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A-Q – “Distraction 2” (Vector Diss)

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A-Q - "Distraction 2" (Vector Diss)

Chocolate City/1oo Crown rapper – A-Q drops “Distraction 2” a diss track for Vector.

This hip-pop shit is getting more interesting as A-Q dishes out a new record titled “Distraction 2“. As a close friend of Vector before joining M.I Abaga, he shares some fact about Vector that most of us aren’t aware of. Vector talked about M.I Abaga not putting his brother Jesse Jagz through on his ‘Judas The Rat‘ because he knows Jesse is better, well A-Q is out to expose Vector too who also has a talented brother and sister he didn’t put on and watch while their talent fade off. He also talks about Viper’s shady act while they were together & his YSG ungrateful deals and backbites.

A-Q shares; ‘In his diss response to M.I Abaga’s The Viper, Vector claimed he put me on. Stop with the lies. I know too much and will destroy you if you keep peddling these lies. I’ve been off this energy for sometime now and I’d have liked it to stay that way.. But there is no way I’d let the narrative that a snake put me on go down in history .. THIS IS NOT A DISS, THIS IS ALL FACTS

Listen!! and share your thoughts about this new diss track



“A-Q – “Distraction 2″ (Vector Diss)”, 3 out of 5 based on 224 ratings.


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  1. blAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast

  2. I don like an hour but I go still download am again AQ tooooooo good oo

  3. I don download am like an hour ago but I go still download am again AQ tooooooo good oo


  5. Sweet jammz

  6. Nice Try. but WACK

  7. Make just go hide em face if not, na sorry be em name. I’ve been a fan of A.Q but I never saw this coming. A.Q dusted VECTOR hands down

  8. hahahah this guy na idiot no go think about your life if you depend on m. I your career go die all you said here man wack so m.i is lack of what to said so he sent you and you can’t deliver fool

  9. AQ if you don’t know what to diss about, go and sit down…. vector’s is well known to me his sis vibrate & dotun are both living fine my broda

  10. This A-Q You will be real fool shey u think M I will save your ass. mtchew you be real goat i swear no worry will go soon hear your shit but think first now incase M I disappoint you no come here with diss song again ooooo

  11. This A-Q You will be real fool shey u think M I will save your ass. mtchew you be real goat i swear no worry will go soon hear your shit but think first now incase M I disappoint you no come here with diss song again ooooo

  12. AQ, i don’t even know why you wanna try ur God. . Just shut up and stop recording wack tracks. .

  13. See finishing. Vector go dey cry now

  14. Mehn…AQ brought the fire I swear…this guy is dope mehn

  15. Hot hot hot AQ maaaad

  16. Hmm

  17. Mad jam!

  18. wack wacko.

  19. This guy is a solid rapper, his word play is crazy. 5 STAR RATING

  20. Vector is a snake he has a broda dat is a dope rapper we don’t know? And he is busy shading king M dat is how sarkodie call him about jesse jagz.
    Las las vector na fraud our Jay Z wannabe

  21. Well… AQ is strong lyrically, I don’t pity him when vector replies him. AQ is always ready to take shots… na bad guy.

  22. Wacko A-Q go look 4 hand work no be vector u go diss get moni Cuz him pass ur power. Wacko like u

  23. What’s wrong is sounding like another person? Shyne sound alot more like b.i.g, and nobody think e was faking it

  24. Aq is tu wack

  25. U can say dat again

  26. BREAKING NEWS: Zlatan is killing shows in America! Grown men with static career here hating on each other. Wetin concern mi? The height of lyrical bars & wordplay is your present account balance. As far as rap in Nigeria is concerned Zlatan is the king, followed by Naira Marley fullstop.

  27. AQ is a real bomb, vector I’ll advice you not to reply cus” you I’ll be murderd ha ha ha.

  28. Oh God! This guy is good……… murdered it. I see music Industries back to LIVE

  29. Please Who’s This A-Q Guy?? Why Should He Talk When Vector Is Talking??? Slaves Don’t Talk When Kings Are Talking… Opportunity Comes In A Lifetime, He’s Obviously Trying To Use This Diss As An Opportunity To Trend At Least For Once!! He Should Go And Sit Down Abeg… Alaye Joor Joor Joor

  30. A.q u self try but vector is a beast, Mi,urself nd blaqbone, ha not enough for vector, meanwhile am sure vec wont come for small fish like urself,,, sorry who is a.q?

