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Fireboy’s Gift Is No Fluke – ”Laughter, Tears, Goosebumps” Album Review

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Olamide’s decision to go with a compilation album as his annual album release ritual of last year, came as a surprise – if not a shock. Why didn’t he follow up on “Lagos Nawa” with a redemptive solo album? Except he felt it was better, at the time, to show the world his findings for the industry’s future. This led to the talent showcase on the project. Whatever the reason behind the decision was, it has resulted in a big win for him and a clear gain for the industry.

Badoo’s already enormous legacy gets a boost with the release of The YBNL Mafia album and it’s not even for its groundbreaking constituents. It’s because of a certain young, sonorous singer, gifted with genius-level composition skill and compelling lyricism which created melodies that caught the ears of millions of listeners and got the whole Afrobeats-loving community singing, ”I’m getting Jealous, don’t wanna see you with anybody.” – even those of us who do not have anyone who cares about our jealous love.

Since Kizz (formerly Kiss) Daniel, no new act has come forth with such assuring songwriting ability. And after Teni, no breakout star has overwhelmingly won this many hearts just by the sheer quality of his talent. It’ll be foolish to deny the abundance of talents around but, even in the midst of plenty, a discerning eye will see the rare DNA that Fireboy DML carries. It has been obvious since he brought beauty to the label’s compilation album. Yet, it remains evident in his impressive releases leading to his debut album, Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps (LTG).

Fireboy opens the session on the note of love, borrowing from works of culturally-inspired and experienced men like Kola Ogunkoya’s ”Sweetie Baby” and playfully romantic lines of our social media age to give his expression a balance of both the innocence of youthful love and the depth of a mature lover. Pheelz’s renaissance continues as he brilliantly brings back the emotiveness of Adekunle Gold’s ”Orente” in the making of ”Need You.”

As soulfully pleasing as Fireboy’s music could be, it could also be the trigger in turning a quiet place into a groovy party scene with songs like ”Vibration” and ”Scatter” on the playlist. The two could serve different moods during a dance session, even though they share the sonorous pop feel which characterizes some of Wande Coal’s diverse compositions. ”Gbas Gbos” is strikingly similar to WC’s 2016 party anthem, ”Iskaba”, which reinforces the status of the iconic singer as a guiding light in the pop community.

Fireboy outside his comfort corner is interesting to experience. Listening to him trying his tricks on challenging sounds like Cracker’s wild beat on ”Omo Ologo” is the kind of intrigue that comes with the album. And although his best expressions come in his familiar space such as ”Like I Do”, he still manages to have a decent show of diversity. Surprisingly, Scatter gets to be picked as the album’s lead-in single, when ”Like I Do” or ”Vibration” would have meant he put his best foot forward – but then, there’s Detty December to think of.

Fireboy’s introduction is complete with LGT – a feature-free debut which is similar to G-worldwide’s vision for music talents. This project is a brilliant way to package the obvious gifts of Fireboy to a wider audience and show his other different sides. The album’s happy party music is the laughter, the soulfulness of his love lines causes the goosebumps, while the troubles of his heart  evokes the tears. Fireboy found a poetic way to close out the show in ”Wait & See”, with lines that speaks of his forte and acknowledges the doubts about his future, but Fireboy is betting on himself to win – I’m betting on him too.

Rating: 9+/10

Written by Oluwatobi Ibironke


“Fireboy’s Gift Is No Fluke – ”Laughter, Tears, Goosebumps” Album Review”, 4 out of 5 based on 30 ratings.

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  • Fireboy’s Gift Is No Fluke – ”Laughter, Tears, Goosebumps” Album Review
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Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Nice one
    Artistes in need of a prolific songwriter that will give your music career a massive boost… Try Samsexy on 07085373709
    Just give me the song title and rough sketch on what you want, I’ll crown it with better lyrics

  2. Avatar

    The album is not bad for a new artiste. Fireboy took a risk going with a solo album and it was okay. The last time we had an artiste with a solo album was Kizz Daniel.
    Nice one.

  3. Avatar

    Ibironke haba!!!! This is a purely exaggerated review!! Fireboy is a fantastic talent, that can’t be denied by anyone, but rating this album a 9+/10 begs a lot of questions. If i’d put it in my own way, i would opine that this is purely a paid-for controversial review.

    This album is a decent trial and one that does not resonate with the level of talent that Fireboy has. You have to know and i believe deeply down that you as the writer would agree it’s a boring album that is devoid of anything new. Yes! Fireboy shows us that he is a lover boy who knows how to ink on a paper the words that truly would get to the opposite partner, but can he do it better than the likes of Johnny Drille, Simi, Wurld and a few who are truly enlightened more in that line? Hell No! So why give it a 9+/10 when you know surely these people have released better projects in the past that you never rated as highly as this?

    An album is meant to always get you interested to listening over and over again but this doesn’t fall in that line as you would probably want to listen to only one or two songs. Production is part of what sells an album, i’m sure you know that! But the sonical effort here is just decent as well.

    Is this a better album than “African Giant?” No! Is this a better album than “A Good Time?” No!!! Is this a better album than “No Bad Songs?” No!! And all these albums never got a 9+ rating from you!!! How does this album qualify to be a 9+? You could give an excuse that he is a young lad, but Wizkid was a young lad too when he released a beast of an album (Superstar) and did Wizkid’s album even get a 9+ rating?

