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Johnny Drille – Romeo & Juliet [New Song]

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Johnny Drille – Romeo & Juliet. When it comes to Johnny Drille, one always gets excited cos’ the music is never below par.

The Mavin Records act, dishes out this country music inspired record titled Romeo & Juliet.

Obviously, the title suggests its a love tune. Hello lovers, get your headsets and bump to this.

Johnny Drille – Romeo & Juliet

“Johnny Drille – Romeo & Juliet [New Song]”, 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings.

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  1. Avatar

    you’re creative bro…….thumb up..

  2. Avatar

    If I must confess I’m tide to johnny drilled music ,

    • Avatar

      Y do u say so bro?

  3. Avatar

    Johnny drills you are prefect

  4. Avatar

    I really love your flava

  5. Avatar

    Your songs are very deep… Big up

  6. Avatar

    Nyc voice
    Yhu did a great job sir!

  7. Avatar

    ur song is very deep make me wanna cry

  8. Avatar

    U gud dude,weh done sir

  9. Avatar

    am crushing @Jonnys songs

  10. Avatar

    I love you man.. You’re pure talent in its sheer state.

  11. Avatar

    Johnny am proud of u and always happy listening to ur song keep it

  12. Avatar

    This is lovely. I can’t wait to hear more from you.

  13. Avatar

    Da snypa

  14. Avatar

    I love everything about you bro. I knew why music is very easy for you and it’s because you are talented. I hope Nigerians starts to appreciate good music. Bigger you in Jesus.

  15. Avatar

    Jonny Drills is your father from western? I can’t stop listening to this lovely diva melodious cowboy music.

    Please don’t change your flavour keep it that way.

  16. Avatar

    Its good 2 finally have an artist that sings a very different pattern of song in Nigeria. Amazing talent johnny D

  17. Avatar

    your music is so deep keep it up bro

  18. Avatar

    Timi’s second, keep it up bro

  19. Avatar

    A yo cool dude

  20. Avatar

    Proud of u bro…this song is awesome….wht a lovely voice and lyrics..ur different broey..keep it up

  21. Avatar

    Wonderful and a good option of music to listen.. Good music, well done Johnny.

  22. Avatar

    Up up up my best artist u are the top out of thousand and also u are d best up up up drille god bless u

  23. Avatar

    Such a beautiful music. You have a beautiful talent. I love your music. Good job

  24. Avatar

    Just say am a fan of good music… Am ur fan Johnny……

  25. Avatar

    Just say am a fan of good music… Am ur fan Johnny Drille…….

  26. Avatar

    Ur songs are evergreen. Keep up the good work Bro J.D.

  27. Avatar

    I really love ur song. it’s like ur song is a story that u don’t want to end. U imagine urself being 1 of d main character,nd that’s wats I like…..nope….LOVE abt ur song. It grabs ur attention,ur time,it’s like it’s telling u to listen to me. Most of all ur voice sounds a lot like ED SHEERAN’s. I wanna be like u. Ur tone,ur vibe,ur lyrics,ur video,ur expression is completely different 4rm Nigerian musicians that at 1st I thought u weren’t Nigerian

  28. Avatar

    I really love ur song. it’s like ur song is a story that u don’t want to end. U imagine urself being 1 of d main character,nd that’s wats I like…..nope….LOVE abt ur song. It grabs ur attention,ur time,it’s like it’s telling u to listen to me. Most of all ur voice sounds a lot like ED SHEERAN’s. I wanna be like u. Ur tone,ur vibe,ur lyrics,ur video,ur expression is completely different 4rm Nigerian musicians that at 1st I thought u weren’t Nigerian

  29. Avatar

    Great vibe from you Drille all your music are mind blowing with the pattern you choose and you melodious voice which at first makes me think you are an American. Love you bro

  30. Avatar

    I love ur style dis d first time a Nigerian is doing country muzik just like Don Williams

  31. Avatar

    wow I love ur music bro more especially wait for me wean ever I I want remaiber my love keep it up one love

  32. Avatar

    I love you bro…can’t wait to get the full album

  33. Avatar

    this song z awesome

  34. Avatar

    I love the song, it’s actually different

  35. Avatar

    Your songs are too sweet..
    Thanks J.
    BIG FAN..

  36. Avatar

    I like your songs

  37. Avatar

    Wow Sound wonderful I like it keep it up bro

  38. Avatar

    I love your voice. Keep it up

  39. Avatar

    Keep it up bro

  40. Avatar

    wow so wonderful. I love the cowboy tune

  41. Avatar

    You have an amazing voice and you really know how to use it. Thank you for giving people like me music I can relate to. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  42. Avatar

    Perfect song

  43. Avatar

    a unique style u ve got bro?. keep it up

  44. Avatar

    Drille ur ar awesome

  45. Avatar

    ur song is awesome

  46. Avatar

    ur song is awesome, I love hearing ur song over & over again love u drille

  47. Avatar

    ur songs show u hv a great musical craftmanship. u re awesome.

