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[Lyrics] M.I Abaga – “The Viper” (Letter To Vector)

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[Verse 1: M.I Abaga]
And so the Viper wants to war with me
My OG called and said “yo M.I?don’t?reward him B
Remember,?building bridges been our priority
Remember who?you are Juddah promise me.”

So I swore by my name cause there is no higher authority
I will not destroy you instead I give you maturity
Your soul is unclean, your heart is full of impurity and
Jealousy, jealousy nigga jealousy ahh!
This isn’t a diss, this is truth listen
This is wisdom I’m giving to you cause you my youth
You can never battle Jude your default setting is lose
That’s why I choose when you raise the alarm
To hit that snooze, you’ve always hated me
Your very first liner, your first single showed how you rated me
But Lanre see, I’ve always rated you
You no be mate to me tho
You should look up to me like your pàle
I’m happy my son is taller
Doesn’t mean you won’t dobale, chale

You had a jealous heart since you was a child
That why everybody who loves you ends up used and defiled
But yous in denial, blaming everyone but yourself
Already fake when no one knew you
And then famed it in hell
Look how you treated YSG
When them niggas really believed in you
Fucking snake, always bite the hand of people feeding you
AQ was your guy you did nothing to blossom no
But since he’s been around me, that nigga’s been doing awesome
Your manager and cousin gave you all cause he believed
When you got arrested he sat in jail with you and wouldn’t leave
But as you head dey hot, got rid of nigga just like a weave
And he still put you on his CV we gave him a job at CC
See we rise by lifting others who you lifted?
Nobody in all these years can say that Vector put em in position wow
You sinned against the order of heaven
That’s why the God has brought you to me
To be reborn and forgiven my nigga
Let’s, pray

[Verse 2: M.I Abaga]
I swear by my name cause there is no higher authority
I will not destroy you instead I give you maturity
I’m tryna save your life Lanre, that’s my priority
You let, jealousy jealousy fuck your legacy up, yeah
This isn’t a diss, this is compassion
This is papa talking to you instead of giving you lashing
I know your fans are gonna demand that you revenge
But will they crowdfund for you, when It’s time to pay your rent
I’m willing and able, I’ll put 20 million on the table
That’s budget for you to spend and CC will float you label
Swallow your pride, let me show you how to be king
You came with chickens to my spot but didn’t buy chicken wings
Let your niggas fly, it’s my spot, y’all can eat free food
Shebi you waited for my reply so let me CC you
You have a choice, take my hand and let me free you
I heard you’re roasting in your girl’s place you B’s BQ
You’re not even top 5 from Yorubaland
Mode, Eldee, Bahdo, Dagrin, Remi, YCEE and Falz omo see the queue
When I’m the GOAT so tell me what I gain if me beat you?
I rather me teach you, so you can reach
Nah that will never happen

So when you old your children ask you what happened?
Cause people laughing just tell em daddy was jealous while rapping
Daddy was jealous from birth, was jealous inside the scrotum
Was jealously looking at other sperm cells
Wishing you choke me
Daddy was jealous of your mother and that’s how I fucked myself
Daddy was jealous of MI damn, I should’ve stopped myself
One day on stage and daddy started blabbing
The reason why is when MI and I would fly together we’d sit in different cabins
When daddy saw MI’s cypher and jealousy got the best of him
MI was telling Hennessy, pay the rappers who’re rapping
But daddy thought it was about him and tried to send him a message
Then MI taught dad a lesson and MI made full confessions
Then daddy stopped being jealous and daddy became a blessing
Daddy said “yeah, Teeto and Boogey were disrespected.”
And daddy’s daddy MI said “son, your gift is special
Remember just don’t be jealous cause God wants you to be a vessel
My son”
[Clears throat]

You mean, all this noise and seizures
Is because you didn’t get a feature? damn
I’m always helping people shine
You got the same platform
Worry bout yours not about mine, my nigga damn
I still love you like a son
So I promise that you can diss me how you want I won’t respond, to you
But after dropping your diss track
I hope you sit and listen back to everything that MI spat
Because it’s true
It’s better to give than to receive
And so I’m giving you for free
A gift and between you and me
You know I’m right (‘m right)
So give them all they want to see
Get all your memes and your retweets
But just don’t only win the beef, win in life
You called me short man at the Headies
And I could’ve been real petty
But my head is always heavy from the crown
Choc City want in doing biz
And my shares can help you feed your kids
When you sign I built that from the ground
You came and drank at the place I own
I’m tryna help you get your own Lanre
I represent a higher power
I represent the voice of God to you

[Outro: M.I Abaga]
So all these years you ain’t helped one person
You ain’t put one person one person on
You ain’t sign nobody
There’s no manager, no artist, no fashion designer
Nobody connected to you doing well
It’s cause your heart is fucking bitter
Psalms 1, go read Psalms 1 bro
If you were right, you’d blossom and the people around you would be blessed

My brother knack am, knack am
Make we dey go, I no wan… see
This has to be the only one
Knack this guy, I dey feel am, knack am

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  1. Avatar

    Fuck this shit men,stop messing with the King Kong

  2. Avatar

    m.i tanks u are a father to vector tanks for d advice

  3. Avatar

    tank m.i

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    dope too

  6. Avatar

    vector is my G bt fact been say he need to help some one

  7. Avatar

    Now this clowns mi king..
    Vec is a Lerner… Guys look at sputs

  8. Avatar

    Lolz… MI abeg please we dey beg he has learnt his lessons no vex we go do d remaining incase if him still dey misbehave

  9. Avatar

    I love diss.”diss”makes me cum

  10. Avatar

    Am crying for please MI have mercy

  11. Avatar

    spitting fire..
    king M

  12. Avatar

    Bloody ??

