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If You’re Offered 5 Million Naira Never To Listen To Davido, Wizkid & Burna Boy’s Songs Again, Will You Take It?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

There are lots of music fans  in Nigeria who would go the extra mile and do ‘anything’ in order to have them get the songs of Davido, Wizkid & Burna Boy on their mobile devices or even stream them if they can’t have them.

Some of these fans hilariously but realistically sometimes even feel if they don’t get to listen to any song from any of these guys in a day, they wouldn’t be fine psychologically and emotionally.

If you can’t be fine without listening to any of Davido, Wizkid or Burna’s songs just for a day, what will happen if you never get to listen to the 3 of them again/forever?

Therefore, in a way to test the loyalty and emotional/psychological resolve of these music fans, we have decided to present a question that would prove or prove not their endurance & strength.

And the question is, “If you are offered 5 million naira never to listen to Davido, Wizkid & Burna Boy’s songs again, will you accept it?

“If You’re Offered 5 Million Naira Never To Listen To Davido, Wizkid & Burna Boy’s Songs Again, Will You Take It?”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    be4 nco i will gladly do so

  2. Avatar

    bros yes ooooo

  3. Avatar

    I can’t take it ooo, shey you want to kill me ni??

  4. Avatar

    Who dem epp, give me 5 million naira abeg

  5. Avatar

    bring d money first

  6. Avatar

    Just try me with even 1m and see
    Who dem epp

  7. Avatar

    who dem epp pls just try me with 1m first

  8. Avatar

    Even with 500000 I will stop I go change them with maleek berry

  9. Avatar

    First of all, you people have started asking stupid hypothetical questions like naijaloaded..

    Secondly, are these artists oxygen, orgasm or food??

    Now lemme answer your question..yes, I will stop listening to them for 5k sef..I just need to stop listening to Davido’s music. I stopped Wizkid’s songs ever since. I have never been a fan of Burna boy..shikena

  10. Avatar

    oga bring 20,000 i go forget abt dem i swr

  11. Avatar

    You must be really high on cheap weed, 5m

  12. Avatar

    Dat one go be suicide be that ooo

  13. Avatar

    In fact I go delete all their songs for my brain wit jst 20k

  14. Avatar

    These questions aren’t fun at all..All these hypothetical bullshit
    You guys could do better Fam.

  15. Avatar

    That would be easy. Don’t even listen to their songs

  16. Avatar

    shah did music is enjoy us more

  17. Taiwo Oluwafemi

    Hello there,
    To those who are furious with the question that has brought us all here beacause they think it’s hypothetical – You need to understand that the world wouldn’t be right for you and i if hypothesis isn’t existing (fact).
    You also need to understand that this is just intended for fun. However, shockingly as it may…, some people wouldn’t even accept 10 million naira if they are faced with this sort of situation.
    There are people that would do anything to have you back-down on being a threat to whatever puts a smile on their faces. And any or all of these guys are what give(s) some mysterious humans some absolute joy.
    If a music fan could leave the continent in which she lives-in solely in pursuit of the joy of watching Burna Boy perform in another…, do you think she would find this offer attractive?
    If we haven’t seen cases of people threaten to commit suicide when they don’t get any form of ‘attention’ from their favourite (if we asked this), you would have been quick to term it hypothetical if it hasn’t been occurring…
    All we just want you to understand is that people vibe to different things. This question isn’t fun to you, we understand, same way you should understand the fact that what is fun to you might absolutely be boredom to another person.
    We appreciate your views though and we are always open to constructive criticism.
    N.B: We are Tooxclusive, always will remain that and we shall continue to provide you entertainment in the best possible form.
    Thank you!

  18. Avatar

    Tiawo oluwafemi ride on bro we love too xclusive ? and for me I can’t stop burna boys vibe for any amount if he stops dropping songs there is no musician left for me in this Nigeria industry

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    I can’t stop listening 2 this guys

  21. Avatar

    and you guys call yourselves music promoters @tooxclusive, i won’t stop listening to any of them for any price cuz they are the only Nigerian musicians i listen to.

  22. Avatar

    I don’t have any of WizKid or obo song in my phone only 1 burna song,so it’s easy

  23. Avatar

    Bring the money and you will see my reply and song_like

  24. Avatar

    Even tooxclusive self wey dey ask dis dumb question go collect d money

  25. Avatar

    Honestly I cannot stop to listen to Davido’s songs.

  26. Avatar

    Anonymous i will give you 1 million naira you are a true fan

  27. Avatar

    Nothing will ever stop me to listen to burna boy and most specially davido…that strong man obo is a mentor and a blessing to this country

  28. Avatar

    OBO I bow for u boss

  29. Avatar

    OBO I bow for u boss for life

  30. Avatar

    100k for all Nigerian songs.

