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Kizz Daniel Or Burna Boy – Who Is A More Talented Music Artiste?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

Burna Boy and Kizz Daniel are two of the most talented singers in Nigeria, and are also artistes which are helping to push Afro-Beats to other parts of the world.

Many have argued that Kizz Daniel’s talents as a musician in Nigeria has been and still continuing to be underated while Burna Boy’s is being overrated. A lot of music followers believe the accolades that Burna Boy is getting is supposed to be directed at Kizz. “He is the only artiste in the Nigerian music industry who doesn’t have a ‘bad song’ ” is the fact/farce that the singer’s lovers love to dwell on when making comparisons in the areas of supremacy with other artistes.

On the other hand, many others believe Kizz Daniel is in no way in the league of Burna Boy who many infact adjudge to be the most talented artiste in Nigeria due to his command of music that are infused with vibes, quality lyrics, addictive voice and great beats.

However, in order not to bore you with too many texts, we would like to move quickly to the reason why this piece has been publicized and that would be to get your thoughts on who the most talented artiste is between the two artistes.

 Kizz Daniel Or Burna Boy – Who Is A More Talented Music Artiste?


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  • Kizz Daniel Or Burna Boy – Who Is A More Talented Music Artiste?
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  1. Avatar

    Both are great.. probably better than wiz and david

  2. Avatar

    Who be kizz where Oluwa burna dey!!! For now Burna no get mate

  3. Avatar

    wetin burna boy dey sing? cult music..rubbish.. kizz Daniel

  4. Avatar

    If no be one thing i for say make thunder fire tooxclusive,, how u go compare ANT TO BEE??


  5. Avatar

    oh i dey feel de 2 guyz

  6. Avatar

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  9. Avatar

    Can kizz Daniel rap or do dancehall . burna does all, he is a more talented artiste . kizz Daniel is a good musician but burna too versatile…

  10. Avatar

    Burna Boy has been paying his due since now is his time. If kizz should continue and be consistent the way he is he has the tendency to be the greatest sooner or later

  11. Avatar

    Abeg who dey do all dis stupid combo..kizz and Burnaboy ….how far nah?????

  12. Avatar

    Burna wy dy sing trash.. Anybody that love Burna is a smoker. #Fact.. Kizz to the world..

  13. Avatar

    Burn dem

  14. Avatar

    Burna boy

  15. Avatar

    Kizz Daniel is a good singer…with good vibes…burner songs are hmmmm

  16. Avatar

    Kiss is d best. Burna is more successful internationally

  17. Avatar

    I go with kizz

  18. Avatar

    I like korede bello
    Bt d truth b told burna boy is more talented

  19. Avatar

    I love both. Both are very talented and shouldn’t be compared. But we can’t deny that Burna has a vibe which is incomparable. A vibe that not even Starboy, Davido or any international artiste has. I saw a comment up about Burna’s lovers being smokers and saw “fact” there. Bro/Sis, I love Burna and I’ve never smoked a thing in my life. So please get your facts straight.

  20. Avatar

    burna boy talk story and advice people in his songs also talk what life is all about and sing in language that every body can understand,but kiss Daniel sing in his native language must,and his songs must are all about women

  21. Avatar

    Burna boy is better… I saw a comment someone said Burna is singing cult music???…Alaye I’m not a cult guy..So choose your words well so that you won’t be unfortunate in this life

  22. Avatar

    Burna boy is better… I saw a comment someone said Burna is singing cult music???…Alaye I’m not a cult guy..So choose your words well so that you won’t be unfortunate in this life

  23. Avatar

    Burna is the best kizz na kid to burna ,kizz still they learn book for where burna they ‘clear road ,make I hear ,any body .

  24. Avatar

    you too much

  25. Avatar

    Kizz is very talented, you know when you’re gifted by God, you do it with confidence and no stress, Burna too is good but I’ll prefer kizz..

  26. Avatar

    Each of them good for their own side
    No criticize anyone my people

  27. Avatar

    Team Burner

  28. Avatar

    Who is kizz daniel? Never heard of him!
    Keep up the ? Burna!!!

  29. Avatar

    They both deserve maximum regards when it comes to Afro melody

  30. Avatar

    I can’t decide the best because I just so love them both.
    I mean, I’d rather forget a spare tire than go on a journey without their songs.

  31. Avatar

    They are both good in their callings,and if I may ask between Pastor Fatoyinbo and Apostle Sulaiman who more talent ?