  31. Nigeria hip pop is back to life ?
    Kudos to king M I

    Fire on A Q

  32. Dis track shouldn’t be titled distraction is should be titled attention, dont be deceived a.q is not a close friend of vec, he actually link up with vec bcos of fame nd he also betrayed vec by going to reminisce to diss vec after first distraction,

  33. All those saying A_Q is seeking attention, then what’s vector really doing? Its same thing, coz i swear nobody knows vector outside nigeria and he descided to use M I’s name in order to trend, so u all accusing A_Q for wantin to trend by force should shut da fuck up.. Anyways dis song is fire!! Just lovin it…

  34. Now the chairman is too busy to clean up is mess instead he has his boy A-Q to do that for him I think A-Q you forgotten that vector helped him to murder reminisce and instead of paying him back by shutting your mouth up instead is helping his chairman to fight is battle who’s the snake here now fuck MI and A-Q

  35. Oga A-Q is seeking attention vector is not vector didn’t call out mi,mi called him out

  36. L is for Lanre. Vector is not top 20 of all time. Wack rapper.

  37. Only vector is OK
    Man never worry coz he know where to get d gun from

  38. This is just like every regular “who wanna be a rapper”. No style,no technique or something. YOU A GARBAGE AQ.

  39. AQ Just murdered that baby snake
    #NoSnake ?

  40. Sha this babe rat na fool. V just said it all so go and sleep. Still listing to the rat.

  41. This rap is whack jor

  42. Shopping whack…. Downloaded and deleted

  43. A.Q Lazzy Youth, na weed go be soon be ur next baseline,just go back full time church work,just an advice oh,ur goat don kip quiet u small 4 VECTOR nah

  44. Well done AQ!!!!!!!
    cos Vec is just like PMB few more yrs he’s gone
    cos vector’s default settings is so loose now!!!!?

  45. Naija rappers abeg ,you guys should try to put a stop to this shit ,diss here and there.who want to diss me? Abeg u guys to follow this indigenous rappers phyno and Olamide instead of dissing around.I strongly believe that after all this diss we will see dem in d same bar.

  46. Always Visit

  47. I haven’t listened to the lyrics. But the delivery is DOA.

  48. Wack wack wack!!!..weak weak weak!!

  49. Mad ?

  50. Mad ?

  51. mad mad

  52. Vector should apologize

  53. Just like Buhari in few years… Vector would be done

  54. Listen and be blessed

  55. Beautiful wack

  56. Fire fire fire fire!!!!!!!!!

  57. This brother ain’t normal nice track.

  58. ??? AQ so after MI killed lanre you now decided to bury him once and for all, please cc should mercy for lanre o we are begging

  59. I used to have a lot of respect for you AQ but since you had to come after VEC men that respect is gone.
    Truth be said I only knew AQ when he jumped on a track with VEC.
    Don’t bite the finger that brought you to limelight. The first distraction was dope but this is Wack.

  60. Wack track just m.i sent this fool to diss vector and he did it the snitch way just like is boss.. chose wisely before picking a friend cos friends turns foes

  61. I didn’t know who this guy was until davolee killed him without much words and he couldn’t face him bk but come for vec? Really bro ? You wack with the flows also be ready 4 your funeral bro

  62. This AQ is just a fool sha. You keep saying V is broke and you want him to put someone on, really. Well Vec already told us and we know so we don’t need him to put anyone on, we Love him and him alone, I think a successful man, is a man that knows himself.

