash get wasted.

  37. So u expect us 2 follow d American trend abi, lyk d SA were doin? silly article!!!! 4 once in our lyf’s can we not embrace changes??? Lyrically sound or not, it’s an evolution dat tells u… nigerians don’t need 2 act all exotic b4 we gain grounds, lts the uniqueness ure blinded 2, open ur EYES!!!!!!!!

  38. To me,,ds. Is d realest shii av ever read on tooxclusive so I av 2 drop a comment,,,,ds so called artists know less than nothin,,,they keep feedin d people wiv d fruits of dr laziness,,some. Of em even go of key when miming their own songs on stage,,most of em can’t perform wiv liveband,,,in short we nid 2 do smtin 2 save d children from ds mess…….

  39. Ride on Jim.

  40. #tru talk

  41. Well Jimmy @ First i thought u were right till I went back 2 d clip. We tried bro xpecially “jazzy” we not Americans,dem SA guys also had probs with dictions if we were 2 go all out on dis. And some had flat voices. I honestly would av loved a Dija to replace Kcee or a reeky above tizzle asides dis we did good notice wizzy and davido weren’t der, come on forget der vocal abilities dey shaped d african industry givin us our own genres americans shld learn dat 2, and bros even if na xenophobia dem dey fight u cant be an SA citizen so stop d bullshit hype just encourage ur peeps point out der flaws and urge dem 2 do better not attacking dem. Only God knws how many none nigerians saw u paint ur country like dis****Shame on u Jimmy

  42. a well inspiring article and comments from my Naija people, the truth be told the video was based on sentiment. else we have vocals that SA are still dreaming of, that’s one issue with our country “SENTIMENT” if you apply for a job, if your not my brother you won’t get the job or better still pay money b4 been employed, it has indeed become a stigma to us

  43. a well inspiring article and comments from my Naija people, the truth be told the video was based on sentiment. else we have vocals that SA are still dreaming of, that’s one issue with our country “SENTIMENT” if you apply for a job, if your not my brother you won’t get the job or better still pay money b4 been employed, it has indeed become a stigma to us

  44. Sean tizzle spoilt everytin totally

  45. I love this article and this is d 1st tym I’m making a comment..i can remember going for an auditioning and d foolish white dude wasn’t even ready to listen to what I’ve got cos mayb I don’t look van vicker or cos I’m not a sexy lady,why didn’t we have Samsung,iyanya d project fame winner, chidinma,D new DiJa,Timi dakolo for dat matter on dat list,seriously I was too ashamed to watch d full video,i saw some1 put on crazy jean to dat prestigious event on dat video,thanks to harrysong and Yemi alade,tiwa was trying to do too much,praise dissapointed by just going on a low key with donjazzy,i mean wtf!! Dis is d reason d upcoming acts don’t see them as idols or menthors,they only envy their success nd their breakthrough..but again their should be a singing cypher between d singers in Nigeria just like Dj jimmyjatt’s..where dead singers will be flogged by der fans..If any of dem reads this now they’l say as long as der making der money wetin concern us,instead of feeling sorry for der wack asses,see as southafrican’s murder us for mic control and vocal strength..Jesus!!..all dese Igbo boys shld better invest in boutique businesses,seriously I tot I was going to see olamide der and phyno,but I was

    • Abeg where can I download d video

  46. We’re nigerians!!!! We do our music our own style, though we’re still learning when it comes to being pro on vocals and all that, its not easy! Our artist have worked so hard to get to where they are today, comparing our nigerian artist with foreign arts doesn’t make sence! If you are a nigerian upcoming artist that possess good vocal skills doesn’t mean you must blow over night, so mr jimmy or whatever you call yourself, posting this bullshit here doesn’t change anything…am proud of my country, am proud of Nigerian artist. They are not too good but they are going somewhere.

    • Bros all Nigerian artists do is sing danch hall songs….no depth….nothing…..dia lyrics are mostly trashy….and even the fans sef if som1 like timi dakolo or praize release a song,we prefer d trash released by Lil kesh Nd odas to them….so in a way,i’d say the fans av played a big part in the issue….

