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Wizkid Vs Burna Boy… Who Is The Chief Commander Of Afro-Beat?

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Burna Boy and Wizkid have put in a lot of hard-work in their craft this year. These two artiste have been able to give importance to the Afro-beat/Afro pop genre as they have released hit songs this year that have been able to drag the attention of music lovers.

Wizkid worked on a lot of songs this year from “Soco” to “Nowo” to “Fever” and “Master Groove” which still buzzing heavily in the street as many people love the songs. This year also has been a great one for Burna Boy as three of his songs “Ye“, “Gbona” and “On The Low” have received a lot of positive response from fans and they are taking over parties and airplay.

But definitely there has to be one King and ruler of the real Afrobeat. Between Wizkid and Burna Boy, who are you voting for/placing as the Chief Commander of Afrobeat in Nigeria.

Drop your take in the comment section below.

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  1. starboy

  2. Burna is my commander salute

  3. Starboy all the way

  4. make u na remember say starboy has been on top all this year,this is just burna year.but starboy no 1

  5. make u na remember say starboy has been on top all this year,this is just burna year.

  6. Starboy…all day

  7. wizzy is afrobeat king

  8. wizkid is da boss

  9. Please who is wizkid who he epp. Abegii its burnaboy anytime anyday ‘oluwaburna’.

  10. Always with star boi baba nla

  11. Starboy for life..

  12. Starboy for life

  13. Oluwa Burna

  14. wizzy baba

  15. wizzy man

  16. Burma na the baba

  17. Burna

  18. Burna

  19. wizkid

  20. Starboy

  21. Oluwaburna all the way…as far as Afrobeat is concerned.


  23. Wizzy Baba n’la

    Baba gbogbowon

  24. Na present we dey talk understand Gbefun bami oluwaburna baba 70th grand son

  25. Na WizKid idiot tooxclusive

  26. Baba na baba, baba nla international, taking afrobeat to the world

  27. DO u even know Afro beat? Not RnB ooo. Burna is the king when we talk afrobeat

  28. Oshé wizzy Starboy

  29. Omo na wizkid oh 4 to 3 to be truthful self manya, na w6kid

  30. burn a boy is the king

  31. i love star boy

  32. Burna boi, we the best ?

  33. Wizkid is lucky to have a lot of fans globally but, burna is blessed and his talent should commendable 100%burna

  34. Burna fucking boy!

  35. Itx starboy worldwide, no go dere

  36. starboy wizzy always

  37. Fever as a song is average. It’s the tiwa controversy that caused the hype, mastergroove isn’t a hit.and none of those songs is real afrobeats
    Ye is the height of afrobeats from delivery to lyrics and it’s song of the year
    Gbona is also a smash hit over mastergroove and fever. Real afrobeats with a lagbaja vibe to it. And let’s not forget burnas album is the best for the year. This isn’t an argument even

    Oluwa burna won this year hands down! ?

  38. Wiz what? With the useless fever song? Walincha won say walincha? ? or is it “rock your body o de wu, come make I rock your body o de wo”?? ? or is it “Gucci snake gbim gbim gbim “nonsense songs with useless lyrics. Thing is Wiz has lots of fans, so any noise with good beats it’s acceptable.

    Ye alone kills all those songs and it’s real afribeats that’s fela him self would be proud of.
    Oluwa burna all the way!! ?

  39. Abeg all hail the king oluwa burna…keep bursting my speaker on the low jare…who-dey

  40. Burna and wizkid no dey the same level. Burna all the way

  41. Burna all the way!!!!

  42. Burna all the way!!!!

  43. Oluwa burna all the way

  44. who be burna ? wizlion all the way who know burna thunder fire him where him dey where fever is the most search songs in this year 2018,just released it in October 1st,wizzy baba you too much you are all just hating fuck haters joo

  45. Omo na wizkid


  47. Burns boy is a legend wizzy confirmed it

  48. wizkid is the best watch video here

  49. Lol make una cool down…. Burnaboy is good.. Yes we know….. But fear starboy ….. Burna boy base on Afro beat … Wizlion no base on Afro beat… Wizkid fans knows what I’m talking about…… Wizkid for life …..
    Wizkid all the way!
    Till death I’m gonna be wizkid fans

  50. Burna boy…

  51. Hahaha burna boy has not even started, he wantx to be afrobeat king, mtcheew, whoelse does afrobeat beta nw if nt wizzy? Make una carri una ye ye go one side.

  52. Omo forget stories burna boy all the way..
    Man is really outshining wizzy

  53. Na past Glory wizzy dey live on..
    For now Burna boy dey make waves for music industry..

  54. Burna boy with the source…
    Oluwa burna..
    Killing afro beat.. wizkid is just like man united living on past Glory

  55. Burna for life


  57. Burna Boy for life

  58. leave argument ……na burnaboy

  59. Itx starboy nau, dix year, from features to features, abegi leave story, burna boy be like athletico madrid, him jex dey dere dey try.

  60. Itx starboy nau, dix year, from features to features, abegi leave story, burna boy be like athletico madrid, him jex dey dere dey try. He can neva usurp d lion of afrobeat.

