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Burna Boy – “On The Low”

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Burna Boy On The Low

Burna Boy’s ON THE LOW produced by Kel P is a nice mid-tempo love song with a fusion of Afrobeat and very subtle dancehall influences. He comes through with another banging Afrobeat song titled “On The Low“.Burna Boy’s voice was as clear as day.

Lyrically, the song has meaning but no depth, we could tell already that the song is about a girl he really likes and longs to be around and the effect she has on him, her name is Angelina. The instrumentals from the beginning to the end being seamless made it a danceable song, the melody of the song flowed effortlessly.

The song lacked the emotions that would have been expected in a love song. Burna Boy has a fire but being expressive in the song would have made some people connect with the song the most. The track is off his critically acclaimed album ” African Giant” and its visuals has over 100 million views on Youtube.


Quotable Lyrics:

Kpokpotikpo kpo kpo kpo
Baby your love dey high me like choko
Kpokpotikpo kpo kpo kpo
Baby your love dey high me like choko, yeah
Kpokpotikpo kpo kpo kpo
Baby your love dey high me like choko (baby, I’m riding)
Kpokpotikpo kpo kpo kpo (fighting, yeah)

On the low
On the low
On the low
On the low
On the low
On the low (riding)
On the low (fighting)
On the low
Angeli, Angelina, you dey cool my temperature
If you call, I go come deliver
I no go fall e your hand, never
Say na me you go love forever
Omo khaki no fit be leather
Oh my Angeli, Angelina
Oh my Angeli, Angelina


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  1. Hot more fundz bozz

  2. Lit

  3. Sweet

  4. My man for life

  5. Jammmmmm!

  6. Chaiiiii smash hit. ??

  7. Burnaboy is so Dope I guess people are now getting to understand

  8. Burna boy is the fucking artist of the year

  9. burna man: ye!!!!, street of Africa,where am from , City vibration, Giddem, more life, outside, on the low# I use ur songs make sentence to let u know say I dey feel u die

  10. Burna You soft!

  11. Dope song first to download from Liberia

  12. Mad jam

  13. KEYZ love this one

  14. KEYZ loves this one

  15. KEYZ loves this one

  16. Dis is wat I called confam

  17. Hot song

  18. He never disappoints

  19. The music dope. I like both the sound and the beat. Burna boy is the way

  20. Burna boy be Gbeze??

  21. Oluwa burna u are a special creation…. Carribean and Afro Music Icon 2 in 1

  22. This one mad pass Gbona oo I swear

  23. Dis one mad pass gbona oo I swear naa confirm…
    Burns dey give me inspiration when I dey hear are music
    I will always continue to LOV U more Burnaby
    I gbadun ur music all the time ?

  24. Mad jam??

  25. Oooooow this guy don kill me … I just day off fo u burnu bad one u gut there….

  26. Oluwa Burna nothing shake your mental… bam ?

  27. Oluwa Burna nothing shake your mental….you bam ?

  28. Tour operators ofo our it into your its our my your email earlier yo up our our hi kit it I got ui is ok or just on from a a time it I ouru

  29. It ITE Hy in a UK our just jusuouutt it it your own jul u ujulI it

  30. U

  31. Awwwww my burna buay ,???…getting hotter by d day???…love u anyday,anytime baby….God bless Ur music

  32. burna brings the vibes in out bami..?



  35. Oshey!!! Oluwa burna is making d street rock?

  36. Dope

  37. I love this song

  38. as the turns around you make it real

  39. man like burna!!!!
    you bam well
    oya, make every other person clear coast.

  40. I love this one, on the low!!

  41. My love for burna can never die

  42. I’m in love with this one……!

  43. Nice hit

  44. Oluwa burna you killed this one I love this one

  45. Burna has always been the guy I told people to watch out for before now.
    He really knows music. Honestly!

  46. oluwa don gon gon.. killed it

  47. u ar on the low i ha la u lit

  48. Aye axemen

  49. Oo! My god u dey boil, see this year na u be the beast musician in africa asin the way yr beat they enter body oooooh! Sha keep it up, me na just yr beat i they feel the beats

  50. am in love with the song

  51. bades mu KA ‘ s………bades burna

  52. men,,,,,, Burna boy i swear u are d life of d street ”On the low” na d best afrobeat have ever listen to d bad kon

  53. Egede you dey report no worry

  54. chei!!!!! mi feel d sound die!!!