  47. truth be told the Nigerian music industry is a disgrace though it doesn’t mean we don’t have people that can actually do real music the thing is all these guys are after the material gain and money for them selves and fine it is okay but it shouldn’t just be all about money look at iyanya when he came out he had an excellent vocal but after sometime we all could see for our selves most of our Nigerian artist sing nonsense and they are happy with them selves such a pity someone like omawunmi she has an amazing voice but when she releases a song you find out she sings lesser than she can actually let’s wake up Nigerians God bless you jimmy

  48. true yarn jare

  49. I thot all u said was ryt until I went back to re watch

  50. I thot all u said was ryt until I went back to re watch dat video…..all nigerians on dat song murdered d song nd I soo love d praiz jazzys part….bt its so obvious dat tizzle nd kcee spoilt d song…..i also agree with d fact dat we need to improve bt I want u to knw dat we nigerians av our own style of music….nd u shldnt write off nigerians on dis song,where were likes of dija,psquare,shaydee dare art alade nd odas..y werent they featured on dat track instead of kceee nd tizzle…..we v gat pple wu can sing well even beta dan those S.As,d mistake was nt featuring dem……@ a tym sha I support u bt at a point u r also wrng…..we r nigerians nd our style is nd will forever unique…we arent americans nd bro if u aint satisfied with wah we sing u can jump on d mic urself nd strt spitting gud vocals on it. appraciate wah we v gat nd encourage, dnt diss

  51. What if we start the comparism by trowing a competition between you and a foreign blogger….rubbish post

  52. i bet it who wrote this article knows nothing about sound instrumental infact u need a musical schl for training or a good producer to tell u the truth bt that some of ur favorite naija artiste are nt there i think u need to ask them may be they are busy increasing their money shows cos in this matter i bliv evryone is called bt few show up ok #positiveminded talking bad abt ourselves all the time will nt bring any improvement bt rather coz problem and divided mind and to my people reading this we shud take note of such this article bcos when some people want to get known they jst come with such bad news and also to tooxclusive i never bliv to see such article on ur site thank u

  53. Am getting confused here, was dat song meant 2 be a competition or for xenophobia, so why comparing us with the south africans?!?

  54. It was not meant to be a singing competition,if it was,we would have brought our best acts in.and don’t hate what u don’t understand bro.everybody can’t sound as good as u expect them to sound.deer did deer best,respect that

  55. I totally agree with you, schooled is an understatement, we were bullied and what was Kcee and harrysong singing, they were off key. thanks goes to praiz and tiwa for covering the shame. all the south Africans on the song were outstanding. What happened to 2face, Chidinma, Omawumi, waje and even flavor e.t.c.

  56. The Nigerian industry has a very big problem of messages passed out to us in music. Artists like Lil kesh, Olamide, Reminisce. Etc.. Dont pass any meaningful information. I thought music is food for thought. Not wat we are been fed 2day. It’s unfair to us. They pass out nonsence lyrics to us. And u people upload it on your site. All because of money. U’re all to blame. The writer, the artists, the uploading sites and the bodies that were to check bad musicals.

    • pipi na u mumu pass, idiot fellow. if your brother b olamide, will you talk that shit

    • Pipi, may you live long! Don’t listen to what all those ignorant peeps say….you just said it all in few words….not erryone that listens to song knows about good music….peace

    • Papi… man must put food on his table anyaw… dis is wot Nigerians want nd dey’re givin it out! … dis guys arre feedin Jimmy self. Meaningful music is not sellin cuz pple are frustrated and dey av 2 be appy

  57. As an upcoming artiste i feel sad cos d music industry is lacking standard and creativity nowadays, nobody is sampling oda genre like blues and so on and its very bad cos d industry is linear in nature…..EVERYTHING IS COMMERCIAL GARBAGE….

    • u made sense, very correct.

  58. Let’s learn to appeciate what our artiste are doing…jim u try…

  59. I dont normally comment on articles or songs on here but this I will, the comparism of nigeria artist and their style of music is baseless and disrespectful to the artist, wake up to reality d8 Grammy is a scam, if u talkin vocals we have lots of artist who deliver just d8 and still aven’t be recognised by yo so big Grammy i.e Bez, Nosa, Darey, Banky W the list is long. plz remind if Lil Wayne, Birdman, 2chainz, Rick Ross are all vocalist, TBH we are Nigerians and we must appreciate our style of music which has created employment for nigeria youths. the likes of Adele, J.lo, Rita ora make so much money frm their style of music but ask BEZ or PRAIZ ao much they are worth and at the end of the day they all want money! my opinion is let us in Africa av a proper award d8 will have heavy price worth more than the Grammy and u will cee Beyonce in the studio with selebobo or popito for cicular music beat.

