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TX Review: Davido – “Fans Mi” ft. Meek Mill

Posted by Jim Donnett on June 10, 2015 in Editorial · 92 Comments

tx panel

Davido – “Fans Mi” ft. Meek Mill

Jim Donnett’s Verdict

Oh dear, Davido. This is soooo unlike you.

Fans Mi is something new, it’s fresh, it’s different… and very weirdly, I happen to like it a lot. Maybe because it’s sounding nothing like tin gban gban music, which majorly can be credited to Shizzi for crafting an uber-smooth-uptown-southside tune for Davido to bxtch recklessly on. Yes, Davido stayed bxtching on the track for well over 3 minutes leaving Meek Mill just about 25 seconds to make sense of the entire track. Regardless, as much as I want to hate it, I just can’t. The twerk and grind effect has a special way of raping the mind’s senses. Davido might have raised the stakes for his counterparts in the music game… and no, I’m not talking about B-Red, Sina or Danagog.

As for the video, I think it’s safe to say Davido and Sesan treated us to a crash course on Ways How Not To Shoot A Music Video. Like, the song obviously impresses the need to shoot a video that matches up to particular standard but wo, they over did it jare. The entire concept was screaming I MUST IMPRESS YOU! What did they think they were trying to prove and then to who? Oh, that they could do it just like ’em dawgs from tha hood? C’mon! As if the nude trolling and dollar bills wasn’t enough show of how inarticulate the thought execution was, they had to add glock pistols, beretta rifles and pounds worth of crack in a reckless show. It’s a sh*tty a$$ video with an intensely shallow concept that doesn’t do much (if anything at all) in any way. Can someone please call the attention of the Feds and the NBC already?

Rating: 2.5


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  1. The guy rating is video is very silly…stupid criticisms. This is d best video ever by a Nigerian artiste. Kill yourself. OBO u are already a legend. He just showed naija artistes how to feature foreigners. Not like wizkid using tyga for remix. DAT song is never played rather we prefer d main song

  2. Uh.. It’s not crack, it’s semo !!!

  3. The guy rating is video is very silly…stupid criticisms. This is d best video ever by a Nigerian artiste. Kill yourself. OBO u are already a legend. He just showed naija artistes how to feature foreigners. Not like wizkid using tyga for remix. DAT song is never played rather we prefer d main song…

  4. stupid criticisms. This is d best video ever by a Nigerian artiste. Kill yourself. OBO u are already a legend. He just showed naija artistes how to feature foreigners. Not like wizkid using tyga for remix. DAT song is never played rather we prefer d main song…

  5. tooxclusive u guys are jus senseless.

  6. Haters be Hating ! Well he is Balling with Dem Fans Mi !

  7. Bravo

  8. I actually thought TX will fall for that anything Davido is great mindset. The truth is from Naughty to Owonikoko to The Sound and now Fans mi, Mr Davido is yet to get is groove back on after AYE. that’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

  9. nice review

  10. wizzy would av murdered thisz……davido try sha

    • Den y dint wizzy do d video first and where is his song featuring chris brown it’s still hanging or wat

  11. Lets say d truth,davido kmw try 4 dix at all d video z even shit@team wizzy……..davido mst die

    • World class fool….hw can u pray for sum1 2 die for no reason… go get a life fam…

  12. Don’t hate on this boy its not his foult that his father is rich…………4get hate this song lacks nothing

  13. This foolosh wizkid don dey pay people again abi……….

    • Lwkmd for this comment !!!

      • Hahahahaha…. Nigerians

    • U ar very stupid 4 saying dat to wizkid

  14. Misplaced review, Rubbish Review!!! Go watch d vid again and understand d concept properly b4 coming here to post trash…cant u c dt twas either poundo yam or semo, cnt u c dt d white man was fooled by Davido, nd ofcourse d song is hardcore so errfin in d vid shud portray d same, u shud commend 9ja artistes like Daivdo dat make efforts to put naija vids on d world map instead of hating here…Move nigga

  15. I agree with tooxclusive on the video, but are u reviewing the video or the song? Reviewing the both the same time is shit!

  16. I agree with tooxclusive on the video, but are u reviewing the video or the song? Reviewing the both the same time is shit! PLEASE REVIEW AGAIN

  17. Who b dat bastard wah dey hate dis song and d video?? Thunder fire dis foolish website.. Ifffffffa visit here again mah die….

  18. baddest…….fanz mi, fuck dem smelloss

    • At last! Someone with real exipstere gives us the answer. Thanks!

