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Blackface Shares 43-Minute Conversation With Faze Before His Performance At 2baba’s Concert || Listen

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Blackface’s feud with 2baba has escalated to another level.

He recently expressed his disappointment in Faze who performed at 2baba’s 20 Years a King show in Abuja even after having a very long talk with him.

 “I hate to do this but You fall my hand again @fazealone After our conversation you went on to perform #plantashunboiz @plantashunboiz1 songs with my contributions with 2Face at his event ?

“When is this going to stop?You both sound like artists that lost it, what examples are you both portraying going on stage without rehearsals? You both don’t sync and it makes my hard work look poor, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I no go beg again…. I just uploaded our convo for the world to know the facts of what’s going on with all?”

The singer shared the 43-minute phone conversation via his YouTube page which he titled “The Conspiracy Theory”. where the singers discussed Ruggedman’s Foundation Concert, Plantashun Boiz, 2baba, and other issues.

Listen to the conversation below:



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  1. blackface too love hatred

    • Mind your language.

  2. Faze is a very good guy as for black face and 2face make una settle una issue and stop using faze to play the game please. Black face please move on and stop living by the past it weighs you down. 2face no matter what has gone wrong be a helping hand to your guys because they played a role in what ever your enjoying today. Please make una stop the fight.

  3. this black face na fool

  4. Faze na very nice, wise intelligent and straight forward guy, no time for hate. He a was on phone like he knew BlackFaze is up for something and like he knew Black was going to air this call someday. I respect you Faze alone… I am a fan… 1 love

  5. This kind of stubbornness is what leaves a man permanently in the shadows of his growing peers If he doesn’t control it. Blackface! Truly your heart is as your mind.

  6. Face you very mature in this conversation as if you know it was going to be aired. Nice on bro

  7. This black face dey craze o.

    Is this to instigate hatred between Faze and 2Face.

    I don’t just like this nonsense.

  8. The exact reason why you’ll keep being in one spot for life Mr black face.. Dumb stuffs all over

  9. Blackface may never seen light again hate and bitterness has overshadowed his light. Las las nah Regret go be the other of the day for him

  10. Black face is do bitter, nigga needs to let go bitterness to progress in life..

  11. Face you need to be enlighten about the law in music industry, blackface knows what’s is saying and as a legal advantage over what I have heard so far,face just be face live group name and songs for blackface and 2face to deal with each I see the through story and no were it end’s.

    • You right, Black face is right, Im faze fans but blackface knows what he is saying, Tuface like his name. He isnt a good person. I bet he caused everything that happens and stole the show.

  12. This is Not about fan base, I am not a blackface fan but no one should be allowed to play around with the intellectual property of anyone, if platashunz Boyz belongs to black face and he doesn’t want you guys performing those song? So be it,

  13. Legally to be honest here, what Blackface said is very right, not 2face or Faze supposed to perform their Plantanshun Boiz song without an agreement in between all members… Tho Black too have grievance, but to call spade a spade is better than sentiment.
    Faze is neutral, 2Face in as much as i respect him is not doing the right thing here, he should make peace as the super star he has become between them… Let love lead.

  14. Blackface is too Proud, i guess thats the only thing Big he has ever done in his Life (Platashunz Boyz)…S/O too Faze, too humble man , 2baba’s humility is robbing off Faze……Grow up Blackface, forgive yourself and make Peace with yourself, only then can you be at Peace with Others.