  60. Like seriosly we never had dat mind of conparison,we jus wanted to clear d air on better way of life,which dose mumu[xenophoby ni**a] sa guys never understud.jimy u are see things frm different angle.While use dis clip as a typical example?Had it been a talent haunt final den u are aim closer to the target but wait ooh hav u ever heard Cliton say His name is OGHENEKARO eeh?they can’t change to africans not to talk of been a nigerian sef, you jimy want us to change to dem aaabbeegg eee! WE NIGERIANS dey try die so KPONKPI !

  61. Not true

  62. Abeg where can I download d video

  63. Fuck u ungrateful asshole

  64. Only d wise understood wat *jimmy* is saying its d plain truth liv it or take it,music is meant 2 pass a msg,not spoil d fans or corrupt d mind,enuf of d comments even d pple against *jimmy* knows he’s ryt dey r just trying 2 b unreasonable most of dem sha don’t knw music I WON’T BLAME DEM @jimmy tanx a lot I will c dat dis gets 2 naija artist

  65. Only d wise understood wat *jimmy* is saying its d plain truth liv it or take it,music is meant 2 pass a msg,not spoil d fans or corrupt d mind,enuf of d comments even d pple against *jimmy* knows he’s ryt dey r just trying 2 b unreasonable most of dem sha don’t knw music I WON’T BLAME DEM @jimmy tanx a lot I will c dat dis gets 2 naija artist

  66. MY nigerian ppl, first off I fink we should respect ourselves,hence there is no need for all d ABUSE, I presume we’re all adults, also its is everymans right to voice his opinion, wif dat said my opinion is dis. @Jimmy Great article, however AMERICA dat ppl compare NIGERIA with have ppl like TRINIDAD JAMES,2CHAINZ,YOUNGTHUG,HURRICANE CHRIS, etc who in my opinion should not even b doing music but they are. All I’m saying is there is a market 4 every1 so if u want DEPTH in music listen to OUR TIMI DAKOLO or WAJE, as an american would listen to a MARY J BLIGE, or MAXWELL and in d same vein if u just want to 4get ur sorrows and dance scatter, U can Listen too ………… many artist dat come to mind in naija as u would listen to a CHRISBROWN, or LILWAYNE, etc. Truth is u shouldn’t bad mouth any artist 4 their lack or artistry afterall no one is forcing u to listen to em, d average person on d street dosent care about DEPTH he just wants to have a good time. And finally can u blame d artist who lack artistry, wen d “FUN” crowd who want to dance and have a good time VASTLY outnumber dose who care about CONTENT or vocals. In conclusion all I’m saying is ONE MANS FOOD is ANODA MANS POISON. Thank you

  67. What exactly are you talking about…… The producer that portrayed more of nigerians and south African is now clueless right.
    I would really advice you to get your facts straight before coming out with an article like this, the only Nigerian artist that didn’t really do well was KCEE and even with that we had more of nigerian artist that did well more than their south African counterparts……
    Just so you know when it comes to music Nigeria is still the best.

  68. Truth be told, Mr Jimmy has said it all….I pity the blind ones here commenting rubbish due to sentiments..I don’t blame em, am impressed most people here are beginning to see how some of our Nigerian artist are not artistic and not creative…I am an upcoming artist too but money won’t lemme do what others are doing cos this money is not errything and I don’t wanna be like ” other artist ” I have a way of entertainment created by myself and I bet you most Nigerian artist can’t do that……so plss people support good music cos its the one that last…am not saying our very own ( afro beat music ) is not good oo am only saying if it is afro music we own and do it should be worth listening to and not this ” asamkpokoto shit “……I just spit my mind and there is nothing nobody can do about it …..thanks

  69. You know what,maybe you should try doing a single and see for ur self dat those guys aint doin a easy job……..And to tooxclusive don’t try to hide away from dis by dat stuid note in RED INK,dats why gidimp3 is better than you people.they don’t post nonsence just to make their site full!!!!

    • Shey na autotune go sing 4 u? Na everybody wey use autotune blow? Go sitddown

  70. This is not true. I just watched the video. Firstly, it wasn’t a competition, and secondly, our artist did well with the exception of kcee. Even donjazzy did well. Very wrong for u to compare with this…..Nigeria’s top artistes vs South Africa’s finest vocalist….

