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LYRICS: Modenine – Otis Again + Primetime ft M- Trill & D- Truce

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OTIS Again

I got em running fast , going nowhere – lab rat/

you say you tHe dopes out huh scratch dat/

back packers get slapped jacked for their nap sacks /

new school rappers get their spine broke -snap back /

for rocking fake snap backs that’s mad wack/

purple. Slacks yellow kicks what kinda swag is dat/

oops I said it , ok swag /

sue me shoot me report me to the principal /

when I connect pen to paper I’m invincible /

im off the rocker my sense of humor is whimsical /

magical without the talisman or tentacle /

brave hearts get. Smacked up with poison. Tentacles /

left and a right force on impact identical /

your blood pump malfunctions in both ventricles /

spot on , mood got flow though/

big man ting straight jeans , I’m rocking polo /

track down going for solo/

kicks too clean I stomp you bare foot – frodo /

you catch feelings I’m throwing solos /

punchlines I don’t lend neither do I borrow /

too busy leading I’m Moses I don’t follow/

buff space at the top I’m swinging both elbows /

the view is good though you will never notice /

oops I did it again I just murdered otis /

I aunt done yet call this the overkill /

cold flow over chill /

don’t sign me then Nova will/

duck over your head my word plays over the hill/

landing in the cleavage of a lass that they call jill/

jack won’t do jack or jack ‘ll get jacked for real/

I’m digressing back to the topic nobody testing  /

uh my naysayers they all confessing /

you better count your blessings I’m in a good mood /

or I can put a lid on your food like late dinner /

leave you like a volatile solvent – thinner /

rig the score board you still won’t be a winner/

heard you freestyle you better be a great swimmer /

mango heads talking noise /

a bunch queer peso’s ( pedigrees ) shy they ducking boys /

that’s a joke but if your mad you can take shots /

matter of fact if you mad then you take cocks /

yous a worker all I see you do is scrape pots /

over boss your girl under us /

watch the throne while I’m still in it /

you a body guard stay still init (uk slang for isn’t it) /

dragon breath rappers got me putting a peg on my nose /

I roll with a pack no regular joe’s /

stone fish flip flops don’t step on my toes /

no compress you’re thinking too slow.


Primetime Featuring M-Trill And D-Truce 


Like mathematics they hating on me just cause they don’t  understand,
Categorically you can place me down at the deeper end,
I’m Always standing out don’t see the fucking need to blend,
There’s snitches all about so I’m careful with who I pick as friends,
I’m not your average rapper and yes I keep it real,
You need entertainment fuck it I’m spitting how I feel,
These niggers can’t see my dreams with a second look,
I guess their vision’s impaired that’s why they’re taking second looks,
Me and a microphone homie that’s the perfect pair,
The game got me broke but its nothing that I can’t repair,
I hustle right G still you don’t like me?
You’all thinking on the road I’m thinking where that flight be,
And when that flight leaves I’ll be on it,
Flying to the top while you niggers steady running,
You get what I’m tryna say?,
We all heading to the top but you’all walking I flew I took the faster way,
Like jewelry thieves they tryna take my shine away,
But ama kill ‘em all before I put the mic away.
Easy….that’s all I’ve got to say.


I gat my eyes on d continent/

i’m confident/

dat wen I spit/

everybody b like modo who d heck is dis/

d mic apocalypse/

so here’s d countdown/

d cashdown/

2 hit d high notes like a vocalist/

i’m much too dope 4 dis/

so blow ur candles out,dey wishing I’ma fade,neva happen like a bday wish/

its inevitable like mr anderson/

d Neo in d matrix bullshit,pure fantasy/

u tink its speech/

till d metal touch ur cheek/

automatic set on rapid,how we do it in d creeks/

so eff ur battles,I’m on trial 4 a war-crime/

genocide,metaphors r neva sublime/

i hear dey sayin u d shit but really mean u crap/

rhymes r dressed up,bars r lookin really sharp/

in it like a clip/

a phcity chief/

d rhymes will always end up on d militancy tip/


I’m anywhere the wind blows /

never wearing pink clothes /

Trayvon hoodie on butter color timbos /

through the louvers , I cat whistle at passing bimbos /

contradiction and ill be macking from a window ( Mac – windows Xp)

higher life form , speaking martian lingo/

bitches , playing numbers on my balls bingo/

cyborg mind state super star ringo /

if its beef you can have a slice of this kimbo ( kimbo slice)

uh a one way ticket to planet limbo /

alien cyclic DNA don’t contest /

the grand master universal vulcan chess /

technician – Nigerian Lord Finesse /

I cause a mess when I’m hyper I’m pounding heads /

kicking ass till my white sneaks are brown and red /

mad man you’re lucky my doctors found my Meds /

chill pill taken now I’m swimming in a pile of bread.

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