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Reminisce, Olamide & Phyno, are they LOCAL or INDIGENOUS rappers? Let’s discuss!

Posted by Jim Donnett on January 27, 2015 in Editorial, Social Views · 60 Comments

Local Rappers

Only last week, indigenous rapper, Reminisce openly addressed the issue with regards to a common sweeping statement made by all and sundry who refer to the likes of himself, Olamide and Phyno as ‘indigenous’ rappers/artistes. Hence, he went on to release Local Rappers, a track which featured two front-liners of the indigenous brotherhood, Olamide and Phyno in a bid to dismiss the notion that they are local rappers. The question brewing actually is; based on the context in which they have defined their art, would it be fair to refer to them as ‘local rappers’ without any intent to spite their chosen career fields? On the other hand, Reminisce while trying to adjudicate the use of the words indigenous and local, ended up subrogating one for the other.

Well, here’s what I think, which very well passes for the bitter truth.

They are indigenous rappers. All of them! Whether they like it or yes!!

Although the local rappers subject presents itself like a Yes/No situation (thank you Banky W), you can’t deny the fact that there’s no platform to measure the likes of Jesse Jagz, Vector, Poe and M.I with these three. It’s not undermining their efforts as ‘local rappers’, I think it’s only setting them apart. Would we ever see Olamide in the light or regard that we would accord M.I? Whoever does would have succeeded in pegging a square in a round hole and would have defined a new order of madness. It’s equally the same reason why we refer to Yemi Alade, Omawumi and Waje as afrocentric divas and not Tiwa Savage or Seyi Shay. But still, they’re all industry divas, abi? The difference lies in the areas they have defined their art.

The term local simply means something that pertains to, or is characterized by place/position while indigenous connotes something that was originated in or is the characteristic of a particular region. So you see, their radical forms already explain how aptly fitting both titles are. But perception and misinformed idiosyncrasies have made it appropriate to label them indigenous as against local because we have rubbished the significance of the other. Anyhoo, save for when I’ll get into more trivial details on their differences as rappers and local rappers, I’d like for us to strip down this issue of who is what and what is who. Let’s care less what the lexicon defines as local or indigenous. It’s time for us to play a game of wits where we put our perception and sentiments to the test. This is 2015, izz allowed!

Written by Jim Donnett

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  1. all what ure saying is nonsense Jimmy! as far as I know all of dem are successful and good in wat they’re doing.

    • God bless you, that’s all.

  2. Local or indigenous..i don’t care..thou i prefer the term “indigenous”..but come to think of it…they basically rap in our local languages hence they ought to be called local rappers!

  3. U are so sensless Mr moderator.
    Why is sarkodie nt referd to as a local or indigenous rapper in Nigeria? Shey its bcos he’s a foreigner? Una b fools, we dnt appreciate wah we got, dey re busy getting international recognition u’re here calling dem local, u couldn’t even define d term local. “Local writer”

    • guy! I troway salute oh…”Local writer” …Nwanne ina asu funey tell me what u mean…Local Rapper on repeat! abeg tooxclusive if una no get any new song to upload…just keep quiet. ndi ala! taa gbafuo!

  4. Yes my guys are indeginious in as much u can refer to the likes of lil wayne,jay z,drake and the rest American rappers as indeginious rapper as well abi english naa una papa language??@vec,ice,m.i nd rest of my guyz doin eng ya’ll @all 9ja artiste..appreciate what uve got guys

  5. When you rap or sing in a country’s local dialet, you are indiginous, so yes,they are indigenous rappers, however that doesn’t mean they are not dope or even better than some of the rappers that rap in english, if you were in ghana, you could call sarkodie indigenous, but in nigeria, what he speaks isn’t that, its a foreign language tho its african, or can you call a spanish rapper indigenous? On what bases, but in there indiginous country yes you can….however,it is important to note that regardless or the dialets de rap in, they among the best rappers in nigeria…

    • English na ur papa language???