    Where is chidinma, timi dakolo, Cobham’s, waje, omawunmi, darey, wande caol and sooooooo on…

  71. I couldn’t have said it better!!! I wish there’s some way to change the current trend. Right now, we have stars who are simply creations of beautiful beats, autotune editing, wonderful mastering, and excellent label marketing, but devoid of actual talent. It’s sad, I hope we change. I have a dream, that one day…

  72. Please tooxclusive,this post should be made visible to everyone please because I want to pass a strong message across to this Jim fellow.
    First of all,I just have one word for you “ODE” and also shame on you for this daft post.Different musicians came together to create something good so as to promote unity in Africa,even if you didn’t appreciate it,you should have just kept shut and also kept your dirty opinion to yourself,but instead you sat down and composed such a long shit.Please Mr or Mrs Jim..What is our business with someone sang better than the other.(sorry to say but you are an Olodo).When Micheal Jackson and co sang the 1st,some musician did better than others but no Bolor came up with any daft comment because everyone knew they were passing across a message.Therefore,please grow up and learn not to talk too much(not all you feel publicized).You could also see a doctor too,you might be depressed.Thank you for ur understanding……Now this is a sensible post.

  73. mumu don finish this author

    • U’re a mediocre.

  74. wow

  75. Sstop seeing tins 4fm different angle! D song was 4 xenop wat ever d name is eh.It was not a talent haunt to challenge personalities.U are goin tu far in compare dem wit us BABA change oh. Our music never had mind of challenging each other pls let dem BE. WAIT a minute bcos of a clip lik dis u are comparing SA n nija WHY?we are gud but on different LEVELS ,there’s rum 4 improvmnt we on course so don’t be ridiculous man come! SEE let me tel u we are pace setters n if not 4 sometin u would have seen dose same act grab d mic n bust ur bobbles eeeehhhee[in d wods of akpos] can’t beliv am coment dis late sheii

  76. Omo for dis world we dey SA gud pass us?if de tell u u go belive sheei! Ah just dey tamm u u nor know ooohho nor wory .Am vexin 4 comenin now Eehhee oluwa know why sha

  77. Jimyyy! jimmy!! Jimmy!!! How many tains I cal u so?so u want to tell me that d talent plaatforms we have in naija is not worh it eehh?so Mt* n gl* n etisal** even arte* are fooling dem sef abi? Is it not we d same pple dat persuade dem to doin song like dat all in d name of I want to dance! Pls DO parti songs, u tink am na. We are africans in fact d CAPITAL of AFRICA so nor fear we wil stand.

  78. any small ti american people watin sef papu jimy? u won sing? nor let de give u mic oh, ah won vex 4 u na!we are usin african rhymes to blend tins here u dey talk america. NOR be dis country u dey wen femi kuti never fit win gramy abi he nor sabi sing for your eye?Eehee ask yur sef wen are d sa americns going to be like US? Its been days sonce u drop dis omo I no kiar! 4uck up nor dey sour u know abi? Ur. CASE we go treat am no pem. IF Dem say make we challenge SA go runnn ooh eh god.

  79. Me 4 nija musik mata ah go put ananimous ah dey crase. I tel u my name one tin eh u nor fit do wetin sef !back in d days na baba fryo tins now wen bi like say we dey soft na we nor sabi sing abi? Nor woorrree ur eye go clear u wan folo crase woman drag diti abi? OOKK! We dey wait.SEE my just tel u 4 nor start am like dis comon sense nor comon ooh eehhee! Naija guys wen evri evri dey praise u won condem. I know say na joke u dey , u dey form abi [in akpos voice] dis coment is over due I know but e nor mean say I know go nwan you take your time you dey here.incase u dey vex na u start am so as e red so use ur head carry am ooorhuee na

  80. No need to curse u, na ur way but small SA vocalists make u write story way many like dictionary, no probs all na 4 d pepper soup. TX deny once discaimer! tins ooh na so sha cary ur cros wit ur sef by ur sef na uncle j drop am.make e for nor loss u nor try.we dey win BET award evri time dat one nor dey ur mind na grammy? As dem do femi kuti reach u nor see am or asa sef abi ASA na pianoris eeh! JImy

  81. I can’t just stop even TX understand

  82. Somebody giv jimmy a microphone eeh make he go sing ge le eeh make u know how life be eeh na rhymes oh nor reason am sef , cos ur mouth just dey shap ja ja ja ja shu! Nor be say u don go dat side once sef! Eeh u 4 get to tell us say de born u 4 diar we 4 understand VIAM

