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“D’Banj, P-Square, Davido, Wizkid Paid & Begged The Westerners To Like & Accept Us” – Burna Boy

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Grammy-nominated singer, Burna Boy has again bragged about being the African singer to pave the way for other artistes.

The singer made the headlines when he took to Twitter to brag about being the best after Afrobeats king, Fela Kuti. His statement had tongues wagging and a certain user identified as Joseph questioned the singer on his whereabouts when Afrobeat was struggling to hit mainstream. Joseph added that the best paved the way for him to hit it big.

He wrote: “Where Were you since 2010-2018? I mean where the fuck are you when Afrobeat was struggling to hit the mainstream? The BEST paved the way for you. You came In when the table has already been set and here you’re claiming the BEST since Fela

Burna retorted stating that nobody paved the way for him and revealed how African artistes pay just to make the western world like them. He also bragged that the respect that African artistes are getting right now is because of him.

He wrote: Lol. NOBODY paved shit for me. Everybody dey find them own. I bin Out here, if you knew the way they made us look weak by begging and paying the western world to like us you will see that no table was set and I’m the one that brought you the Respect you currently enjoy. 

Olabimpe O

Olaosebikan Olabimpe is a News Writer and Content Creator at Tooxclusive. Her idea of a great day is to be indoors snuggled up with a book and good music. She is also a passionate lover of rap.

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  1. Avatar

    Pride comes before fall. Grammy Nomination got into his head. Nigerians will start disliking him now for disrespecting those legends.

  2. Avatar

    Personally i don’t like his king of music. I don’t play it but if it finds its way i may listen then change it immediately..

  3. Avatar

    This is bad publicity for we Nigerians in a while why will tooexclisive post this this is trash and unprofessional for us I know u want to trend but u don’t need to drag people that are not called like dbanj psquare

  4. Avatar

    This is horrible journalism. Tooxclusive and Olabimpe shame on you.

    • Avatar

      the guy didnt mention anyone , and he meant music and label outfits not artists… tooxclusive u fucked up

  5. Avatar

    Real shame on this copy cat.

  6. Avatar

    Guyz, Burnaboy ain’t name-drop D’Banj, P-Square, Davido, Wizkid ?. Poor read!

  7. Avatar

    Guyz, Burnaboy ain’t name-drop D’Banj, P-Square, Davido, Wizkid ?. Poor read!

  8. Avatar

    This is pure libel, he never mentioned any names. Very Bad PR stunt from tooexclusive……. You guys are just reaching!

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Watch ya ego n mouth Burna, else u might just get stucked in d middle, what if had actually clinched d Grammy?

  11. Avatar

    Because he’s not a Yoruba boy, everyone is attacking him. Nigeria has been divided since.

  12. Avatar

    It can be sweet in the middle you know.

  13. Avatar

    He didn’t mention any names so where did tooxclusive get those names from??

  14. Avatar

    People who live pride can never be a legend

  15. Avatar

    I’m very disappointed of you,,,,,,Burnaboy to call your best were you know the king already wizkid

  16. Avatar

    Mentioning names like p square, d banj and tubaba will harm ur dying career. All ur songs are copyright. U should know dat.

  17. Avatar

    The writer just want traffic for this site… Burnaboy never mentioned any name.

    The focus of the discussion is simple … Why is Burnaboy thanking Kanye West coz Ye?

    You guys should be objective when writing headlines/ storyline

  18. Avatar

    Tell them Omo Iya. It is good to be branded, original and unique. Keep it up.

  19. Avatar

    Who ever wrote this is mad!!! @Too exclusive this reporter needs to be fired! what a Misleading headline to start with plus how dare you infer???

  20. Avatar

    But come to think of it oh, wetin this guy dey sing self wey carry am go Grammy? Bros when it come to picking Nigerian musicians, as far as me am concerned u no dey exist. CHIKINA

  21. Avatar

    Which day Burna begin trend for Nija Music cos no b years…Grass Cutter..Oyah.