  15. This black faze no get sense o, must you be complaining all the time? If you don’t like innocent 2face you can move on now. See this opoko o

  16. Black face u can’t keep presenting yourself like the boss in a group in which u all have equal rights and u expect the next man to feel cool with it. Humble yourself

  17. Blackface we know your stand, please focus on your thing and grow not hating nemesis will always catch up with the guilty, you just tried to set faze up. Did you tell faze that you will air this conversation? Too bad from your side

  18. 2baba owes blackface nothing. They were in a group & they split up. If Blackface co-wrote “African queen”, its not 2baba that ll pay him the loyalty but anyone investing in that song. 2face has not gotten 1 naira on that song bcos Blackface claims he owns that song. A lot of people here don’t know how loyalty is paid but have the nerve to apportion blaims. Bobby Brown does not need the permission of New Edition to perform any of New Edition’s song he featured bcos he is an owner too. So if anyone is talking about legals here, he or she should know that people don’t take permission to use what’s theirs. Blackface is only dragging Faze into this insanity to a support from the inside. Lastly Plantashun Boiz does not belong to Blackface. If u know u know.

  19. Black face u are doing d right thing at d wrong time. U should have register ur so call band when u guys started n stop presenting urself as d boss….. Face is very straight, u didn’t even allow him talk u are just cutting him and he didn’t even know u are recording. Face baba I respect u, u are not a Judas Iscariot. In fact m downloading all ur songs again. 2baba try settle with ur brothers I beg na ur name dey ring for there so. Baba I beg just try…. I love d way face corrected Black face at d end of d conversation. He clear ham ni..

  20. This Blackface na bitter nigger. Na people like this fit kill im fellow broda man because of jealousy, envy and hate. I listened to the whole convo. He is just bitter. Even if I whr to be in a group with him, I wud do worst than 2baba. Been bitter for something that, in the next 50 yrs, nobody go remember am again. I see some likemind ppl supporting him. Saying its legal, bla bla bla. Mehn, its legal but even faze dnt know whats exactly paining blackface. He is bitter that 2baba shine more than all of them. His heart is as black as his face.

  21. I just saw this today (Oct 15),I am die hard faze fans but got pissed because he stopped singing is pattern and went for the trend of the moment. We have met severally and I knew is brother back then, so touched with the fact that he has not change to been a bad eggs though and it’s audible enough for everyone with ears to know the truth psychologically that faze was brought in the band because the both friends are snitching on each other affairs and someone had to bring the best vocalist in festac of then. One thing I need tooxclusive to do is appreciate good music, call this faze self and make do music for us like then. Like good woman, butterfly, Adiza ,need somebody, letter to my brother… To end it all my people money is totally needed, if he’s very comfortable he would do something more as you all know commercial brings the funds in Naija. Not everything is visible and we all can’t portrait same habit giving, but faze sabi music. Thank you

  22. Black is a total Flopps and disappointment
    Try make peace ??

  23. Honestly am really disappointed at you guys ,calling BLACK FACE all sort of names,am not sure you guys listened to
    That call,faze alone today I loose the respect I have for you,you are a green snake in a green grass Chibuzor,I have been hating on BLACK FACE for years but after listening to this call ,oh my God please forgive me for hating on BLACK FACE FOR NOTHING :BOSS @ BLACK face you are A man and real man Boss I no be anybody & I know my word won’t even count .plantashunboiz is a tree that can never be uprooted in the history of Nigerian music .dont mind that one called face alone orji wey Dey act like girl wey dem use her pant take buy Benz, @ Tuface I respect you uncle but remember the Road that leads you home .you and I knows that you have the power to settle the issue amicably,uncle sometimes kids advice elders @ 2face do what is right ,don’t preach and sing about peace when you are not at peace inside life .am waiting for insults from your die hard fans :NB am still your fan :I am @Kastdbeat1 sue me

  24. I remember how black blocked me on IG bcoz i told him he is filled with hate. I remember how he even created proxy IG account @mrtruthman just to insult me after blocking me. And i know he will equally do same here in the comment section but one thing is fact black will remain in hunger as long the hate continues. As far as his registration is concerned plantainshun is meant for 3 person but he only registered it had brought their names in. Who signed their column? Already he has sold himself to the law. Lets watch how he is going to get a win in his suit.
    Dr. Egua

  25. Faze doesn’t understand the LEGAL RESTRICTIONS Black Face is talking about. However, Black Face is a very BITTER and REPULSIVE individual.


