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Markinto – “Corrupt Leaders” ft Francis Angel

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Markinto releases a brand new single title “Corrupt Leaders” featuring Francis Angel.

This song clearly emphasize the level of corruption in Nigeria and as well urged Nigerians to hold their Leaders accountable for the abject poverty and hunger in the Land.

Listen and share your thoughts below


“Markinto – “Corrupt Leaders” ft Francis Angel”, 5 out of 5 based on 46 ratings.

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  • Last modified: Sep 9, 2019 | 15:45


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  1. Avatar

    This song is dope ..
    MARKINTO ride on

  2. Avatar

    Nice one markinto…. See you at the top

  3. Avatar

    Engine Room..
    Nice one bro

  4. Avatar

    Wow I can’t wait to have this music rude on Makinto is very sweet

  5. Avatar

    If you listen to this song you are listening to the heart of a man that loves his people sing on Markkinto & Francis Angle the world needs to hear this this is a
    Hit ! Love this

  6. Avatar

    Markinto…. Always good on the mic.. Actually thought I would be the first to download this jam. God bless you for speaking on our behalf

  7. Avatar

    Machine perere

  8. Avatar

    Great move kinto

  9. Avatar

    Markinto you are good

  10. Avatar

    Engine room,U are scaling heights already bro…markinto push on

  11. Avatar

    Nice one kinto

  12. Avatar

    Award Noni
    Kinto u good joor
    Burst my Head

  13. Avatar

    Engine room..
    More music.
    Corrupt leaders will be exposed

  14. Avatar

    Nice one Bro….

  15. Avatar

    That’s great step, move on

  16. Avatar

    Nice one God bless you big bro

  17. Avatar

    MARKINTO you are a good man..
    I know say one day you go make us proud

  18. Avatar

    beautiful mark,make great

  19. Avatar

    Nice one, am proud of you. I Always appreciate your nice voice

  20. Avatar

    I’m inspired, nice music with good voice, am proud of you. God bless your hustle. Markinto the engine room that year. From Anosike Mercy S.

  21. Avatar

    You’re always my number man, right from day one.. kinito kins fire down

  22. Avatar

    Nice one brother. More grace

  23. Avatar

    Am not surprise… You’ve gone far in the industry cos I know you’ll reach to the top… #kudos

  24. Avatar

    I’m not surprise… you’ve gone far in the industry..

  25. Avatar

    Tell them oo
    #dj diamond

  26. Avatar

    Abeg make u do De remix wit falz De bad guy bro..
    # Dj diamond

  27. Avatar

    Speaking the mind of the Nigeria..lovely nice one MARKINTO much love

  28. Avatar

    Wow wow, congrats

  29. Avatar

    This so nice,kudos to u dear

  30. Avatar

    It’s high time Nigerian musicians start singing songs like this one. This is a clear message to corrupt leaders who are bent on making mockery of our great nation NIGERIA.

    Respect to Engine Room Records.

    One ?? love, Justice

  31. Avatar

    Nice one

  32. Avatar

    Kintokiss, okwara ikwu, pocket never dry. We are proud of you God will always be with you, congratulations

  33. Avatar

    This guy is too much joor..
    We are behind you no lele.
    MARKINTO you are too good

  34. Avatar

    My man kinto this is bomb, you good and we dey your back

  35. Avatar

    Fire dem corrupt leaders

  36. Avatar

    Burn dem corrupt leaders!

  37. Avatar

    Nice one, above da sky is ya limit!

  38. Avatar

    Correct vibes! I love the lyrics. Greater u i see Bro

  39. Avatar

    Nice one KINTO..
    Music is in your blood..
    FALZ needs to hear this

  40. Avatar

    Good one my day one boss. This music must be heard. Congratulations in advance because this music is taking you places already.

  41. Avatar

    Congratulations sweetheart more grace to u.

  42. Avatar

    Am proud of you sweetheart, more grace to u.

  43. Avatar

    U r really trying ur best it not easy more Grace in all ur endeavors, knowing u was nice to me

  44. Avatar

    Nice one makinto……you nailed it….

    See you are the top.

  45. Avatar

    Nice one my amiable pres
    This is an applause
    The Corus and the last rap is blazing.

