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I’m Disappointed In You – Blackface Blasts Faze For Going To Perform At 2baba’s Concert

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Blackface seems never ready to let the contempt he has for 2face Idibia be forgotten.

After many back and forth in relation to them calling truce to their bad-blood, Blackface seems ready not to let peace reign as he constantly continues to go after 2face, taking jibes at him and trying to make him feel the heat from his anger. This time around, he stretches his annoyance a little more as he takes jibe at their former plantashun boiz member, Faze.

2face staged a concert in Abuja over the weekend to celebrate his 20 years of doing active music and Faze went over there to perform. Faze’s presence at the concert however didn’t go down well with Blackface as he called him out for going there. He also rubbished both artistes’ performance saying they should have rehearsed before gracing the stage. He said they didn’t sync.

Blackface wrote his mind via his Instagram page a couple of hours ago. He wrote; “I hate to do this but You fall my hand again @fazealone After our conversation you went on to perform #plantashunboiz @plantashunboiz1 songs with my contributions with 2Face at his event ?

“When is this going to stop ?You both sound like artists that lost it,what examples are you both portraying going on stage without rehearsals? You both don’t sync and it makes my hard work look poor,PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I no go beg again…. I just uploaded our convo for the world to know the facts of what’s going on with all?”

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Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Black face u must be very stupid who u help na u dey give am money to feed his family

  2. Avatar

    Stupid idiot….since all these days u still talk anyhow…….not how far but how well……how well have u been doing after u all depart they all moved on but all u see is u are the one dat write African queen…..y haven’t u write another music that will be more trending than African queen….now see hard work of the main man,no1,best of all,Mr tuface….still making it happen…….u are there saying nonsense fool like u

  3. Avatar

    See wahala o

  4. Avatar

    Blackface or whatever you so choose to call yourself. You are a very “bittered boy”. Grow up and move on!!! Faz if you do not know is an epitome of the most gentlemanly personality with sound mind and character. 2Face has left you so far behind in all and every aspect of life yet you are there chewing dust over the success of another. Grow up boy. Stop all of these childishness. What’s your business if Faz decided against your evil manipulations by performing at a brother’s concert? You went as far as to make public his communications with you. Faz actually fooled you, dont you think so? Boy life is a rolling stone for Faz and 2Baba while you have caused yours to remain stagnated. You diss the duo for not performing well during the show. Boy keep your opinion to yourself. Grow up and smell the coffee. Have you not realized that all the bad songs you released including African Queen never saw the light of day? Think and move on by using your brains. Do not be a continuous let down to your Household fans.

  5. Avatar

    Blackface jus invest all this hating energy in ur music, u go blow .. If u continue this way, u’ll still be leaving in d past u can’t move forward

  6. Avatar

    Black heart black face for picking on faze u fall my hand

  7. Avatar

    Guys, make una just settle una differences so that the fans and public applaud una. Brace, face, 2face… make una try come together sing one colabo., Fashy the past. Nothing is new under the sun. Bface… 4get who write African queen. 2face forget wetin don sele, face; arrange make una do well. Now that you have come in, I believe you can rearrange the difference. Aromettakindobenu.

  8. Avatar

    No I know better….there is this saying that, what you wear portrays who you are and names we bear has effect on our lives.
    At a point DMX(dark man X) changed his to DMX(Divine master x)……so mr black face I suggest your name from blackface to blessedface or brightface so as to wetin dey wrong with you. You have lived in the past well enough to move on….thank you.

  9. Avatar

    Black face, you already have seen yourself as a failure so you wanted your brothers ( Face and 2Face) to be in the same level you are, but they refused. Now you are angry at yours and your brothers, that’s a sign of poverty. A hungry man they said is an angry man, but think of how to make it in life and not looking for who to blame thank.

  10. Avatar

    Blackface e never do u,stop doing like boo

  11. Avatar

    Black face, for 2face to invite you both to his show signifies that he want togetherness of you guys again, I want you to think wise because nomater how you may struggle it’s very obvious that 2face is more talented amongst the crew followed by Face so what you need most is to be carried along. Stop backing off and join the moving train ( your crew) meanwhile, I like it most when three of you sing together eg ocean of passion.

  12. Avatar

    Fuck off
    Black face
    TACHA Dey your head

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar

    I was at that concert .
    Maybe I donor have good ears for music, but I thought the combo was neat.
    Anyways I think it’s just about enough about this bitterness.
    Cheer up bro and move on up.
    I wish you guys well.

  15. Avatar

    Blackfase or blacklist or whatever you call yourself, why don’t you stop this bitterness and grow up. Move on and do better with your life, these guys are doing better than you. Stupid boy grow up boy, be a man. Stop behaving like a kid.

  16. Avatar

    blackface I prefer you joining your brothers he shall be well With you

  17. Avatar

    Blackface please let peace reign instead of fighting let bygones be bygones please

  18. Avatar

    Black face can you forget everything that is happen between you guys and move on nigger..

  19. Avatar

    I love both of you guys but you dey fk too much, faze always post you guys pictures for people to comment but you don’t like them at all, now you just prove to people that you are wicked and heartless, you are unforgiving people,

  20. Avatar

    Blackface please take it cool with your men, life has gone beyond what you are envisaging,just let bygones be bygones

  21. Avatar

    Black face,to me o.coming to getther is the best thing to do

  22. Avatar

    Somebody should remember this guy that everything is vanity . Please give peace a chance . You deserve to be Happy . Nothing dey this life o . We came naked and we will go naked . I Love you guys

  23. Avatar

    Blackface u nor try at all, give honour to whom honour is due. 2baba is the brain master followed by faze, u are just a subordinate in crue. Better dressup, getup and standup to make peace with your guys instead of this bitter haterest

  24. Avatar

    Black face, time heals and the reason you are not growing In entertainment industry is because, the burden of hate is causing your life a stunted growth.

    Forget about the past and get busy with trying to build yourself up.

  25. Avatar

    Worded,and is enough for the wise

  26. Avatar

    well matured means knowing how to balance with people. keeping grudges will take you no where it will only keep making you see dissapointment in your self. nothing is impossible so stand up and return back to archiving your dream before it is too late.

  27. Avatar

    black face 4get past na move on do music 2gether dat wil hit 4 get africa queen jare staybless

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