  83. all d one our acts dey do evri day bodi stl dey bite u

  84. All d one nja acts dey do bodi stil dey bite u ah dis one bi

  85. Nja nid to hol diar ground smal coment lik dis go shake mr songs diar mama left back! Jimy MY GUY SO, jurt go buy day b4 yesterday BREAD wit BIG PEPSI make u shaow well after dat slep nor KIL ur sef we go blow as far as hundred million dey listen to us eeh! I know dis coment is overdue but take it take it ALHAJI eeh. Oya Go see wahala u know d res

  86. I don watch dem perfom over and over den dy try he nor easy.but 4 u to chop biro n put many many aphabet 4 book bcos of dis,b4 now eeh, WAIT oh u na LETTER WRITING sef ah dey ask u?

  87. I knw u must be tinking abt me,but na u cos am,so make he end HERE u YIAR?

  88. me put ananimous ah don high?abi I dey krase? 4 yur my mind u feel say mtn,glo ,artel dey waste diar time abi ? nor WWOORREE

  89. I just dey laugh TX know why if dem giv jimy chance eeh, TX leav am

  90. If wat u are saying is gud den nor dey anani mus am BABaa HAFUSA

  91. Our musik is in version 9.9 ame own dey 12. D res afrkanas own dey eeh! My dash dem 3.5 ah e bi? No not slowing down it wit jimy

  92. TX tell jimmy to wise up he dey writ site ful superstory dey find writer ooh o wish say I fit hear him hhm hhm my belle fit cake like cement omo see krasin ibabo

  93. people way marry nja musik lik d way dey mary ada ada na u won run mad I say nor go cause b4 oh eeh! omo na only dis sha

  94. people way marry nja musik lik d way dey mary ada ada na u won run mad I say nor go cause b4 oh eeh! omo na only dis sha see fuel price deir any how u sa make persi nor dance U na huma bein eeh!

  95. Jimy,ah go see ur coment wen I don high oh,oh lord or mercy, jimy let me talk to u ladi ?eeh! No baby? Hhm? Go down na, ur name nor fit song sef mmmschewww! Ah won spoil r twoBe Z slow down bcos of u. slow down, go jam jam correct! ah don catch d tune

  96. jimy lock up d funy tin abt u was wen u were growin up u wanted to be a musikian see gobe oh! Na maket.fal but nor pres u, u stil get moouuth. Malo nogede owe owe timayyyaaa ge mouth 4 d pepper soup. Eeh! Jimy nor go hugry ooh come chop u dey miss awwoof. Pum maye. Omo dey oooshhee u say na gad dem u want 4 dis nja ooh u go slip mat. Heavy okoro na u bi! Abela. Today na sat nite gruve mani to go u get luck.I never talk am b 4 TX sef do dis one na abeg. D current wen dey my bodi now eeh fit use charge jimy life scatter sed comot joke! Write any how like pharisee. U na pharisee sef?

  97. our male writers are sleepin n site pharesees are stinking see jimy mmoouuth ABELA you na pharisee sef tel we’re de take born u sef abi na dat way heavy okoro guy like dat

  98. E nor funy oh TX post dis tins na make jimy beliv so dat he nor go dere and rake but testify

  99. Jimy dey club na tel me say e nor dey dance now

  100. TX don dey jump like jimmy oh e don red

  101. my guy say make I stop laye! jimy u must run

  102. Wiser TX nor wori, but 4 jimy mata. I won score hatrick eeh!

  103. 4 were. Dey dem dey use ur mata do parker U wan folo krase woman drag dirty ok

  104. I won use d current 4 my bodi charg jimy lifeful he ba3 don off

  105. As I dey tink dis mata my dey play ginger song god oh eewho finish him

  106. As I dey tink dis mata my guy dey play ginger song god oh eewho finish him

  107. You have a point but we just have to accept the bitter truth and accept that our artistes can never be the Whites! Our artistes lack lyrical and Vocal powress but you just have to admit that they sing the kind of music that is acceptable to us the fans! A typical young guy in nigeria would prefer TERRY G’s Madness songs to be played in clubs to that of the Slow tempo by DAREY. That’s because its danceable and that’s the norm here.. You don’t expect us to be whites because their music OT is different.. The fans determine the kind of music that’s trending.. For example in Jamaica you don’t expect the musicians there to change their musical slangs and norms because they listen to the whites or that they wanna win grammies, NO .. It all depends on what the masses I think we should start appreciating our artistes even though most of em sing crap and pass no messages in their song buh hey u won’t blame em.. They give the masses what they want! Another example is SKALES.. This artiste was and Is still a good rapper who had a vision to win the grammy which he even sang about but when he found out he’s going contrary to what the masses wanted, he had to switch! Music is all about 2 things; NO 1, Fame 2, The Cash.. If you aint getting these 2 then you should either Quit or Switch! I’m done!!!!