  46. Avatar

    You have always spoke well. Keep it up

  47. Avatar

    Frrrrrrrrhhhh paapaa
    Ride on kabiyesi
    Featuring kiss Daniel next

  48. Avatar

    Good song

  49. Avatar

    Nice one, the song is dope

  50. Avatar

    Engine room, keep the fire burning

  51. Avatar

    The song is beautiful,more to come *thumbs up*

  52. Avatar

    Woow I really love this’s a lit.
    tooxclusive kindly provide me with his contact.

  53. Avatar

    Wow awesome

  54. Avatar

    Nice lyrics ..
    I would like to feature this guy.
    MARKINTO you are good

  55. Avatar

    Nice.. The lord is your strength.

  56. Avatar

    More grace

  57. Avatar

    It’s Lit?????

  58. Avatar

    more blessings bet

  59. Avatar

    More grace

  60. Avatar

    Good song …

  61. Avatar

    Good music markinto……
    More strength bro, from Gabby Movies

  62. Avatar

    Good job keep it up greater heights awaits you this is a great start. God bless your hustle

  63. Avatar

    Good music?

  64. Avatar

    More grace to you all.

  65. Avatar

    Listening to this song I only feel a strong desire of one who want to make a great impact through song I also feel the heart of one who want to preach change. to our leader’s on the issue bothering on corruption and good governance . my advice for you is that keep this good vision alive and let nothing distract you. Is a very good song .. More grace Markinto

  66. Avatar

    The guys mean serious business..
    MARKINTO and Francis Angel you guys are ambassador of truth

  67. Avatar

    That’s a bombshell from markinto/Frances Angel. It’s in u. soar higher

  68. Avatar

    Nice song .. one of the best you could listen to this year

  69. Avatar

    Corruption smelling everywhere..
    Thanks MARKINTO for saying the Truth..
    God gat your back

  70. Avatar

    The song is a nice one markint but only if this country will change from corruption. Can we do the remix together plsssssss

  71. Avatar

    This is one of the best track I have heard in ages… This young man is going places… He needs to noticed. I am so thrilled. Good work

  72. Avatar

    Aiinggu. Much love man. U going places. feed us more goodies. This country needs more of u. #Reallife

  73. Avatar

    Nice one
    Keep up

  74. Avatar

    Great song guys

  75. Avatar

    Woow… This is dope

  76. Avatar

    Comrade, you have a big heart, you will go places. Greater grace .

  77. Avatar

    Wonderful jamzz. Greater heights for you I pray. Keep ruling your world.

  78. Avatar

    Wonderful jamzz. Greater heights for you I pray. Keep ruling your world. Carry on Kinto.

  79. Avatar

    What a message..
    Kinto ride on..

  80. Avatar

    Nice song, great message. I’m impressed with Francis Angel, nice verse he dropped there.

  81. Avatar

    Wonderful song bro,we have suffered for so long in this country. I hope all these corrupt leaders hear this song,and change for good????????????????????????????

  82. Avatar

    Wonderful song bro,we have suffered for so long in this country. I hope all these corrupt leaders hear this song,and change for good????????????????????????????from turkish

  83. Avatar

    Wonderful song bro,we have suffered for so long in this country. I hope all these corrupt leaders hear this song,and change for good????????????????????????????from turkish

  84. Avatar

    Congratulations Markinto. Keep soaring high

  85. Avatar

    Engine Room
    see you at the top bro

  86. Avatar

    Dj Dapper
    Waw! burst my head… abeg try run the remix with Falz

  87. Avatar

    Dj Dapper
    how wish I can hide, I for hide myself on this Jam.

  88. Avatar

    Dj Dapper
    how wish I can fly, I for fly with this Jam.

  89. Avatar

    Nice jam

  90. Avatar


  91. Avatar

    Angel,you guys killed this

  92. Avatar

    This one is a hit, nice one angel.. Real nice!