  22. Avatar

    Tooxclusive is now broke. What a shame! They used to be my favorite music plug back then

  23. Avatar

    I love burna boy and i love his songs, as far as I’m concerned he is a Legend, plus he didn’t mention names, shame on u tooexclusive

  24. Avatar

    Fuck burna boy,u can never be greater than wiskid and davido,even olamide just to name some few

  25. Avatar

    Burna its obvious that the same way you paid the westerners to like you is also the same way you paid to be nominated for Grammy! Not like your shit got you there because you know even naija brothers no fit select you if e dey our hand. Stop!!! Bragging.

  26. Avatar

    Burna is multi talented. I love his sounds and moves. Maybe the braggings come with the branding. I rocked my wife with run my race in 2013/2014 when I married, wife never forgets that track: kwe kwe do doo internationally ehe! Now, this boy the de wound them Cha! We go de wound dem like that!

  27. Avatar

    Boss burna you are the best if they don’t no and you we still be the best as long as you live, they are all hatez keep shining like a star ? blood 77 there power no reach

  28. Avatar

    Burna boy is very unquie artist and a very talented and hard-working individual,so let stop this haterd,we all love this your reggae style,keep on shining

  29. Avatar

    This is a trashy write-up and I thot u guys are cleaning your stables in this 2020. U’ve been doing this for long and it’s not good. One of these days a heavy defamation suit will fall on u. I pray.

  30. Avatar

    Seriously he did not mention names so y’all should stop hating.. He made it to the Grammy, so what he has every right to say what he wants and y’all should go and read his reply again

  31. Avatar

    Burna boy is allowing pride to get to his head it is true where was he when they made other musicians to recognise that there is Nigerian music
    Tekno davido wizkid you don’t see them talking trash like this
    Wizkid ojuelegba was a massive hit even in that side rihanna danced to it drake remixed it bcus they felt the vibe
    Buenable shud use his brain pls

  32. Avatar

    Whatever it is,its damn wrong to underate your colleagues mostly when there wasn’t any real beef
    He hasn’t pulled shows nor concerts as those mentioned he’s better than. Of a truth with no beef,technically,musically and vocally he’s better than the names he mentioned but then not in germs terns of a break through. Dbanj,davido and WizKid gave us real access and breakthrough after the very legend tubaba featured r-kelly(flex) remix. So this is mere arrogance and pride. Not good for now because this brings beef. Possibly he fears non of them based on one side!!!

  33. Avatar

    U are very very mad for mentioning dos people when he didn’t even mention names stupid blogger becouse u want to trend abi e no go better for u na why government wun d kill una becouse u are killing other people

  34. Avatar

    Pride will kill this little talent ..mumu !!
    Why you ain’t focusing on improving than brag about shit??

  35. Avatar

    Borna you are the best…and for those of you that says he is not the best then point out the best that get nominated since all this year…ye ye to

  36. Avatar

    Oluwa burna, he made it to the world from Africa single handedly

  37. Avatar

    I believe Femi Kuti have been nominated for Grammy twice or so.Even Seun Kuti has been nominated and even asked to perform and yet none of these guys brag.Burna is good but he should fucking shut his trap.Nigerian music has ever been loved since top stars before Burna came.wetin him dey sing sef

  38. Avatar

    This guy take it easy o…

  39. Avatar

    Y’all saying he never mentioned any names.. U don’t need him to mention a name b4 u know his intentions. It’s obvious He don’t acknowledge d true legends

  40. Avatar

    Fuck you Lagosians. Ya’ll don’t own stardom. All the crap Davido and Wizkid say and do ya’ll don’t publish them. Fuck ol’yall

  41. Avatar

    Pls Mr watch your words you talk like a person without wisdom if not for those legend no body will remember you at all pride dey too much

  42. Avatar

    I have never liked this guy though I wasn’t happy when he didn’t win the Grammy and Kidjo did. I don’t like him because his music sound the same and I have always known that he is weak in character since I first heard his interview long ago.Someone nobody knew 3/ 4 years ago and has started behaving like gutter that he is.I have never heard any Nigerian hip- hop/ afrobeats artiste or any Nigerian musician talk shits about him because they felt they needed to show love to one another but only him has being throwing shits,mud at his senior colleagues, yes he his still junior.That guy needs to grow up.Lots don’t like him and I certainly don’t.Even if I tune in the radio and his music turn up I change station.I don’t have his CD,mp3 or 4 and I’m happy in my household none like his flow.He should continue the way he is going.He shouldn’t change so he can see the result.