    It is safe to say you are promoting this album to be one of the best albums of the last decade. And it would be so funny if you agree! I rate this album a 7!!!! And that’s me being fair! It’s a good album, not great!

    Nigerians make una cool down with all these una ratings oo..waiting for a review from an international platform for the album, hopefully…

  4. Avatar

    It quite an impressive body of work from Fireboy, have been really looking forward for this kind of project, right from when he dropped his hot banging track Jealous which really breaks the wave and generated so much airplays from music fans.
    Taking a look at the pattern in which the singer has decides to comes up with, sampling Adekule Gold in which in the next decades, the songs will still be a project to remember.
    The Album title is eye catchy which will actually prompt you to check out this body of work to see what the singer has to offer his listeners. This songs are really best suite for you quite moment, encouragement and disappointments as well with the soulful lyrics in which the singer has infused in the likes of [intro x Need You x Energy x wait and see], they are just so touching and emotional. Already falling in love with the party jam[Scatter and Jealous] which i cant just hide but to dance to the tunes, which is the main tracks causing the Goosebumps. Writing a full story cover can just be enough to express my interest for this new body of work.Rating this project 10/10

  5. Avatar

    9+/10? Are you serious?????
    Were you paid to exaggerate the album this much? Its a good body of work but it doesn’t deserve a 9!!

  6. Avatar

    Hi @anonymous, this is Oluwatobi Ibironke. I am interested in having a conversation about your comment on my review.

    A good album, although relative, should be sonically pleasing, lyrically rich and have contextual resonance. LTG ticks all these boxes. This album interests me, and a million others, to listen over and over again.

    Comparing it to the listed albums will only be fair if you’re comparing reviews by the same writer, for the sake of consistency.

    I’d like to reiterate that the album is near flawless. Plus, my reviews are honest and unbiased.

    Finally, no one knows Nigerian music like Nigerians. Thank you.

  7. Avatar

    @Ibironke – the only song better than “What If I Say?” & “King” on that album is “Need You” and those songs are not even popular amongst music fans…they don’t resonate well with them that much. so why go all over this album like it’s a genius product? Could there be an hidden intention behind this ‘propaganda?’

  8. Avatar

    @Ibironke In reply to your comment , Do you mean Kizz Daniel’s ‘No Bad Song’ wasn’t close to flawless?. An album that goes round all content and happenings of life. Fire boy’s album is good no doubt but this over hype is not good for the young champ… Lovely title that goes with the tracks but the album is too long for his sound… its get boring at some point that u just start from the beginning again or put off the album. So tell me , doesn’t this body of work deserve a 9+… Nah 6+ would have been better.

    Please next time don’t just come giving us number cos u love someone

  9. Avatar

    This is the reason why international media platforms are taken more serious than the domestic ones. How do you really explain this 9+/10 rating? What parameters did you really consider?
    I understand you bloggers are after money, but also consider your reputation for real. The album is a wonderful attempt by the young lad, but 9+/10? That’s just an unserious rating. He came through in some songs, but that’s about 5 songs in all. He struggled in other songs, especially in lyrical contents. Does he have time for more development? Ofcourse. He did well, and I give it to him, but never a 9/10 body of work.

  10. Avatar

    @Anonymous, you really be bad belle…. go chop shit

  11. Avatar

    This album is really dope. How many debut album is better than this. And never forget album is not easy. 7 solid songs and 6 okay songs out of 13 is a bomb album. None of the song is bad. None of the song can come up and u will click next. Never. The lyrics may not be deep or extra strong

    But f*ck it. The arrangement is the beauty, the cohesiveness, the production, and who ever mastered those songs, God will bless you. Very clean production.

    This album is solid. No need to wait for any to grow on u. U are sure to like it instantly, what else do u want. Fireboy is the onlu artiste that comes close to Kizz daniel and burna boy presently when it comes to dropping songs with cohesive lyrics and been dope at the same time

    May not be a 9/10 rating. But anything lesser than 7.5 rating, then u must be an hater.

  12. Avatar

    @ibironke Truly, no one knows Nigerian music like Nigerians. Yet you always try to make sure your reviews are always without flaws whereas there are some biased opinions (sorry to say). It is your job to review as a critic but you’re not always right my dear.

    Because it is your job to write these reviews doesn’t mean you’re speaking the mind of millions of other good music lovers. Did you sit down with other critics to discuss the contents of the album as per lyrics, production, mastering etc.? Did you have a 1-1 interview with some random music lovers on their thoughts about the said album? Or is it because it is your job as a critic for to review an album and make us agree with all your opinions? Remember opinion defers in individuals.

    LTG is a good album I must say, but I go with @anonymous on the level of rating here. 9+/10? Come on!

  13. Avatar

    @anonymous of 15:28 on December 2, 2019, No Bad Songz is a fantastic album. None of my comments suggests that it isn’t.

    – Oluwatobi Ibironke

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    you nailed the review Ronke, the album even gets better with each listens, mad replay value , thumbs up

  16. Avatar

    Some people just hate and want to find foolish excuses about fireboy dml……check audiomack and some platform you will see after Burna boy album is fireboy album no doubt about it the boy deserve 9+/10 I never get tired listening to the song every moment since he released the album….no fucking person who listens to music should ever tell me the song is boring every singles are hit fuck???? hater who says fireboy album no be fire if I wan rate self I go rate am 11/10 so much effort and sleepless night in that album,abeg make una go listen to that album with a pure heart ??

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