  93. Avatar

    This one is a hit! Angel you’re good

  94. Avatar

    It’s was a bomb blood..
    Can’t stop the repeat mode…
    More Wins Blood

  95. Avatar

    This is dope dope dope….
    My repeat mode go hear am..
    More Wins blood

  96. Avatar

    Good Musik… Angel you killed this shiit… More wins

  97. Avatar

    Markinto more love


  98. Avatar

    Good one markinto n angel

  99. Avatar

    this good i love that’s

  100. Avatar

    Good one kinto

  101. Avatar

    You are going places

  102. Avatar

    Nice song…… Just what we need at this hard times

  103. Avatar

    Wow! You deserve a seat at the top where you could influence or make decisions that will change the status quo. Yes! I think you should take your seat among the world leaders. Mehnn! I could feel your passion for Nigeria in this song…you are a change agent, and would be a good representative for Nigeria anywhere, anytime.

    This song has to me promoted for the change we so desire…yes!

    My advise is that you stick to this kind of songs…someday your voice will be heard… I’m rooting for you bro…100%

  104. Avatar

    You are going places markinto and Francis Angel.
    Hooohaaaa our leaders from up to down are corrupt.

  105. Avatar

    This song speaks the hearts of most Nigeria! nice 1.

  106. Avatar


  107. Avatar

    Nice one dear ?

  108. Avatar

    Ride on kinto..
    You just spoke my mind.

  109. Avatar

    Hunger too much for Nigeria.
    Let’s stop pretending as if all is well.
    Markinto ride up

  110. Avatar

    this country is really a joke and markinto really ask the right questions. god bless you kinto and francis angel

  111. Avatar

    Great song Markinto!

  112. Avatar

    Nice one good job

  113. Avatar

    Nice one,good job man

  114. Avatar

    This song is a good and great song —it really inspired

  115. Avatar

    More hits I pray

  116. Avatar

    Dope song …
    Ride on Francis and kinto

  117. Avatar

    Brotherman!! the committe of senior men are proud of this Jam

  118. Avatar

    Nice one Markinto… Very inspiring

  119. Avatar

    Markinto ride on

  120. Avatar

    nice one makinto,remembered how you started bro,thumbs up for this one,the sky is ur stepping stone,keep the good work…God bless 9ja.

  121. Avatar

    Wwooow…i love this track.

  122. Avatar

    Markinto has stayed true way back from Johnbull.
    Lyrically, you dope Kinto! Dope song!

  123. Avatar

    Wow perfect

  124. Avatar

    WOw am in love with this music ,both the rap is kul

  125. Avatar

    Wow, Markinto I’ve always known that you are up to something good, the world is waiting for you dear.

  126. Avatar

    Nice one Markinto….keep it up, the sky is your starting point

  127. Avatar

    Wow. This speaks to the conscience of the nation while providing quality entertainment. Markinto is talented.

  128. Avatar

    Wat a boom!! U going places Makintoo

  129. Avatar

    You are just too much for speaking our mind and God is your strength

  130. Avatar

    Nice one..more grace bro

  131. Avatar

    Wow, this is a great one… More Grace sir

  132. Avatar

    You are a wonderful artist kinto ma son
    Ride on

  133. Avatar

    Wow more grace brother

  134. Avatar

    waoo, dis is d real deal, thats wat we ar talking about, markinto you real make me proud, i love ur music, i love ur creativity

  135. Avatar

    Waoo this is great
    More grace kinto

  136. Avatar

    Nice track kinto

    Ahead ahead we go dy go

  137. Avatar

    Nice one bro
    Best track

  138. Avatar

    Engine room making us proud.
    Dope hit

  139. Avatar

    Nice one blood more grace nwa

  140. Avatar

    Good one. ? ? ? ? We need voices like urs

  141. Avatar

    Nice bro!

  142. Avatar

    Engine room. Now the handwriting is becoming clearer. Good job

  143. Avatar

    Wow wow wow!!!
    This is really nice, I love the music. This is really a food to my soul.
    Markinto, keep lifting the banner high.

  144. Avatar

    Nice one Markinto … Your message will go round the world

  145. Avatar

    Nice one.. more grace to you, pray to see you on top

  146. Avatar


  147. Avatar

    Good one markinto

  148. Avatar

    Well said, the lord is ur strength

  149. Avatar

    You have a good concert kinto

  150. Avatar

    Always giving us a direct message to dissect. Keep it up Markinto.

  151. Avatar

    This music dey burst my head, I give you 5 stars ?????

  152. Avatar

    This is the kind of music we need right now in this country. We need a responsible leaders. Well-done Markinto… You’re a good Man… More blessings

  153. Avatar

    Kinto ride on
    You are a good man

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