  43. Avatar

    Fucking you burna boy, Yoruba will say igberaga losaju-iparun

  44. Avatar

    You people should stop mentioning West or Yoruba in this matter. Remove sentiment please. Even him, Burnaboy, almost everything about him is Yoruba. Please, leave West/Yoruba out of this.

  45. Avatar

    Burna is a big fool, for those of you saying he didn’t mention anyone that tooxclusive mentioned, which other people is munu burna boy talking about before? Thank God he lost the Grammy because he didn’t deserve to be there in the first place album that is filled with copyright songs fireboy album shit on African giant. He said these other artists make us look weak to the Westerners and they pay and beg them to accept us so you dry there wen them dey beg for the record Dbanj brought most of these international recognition and it was kenye west that came for him he didn’t beg for that so shut up and grow up Remove fela from your music and you are just another artist.
    You are not even in top ten greatest naija Artist because Time Will tell how long you can stand the test of time as for your music am not downloading any shit you drop again for disrespecting your elders. Idiot

  46. Avatar

    Oluwaburna fiwon le let them say,

  47. Avatar

    Thanks bro

  48. Avatar

    Oluwa tell Dem na u give Dem the formula bro

  49. Avatar

    Fuck what you all say
    Burna (oluwa Burma) only him knew what he was feeling when he posted it
    As they say it’s only the person that wears the a certain shoe that knows how it hurts

  50. Avatar

    @Na u dey answer ur question all along?

  51. Avatar

    Wow, personally I don’t like his kind of songs but he is good and I enjoyed some of his songs even if they are one pattern . To me he hasn’t even done what WizKid and davido has done in music industry fuck the fact he was nominated in Grammy award ,he has been relevant just two years what about WizKid and davido that has been since 2011 and some legends like tu face , p square and some others .he has pride as a person how long does he think this kind of songs we rain in Nigeria , others have come and go let’s see if this one will not go too that time I will see if he will still be relevant the way he is now .

  52. Avatar

    Some people are saying he didn’t mention names, but please who was he talking about? Spirit and ghost?

  53. Avatar


  54. Avatar

    Foolish burna boy, thank God u lost d Grammy award,with ur rubbish weed songs wen u day sing, animal of a goat, ur mama dor go do juju for 4 u na, ur music dor come back to life u nor wan allow people hear word again, ur prostitute mom wen fela fuck anyhow dat year wen she was still dancing 4 him,ur music can neva even go three more years from now, pls grow up, ugly pig like u, fuck off…… Stupid fool…..

  55. Avatar

    This guy deserve nothing than slap, his song never rich anywhere in the world. When Nigeria have the opportunity to win Grammy is 2012 by the d’banj Oliver twist but we Nigerian did not pay serious antention to him. His top chat in UK which no Nigeria artist never rich till now.

  56. Avatar

    Hating burna boy is foolishness. And he is not begging you for likeness. He is the king of music whether you like it or not.

  57. Avatar

    This is too much pride and arrogance

  58. Avatar

    He didn’t call names
    You guys are just wasting ya tym
    Cooking up stories that won’t profit you anything …

  59. Avatar

    Yes Guyz why

  60. Avatar

    Why can’t you guy write with wisdom fool the young man is good

  61. Avatar

    The truth is that if those didn’t pay for the Western world, He Burna boy might not even have chance to be heard by them not to talk of even to know him.

  62. Avatar

    Rubbish post… Fuck tooxclusive

  63. Avatar

    This is bad journalism… He never mentioned anyone in his tweets. This is unnecessary.

  64. Avatar

    You guys don’t even seem like you’re in here for business anymore, what’s this? You should be sued for this

  65. Avatar

    Person say him na the best una dey vex. Him mention names… na una pave way for am abi

  66. Avatar

    He is nothing but a tout….its that Igbo wey him dey smoke dey worry am.

  67. Avatar

    diamond is great than burna boy

  68. Avatar

    This one na idiot o.. na today you start to dey sing? because say na now we even dey listen to your songs??? you don F big time

  69. Avatar

    Misleading header just to get traffic, False website and nation.
    Burna boy has worked hard and so he can say what he likes,
    his songs are better than your favourites. Fix up tooxclusive, moving dodgy these days

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