  27. Black face is saying d right thing and is fighting for d right of d group but they need to settle it amicably to make peace, I love you guys

  28. Black face abeg hide with your feelings, tuface no send you at all …try to move on with your miserable life.

  29. Tuface idibia , God has blessed you in this life beyond ur expectation. Remember you leave this life with nothing but only a good name. One knows not when the time will come.
    The road to stardom for you guys had many turns right and wrong turns. These are ur men and you all rosse together but today you are shining brighter than them. Only you can settle this Casala innocent. Take this ur two men on a plantashon boys tour and whatever proceeds comes out of it give it to them both. Help their life brothet. A tour will be better than dashing them money. Do this innocent and plantashon boys will be reunited. God bless you all. And let peace reign.

  30. Blackface won’t stop, he tried to smear the name of Faze. If you follow the conversation very well, you will see that Black lied alot to cajole Faze into taking side with him, but Faze proved to him that he is not in support of any of them. For instance, Blackface lied when he said Tu didn’t invited the two of them for his wedding. Faze was supposed to be among the groomsmen but he missed his flight to Dubai that was why he attended the wedding late. This Black will neverstop.

  31. Blackface knows what he’s doing, let’s call a spade a spade. Nothing like envy here.

  32. And so fucking what?
    Blackfaze u too get malice for ur mind just grow up man.thats why u never grow up .Come today come tomorrow 2baba is bigger than u.Embrace peace and let love lead .One love

  33. Black na mugu d guy no just get level

  34. Black should use his energy to do something meaningful. He is so driven with jealousy. All I understand is someone who uses his full time and energy to follow every activity of another. What are all those details for? Omo use your energy properly. Assumptions and expectations are killing him.

    Mr. Eric

  35. Black i pity u shaaaa. Hungry go beat u tey. U are fighting a legend.u Don frustrate

  36. More respect for you Faze for not backbiting another friend behind him. Except who does not understand will misconceived you for what you stand for. Even though I was Blackface that called you tell him to his face that he and Tu needs to settle their differences to allow this thing Pboys to work again. But Blackface from the sound of his doesn’t want to have anything to do with Tu, wanting to cajole you to take side with him against Tu. One love.

  37. Why you no go blackface. Pride??

  38. Black faze knows what hes saying, every one like 2 face, faze but let faze and 2 face do the right thing

  39. Faze really have patience. Look at all the insult!

  40. There is no hate here. What black face is saying is 100% right legally. Faze is a total uneducated fool like those insulting black face please listen to the audio correctly before talking rubbish like foolish faze. Listen the conversation faze is a fool an uneducated idoit talking trash does not understand English cos he is a fool. Black face made alot of sense with his explanation na poverty dy do faze

  41. Btos….grow up

  42. 2baba should do what’s right, blackface is bittered but he has his point, faze is lost n don’t understand…. Legally… Black understand litigation on this issue

  43. Truth be said; Blackface is on point and I concur with him. His very right and factual about all activities. Faze is acting up, as if his confused; cos after all this conversations, he still went ahead backstarbing that’s messed up. 2face is just a smart business man in music and the entertainment world so that’s all about him. However,They should endeavour settling the differences as the ball is in 2face court.

  44. In my opinion black face is right. The band consist of 3 persons. If the band song will be performed then the 3 of them must be in agreement. Tuface and faze can’t go about singing the band song without blackface. To think of it, blackface started the band and just like he said he is not stopping them from singing their individual songs. Simple and straight

  45. I love 2face and faze bt truth be told, when you listen to the conversation, BlackFace is right .

  46. Black claimed he own Plantashun Boiz,he claimed he registered it. you claim ownership of something that has been in existence before registering the name (Plaatashun Boiz) 2face and Faze also worked their asses off during the time of Plantashun Boiz. You should have registered the name wen you guys where together not wen you are separated. As far as am concerned ya’ll have the same right to the songs under the name plantashun boiz cus it wasn’t only you that started it nor was it only you that wrote the songs or even performed them or even signed under a label.You don’t claim ownership of sort. You would have seek their consent before registering the name.Think about it.