  13. Avatar

    God…m.i killed it..vec b ma g but he gas dobale for d crown

  14. Avatar

    Heavy…deadly…someone just died.

  15. Avatar

    just the king
    so creative
    a true scholar tutor them mada fukaz

  16. Avatar

    Uncle M as Wizy dey call u. Nobody kinga dan.
    U my Jay Z, Tupac, Pdd and Kanye put together

  17. Avatar

    Wow… I hope Vector apologizes to MI

  18. Avatar

    VEC is coming oh

  19. Avatar

    You let jealousy jealousy fvk your career up.

    Vec ain’t even top 5 from Yoruba land

    MI taught dad a lesson ?

  20. Avatar

    Mi is father …. Nothin vector go yarn wey go confuse me

  21. Avatar

    I cnt stop stop hvng joy in me… M.i is a rap God.

  22. Avatar

    I pray vector don’t drink sniper after listening to this lol

  23. Avatar

    Enough said

  24. Avatar

    Hmm. Vector who told you to toch mi?

  25. Avatar

    Grammar Master M.I Abaga… Why worry you got no rival yet inner the rap scene. More vibes to enlarge my brain pls

  26. Avatar

    My thoughts and prayers are with Vector, I wish he recovers from it soon

  27. Avatar

    M.I Abaga, you are a rap god. Vector shouldn’t diss you. Now see what he got himself served. I learn from your songs king M.I Abaga. Please viper the vector, the victim of messing with King M.I Abaga.

  28. Avatar

    M.I Abaga, you are a rap god. Vector shouldn’t diss you. Now see what he got himself served. I learn from your songs king M.I Abaga. Please viper the vector, the victim of messing with King M.I Abaga..

  29. Avatar

    What I love about this rap God called M.I, is his vocabularies. He is just too good aswear down. Loving this diss btwn him and vec cos the industry don miss rap no be small

  30. Avatar

    king m.I I know that vector cannot revenge no matter the pressure from his fans….this advice is enough for both the fans and the unrespectful vector…..keep that flows up I guess he has learnt his mistake with all the plan u have for him….

  31. Avatar

    I love that advice. That us what a father will do to his son.

  32. Avatar

    M I your not just Mr incredible your always incredible ????

  33. Avatar

    Be careful what you wish for vector..

  34. Avatar

    Wish u Are back together… And forward ever

  35. Avatar

    M.I Is a rap god and nothing can change it.. Vector go learn well b4 attacking the grand master of rap called M.I.

  36. Avatar

    Hahaha yo’all dnt knw y am lafin, d Boss jst clear his throat at d end of d show dahs to say this is jst an intro,vector bro u’ve got to apologise quick b4 it’d b too late to do so.. d King is angry say sory dad nd u’d b forgiven.

  37. Avatar

    M.I is describably indescribable. He for one is a demigod in the rap industry. When he seems mute, never think the vibe is gone, coz if you try, you’ll get served

  38. Avatar

    Vec should go and learn trade, m.i murdered him

  39. Avatar

    Always Visit

  40. Avatar

    I believe in vector
    i believed him right from the time of adam.vec da viper i love ya

  41. Avatar

    mi you are just too much daz a very good advice from a dad to his son tanks dat short
    black jukun boi from taraba

  42. Avatar

    It is Finish!!

  43. Avatar

    rappers rappers bt mi gats to understand real rap lives in vec no writing or opening dictionaries before spatting

  44. Avatar

    part of the tale of a fool

  45. Avatar

    Abaga just kill it vec you no see how oga dey mix am .mi mouth wey dey split ?

  46. Avatar

    This is murder,
    Vc murder
    Mi look what u’ve done to vc
    U murder vc.

    Vector who send u.

  47. Avatar

    Mi, tamper mercy and justice Niko
    Vector just go and sleep oo.

  48. Avatar

    Person no fit play with u again Abaga

  49. Avatar

    I love both very well… Even though i love M I more..

    Really disappointed when vector called M I fans dumb… We love rap nd u both share fans nd u call us all dumb..

  50. Avatar

    Abaga is the Eminem of Nigeria. Undisputed!

  51. Avatar

    King Kong is found in the bush, vec go chop grass

  52. Avatar

    Where is Lanre? ??