    • Pls I nid tooxclusive pin pls,can anyone help me wt dat?

    • with what u have said, I gues u will go ahead and say that modenine is a loser in the industry because modenine saw the way the industry was and still is but he refused to switch his style. mind u, if he features commercial acts doesnt mean he is switching his style. I know u may want to use that as a point. modenine made money and had fame during his time at the top. evryone accepted him and his style of music and today, he is the only nigerian rap legend. there is no other.

  108. DOWNLOAD NEW MUSIC: dj olipa(EmmaX) “shoki” woju cover pls RBC…

  109. u say we got wack artiste but when i look at the cash money crew(young thug rich homie quan birdman etc),i look at tyga,lilwayne, all of em passin d wrong message only talkin bout fuckin pussy gambling robbery drugs…i cant help but wonda aw u say they got good lyrical content….nd fyi most of those guys i mentioned are grammy winners….so mr jim dis ur so called very gud americans have their good nd bad artist same as we nigerians…so i’d likeu to do me a favour stop writing shit notes bout our artiste….dey trying…every body is trying to enrich their pockets..d americans nd nigerians included

  110. Hw dos dat affect d cost of petrol

  111. We r Nigerians we cnt b who we r not yh Kcee spoilt t but dat does not mean d rest artiste d nt try t a call 4 unity nt competition our industry is tight we have upcoming artiste nd older 1nce in d industry xo jimmy u cnt jst listen 2 a song nd cos of a slight mistake u insult all artiste if u r nt proud of der style nd wat dy do den stop listening 2 dem

  112. We are Nigerians yes sme went off but appreciate does dat tried also u cnt classify dem all togeda weda u lyk dem or not u jst have 2 face t nd t nt everytym u insult dem 4 everylittle tin plz

  113. To who so eva dt wrote dis s***t d nigeria music industry is not aspiring 2 b lyk d U S industry we ar building our own.I heard u talking about make up u said our ladies our ladies ar putting on fake make up pls dnt say dat again do u knw how much our ladies spend on make ups and about d vocal issue it seems u dnt watch our artists live performance pls try nd watch 1 sorry let me ask u dis can u play a lil wayne,nikky,tyga,CB song /video in ur home whit ur kid(s) around?

  114. Oboy see as tooxclusive take deny the guy.
    And i bin think say na only me no like De’Ja and Rekaado. Obobs thumbs up jare oshaaa mo. Ignore the haters. Burosros
    But bros no dey cast Sean Tizzle like that oh. Remember to whom much is given much is expected and me and you know say much wasnt given to Tizzle baba.
    All in all them dey try but as always they can do better.
    In the words of Ejanla “FEEEELEEEEEEE”

  115. Shoknorris

  116. Isaac Newton said If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. The problem of the Nigerian Music Industry goes beyond even the Lack of Vocal expertise into the Lack of Intellect, yes the American Music Industry is no Holy Grail but there are extremes: the intellectual and non intellectual. You talk about Young Money Cash Money, who by the way have released some intellectual singles, but what of Common, who speaks for justice against racial discrimination or Kendrick Lamar, Lecrae, who not only raps about his faith but about issues in society. Please let’s put away our defense mechanism and look into it whole heartedly. The Nigerian Music sucks, there is no Intellect, just fame hungry people who instead of telling the government how the people feels tells the people how perfect the government is. You, Jim have said it right. I hope we all join hands to build a better Industry.

  117. Abeg y didn’t he mention Davido’s name???

  118. Dis guy stupid eeenn….if u no lyk our naija song make u go jump 4 lagoon…..

  119. Petrol now goes for N150 per litre.

  120. Right on bro, am an artist myself and to tell the truth the only time I feel safe to listen to majority of naija music is when I want to get hammered or when I am in a happy mood and just want to dance and dance. The one that pisses me of is the rappers all they talk about cars drinks nd money nd their lifestyle,this goes to my america favorites too.real good music is dieing nd wha t are we doing DANCING TO IT’S GRAVE..

  121. I make hit banging tracks. #OzbiBeatz Bb pin: 285D0A05

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