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[Lyrics] Joeboy – “Baby”

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Joeboy – Baby Lyrics

[Verse 1]

What I fit do to get your love
Girl I don give you all I got but it’s not enough for you
Shey u fire me catapult of love
Na why be say I no fit get enough of you


Wetin be that
Nothing I can’t do
For ma baby
Ma bebe
Anytime wey you need me come through
Mo ma sare
Ma sare wole

Wetin be that
Nothing I can’t do for ma bebe
Ma bebe
Ma shawty oreke
Ma bebe ma bebe eh

Baby shey you dey for me?
As I dey for you
Baby shey you dey for me?
As I dey for you

Wetin be that
Nothing I can’t do
For ma baby
Ma bebe
Anytime wey you need me come through
Mo ma sare
Ma sare wole

Wetin be that
Nothing I can’t do for ma bebe
Ma bebe
Ma shawty oreke
Ma bebe ma bebe eh

[Verse 2]
What you wanna do girl
Where you wan go
‘Cos anywhere you go, girl
I go follow go
Cos I like the way you back it up
The way you go down low
And that’s the reason they be hating on you [Who are those]
Baby you the baddest
Step on the dance floor and show your madness
I will be your king
You will be my royal highness
Out of all the girl them you are the flyest

Baby shey u dey for me?
As I dey for you
Baby shey you dey for me?
As I dey for you

Joe, Joe Joeboy ‘pon dat!

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    Hit!! I love it

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    Good one

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    so much love the lyrics

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    Good song and lovely lyrics

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    The Nigga Way Too Talented, Bigger Joeboy I Pray.

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    good music never die! is just a short record we expet more

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    nice one

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    Nice song love to listen a million time

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    Nice hit pliz

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    Love ? the lyrics, nice hit ?? ?

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    Amazing one

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    So great

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    I’m in love with this song, sooooooo fantastic mwaaaaaaa

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    I love this song!

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    I love the song like mad

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    This song is one in a million

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    best love vibe
    you gone shine bro

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    I love dis song ehhh

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    Damn interesting. #Repeat song

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    I love this song

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    i really love this song ummm amazing!!!…

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    I really love this song from the very first day I listen to it

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    The song dey burst my brain ?

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    were wee you

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    Na better song be dis abeg…. Been jamming it since

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    Amazing can listen to it all day

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    I’m badly in love wit dis song. Guy where hve u been

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    Good jam…. Keep it up

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    My love for this song ehn ?

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    rise ?

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    the song is wow, like really really nice

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    Guy you tried alot
    Wow I can’t resist listening the song
    At times it seems that I’m the one you are referring to

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    Nice jam…..

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    Cool ? love the song ?

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    I love this song so much I wish I could sing like this

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    Top song drives me crazy

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    Amazing song can’t stop listening to it

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    i luv dis song as in so much,

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    good song man

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    I real love it

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    Wow, this is amazing

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    Song is dope

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    This song is quite easy going. I had this song playing all through out the night. This song is dope ?. Thumps up dear ?

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    Ever bst

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    I love this song that i can’t resist singing for girl friend

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    Very nice one.
    I keep on learning d lyrics .Quite stressful ,but almost getting everything .

    Is so amazing thumps up keep it up ??

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    Wow nice one all the way

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    wow! this is my favourite jam and i love it so much.

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    Awesome ! I’ve fallen in love with his music

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    Fantastic, I love this song

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    Your song is awesome, dude

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    cool lyrics bro

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    i really love it

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    Me na sierra leonean.. bruh dis song yah 2 powerful e dey(dae) sweet me

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    D same bwoy nani whizzy from west africa//man this na for you shadout to me the best rapper in africa//joeboy ar dey for you as ar dey rap for africa//search for mamadu luis nani bah ar dey freetown na africa//shey we dey for you (joeboy) all of africa..//

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    Cool song

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    Replay list?? I like it

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    I love dis song

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    Joeboy I dey hale ooh

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    Play ? it on repeat

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    Nice song, love to listen everyday….muah

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    So soft,keep it up bruv.

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    Am madly in love with dis song
    my best song so far
    Can’t go a day without listening to d music
    nice one Joe boy

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    I sooooooo love this song,I listen to it everyday

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    This song drives me crazy, it makes me to remember all the good time i had with my heartbeat

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    I cherished this song

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    l cant stop listening to it all day ?