  47. Faze you r the man, dont let blackface involve you.just do your thing and God will help you re launch your career.

  48. But black face is right on this one. The band Plantation boyz is a team name. Team effort so its wrong for one person to come on stage with it and make money for his personal pocket.

  49. Tuface settle this guy I think legally he is right o

  50. Lies….. you’re just trying to impose your stuff on faze. Faze can’t remember or phantom what you’re saying. You’re full of hate and bossy. You and 2face formed the group that you picked the Name doesn’t make you the brand/band owner. In a group of 3 , 2 together has the vote.
    My advice…..go back and work hard and try give us a hit song. If you can’t do it alone then keep the band to yourself no one is dragging it with you. We’ve seen big bands like destiny child, 701 abi 702 I don 4get and some others split and some characters replaced. So of you’re so interested in the name and the band look for new artist register them to the band and continue with the name. Period!

  51. We always love to hate the truth in this country.
    Black Face has always been making his point with this plantashun bois story, but because 2face is mostly love than any of the plantashun bois that’s why he is abusing that previlage by ignoring their EXISTENCE.
    2BABA is the most ungrateful bastard in Nigeria. He is the devilnin a white dress. Stop Faking reality for us in Nigeria, go and settle with your group, come to think of it,
    2face has the capacity to elevate his guys, but bcos the gargantuan deposit of greed and wickednes that resides in him, he wont do that. In the eyes of everybody black face is a truble maker, but if truth be told, 2baba is the real devil who doesnt want anynother person to eat food. Wicked soul. What will it cause 2face to come to the level of their understanding.

  52. Black only wants to be the one talking and making decisions …oya make in carry d name plantashun boiz if na d name go put food 4 in table….,useless fool……

  53. Blackface is only being factual and realistic

  54. Blackface please be a man and move on and stop all this childish things (African Queen) after how many years ago, bro move on that’s how a real man does.

  55. Black faze stop disgracing yourself please…

  56. You say 2face wants to kill the band and the name plantashun boiz, yet he has been performing plantashun boiz songs and calling on faze to join him on stage for same songs.

    Black face while would u record a conversation with a friend without his consent. This is blackmail and betrayal.

  57. Hmmmm. Let love lead 2baba u are the star ?? . Don’t turn ur back at the moon . Try to help black face and face on a tour. U will see how important u are to the world ? 2baba Me love u all, no hate . If anything happen to black face today don’t show him love after death am not wishing anyone death dig bro

  58. Am not siding anybody, black is right on his own way, faze fall to understand his own opinion and tuface please ? this are your guys, you know how you guys started try and do something about this, black only wants you guys back, we all wants it too and that will not stop you from being tubaba that u are

  59. Mr P performs what belongs to Psquare just as Rudeboy performs what belongs to Psquare.
    Black Face Clearly cannot Move on his Own.
    He is bitter he’s the only person backward and not doing well.
    He Should be happy some member of the group performs some their hit tracks.
    He wants to Boss

  60. Plantation boiz is an intellectual property that belongs to the band and anything regarding that name, all concern persons ought to be notified and give their consent regarding it. @Black face, trying to portray your views does not make you to infringe on the intelligence of the other. Please,Respect peoples opinion and be respectful in replying them. Learn to be more of a listener that always quick to respond. @ Faze, you have made your point but seek a legal practitional on the lebel name so that you won’t fall a victim. An ignorant to the law is not an excuse. @2face, this whole thing centres around you, please make peace with all concern. You guys can come back together and be a strong force in the future. “No man is an island of him self. There is no champion for life.” Preach love and not hate. One love

  61. Black go die of hate and depression

  62. You all taking sides with black face,just sit down listen well and see every words of black being counter by faze and it seems true because black has been talking about people said and people said meaning he’s a back stabber

  63. lol,funny name ‘plantationboiz……blackfaze grow up and change your name to bleachedface….lolzzzzzz

  64. This black face eeh na baba nlaaa olori buruku I really do av lots of respect for him b4 but now eeh he just lost it n faze should be very careful cuz this guy is not worth called a friend in the first place why record the conversation in the first place …… Oga work hard to also be successful n stop hating biko…. If anoda man success dey vex u abeg otapiapia no too cost?????