  61. Burna boy

  62. ? When the gbedu dey enter body… this is no question, this is BurnaYear.

  63. I love burna like mad and i will be going to his show on d 26th but bro wizkid na man… king wizy all day everyday.

  64. Burna jor

  65. wiz has done his time and now it’s time for oluwa family Burner boy for life ????????????

  66. Wiz lion

  67. Eleniyan jare, ones a king forever a king.

  68. star boy all fey we

  69. starboy forever d number one in Africa

  70. starboy forever d number one in Africa

  71. If wizkid is the king of afrobeat, Please what beat is davido now doing? Is it frogbeat or afrofrogbeat?

  72. Star boy

  73. Star boy

  74. nah burna boy

  75. hmm Tooxclusive, know this genres and understand it properly, non of them is doing Afrobeat, they are both doing Afro pop, a fusion of lil Afro in the pop genre. fela, Femi kuti, seun kuti and some live band non artiste etc… which I can’t remember names nw, are d one d main Afro Beat genre so plz understand dis genres it a two different genre. thank you

  76. I mean live band Unknown Artiste too, can’t remember some names nw

  77. Wizkid

  78. Burna boy all d way I salute u jo

  79. wizkid

  80. Gbona burnaboy

  81. oluwa
    . burna

  82. wizkid ni oo

  83. burna boy no get any competitors

  84. wizkid star boy all the way

  85. Wizzy lion king

  86. BURNA BOY IS a ghanaian

  87. ewa

  88. Starboy my ass
    Burna is d real deal

  89. Who be wizkid, baba na burna when we at talking about Afro beat(OLUWA BURNA) Agba

  90. Wizkid

  91. No comparison…. Burna boy knows the genre way better than any other artists alive #GreatestOfAllTime

  92. even before “ye” ____ and gbona
    Burma boy was still d best
    werin wizkid dey sing ?
    wack lyrics

    smoke something and listen to Burma boy songs
    y’all saying wizkid
    don’t know good songs and messages
    behind it
    “” una dey siddon for bus, dey claim boss””

  93. oluwa burna till wizkid
    forget his carrier

  94. burna
    forever and forever

  95. burna boi
    burna boi
    burna boi
    burna boi
    burna boi
    burna boi
    burna boi
    wizkid itself will be very angry
    if he sees all dis @tooxclusive

    burna boi no get comparison

  96. burna boi
    as far as
    Afro beat is concern

  97. burna boi
    all d way

  98. wizkido na him be de boss

  99. burna is gud but wizkid is doing far better when it comes to afro beat/pop. manya,soco,nowo,master groove and d past sound 4rm d other side has taken african sound to d other side. starboi 4reva

  100. Wizkid all the way

  101. You are comparing a 10years old child with a 1year old child ARE YOU MAD? ???

  102. don’t waste your day…… star boy ls a Banger

  103. starboy na baba oooh

  104. burna boy

  105. wizkid is d king .na him b d chife of afro beat

  106. Both of them oo

  107. Both of dem ya killin
    ah swear…

  108. Burna Boy anytime,anywhere,any day ?

  109. Baba Bolu is d king, if u know u know

  110. Wizkid all d way


  112. burna boy na boss wizzy na apprentice

  113. burna has d real afro thing, so 4get story

  114. Baba Nla for life.

  115. Burna want still wizkid na baba for any situation starboy

  116. wizyboyz, u go kill me…
    U own de holl world interms of afrobeat.up,up,up,up,up………….
    barna look for ur profession b4 god go punish uooo……..

  117. wiz kid is the main man go all the way daddy yo!!!!

  118. na starboy is the leader !!!
    Contact me ta facebook @tobi olaleye

  119. no one but that same murdafucka Burn.B

  120. Burna Boy

  121. Burna ban only you na boss you really kill dem for all your songs last year gbona, on the low and gba ye you are the chief commander in afrobeat joor

  122. Burna boy is king of afropop. Maku una check am la.

  123. starboi all d way

  124. hmm…..just has u guyz said …both songs are me…starboy is d king

  125. Gbona burna boy for life

  126. Nah oluwa burna boy no go there…

  127. Humm 100% wikzid always on top gbe fun na star boy be the commander of afro beat for every.haa u this people bad o,but wizkid daddy yo still keep on pray for u.u will never run down shain all the days,times,months and years

  128. stary boy all the way, burna sings rubbish as if we re all isoko or somethimg i dont know

  129. Burna boss for now jur

  130. Burna boss for now jur

  131. burna boy all the way jare…. from day 1 he gat felas tune sef

  132. Thunder fire all of u burn na baba who be starboy wa go die now if u support starboyu go die

  133. Burna boy all d way!!
    Wen d gbedu dey enta bodi

  134. WizKid man

  135. starboy number one

  136. star boy is the red lion



  139. Wizzy have been in the feid before
    as for year 2015 wizzy was the boss
    buh now burna is the king
    all yell burna
    that guy is a monster…

  140. Starboy for life

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