    • true talk

  6. They are all indigenous rappers cos @ least they have done different collaborations internationally

  7. every rapper in nigeria is local owing to the d definition of local, so they shud b called indegenous rappper.

  8. D issue on grand dose nt warrant dis,k instead of local let’s say IBILE.

  9. There r two thingz involved,If u call dem local rapper,u r right,if u call dem indigenous rapper u r right,if they r local there r 2 thinz involved,its eagther,coz dey speak in local dialect or coz their delivery is substandard,bt with dis three men,there is no 2 tinz involved bcoz dey r just too good to b good,they r better

  10. OK OK..ok..drake,kendrick lamar and co also indegenous rappers??..what do u call SArKODIE?..most of yall dont even know a shit about music,u just come here to post crap…..
    Oh lord..bami dariji wan kan fenu tanfi pemi local pemi ni number 1
    ani PUNCHLINE ojawo man!..STREET ti take over!
    Dem say the boys na na local dem say d boys na raz o..STOTY FOR THE gODs..

  11. They are not local rappers ok.. Wat of Daddy Yankee that always sings with is language is he Local rapper or sarkodie is he too ok what of FUSE he is a ghana rapper base in U.K is he a local rapper.. International joor

  12. Oga abeg notin like indigenous or local rapper na rapper……na aw many head dem M.I,iceprince get? Kudos 2 alaga ibile aka baba hafusa n king badoo n phyno………….

  13. #Yhusaywetin?

    Na hear you want to discuss…nah hear you want to tell mi about sumtyn wae happun for 1987.


  14. what will you now call sarkodie?

  15. Be proud of who u are that’s my avicve to u all…

  16. Nigerians as usual don’t have a clue. Rather than deal with the issues raised they quickly resort to abuses and insults to cover their lack of insight or acumen. Musicians will always be defined by the kind of material they publish. Fact. The language the are most capable of expressing themselves in will often demarcate their audience and the perception of their audience no matter what is said to the contrary. They are local meaning their location and they are indigenous because of the native languages being used as their chief form of expression. I daresay that reminisce, olamide and phyno need to understand that they have already defined themselves by their music which is local because they are in Nigeria and their raps are in Yoruba and ibo which are local languages and indigenous to the southern parts of Nigeria. The international community which reprises the europeans and the americans do not understand our languages and don’t listen to them. They are not internationally known. They need to understand their limits and remain within their demographic and stop denigrating the success they have achieved in their localities. They can’t win Grammy awards doing what they do. Which is really what they want. If they want to be known as international artists then they need to play music at that level.

    • How many Grammy has those Naija artistes rapping in English collected?! It’s not about language abeg, if u r good, u r good! Nobody understood Awilo logomba back then yet we all danced like crazy lunatics to the tune.
      Local oOº°?, Indigenous oOº°?, Whatever mehn… Owo ni koko!!!

      • Like I said, Nigerians just don’t have a clue. They reduce everything to naira and kobo. That is why we don’t seem to get anywhere. Why do we know about jay z, rihanna and other foreign musicians? They release songs and we get the tracks immediately. Why? If they are singing in a language you don’t understand you might like it initially but after a while you get bored cos you don’t understand their message. They play music that is in popular lingo. That is why they are international artistes. On the flip side, reminisce, olamide and phyno and other nigerian artists are local because they don’t sing in in a popular international language like English. In case you don’t know ,Yoruba or ibo are NOT international languages. These local guys just want to make money. So they appeal to their people who have the same orientation as themselves. You mentioned awilo logomba. That was just a novelty. How long did it last and how many people actually paid for the music? We just love to dance because we dont like to think! Where is he today? Nigerians are listening to foreign artists from Europe and America while Americans and Europeans are NOT listening to our music. Our musicians need to step up the quality and content of their tracks and stop thinking just about the money.