  65. The truth is whatever Plantashun boiz has its a joint property. Anyone of them being joint owners of the franchise can perform Plantashun boiz songs anywhere. It’s like a family house jointly owned by many siblings. If anyone of them doesn’t want to enter d property anyone of them has a right to go in and use d place in as much as it remains indivisible. Non can deny any other d use of the property because he isn’t in agreement with other on d way forward. Blackface should stop being overly entitled. It’s not a sole ownership on any of the Plantashun boiz properties.

  66. I want everyone of you to understand where blackface is going to believe me you will know that he is very correct.
    He sounds like he knows his right and everything his saying.
    #listen carefully pls

  67. For all of you insulting Blackface, I love you 2face more than you all but you are all fools and uneducated.BLACK FACE is a Boss. @ 2face, you are greedy man just lucky to be successful @Faze, you are really a mugu. @Blackface, you are the boss!

  68. I think black has a point here but black to like hatred make una settle ones n for all

  69. Firstly was plantashun boiz registered when those songs were written? Who are those that made the songs? Were the songs jointly made? If plantashun boiz wasn’t a legal personality at the time of the creation of the songs then it couldn’t have owned the songs. Now, if the songs were jointly created by the 3 people, can blackface or indeed any component of the three persons forbid or restrict the others from performing the songs in the absence of an earlier agreement to that effect? Can blackface or indeed any component of the three persons successfully register panyashun boiz and ascribe to it the ownership of the intellectual rights of the work that the three persons jointly created without their agreement? Because of limited space and the need for information, it is better to use the aforementioned queries to guide our reasoning when addressing the issues in this matter. Google is also your friend. Pls study intellectual property rights, joint ownership and we can have more insights.

  70. Stop fighting what is not obtainable the 3 of them own plantation boiz, the 3 of them contribute in the songs by plantashun boiz, they have the right to sing the song as long they are not together anymore because I’d the 3 of them intellectual property. Like he claim he just registere d plantashun boiz that means plantashun boiz start to exist the day he register it. That means the whole songs dont belong the plantashun boiz because plantashun was not register by that time they sand the songs. Its simply means they all have the right to the song because is there individual effort then.

  71. Dis Black Face na just pure witchcraft nothing more… Trying to get someone else to join you in hating on someone.. U go dey dere old. Mumu fowl



  74. Anytin wer Don happen e Don happen my brothers mak uwna no fyt again

  75. Black face wanted to set face up in this conversation. Thank God that face was wise enough.

  76. Legally blackface is right

  77. Well,well,well..Blackface sounds like he is the sole owner of plantaizium boys.If he the Sol owner of the brand,then he has the right to impose laws and oders (through the law) on the other members,but if is not the sole owner of the brand,then restrictions,laws and oders must be by the agreement of the 3 members..The question is ‘what was the agreement of the the members when the brand was registered under the law from the beginning’?

  78. I think after listening to this voice call recording, I think my respect for Black face grown, he’s a real professional, Faze is the real problem in plantashun boyz he’s taking sides which is not supposed to be so, I don’t think Black face would have released this call recording if Faze hadn’t had still went to perform Plantashun boyz songs at 2baba concert without his permission after several warnings from him. As they say can two work together, No unless they agree. Black face has a point and he’s supposed to be cut some slacks, As for 2face he needs to find a way and make peace with the group because he’s not perfect he he really want the growth of Black face or even the Plantashun boyz then he should settle it out with Black the ball is in his court, from what i can see he (2baba) only wants to shine in the limelight – Emma Hansome

  79. Nonsense Blackface with black mind like his face

  80. See black face small mindset. Trying to force his opinion on faze. Na igbo dey talk, he is such a looser

  81. 2baba is a thief,he own black face for real. Faze was just corn boy to the band…. #2baba free ur brother .black is 100percent right….