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    This song is short and amazing

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    the song is killing

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    Beautiful music

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    The song is awesome, I like it, come get an Apple???

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    The song is awesome, I like it, come get an Apple???

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    Love it?????

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    Love it?????

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    This song has been or repeat since the very first day I heard it.
    @Joeboy, may you continue to go higher. God of grace will definitely exalt you to the highest peak.

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    wow pretty really amazing d lyrics i love it #nice one G

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    wow love the lyrics and the tone used. i really appreciate this sonh

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    Love diz joeboy

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    I Always Cry Y Best Things R Small Or Little Like Mi Baby Wic Av Been Playing Since Mi 1st Day N I Dont Feel Like 2 Move Wen Its Playing.Bro U Killing It !!!!.

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    wow I so much love the gem

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    I so much the song it always repeat on my phone…

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    I really love this song to death…always repeating it

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    It one of my favourite song i luv it

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    I swear if i don’t hear the song in one day for like 50 times I can’t sick. Trust me even now I’m still playing, I love the song that my girlfriend ??????????

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    it so nice keep it on guy

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    Wow this song is fantastic @joeboy.
    Infact am living for it.

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    Like this song and the fine lyrics. You are a promising guy. I dey for you Joeboy

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    Moi best song

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    I love ur voice,beat and d way u leave space for listeners to sing……ride on boy…..u can do this and u will get there …much love form me

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    Big joe i rep u here!!!
    increase the volume!!!
    love this song die

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    Oh my goodness I can’t stop playing and dancing I wish the song was mine

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    so murderous messing up with the senses of lovers

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    I love this song like mad

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    Nice hit????

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    God bless u

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    D beat alone is superb

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    nice one bro keep it up

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    killed it joor. sweet song with sweet lyrics

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    sweet to ma fullness i luv it

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    aki hii lyrics n tamu vinoma, napenda hii.

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    My best song, my love you’ve outdone yourself

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    Lovely song….. First music I ever listen to in joeboy song…….. Keep it up guy

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    My new favorite song I love dis song and u to joeboy as in I fit take bullet for u I de hail u for dis one

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    The song i love from joeboy is “baby” (maitha joseph)

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    Baby is the song i love from joeboy (maitha joseph)

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    love da namba

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    Love dah song baje

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    Always the best,nice jam

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    love it

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    my girlfriend likes it so much

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    I cant resist plz give us more man

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    best baby

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    Why won’t you lived to download your video

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    Awesome, am in love with the song ehh, guy thumbs up for you

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    Much love

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    nice hit

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    I love this song wooow

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    omg… ur the best ur song hit me far and for that ur my best musician and I ur biggest fan love ur song like mob

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    I love this hit it’s amazing

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    OMG, this song kill me die

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    jeo boy keep it up is dannysmart am also an upcoming

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    Both the lyrics of the song and beat makes me to like the song

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    Very pleasant track, lyk it man

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    i wish 2 be lyk u joeboy, 9ice track

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    best song ever

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    Well-done can’t stop listening jare

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    Wow!Amazing song,it gonna make mie feel excellent”I Wanna be like it messagess’

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    As 4 me no 1 b like u at all
    Coz vibes dey jinja ma spirit

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    On repeat!!

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    this song is lit

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    Joeboy u are the best

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    That good JOE On fire

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    You’re cute and keep up the good work cause it’s so fantastic

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    Wow,amazin song i keep listening to it everyday,everytime keep it up bro

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    This song is awesome. I like the song, and I also love the energy of the song.

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    i like dis guyz musik he’s better dan rehma

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    Nice one bro

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    Nice song and can’t stop listening,u are the best

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    i like your all song i wan, t listing u sng joe boi

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    this song is awesome

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    All joeboy songs are always on top list…..nice one luv keep it going

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    Wow good

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    joeboy you are so good always
    I feel your music die

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    the lyrics are nice and I just wished that there was a tutorial or the rhythm of the song

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    Joe Joe Joeboy Pon Deck! Wish To Feat U In Ur New Banger

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    I believe that u will be our next bigger boss very soon,continue rocking

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    Luv did song lyk maaad.Can’t stop listening to it

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    more grace bro i love ur vibes

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    Nyc song

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