  17. Hell no,they ain’t local rappers,dy are indigenous rapper owning to dy fact that dy rap with native languages. Is Sarkodie a local rapper?shout out to @phynofino @olamide_ybnl and @reminise

  18. A dude sed shey english na ma papa language,, ok fine,, plss why dnt yu just ryt wat yu just sed in yur own fadas language,, nd again dnt use da english alphabet

  19. If anybody call them local rapper,can the person bounce on any beat?abegi they too much.GBAM”kilode

  20. Rapper na rapper… Probably u aiit aware dat dis trio can still murder in English… Dem too Good

    • confirm

    • Thank u jare

  21. Which one come be local or indigenous? Nw let’s talk abt Drake, Lil Wayne and Jay Z. They rap with their local language which is English. Can we call them local rappers abi na indigenous? Abeg make una fashi these Men them. There are expressing themselves in the language they deem fit 2 go with there own music… Local Rapper Ko Indigenous Rapper Ni.. Skraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

  22. d guy dat wrote dis article is wrong olamide phyno and reminisce are outstanding rappers who came up wit sum tin different and special rather than the usual tins which oda rappers do dis guys are talented and i luv dem for dat shoutout to badoo evry body na king for im lane phynofino ima na punchline anaeyego dis cant be me

    • tooxclusive u’re so true.. they ain’t as good as the real ones. they just got more attention.. u can’t compare to Phenom,Boogey,MI,SDC,Yung6ix.. mehn.. them no reach..

      • bless you

  23. Na dem know…join me @

  24. Na dem know…join me @ illuminaijadotcom

  25. olobe lawon eleyi o
    indigenous ko local ni
    too mush English n error

    Ibile dey collect money go, you dey justify category

  26. listen y’all….i dont think u understand what they mean by local…..they mean like bush rappers bcos they dont rap in the conventionally phonetic english….i think that’s wat they’re mainly emphasizing on……

  27. LMASO!!! Indigenous ko indigenous ni If is not making money Bros is not making sense. street ti take over punch lines o ja wo mao

  28. LMASO!!! Indigenous ko indigenous ni local ni olamide oo ft wale make us proud in that track olamide is trying to be out sumtyn… SO gba gbe oshi!!! IMA NA PUNCHLINE ANAEYAMEGO LOLS #FROSH# HMMMM MO GBIN MO HUSTLE RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  29. All nigeria rapers are local rapers. bcz no one is using americans or uk english to rap.

  30. You are such a ‘local writer’

  31. thant cool men love it.

  32. oko

  33. Jim Donnett…#Local Writer

  34. Wet!n dem mean by local rappers? Just because they rap !n our d!lect makes dem a local rapper? I call them un!que rappers, because they’re do!ng what other rap art!st has fa!led to do. Does rapp!ng !n engl!sh makes someone an !nternat!onal rapper? No way! Yu call them local rappers, but the!r h!ts have gone v!ral !nternat!onally.

  35. Any way na way.Davido don talk am,”if u like rap like Drake,JayZ or Lilwayne or even Rozay himself” iyen ko kan wa “Owo ni koko”

  36. phyno and olamide ride on phyno d over roll boss

  37. They are indigenous… I love them all.

  38. Phyno z takin ova d music indusry soon keep it up my man.09050128531

  39. Local or not, i luv dem to de core especially Phyno


  41. Badoo nd Alaga ibile r nt local since dey rap in dere modas tongue including obago

  42. TooXclusive made a mistake bringin up dis topics.2 me both words are still synonymous or if u don’t agree,here z a beta option-IBILE RAPPERS.4k u jimmy

  43. @Daniel Henry
    While trying to resolve this kind of issue’ whether Local or Indigenous. The question shouldnt be if they are local or indegenous but to define the terms Indigenous and Local and not making comparison.
    Pipo whom ave try to differentiate between the two terms end up making comparison between ‘Artistes’
    i guess the reason why reminisce called for that track is to erased the notion of being called “local” which we know that anything termed local in Nigeria is seen as something without quality/Barbaric,Primitive/Lowclass/without recognition. Which is a wrong perception.(just like how we use the Hausa word ‘Aboki’-Friend for something unimaginable)
    Dnt make comparison why trying to distinguish between terms rather you can give examples.

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