  32. Avatar

    Abeg make who na nor talk say burna good pass kizz Daniel again oooooo check back for beginning kizz drop hit back to back without featuring anybody apart for Woju make who na nor try ham again compare burna to kizz. Kizz na world wide casted..he beat many artist. Remember there is one time make we nor Dey here burna boy vibe but kizz ever year you must hear ham for….. Vado the great ???

  33. Avatar

    Egbami Sha!!! Who be burns boy, abegi. Na kizz o anytime. Great music with extreme swag

  34. Avatar

    How can u compare burna to kizz..they no fit be mates at all becos burna pass am by far,,pass am for music,,style,,lyrics and everything else..

  35. Avatar

    You should be comparing burna to the likes of wizkid and davido not kizz Daniel

  36. Avatar

    Kiss Daniel on d beat

  37. Avatar

    Oluwa Burma for life men his level is above every other musician

  38. Avatar

    Must we always compare? This is simply lazy journalism!

  39. Avatar

    burna boy is the most talentend miscial

  40. Avatar

    abeg na kizz na good pass and make i ask yo na who sing cool music pass abeg mo na nor tolk that tin again

  41. Avatar

    you all should look for better comparison to put up not burna and vado

  42. Avatar

    You guys just keep the stupid questions rolling sha . burna can’t be compaired

  43. Avatar

    Finally una sha dn see traffic generate with mumu question,

  44. Avatar

    Please never compare this two again ..Kiss Daniel has is no way talented to Burns Boy …But kiss is Good.

  45. Avatar

    you don use dealth to compare sleep oluwa burna all de way

  46. Avatar

    Oluwa Burna. Ma best and still counting…

  47. Avatar

    Oluwaaa burnaboy na African makaveli

  48. Avatar

    burnaboy is not only a gaint, but king

  49. Avatar

    kiss daniel

  50. Avatar

    kiss Daniel is still up coming artist.

  51. Avatar

    Burnaboy is gifted from God an is full of wisdom an talented in a blessful way… that every music that sing…is just a popular to every good music listen… ifact Burna u toooooo much.kizz u de Len work for were mens de..

  52. Avatar

    burna boy dey sing trash.
    i go for kizz

  53. Avatar

    Both of them are good but burna boy na boss Biko… Na 2baba una suppose dey use dey compare oluwa burna na no be kizz Daniel na.. shuuu…

  54. Avatar


  55. Avatar

    i hate some comperism oh , burna boy is a bigger boy where kiss deniel is .

  56. Avatar

    i hate burna boy,but kiss daniel is the king.

  57. Avatar

    Kizz daniel is d best of all, who b burna boy for where kizz daniel dey?

  58. Avatar

    You can’t compare both of them actually.

  59. Avatar

    Kizz is the best.Unique voice,lyrics,and beat.HE’S just everything??

  60. Avatar

    BURNABOY was underrated for many years…
    Have been listening to his songs since he released is first album (L.I.F.E)…He featured many big artists then like 2BABA,M.I,OLAMIDE,WIZKID,REMINISCE…..and others no one recognize him then…have been listening to his songs before kizzdaniel enter school..go and listen to LIKE TO PARTY..The song was nominated by headies then as best RNB song in 2011/2012.. BURNABOY can sing and rap…

  61. Avatar

    Burna 4 life… burna boy song touches my soul and move my body he’s the greatest that’s why he’s unique if you doubt me you all kizz daniel fans should go and listen to (if people must die ) by burna boy

  62. Avatar

    what nonsense! ?
    burna boy is far more better than him

  63. Avatar

    nawa for u o…
    Even u asking this question knows the truth…abi ma traffic u dey find

  64. Avatar

    I dont usually answer stupid questions but this was so stupid I had to comment…burna vs kiss?

  65. Avatar

    If u don’t anything to post @tooxclusive shut de 4k up

  66. Avatar

    Who tf compares kizz Daniel and Burna boy…fucking lame

  67. Avatar


  68. Avatar

    kizz is d best
    just dat he is underated…

  69. Avatar

    Let’s talk about fame,Burna Boy is above kiss
    Achievements Burna Boy (bet)is above kiss
    Versatility Burna boy is above can sing and rap perfectly

  70. Avatar

    Kizz Daniel

  71. Avatar

    Both of em are good, burna to the world he dosent sing a bad song either

  72. Avatar

    Kizz all the way

  73. Avatar

    I go for the two they are too perfect to me

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