    • bagaimana jika menginstal office 2007 nya tanpa cd, bisa apa g mas…kalau bisa mohon bantuan caranya ya mas… trim’s….Sangat bisa…Jika anda punya masternya (iso/rar) dari Office nya extract pakai WinRAR..Jika tidak punya bisa dari CD di copy ke flashdisk/harddisk…Lalu installnya tinggal klik SETUP atau SETUP.exesemoga berhasil..

    • Your post has lifted the level of debate

    • I love reading these articles because they’re short but informative.

    • I was looking everywhere and this popped up like nothing!

    • Yup, that should defo do the trick!

    • Of the people who whine incessantly about US military aid to Israel, I don't see many complaints about the money spent by the US to defend Italy, Germany, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc.The people who defend Israel (or perhaps more accurately, American Jewry) incessantly don't seem to worry much about logic, forthrightness, or honesty. Italy, Germany, Turkey, Japan, and Saudi Arabia aren't doing the sorts of things Israel is doing. The whole list should be thrown out and replaced with Apartheid South Africa. How much aid did we give them?

  19. can this analyst just shut the f**k up. senseless smello, people will never stop hating. go do something real for your life

  20. The Nigga is balling hard.. Dope concept, great video.. . Y’all stop hating..

  21. Olodo analyst it was yam flower or something like that, didn’t you get??? And ur the one analyzing shit… Lol

  22. Dis video is far far beta dan wizkid expensive shit I swear TX I cn nw c dat u guyz dnt lyk davido ni

  23. jim ur pa its very easy to criticize that’s why u are stagnant so parasiting another man’s success..fool

  24. People always hate when you tryna take your stake to the next level…. shitty article

  25. Davido… Thanks 4 dix song tx really inspirational
    @ “i swear i no go lie, my fans give me life”
    OBO baddest
    feeling up with meek milly
    Dah best collaboration for nw

  26. #SAY NO TO HATE#

  27. I get ur point jimmy,i still felt the gun wasn’t cool..and Davido’s verse on the song was shitty for me..nice beat,nice hook nice meekmilly !

    • Davido changed the game with this track. I think Jim didn’t get d concept of d video. I didn’t think d guns were necessary though, buh the video is awesome. 4.0 for me sha.

  28. I hate your review on this davido song if you are hating it you’re bored or broke. idiot

  29. D qtn is ‘who was he trying to tell he had no money in his bank acc’ abi is it not dsame davido??? People should try and be real for once not following suit…D song was dissapointing and d video was shit…he should try and make it up to us oO

  30. Best video in African if u be 9ja boy u know like dis video enter goter

  31. To me Davido is a cool singer love it’s music so much but this song is senseless when u listen too the rhyme well and we Nigerians can’t we just give a simple review instant of insults…… Make wise Up na abeg

  32. Jim Donnett, listen! It’s a thing to give reviews and another to publicly embarrass urself in the name of hate. The concept of the video by Sesan is clearly for any learned person to understand, do u use coke to make fufu? The white substance portrayed in the video clearly wasn’t coke as it was used to make fufu and also fool the white drug dealer. Watch well, seat and think before giving out reviews. Odeh!!!!

  33. Nor be he fault

  34. Whoever wrote this just annoyed, am telling the video is world class and he is not trying to impress anyone, and if that’s how pple feel, it makes the industry. A certified 5 compared Nigerian artists performance so far

  35. fuck boy jim donnet

  36. awesome….I tot sumtin was wrong wit ma eyes n ears….now I got ma fact dat Davido was shrink and unrealistic on delivery of his verse to balance on a mere simple beat……expensive nonsense collaboration…@ JIM u gat 100% credit on this rating….ko ni re @ all

  37. Davido 3ied somfin new nd he killed it like dat will giv it 4.5

  38. Wack!!! Music but nice video…. I can hardly comphrend what he was saying in d wack song ….I remmber dis I remmber that

    • Get a headset phool

  39. #Team starboy

  40. Hello audience, don’t get irritate by what you see here.. I have sent Inspector Sanusi to catch this confused TX reviewer..

  41. Y’all can keep hatin’ buh davido killed the song and video

  42. Bro. ..I think you should take more time to listen to a song before reviewing…at least a week; you just end up trash talking a song without even giving it a chance…It shows you’re not a music critic…you’re a hater just like 80% of your users…remember you gave local rappers 4.8 and king kong 3.0…how stupid you must feel now

  43. Jim I av noting to say but to publicly tell you ur a big Hater….. Tooxclusive shd flux u out fast cos ur not just helpin matters here I hate ur posts u just publicly defined ur self as a big moron

  44. This editorial team jst hate OBO Buh sorry guys yu can’t be richer than him in the coming years

  45. You kw, wen you are so good @ some thing and make it look simple haters Jst think u ain’t trying hard enough!! Jim or wat eva u are called tbh I tink the magic in ur hands is to be used to turn Semo rather than write rubbish reviews!!
    *therewillbehaters* tho

  46. Jim are still using dat ur nokia C1? cos I undstnd u didn’t watch da vid or listen 2d song properly!! are yhu still working free 4 TX?? buy new fone na! *haba

  47. jim ode just dey hate no go find your way your review is full of sentiment and Am sure u can’t hold a mic not to talking of making it in music industry


  49. nice n funny concept with the whole p.yam stunt (tho i imagine a drug dealer will check the content before paying?)