  63. Some of these things he said are not facts oo
    Vector doesn’t have a brother that’s actually a Rap artiste
    Vector’s elder brother is a DJ based in South Africa(DJ MAGNUM), he featured on his song twice, they did d Lafiaji tour together, and he posts Vector’s song on his instagram page regularly
    Vector’s sister is a Juju artiste and has been singing even b4 Vector himself started singing, she is under the music company of Dele Taiwo, a legendary Juju musician who also happens to be her husband, she is on d Lafiaji album, so there’s lil or nothing more vector could possibly do for her when it comes to JUJU music, she has her audience and her husband’s got her back
    Vector’s younger brother runs a management company and Vector himself is a part of it

  64. Wow, King MI had to send his boy coz he’s too big for the shit

  65. From my knowledge Vector sister is not rapping she is working with her husband. Is there any problem with than this guy has nothing to say, i watched her interview on Africa magic yoruba she didn’t even say anything about a brother rapper but i think Dj. A-Q u hv nothing to say go and search again.

  66. This is the best trash in rap I have ever listened to.When will our rappers be best in their flows.bull crap

  67. Wack

  68. A Q on piont, vector cannot help his bother and he feel like beefing MI
    Pot calling kettle black
    You just got served
    AQ on repeat
    Song of the moment

  69. I admit even though am not much of a fan, this AQ is a beast

  70. so AQ, u nor no your mate abi? so if rappers come out to beef u go still come out abi???
    If not be say MI diss Vector, who u be to diss Vector, u nor day look face? vector na ur mate, u even reach Vector shoe lace? with ur silly weak flow an ur childish lyrics na him u wan take battle Vector for face up rap?
    i done see am u wan use style blow, if I be Vector I nor go reply u, Mumu like u, all these while why u never get better hit track web done blow out Big Goat like u want still come out for beef u nor day fear. mumu like u.
    instead of u to seat ur silly ass down thinking about how to make better song wen go blow u, u wan diss Vector ur papa, u nor no say no big fuckup to Vector if him reply u becus u just to small. AQ the thin rat, ur name nor even dey ring bell self, nonsense mumu like u

  71. Very wack… try again

  72. This is the most unrhythemic song I’ve listened to in year, no punch line, no vibe. This is absolutely wack for my liken

  73. He they talk say his verse on distraction 1(with vector) was inspire by Don jazzy tweet while vector choose to diss Reminisce………. Abeg if you never hear distraction1 go hear am, and see the real snake (a-q)……………. The reason why you know his flaws is because you are once his friend……… Siding with his counterpart and using his flaws against him makes you you a snake ……we are all human beings and we gave flaws

  74. lol A-Q is some sick ass rapper.who is this kid

  75. Aq pls keep it up,l love this

  76. A-q you are so sick .. i just dey here you name for the first time , you don kill the career wey never kick of. Oloshi

  77. I saw a fool sayiny who knows vector outside Nigeria?? Let me ask you this, who freestyled for 2hrs 30 minutes that was in the world record??

  78. Wacky wacky wacky, toooooooo wack

  79. You didn’t have to be servant messenger of MI. Grow up brother, but I like the Buhari coming second time line sha…lol

  80. Lol

  81. Shocker..u killed and bury vec abegie2

  82. A-Q it’s a shame if u call urself a rap artist.. u rap like a kid, oh yea u are the child of a Goat. If you think u are dope, i’ll school u in real hardcore rap.. Allow M.I fight his battles…

  83. Vector will never be wise until he swallow his pride

  84. Oh mehn this AQ rap is too wack …sounds like a nursery poem …
    Y’all should grow up

  85. Wasted MB

  86. Vector should apologize to AQ oo

  87. vector should apologize to AQ ooooo

  88. Diz guy finally end Hus career going to M.I. Idiot

  89. M is going to play the rat on you

  90. What Vector knows about someone else’s family (M.I.) was revealed (A Q ) for he was all the causative of this sharp reprimands statements he made on M.I.’s brother when his family’s life and background was also revealed by A Q…so this is like a tit for tats. And for mostly, he liiiiieeeeed on A Q in the unappreciated deal and still gossipin’…Oh, oh, God…and he is his friend then but now he was his friend. So, this is why A Q vexed and exposed him before he annihilate him ( A Q ).
    So, this is to tell y’all that ” Lie is the heredity of life “. Vector is done!!!…

  91. You brought guns to a nuclear war while I blow missiles on this. Aq killed it. Those calling u wack know nothing about rap.

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