  55. Burna show dem d way out oooooooo

  56. wicked john F1 mothers deck Greenland beast say you good die fuck dem bro………….luv.

  57. Thanks burna ?

  58. On the low ?

  59. Burma is just too hot

  60. Oluwa burna u too bam abeg

  61. Man of the Year, every Single is a hit ????

  62. He is king Kong.dammmnn what a jam. He killed it . The chemistry between the king and the model I guess that’s what they call them is out of this world. In short, LOVE IT

  63. Bornaboy is 2 good and is bad nagging

  64. I love you burna boy ?????

  65. Dope, jam mad as fuck

  66. burna boy issa bam somebody…. u killed it mi-lord… mad jam

  67. good one bro

  68. Nice one bro

  69. Hot jamz ??

  70. D”jam dey bursts ma #Logo

  71. You can never run ahead of the Destin time……’s your time Burna……the world really loves you

  72. Burna lord…
    Giving dem a low…

  73. burna boy boss man tanxx 4 droping dis 1 on the low

  74. Burna is really cooling my temperature this December,nice one bro .

  75. Burma boy has 2018 in his palm. Nice jam.

  76. Nice one Burna boy I love diz

  77. Burna Make Me Go Mad

  78. burna boy is now a burna man
    after you na u bro

  79. On the lowwwww

  80. Burna boy. ………
    U leave me speechless

  81. Burna boy continue killing me

  82. keep it up burna boy keep it on the low…………

  83. Burna boy really killed 2018
    I gbadun song o

  84. Burna boy really killed 2018
    I gbadun song o

  85. Oluwa borna to sure

  86. you finished work

  87. I sing this song to my Angelina

  88. I love burna..his hits is killing this year…..

  89. Great heat

  90. This music is dope.. Em love with the it

  91. so sweet bro
    over good they worry you

  92. oluwa burna I feel u die.
    coz the music na inspiration

  93. Burna boy on the low. Much love for u

  94. luv dis die

  95. confam nii
    burna boy u get my day i swear i do love u

  96. Boss your songs always go for the heart

  97. if I no fanz you watin I gain oluwa burna

  98. You must win awards this year.

  99. Dis song is a banga, boss nice job

  100. I love this

  101. Correct one

  102. Dope track mehn

  103. Dis song is everything

  104. I call him burna flame

  105. Lovely one boss,I love it die

  106. Bro I be ur fan

  107. Oluwa burna u no de fall my hand, never

  108. cool, nice and rugged.
    tums up.

  109. This song just the burst my head,keep up bro,more win.

  110. davido hit up okay we love you

  111. burna boy my real nigga
    keep on giving us gams

  112. Bruna boy you killed it

  113. burna u ar music god

  114. Giddem back 2 back man much love

  115. great song

  116. NYC one

  117. Man of the year….

  118. My burna I love you????

  119. My burna I love you????

  120. Wow that great o

  121. wow, I love d song

  122. I this one on the low

  123. Wow, I really love the song

  124. Burna boy Mans so nice

  125. Cant stop repeating de song

  126. interesting keep it up

  127. Wow I love the song

  128. Man yhu too hot the song is a hit

  129. Burna boy you are good you are my man for life

  130. U people are insulting him at least he’s sha singing…u people dat are insulting him wat are u guys singing…he’s sha trying at least…as for me…I lke him alot…he’s cool

  131. On a loooooooo

  132. Burna bobo keep on keep on rocking Lagos we love you

  133. guy you dope die want to be like you

  134. Maaaad jam

  135. Wow dis song is dope…

  136. So fantastic,oh ma Gad on aloooooooooo

  137. Dope AF

  138. The beat revives my spirit

  139. That is my guy for life so cool

  140. Great hit man

  141. Nice 1 man

  142. burna i love ur song learn more idowski say so

  143. nice jam bro

  144. Baddest Burna All Times You Don’t Know

  145. Burna Boy is Lengend

  146. Chilove

  147. assorted pappy

  148. I love you songs keep it up dear

  149. I love this song, is making me go crazy.i love u so much.

  150. Hoping to see mor like dis burna

  151. DJ ray money says Burna murder dem

  152. i just love burna boy

  153. Oluwaburna
    If you enter studio and cough mehn I’m downloading it ?
    More grease to ya elbow boss

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  157. Cool jam burna man

  158. ilove this song!!!!