  53. Avatar

    I wish I could give vector cold pure water to quench his jealous taste… He should not try his dad next time

  54. Avatar


  55. Avatar

    Hmmm… Vector see what you brought to your self.. How can you call the wrath of God upon yourself..
    You and you agbero fans that and dump.
    Even badoo apologized who the fuck are you?
    U use to be one of my favorite abut not anymore. Stupid viper jealousy go kill you.

  56. Avatar

    hope lanre replies…mi speaks fire…diss massive destruction…

  57. Avatar

    mi d king

  58. Avatar

    M.I My Nigga i respect u.

  59. Avatar

    Hehn! Somebody want to die again. A cat tryna withstand a dog but unfit…who else want it Now vec laylow before M finish yr career bcoz i love u viper

  60. Avatar

    Somebody wants to die again

  61. Avatar

    this dude call M.I is a beast he kill the beat kill the beef and kill Viper what the hell just can’t stop repeating the song
    Vector and sorry please don’t just near sniper so that all will be well
    M.I please we the fans are begging you don’t do this again it OK we will handle viper

  62. Avatar

    Moda is d case… African number one no rapper here can test ya

  63. Avatar

    vector is better than m I in this forget about Ppl calling him Abaga every were e no reach vector but I still rate m I

  64. Avatar

    the whole rappers m I named in yoruba how many of them are better than vector.. m I don’t no what to say to diss out vector….king Kong is still alive

  65. Avatar

    remember vector told u pple this is just a practice oo

  66. Avatar

    m I called out rappers in Yoruba that are better than vector let’s be sincere those he mentioned who is better that vector all in all m I need to wake up

  67. Avatar

    Actually, M.I had to wait for World Teachers day (the day he released “the viper”) to school vector.. Men, Jude really killed this shit. Jude even offered him a business deal. “i put 20million on ur table, CC will float ur label”… Have always loved Vector but truth be told, M.I is far far greater and better than Vector. Vector is the KING KONG, King kong na king for forest.. M.I is the Chairman, the boss bossing over all bosses.

  68. Avatar

    This is a parental advice to a son.
    M I ??

  69. Avatar

    Much love for you the (Champion).the killer of dream,long long long….the incredible…

  70. Avatar

    MI u ar no longer mr incredible but mr intellectual. Pls use d name from nw on

  71. Avatar

    d advice is enough

  72. Avatar

    i giv it to mi

  73. Avatar

    at least you have broken the silence,
    further more, lanre be polite to Jude, remember, he still promise you a business deal despite ur ignorance.
    I think is highl time u go on ur knees for apology f***king viper.
    ( Taraba no dry carry last)

  74. Avatar

    I don’t even listen much to naija raps but this MI niggie is fucking articulate. Let the diss continue abeg and it should continue quick quick. I’m on leave from work so I got the whole time before my leave terminates?

  75. Avatar

    M.i is the king,helping people like vector should be his piority.

  76. Avatar

    Werey LMAO

  77. Avatar

    baba see 4 yourself

  78. Avatar

    The chairman you are always on top.

  79. Avatar

    M.I try. But baba has not had any hit track for long oo.. vector is just having a vibe. And wouldn’t relent. Actually m.I killed this track though. But vec has been up and running for years without break. Me sha dey enjoy there diss track. Make dem continue. I just hope this continues with dies tracks and not bloody gun shots.. No physical brute please.. Just diss tracks.. Please emphasize that

  80. Avatar

    baba kaci gindi baban sa, ko a lahira a kwai sarki, bayan ka make, finally senior let him no his size u an him on b mate

  81. Avatar

    m i, Kai baba ne, this is preaching not diss may God bless you and your family, oga onayinka sau dubu wallahi?????

  82. Avatar

    m i, Kai baba ne, this is preaching not diss may God bless you and your family, oga onayinka sau dubu wallahi?????

  83. Avatar

    Fuck you mi

  84. Avatar

    Aaaaaah abaga don murder vec o

  85. Avatar

    M.I u treeeee much…. Still the undisputed champ i swear

  86. Avatar

    Gbs world comedy.mi go wound vector joi.subsribe our YouTube channel to our own version of mi nd vector challenge live.

  87. Avatar

    The crown ? on u 4ever
    Mentor MI Abaga

  88. Avatar

    Seriously i like that…..
    You no be mate to me tho.
    You should look up to me like ur pale…
    Chairmo go kill persin

  89. Avatar

    Mi don’t just respond to dat kids any further… Let him go… Free him OK!

  90. Avatar

    Fact Has 2 Be Told! Vector No Reach,,na Whale Wey De Claim Shark

  91. Avatar

    The master teach dem a lesson

  92. Avatar

    hey, see advice, hmm, though I wasn’t there when these whole thing started,but M.I, I beg of you don knack am enough, I think his tenth generation will not recover from your hit. M.I gabana.

  93. Avatar

    mi ur tomuch

  94. Avatar

    I. M, Vector said ”you call yourself a teacher but you students fail in real life” how do you see this particular line? It means you ain’t done well with the artist you sign..

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