  48. Avatar

    you make me believe in love, that there’s someone out there for me, Johnny ur voice is magical and outta dis world,you r d next Jon bellion, just that this will be Johnny drille of 9ja

  49. Avatar

    johnny’s musics are very touching

  50. Avatar

    the song is dope and romantic big up man

  51. Avatar

    I was just about to comment but when brush thru all d comments here… Am glad we still people that appreciates good sound. U r bless #johnnyD

  52. Avatar

    I really love dis song, dis song make my day complete everytime I listen to it nice one bro keep it up

  53. Avatar

    You are so amazing keep the flag flying. Love your music. Most at times i set your music under repeat play. More efforts sir

  54. Avatar

    Nice voice,gud sound

  55. Avatar

    Nice voice good sound , and ur music I respect

  56. Avatar

    Keep it up

  57. Avatar

    Really really it sink deep 2 d hrt, wldo wldone
    ride on sr!

  58. Avatar

    i love this song ride on sir

  59. Avatar

    I can’t do without this song ?

  60. Avatar

    You are a Rare Gem Johnny Drille. I remain your number Fan in Diaspora. Bigger and Better You I Pray.

  61. Avatar

    Bro u wonderful

  62. Avatar

    you are great

  63. Avatar

    you are my mentor, feed me more

  64. Avatar

    I just love your songs… Thumbs up

  65. Avatar

    9ice one brother all your song is Cool

  66. Avatar

    Nice one dude,

  67. Avatar

    I just downloaded Romeo and Juliet now and to be hold i nearly lost it. You have a great voice mate, continue the good work ???

  68. Avatar

    You are just too awesome.

  69. Avatar

    Doing great work bro I rep your style of music!!!!
    Stay cool and keep doing great songs.

  70. Avatar

    I love ur music….. Keep it up dear

  71. Avatar


  72. Avatar

    9ce 1. keep it up guy

  73. Avatar

    God Bless you man ??

  74. Avatar

    You are the talent we need right now. You are the definition of talent. Keep it up. Please don’t let all these wack musicians influence you. Don Jazzy, thumbs up. You sabi talent joorh.

  75. Avatar

    jonny my man you too much brotherly,cant stop listening to “dear future wife”.

  76. Avatar

    You have talent on music

  77. Avatar

    nice one

  78. Avatar

    Nice music

  79. Avatar

    This music is awesome

  80. Avatar

    Honestly to confess, this is a gr8 job Sir, keep it up

  81. Avatar

    I am from Liberia
    @jonnydrille is one of Africa’s inspiration…………………………………………….

  82. Avatar

    Johny u are the best, i love ur songs

  83. Avatar

    Johnny drile…i really luv his songs, i fell in luv wyt his music wen i heard wait for me i watched dat video over and over again…den he came wyt romeo nd juliet…wow i just hope i get to feature him in d furture lol

  84. Avatar

    I can’t love u less bro finaly I get d song ave been looking for bro pls don’t change to one coner or shaku shaku

  85. Avatar

    I’m speechless……….nice one jonny

  86. Avatar

    men you are more than awesome
    always cant stop hearing your songs

  87. Avatar

    Shout to u man

  88. Avatar

    Great talent.. Your voice is so soothing ??

  89. Avatar

    I got to know about your world just two days ago. I couldn’t stop disturbing those around me with the celebration of your kind of music. You are simply original and differrent. I celebrate your person, your style of music and your discipline. Your videos are morally clean. Little wonder -your background. Please don’t lose this for any luxury. Love you sir. Looking forward to more of you.

  90. Avatar

    Mhen this is good,at least there’s hope for Nigerian music industry with people like you, wish we had more talents like this so that sanity can be regained in Nigeria.

  91. Avatar

    John I want you to feature in my movie

  92. Avatar

    The song is dooe

  93. Avatar

    You so good bro, keep up

  94. Avatar

    Atleast u guys shuld ave left some wrdz 4 me naaaau
    C as u pipu jst use all d nice nice wrdz so which one will i call him
    Ok i ave one left
    I need u johnny

  95. Avatar

    Awesome….. You really nailed it…..

  96. Avatar

    Awwn fortunately my name is Juliet..I love this song

  97. Avatar

    from love doctor john drille u have made me see my star thank u very for bring light to me i love u

  98. Avatar

    Nice one b

  99. Avatar

    AMAZING!!!!! ??

  100. Avatar

    Lovely Song Keep It Up

  101. Avatar

    Johnny, your song is the bomb!!! I so love it. You are a breath of fresh air to the Nigerian music industry. I can’t stop replaying your song in my head. Don’t change this pattern. You have a loyal fan in me.

  102. Avatar

    I love you johnny!