  82. Black face is right

  83. For me ooo all this nah story story. Black face, faze and 2 face should all go to the studio and release good music.

  84. Black faze should go and do his solo stuffs and upgrade himself, this his hatred can only make him stagnant.

  85. Black nor wise too proud

  86. For me am just confuse at everything, but what I can say is 2baba just try and make up with the other 2 so dat peace will reign, but Black try to respect others, for instance u don’t feed faze na see the way u were talking to him like his walking for u.

  87. My favorite 2 baba and faze

  88. Guys I think the plantashun Boi are much better than has been all are better than this….

  89. To be sincere, plantashun boiz belongs to 2face, black-face and face, black face has no right to register the band to his self, in the conversetion between black and face, 2face said he want to go solo and he will still becoming back to the group for them to be doing songs for the group and it was black who refused, we’ve seen so many groups go solo wit no problem examples are Destiny Child, The remedy, Tribe called quest, Public Anocement, Westlife, B2K boys and so many of them, so why is black face doing all this.

  90. Tried Man

  91. Big man I hail well well…na u get the real definition of propaganda.. You a a big snitch,sorry back face to asy this you are a big fool..never hate ur fellow man,his anger prospected him so no poison this man mind,face a man ahead of the game what can u do?

  92. Black face you will die in the past

  93. Black Faze is just full of hatred. There’s no way everybody will just ignore you without reasons. This conversation you posted was meant to prove that faze is a bad person while Tu faze is terrible but you became combination of all the stupidness. How on earth will you succeed when your heart and soul is full of bitterness?

  94. All of you talking trash about Blackface are fools. Sometimes, people take your assertiveness for stubbornness and hate. Man knows what he’s saying. I think Tuface is the reason the plantationboiz group is no me. Faze seems to be dancing to Tuface’s tunes probably because of some monetary gains he gets from him. Who knows????? Blackface seems to be a man of his words.

  95. To all of you saying Black Face is right, I pity you all. From the call, it shows that most of the things Black Face has against 2baba is based on hear-say. Faze asked him one time,”how do you know” and he’s said,”Someone told me”. Blackface wouldn’t even allow Faze to talk. 2baba has tried to settle things with Blackface since but I just don’t understand what Blackface really wants. You keep trying to stain 2baba’s image. Always saying things out of assumptions. It used to be about African Queen, but now na The Plantashun boiz be your problem? Black face na wa. Use your time well. Don’t waste it. He always gives you platform to join him just like Faze but your head too dey hot.If you stop fighting 2baba, then he will stop suing you. Why can’t they sing a song you guys did together. Kizz Daniel performs the song DJ aspinall featured him on. Wizkid can perform Low where Larry Gaaga featured him. Bro wouldn’t even allow Faze to correct his hateful brain. Guy just go home, you are a complete loser. Go get a life. You heard Faze,”I don’t think all what you’re doing is not necessary “.

  96. Blackface is messed up.

  97. Black face is perfectly right if they want to performed any plantation boys song without black face they don’t have a right to performed there song if they must performed, the three of them must be complete is simple

  98. Black face you are done……… tubaba ?? And face should register plantation men and burst out since black face do inherit his foolish plantations that he will die been a boy……[email protected] blackface you still release an yourself ……. # ODE……FOOL…. ANUAFIA

  99. Black face is a bitter… if u wanna gate sum1… go ahead and hate.. don’t recruit others to hate for you.

  100. @blackface u just kip hating the golden son of Africa for nothing u better make peace for u to catch up.

