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What Is “WIZKID”s Biggest Hit Song Till Date?

Posted by Jim Donnett on August 31, 2016 in Editorial, Social Views · 114 Comments


Recall that Wizzy baby made the number one spot on our countdown list for Nigeria’s Hottest Male Artistes. And for some reason, I found myself thinking of all the Wizkid songs there ever was. When I’d exhausted all the popular ones (that I knew), ‘Sola – my google on fine wheels, let me in on a couple more fire jamz that are quite still in very hot and popular demand from the Starboy-gaga-going-crazy-fans. It totally blew mine out of the waters even.

We found it irrepressibly hard to settle for ONE WIZKID SONG that we would say is his biggest music hit till date. I mean, where do we wanna start from? Is it his debut album, Superstar? That every track on it was pretty much a hit? Or his many many other independent releases up to the AYO (Joy) album? Infact, let’s count sef!

Wow, who would have thought this was possible. A collection of almost all his uber-successful and a couple other promising (mild) hits. That’s 30 songs already, and still counting even for one Nigerian artiste. No wonder picking a song felt like JAMB allover again.

You know what? I don’t think my people and I should have this fun alone. So we’re throwing it open. We’d like you guys to tell us that ONE SONG you’ll say is Wizkid’s biggest hit till tomorrow.
Se Pakurumo abi? Oya so fun wa o jare.

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  1. Ojuelegba

  2. Na so

  3. Baba nla u too much

  4. Joblessness

    • Hey! Fukk Boy.. You Call It Joblessness, And We Call It Fun.. Hustle Hard And Have Enough Fun.. Don’t Just Work And Work Till You Die.. People just spend the money you work for after you go..

  5. ohhh I got what you bitchy people re trying to do trying to drag davido down just to hail wiz kid right,not an hater of any of them bt this is the least I expect frm the only site i thought was official for me to download music and Ve been doing that for abt 5 years now this is not even dope why preaching hatred here all love for you guys thou bt this sucks like seriously,,,lately your post is all about faulting davido ND hailing wizkid. ,,,,,,SMH

    • Hey! Boy! Ain’t Nobody Hating Anyone Here.. This Is Just Fun.. And Ain’t Nobody Care If You’ve Been Downloading Before You Were Born.. People Like You Are The On That Cause Hatred Among Artists/People.. Big Up Lil Nigga.. Your Thinking Is Low..

  6. Shabba all the way Na

  7. The problem is wizkid got so many hit

    • That’s it. Hits upon hits

  8. Feelin d beat

  9. Thank you

  10. Thank you

  11. ojuelegba all day everyday

  12. I love Holla at Ur Boi anyday anytym

  13. baba nla

  14. All wizkid song have always be the best I love joy any time any day……..

  15. Many hits

  16. number one in nigeria

  17. ojuelegba

  18. u forgot to mention wine for me ft wande cole

    • @Baron ur head dey thr

  19. all his songs are epic

  20. Sshgshjs

  21. ojuelegba

  22. shabba all d way

  23. Wizkid has no Biggest Hit Yet cos even the unrealeased materials are also Hits… Endless Hits… He’s a Wave-god… Back2Back Hits

  24. Ojuelegba al d way.I luv it so muc

  25. i love that song (pkakurumo) with much passion….

  26. Wizkid got too many Hits boy

  27. he gat too too many many hits boys

  28. ok cool wizbaba

  29. Slow whine ft banky w

  30. oluwa lo ni

  31. Wizkid na real nigga DAT nice love boy brother

  32. All his songs is a hit….yep.but nobody’s bader

  33. Fck ya mama

  34. Fck everyone

  35. Wizzy loves afrobeat so much. so i will go to for ojuelegba, a song that can never be forgotten in our hearts.

  36. no one to compit with star boy

  37. he gat too too many many hits boys

  38. I love my baby

  39. ojuelegba by far

  40. Gidi girl be ma own

  41. No one like you, you are so perfect

  42. I love every track of his

  43. can any good music listiner compare wizkid many hit to few davido own.baba nla all d way.