  159. Busting brain song

  160. Oluwa Burna sincerely, I hated u + your music but now. U won my heart …..heart u….. I feel happy and chill when
    I listen to all your songs…..

  161. Straight Up!!!

  162. U too hot Burna boi tight

  163. U too tight hot burna y man

  164. U too much more grace keep it up dear very nice song

  165. oluwa burna gbona feli

  166. i love music

  167. u don’t love OLUWA BURNA , u don’t love music

  168. u too much

  169. This song is a banger nice one burna boy

  170. so lovely

  171. So dope

  172. dope smash it

  173. ur music be like rain
    as in take dey fall with 9c sound 4 my zinc , na so ur music take dey ginger my ear , na so , beg take it eazzy on dawn u go kill somebody by ds 9c sounds oh ,
    love you no be lie , cheer

  174. burna u be boss

  175. angeli angelina..
    u dey cool mah temperature
    if u call i go cum deliever
    i no go fall ur hand e never
    shey na me u go love forever
    m a khaki no fake leather
    oh my angeli angelina
    oh my angeli angelina……
    oga burna dis ur song breath taking
    jezzz dis song is damn blaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  176. One of many great hits of Burna Boy

  177. Born a waderful song of yours like it

  178. I really love this song

  179. I so much love this song pa.. U too sure Burna boy..

  180. I love this song I could even die for

  181. wow this song rocks lagos

  182. I love this video

  183. I too love this song
    more blessing

  184. burna boy u too much

  185. Nice

  186. Barna hot killing????

  187. i swear it is a best song ever

  188. love this hit men

  189. I really love this

  190. Oluwa burna
    nice shot….

  191. wow
    I cum all the way to download I really love it

  192. Burna boy i am mad over your songs 8-}

  193. ?

  194. oluwa burna am feeling u badly i think u are taking Nigeria industry to another level entirely nice one baws

  195. this song is hotter

  196. Fresh

  197. Bam !!!

  198. Ah luv ya muzix burna
    U make me feel ok

  199. Download on the low

  200. Burna boy show them with you can do

  201. fucking music

  202. Bam Fellow There
    Your Head Dey Ur Neck ooo
    I Be Just Make Dem Fade Very Fast
    Bless Up Fellow LODI ?? ?

  203. Nice song…

  204. i like this music

  205. burna boy you are bad

  206. Burna boy is killing it # on the low

  207. Burna boy kudos I love this song die, may Almighty bless your hustle

  208. Good and nice

  209. its sacks

  210. Very good song

  211. Awesome song

  212. Wow ? that wat we call a song ? ? bro. More ? ?? love

  213. Respect ?

  214. Nice one

  215. Nice my superman

  216. I’m alway happy when i hear this song,it gives me a smilling mind somehow,keep it up burna,i’m a lady fan,more notes in your brain.

  217. keep it up

  218. can burna boy buy a phone for me?

  219. Killing the beat.

  220. I fo for this oo

  221. nice one so fantastic

  222. On The Low

  223. Burna boi your the best

  224. wattsup new track

  225. hot tracking new

  226. Nice track keep it up Mr man

  227. Hot jam

  228. cull music

  229. this guy too good man

  230. HI

  231. Big up to the great man burna

  232. I remember my love anytime I hear ya song Burna Boy you do all

  233. I like it

  234. Love yoh forever

  235. I have played this song on the repeat all day. burna boy thank you so much for making my day. I love you already

  236. jam is ill as f***

  237. Oluwaburna

  238. Top guy Burna

  239. Have just come to love your songs #burna boy#..

  240. 2 Much

  241. Heart touching music. Keep it up burna boy ,you’re the best. From you’re great fan in Ghana ,Trey songs

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