  101. Black face so you dey ikotun dey Waka Waka up and down dey talk shit about 2baba, which day him don use the stupid name sef wah be say na mistake e take come out sing, them dey talk about latest you dey go talk backward, my guy behave like country wah dey go forward no dey behave like Nigeria wah no even stagnant for where e dey before, buhari carry am run backward, na that kind thinking you get, Bobo better go hear latest make your brain reset and correct no hope lost, you just dey see 2baba as God and u dey jealous instead wah u go Hustle tight pray for grace mumu u dey look another man pocket

  102. Black Face, you are full of hate. Person pass you e pass you. Face, TuBaba pass you. Abeg give up. You are full of Shit. Infact your music is crap.

  103. Black face know what is doing.. because that time is the one that used to write every of dere music, So leave him alone.. let him face the 2baba.

  104. Blackface is absolutely going about everything the right way. Faze is just being neutral. Tufaces legal team are beasts

  105. Some people just need sence… Because they love someone, they cannot study the issue to understand who’s right and who’s wrong. They are just thinking rubbish and writing trash with a sided mind.

  106. all members have equal rights to Plantashun Boiz, black shld just go and sleep

  107. Black face is not totally correct. You alone can’t be the band. Is he saying that faze and two faze are backup singer and he is the lead singer?

  108. All of you that is saying black face this black face that if you are black face you will do more than that

  109. Blackface is a disgrace…He should learn from Faze…after insulting Him, he(faze)only said no problem,and continued to listen to what blackface was saying without ending the call, then told Him, guy you Just insulted me, He said YES! and thats were His Problem Lies…He Couldn’t Say Sorry!to a friend/bandmate..When a Person is too proud to say sorry that person will always have Envy,Jealousy,Anger etc. He needs Deliverance, Because even if Tuface openly apologizes to blackface, The Envy is still inside…Same Spirit in Cain in the Bible…Spirit of BKB…brother kill brother…the Worst Spirit…Anyone reading this, Don’t let it get to You.

  110. With all I have listened to, black face can’t stoop like faze all because 2face is the most popular among them. I love blackface for being a really man and stand up for his right not like that ( faze) slave.

    The show that black face was officially invited, he declined it because faze, and he (faze) when to same show without black knowing ????.

    2face knew the capacity of blackface that was why is carrying slave (faze) along because 2face knw that blckf will not stoop and am not expecting him too no matter what man must knw is worth.

    You can’t compare a well trained child ( black face) to a slave faze) because in their conversations we’ll can figured what real man is……..#ISTANDWITHBLACKFACE

  111. Blackface is absolutely correct …as a legal individual he is playing his role .the guy is reasonable please.

  112. FAZE is a patient man to take all this unplanned call and was shouted at for 43mins, remember the person that call was prepared to attack…..i dont know why i feel black face wants the end of Plantashun Boiz, : in bible and the woman that stole the baby ask the king solomon to kill the baby by diving him, but the mother ask the king to spare the life and let the baby live with the other woman..[the love to save your creation] you can’t kill what you love, Black face hates Plantashun Boiz he can do anything to stop it, faze and 2face can perform the song without collecting a dime..thats the difference between purpose and Talent

  113. I was thinking they will use this opportunity, for this 20years a Legend event settle this trash.
    Please you guys should try and settle please.
    We need you guys.

  114. This blackface is too bitter.

  115. BlackFaze is right and I understand him better now.

  116. BlackFaze is right , I know exactly how he feels , it’s just like having someone copy from you in the exam Hall and the invigilator walks you out and the same person who was copying from you starts spreading rumors that you were copying from them ,blackface is asking for justice , you all that are laying abuses on him remember it does not rain on only one man’s roof , it might be your turn tomorrow I hope you will be happy when you work and another man takes glory (monkey dey work ,baboon dey chop)

  117. Black face is an idiot guy ….

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