  31. Avatar

    ogun kill them all! Who they epp?

  32. Avatar

    I Will never take the monery.IF i dont listan to?STAR BOY i will not be happy for that day. for me ?STAR BOY (WIZKID) is ? (GOOD) for PRESIDENT dan DAVIDO OR BURNA BOY my name is STEPHEN M STEPHEN (DON WIZKID) form ABUA L G A

  33. Avatar

    You den epp music way no dey give me money, waytin I want listen to there song

  34. Avatar

    I will even give someone my phone or burn d phone, bros na 4m w fit change my life u d talk of oooooo.

  35. Avatar

    Omo E go bad oo buna wey dey hot ???? and davido na Hiller

  36. Avatar

    Omo E go bad oo buna wey dey hot ???? and davido na Hiller

  37. Avatar

    Has any of these three idiots hosted free show before ? I got mad love for them though but Please too exclusive stop asking questions you know ain’t possible .

  38. Avatar

    Bros, E no easy to Grove not Hearing Songs from these Legends that has made us Proud

  39. Avatar

    no am gud fan i will not

  40. Avatar

    I will gladly take it ?

  41. Avatar

    I will gladly take it ?

  42. Avatar

    why not,i will take

    i will take
    d 5m na.omo see question oo

  43. Avatar

    5 million? Lmao. Whoever asked this stupid and senseless question must be high on otapiapia. What a joke.. You think these artists even care if you die of hunger? Oga OLUWAFEMI or whatever is your name, even your family members will accept 200k just to stop listening to songs from these artists. Stop trying or struggling to be funny.. Tooxclusive. Wizkid or Davido Don help una papa?

  44. Avatar

    If u want ask me to not listen to any music again sef. While has paid me for all the ones I’ve been listening to?
    Ofcourse I’ll take it

  45. Avatar

    No.because their songs give me joy of life

  46. Avatar

    NO! Since Davido & Burna is involve,but if na Only Wizkid it’s a Capital YES

  47. Avatar

    If I were offered 2 million not to listen to any song again in my life I’m good to go ….what are we even waiting for here oya let the transaction start now share me the number I should send my account number to

  48. Avatar

    Yeye question with too many senseless answers.
    What’s the joy of listening to wack lyrics?
    For your info. , Free of charge, many people won’t listen to these artists.

  49. Avatar

    I’ll cheat

  50. Avatar

    Ambassador Ike, pls i need de money nd I will let go of dia songs forever

  51. Avatar

    i might, i might not

  52. Avatar

    i might i might not

  53. Avatar

    Why not,am I mad, unless if listening to them will pay 100k more

  54. Avatar

    Without wasting time, what have done for me for the years I have loved danced to their tunes

  55. Avatar


  56. Avatar

    God forbid i wont dare try it why will i do such all of the are so much important to me i cant stand a day without downloading and listening to their songs who money epp do you know how much they have they can even give you more than that

  57. Avatar

    i dey craze 50 million sef i no do

  58. Avatar

    Ah #5million too much

  59. Avatar

    As Poor as i am, its too too difficult to believe that i would reject the money,what is life without the motivation that wiz-kid gives me NOTHING,I Cant still believe i would turn it down ..because too much money without good vibes is definitely SHIT I Mean MESS….
    OGA Hold Yar Money Give Me Those Soundssss…

  60. Avatar

    As Poor as i am, its too too difficult to believe that i would reject the money,what is life without the motivation that wiz-kid gives me NOTHING,I Cant still believe i would turn it down ..because too much money without good vibes is definitely SHIT I Mean MESS….
    OGA Hold Yar Money Give Me Those Sounds

  61. Avatar


  62. Avatar

    Yes o pa I will with joy dis is sum tin dat can benefit my life

  63. Avatar

    Are u people giving me the money now… Who dy help

  64. Avatar

    I will accept it,because they are make there money too

  65. Avatar

    Who their songs help ? ? ?

  66. Avatar

    my brother money come first so na the money me I dey for

  67. Avatar

    I no want that kind money oh….. Waiting be 5 million
    I gad to make myself happy by listening to there music

  68. Avatar

    There music gives me happiness which five million can’t give

  69. Avatar

    Biko I can’t take it to
    I can stop listening to Davido and Burna but wizkid! They should just kee me sef

  70. Avatar

    I will stop listening to wizkid song

  71. Avatar

    yes sir

  72. Avatar

    Bring the money..i may not have their song on my phone anymore..but I’ll surely go to their shows

  73. Avatar

    no i can’t

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