  50. Jim or whatever your name is you are a big moron are you jealous of him or is it because you are too poor to buy credit and watch the video proper. But davido u try no be small keep it up your haters like jim dem plenty don’t listen to them just keep up the good work

    • Unknown u ar a bigger fool… What do u knw about good music.?

  51. Nawa o…is it not glaring Davido flop dis song? jst lyk he did in Woju rmx…if ur artiste is dropping form, as a fan you av to let him/her know, not that u drop d truth in d trash all in d name of ‘Hate’. C’mon it nt u posting unrecognized grammar here that will earn him awards…when he’s good we know nd wen things turn otherwise jst speakup.

  52. When I read some of the readers comments regarding Jim’s write up, i began to ask myself if Nigerians will ever resort to wanting to hear the truth. We enjoy mouth-painting bad/awful results. And this has led us to where we ar today. Lets listen 2 d song again and tell ourselves the truth. That thing he called music is more like a child’s nursery Rhymes, out-garnishing it with a studio beat. The first time i heard the song, i said to myself, ‘is this what all the hype on davido featuring meek mill about?
    I am Davido’ s big fan. I love his music., but i have to call a spade a spade. On this one, The music is a crab and the video is a sh*t for a star like davido to put up with. If we See a poor effort, Lets Say it the way it is, so their can be improvement next time. Telling davido that he did a nice song and video when actually, what he did was a crab, is rolling Nigerian sense about music to the mud. We need to tell Africa and the whole world at large that we know good music and we expect good music from our musicians. We wont be helping him by tellin him he did well when we know within us that it was RUBBISH in its highest order. By doing that, we would be encouraging him to continue doing wack music which would degrade his standard internationally. You love him? Then tell him the truth

  53. is it not obvious that the video director is playing with his audience’s intelligence? its only intelligent audience that would understand the underlying message in the video. that davido explains that he has taken Nigerian music out of africa ti beat the white to their game. selling pounded yam flour(faking it to look like cracks) the guns were just to make us first believe it was crack only for me to duscover in the end they were just fake shii. pls some1 tell he got the message. waiting……

    • Yo!!!! I got the message of the video….. I think d person who did this review should watch d video again and pay attention

      • Lol. Yea ryt..

  54. I guess some ppl need to know wat music is all about. meek mill is a rap artist and obo nailed it. u don’t expect to hear beat like gobe do u?????????? Do u expect a party song with an akpako tone?????

  55. The only fault in the joint, the title is entirely different from the message, the video really damaged it too #Nosentiment #HKN Ganging

    • I might be beaitng a dead horse, but thank you for posting this!

    • Sven Andersson skriver:Är detta kyrkans uppgift? Eller är det samhällets? Att organisera, samordna, etc. Biskopens roll som andlig ledare är väl snarast att i sÃ¥ fall uppmuntra sitt folk till större personligt ansvarstagande för bl. a. flyktingar.

    • Thanks for starting the ball rolling with this insight.

  56. Lol, seriously nid more reviews.. Una funny pass 9ja comedy industry.. Well my only probs in d video was dat Davido go de form bahd dude , de smoke all those things ymcmb boiz de smoke.. Wonder if una see I’m eye. De dude was evidently stoned and

  57. Mehn,keep hating buh davido is otu baba..he nailed d song wallahi

  58. Mehn,keep hating buh davido is otu baba..he nailed d song wallahi

  59. Fck u all hatin davido for no reason we luv u#iam_davido

  60. “pounds worth of crack”

    pounds worth of cocaine you mean!!! Crack is solid and not pure white.

  61. One man’s meat is another man’s shit

  62. make a hit banging track. Bb pin: 285D0A05

  63. Make una go die #hatters……..

  64. Haha this insult is too much now did Jimmy insult David. everyone has a right to their own opinion he just stated his without insults state yours too without insult. I actually love that video. stop letting people think David’s fans are touts

  65. davido is realy a nise guy

  66. davido is realy a nise guYi would like to sing with him

  67. The funny thing is that as you keep on hating he keeps getting richer #gogetalifeb***h

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