  44. don’t dull all the way

  45. Every of wizkid’s songs are still second to Davido’s #dami duro, Aye and Skelewu….

    • werey waa lori e ore…

    • If I could see you right now I would have given you what they call african mother knock on the head for that thing you said. Do you even have ears ? David o DONT EVEN COME A 100YARDS CLOSE WHEN IT COMES TO WIZKID’S TALENT AND MASTERY OF THE ART #NOTETHAT

  46. Who’z bringing davido here i think the diffrence i clear dont compare them

  47. Plz who’z bringing davido here i think the diffrence is clear

  48. lol wizzy yu are d man…. ahahah I really dnt knw wot to sy nw….all I cn sy is wizzy iz d man God bless yu

    I knw sy yu no knw mi BT I love yur song…..oluwa lo ni

  49. All wizkid track is a hit in winter season..

  50. 2nd to davido? No sales like ojuelegba even the davido knows that.. God bless my nigga.

  51. It will be untop your matter

  52. i love dah song to d call

  53. All joor!


  55. ojeulegba is a classic that made wizkid better known to the international community

  56. Almost all d song i like

  57. “oje” and “for you” ft akon no dey Dere. Buh “in my bed” all d way

  58. Getting to chose d biggest hit Wizzy ever got till date is kinda difficult. His tracks are irresistible. But still not going to toy with his “superstar” album

  59. NA U BE D BABA

  60. Wizzzzzzzkid… star boy

  61. On Top your matter

  62. All songs are voted for me

  63. I knew dis guy wud go places after dat first song “holla at ur boy”. U knw a pure talent wen u see one. No one comes close. Truth be told, not even Davido. Take away sentiment. This dude is gradually turnin into a legend. No sign of slowin down. Keeps comin out wit more

  64. on top your matter

  65. Gidi girl is one of my favourite

  66. Wizzy wizzy wizzo- ojuelegba

  67. star bor 4eva

  68. I think Ojuelebga is his biggest song so far. It brought him one of his most biggest collaboration and recognition

  69. wizkid De seniore

  70. baba nla

  71. it has to be caro it has more than 18 million view on youtube and even baba nla with 9 million will soon pass ojuelegba

  72. Ojuelegba na d best joor

    • Ojuelegba na d best joor

  73. ojuelegba

  74. it has to be ojuelegba the song has more than 11 million views on youtube exactly 11,286,563 views

  75. he is african hottest male ever

  76. Joy

  77. my guy u really finish everything no one can represent u

  78. U guys forget to put ‘ Slow down’ wizkid ft R2beez x co. what a hit. U go chop banana?.

  79. All hits forever…….he is a DemiGod ……has all his desires and dreams but still under God…….Forever stolen my heart …..starboy tinz

  80. my mentol,I c u

  81. As 4 me i go for. Shout out an oluwaloni

  82. I go 4 oluwaloni an shout out

  83. scatter the floor

  84. it is show u the money the song has 17 million view on youtube

  85. all wizkids single was a hit back to back

  86. that song was a hit back to back

  87. abeg n show you the money the song get more than 17 million views on youtube

  88. wizkid all the way…

  89. on top your matter

  90. Love my baby

  91. Babanla Nah so

  92. Baba Nla

  93. Baba Nla & Pakurumo

  94. Love my baby

  95. Baba nla

  96. How about ‘call my name’?

  97. all wizkids songs are hits….oooohh…there z on top your matter…how i love it

  98. Sisi nene

  99. jayi jayi all d way follow by caro down to wizzy baby BaBa NLA

  100. baba NLA wit ojuelegba d best

  101. Pple shud really grow up and stop debatin who is a better act between davido and wizkid left to me a lot I think wizkid is a more talented act dan davido,his voice is unique,it can b compared with davido,all his songs av bin nice,one song dat really hit me,is wine it ft banky dats wen I started lovin wizzy and till datin he keepins givin,am not bin sentimental here davido too is talented and makes it,truth is dey re both Good @ wat dey do,but las las wen it comes to who is better pple will always choose based on preference,I love davido and I love wizkid,but wiz songs and talents re raw and real,hits back to back,probably dav and wiz might even b friends if not for d ways fans fight over who is better between,u guys shud grow up and stop doin dat.dey re both good and talented,and wud b nice if dy can work 2geda n make a song,wizzy all d way#

  102. OJUELEGBA straightUp!

  103. *OJUELEGBA* will eeeeeeeeeeeever and always be the best bcus is oncompareable.

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