  103. Avatar

    I love your music like madt, I listening to them like I have never hear music before! keep it up padi mi to make sense

  104. Avatar

    U are the best

  105. Avatar

    Your music is d best

  106. Avatar

    Johnny drille if there is one person who loves ur music den dats me.

  107. Avatar

    I love de song…..

  108. Avatar

    I love de song…..

  109. Avatar

    “wait for me has inspired us John” CMJ Zambia

  110. Avatar

    I’m madly in live wihd this song

  111. Avatar

    I’m madly in live wihd this song
    Thumbs up

  112. Avatar

    Johnny drille is the best not only in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa, man keep it up your voice is so melodious and it sinks to ones’ heart

  113. Avatar

    This is why music is called an ART.

  114. Avatar

    Weldone sir @jonnydrille

  115. Avatar

    I love this song

  116. Avatar

    I love d song

  117. Avatar

    U d bomb love ur songs makes me reminisce

  118. Avatar

    This is the rAw product.. From Washington DC. We love you drille

  119. Avatar

    Seriously I just got to no you and your songs through a foreigner, men you are my best from now on. My Edo blood pls keep it up, may God bless your hustle

  120. Avatar

    I love ur songs Johnny drill keep it up

  121. Avatar

    God bless your voice bro , please keep it up

  122. Avatar

    u re awesome

  123. Avatar

    you are my best Singer in d world johnny

  124. Avatar

    so passionate, I love that John D

  125. Avatar

    Your one of a kind…God bless you

  126. Avatar

    This guy is talented

  127. Avatar

    Your music make me happy everyday may God continue bless you

  128. Avatar

    and so o n that faithful day i was behind johnny drill just at the Mtn project fame auditions,did’nt know he will turn out big like this,inside life there is deeper life….carry on dey go Drill

  129. Avatar

    Johnny drille keep it up u r good….! Do not go out of track people are expecting more from you keep bluse on

  130. Avatar

    Your songs are just alsome…. Keep it up bro

  131. Avatar

    Johnny Drills ur songs are lovely

  132. Avatar

    nice voice bro

  133. Avatar

    You made me view musics in a different light……. you’re awesome drille, just can stop loving you …….. Godspeed

  134. Avatar

    Absolutely fantastic….

  135. Avatar

    Johnny please don’t change your style. Stick to it.
    You are unique. Thanks bro.

  136. Avatar

    Lovely song

  137. Avatar

    I love the genre and the style of his songs… keep it up bro??

  138. Avatar

    I tot u r Luke Bryan or strait bcuz this is country music like ……I rep u bro

  139. Avatar

    I love your music bro keep it up

  140. Avatar

    johnny i love your song.. believe me you are the best.. i love you johnny…

  141. Avatar

    I love this guy, you are unique, I can actually sleep, eat, bath, drink, and do everything with your song, you inspire me dude, keep it ?

  142. Avatar

    My idol hope to collabo with u one day

  143. Avatar

    Your music is giving me the vibes. Thumbs up man.

  144. Avatar

    what a wonderful you are… your songs and voice is so amazing…????

  145. Avatar

    OMG!! This is perfect ???

  146. Avatar

    u are just my dream in music world….. you are just simply unique….. Beatrice loves you Johnny…. mostly ur unique voice

  147. Avatar

    After john legend na you

  148. Avatar

    You are very unique bro ……..your voice is hot !!!!!

  149. Avatar

    Dis ya voice na d killer tune
    I wish I can have such voice

  150. Avatar

    I love you so much Johnny. ???

  151. Avatar

    U are the best my guy

  152. Avatar

    God forbid that a day goes by without me listening to Johnny Drille’s songs. I like you is an understatement Bro, I really love you and your songs

  153. Avatar

    One of the reasons I love his songs is bcos he speaks gostiod English and guess what! He studied English and literature like me. Yepeeee!!!

  154. Avatar

    Good Eng I meant to write

  155. Avatar

    This is awesome, keep it up

  156. Avatar

    Hearing this song just now made my evening more wins Johnny ????

  157. Avatar

    Wow I love this music???????who will be my Romeo

  158. Avatar

    The song just made my day

  159. Avatar

    Hi johnny,my name is paul i’m from sierra leone and i love listening to your songs,keep it up bro 9ice voice

  160. Avatar

    i never new that this guy is a nigeria guy he is so different from other nigeria musicial ,i love the way he sing and his song always inspire me ,i really love the way u sing keep it up more wisdom.

  161. Avatar

    Mad ooo you are greatest bro this one burst brain

  162. Avatar

    These guy has always inspired me with most of his songs I am one of ur fan I love ur songs,the tune beautiful,the songs beautiful,ur voice match the mood it’s lovely

  163. Avatar

    Love his voice

  164. Avatar

    Thanks Johnny, I smiled all through the song. Your song has given me indescribable happiness. you are amazing.

  165. Avatar

    nice ones

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