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Mr P – “One More Night” ft. Niniola

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Mr P "One More Night"

Mr P “One More Night” is a track that is still topping charts continentally because it has a nice rhythm. This was Mr P’s first official single in 2019 and he teamed up with the Queen of Afro-House, Niniola.

The track came alongside a challenge; “One More Night challenge” which saw music fans participate my making videos and posting it on social media. At the time of its release, it seemed like it would join the list of songs that wouldn’t make it far but it has surprised all. It is arguably one of the best songs in Nigeria at the moment.

Mr P “One More Night” has received loads of airplay on radio and can boast of hug streaming numbers as well. The chorus has some funny lyrics that sound strange and cannot be easily understood “Gwagwalada o Gwagwalada,Patapata o patakpata” but still manages to make the song a great tune.

The guest artiste on the song, Niniola practically did great on the song and its video which has over 3 million YouTube views in just one month after its release also contributed to its success. Everything about this song is just good. A great party jam.


“Mr P – “One More Night” ft. Niniola”, 2 out of 5 based on 18 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    Bam Bam.. too good

  2. Avatar

    This song is a banger

  3. Avatar

    This One Na banger

  4. Avatar

    This is very unique, weldone Mr P

  5. Avatar

    Senior man ???

  6. Avatar

    Lengendary P

  7. Avatar

    Hitsssssss only, weldone MRP

  8. Avatar

    Yo p,serving dem hot

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    Lovely beat

  11. Avatar

    EL classical p boss l feel d hit ooo a banger oo u killed it ..babe give me one more nyt o fire

  12. Avatar

    it’s a hit already. love it

  13. Avatar


  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    Song of the year…Fire department can u now reason with us

  16. Avatar

    Wooow great job Mr P

  17. Avatar

    Ur fada ..enemy of progress killed u fool..go killed ur self mumu goat meat ..idiotic goat meat idiotic.. Mr p abeg one more night for d goat meat idiotic haters ooo..

  18. Avatar

    This song is hot…This is international standard music,so on point…Mr P u are d best ..

  19. Avatar

    D okoyes are hot, well-done lover man,

  20. Avatar

    Nice song ?????????

  21. Avatar

    Nice song ?????????

  22. Avatar

    They said i couldn’t do it but u are better than them. Small P with a big Godm keep shinning Mr P, u the best. Madth jam

  23. Avatar


  24. Avatar

    Niniola helped the music fine

  25. Avatar

    I love it

  26. Avatar

    Finally nice one bra

  27. Avatar

    Banger hit. But biko, Mr. P keep using ds Daihard beats as ur producer….he killed d beats

  28. Avatar

    Your music are well upgrade
    You’re a genius keep pushing because I wish to see you having a collaboration with usher one day

  29. Avatar

    .go and make a peace with your blood brother

  30. Avatar

    Great jam MR.P but una music wont go far anymore until p.square is real again!. Sweet song

  31. Avatar

    You don try that video on Instagram of yours was skull bro

  32. Avatar

    You don try that video on Instagram of yours was skull bro

  33. Avatar

    nah hot song oooo yuh killed it joor

  34. Avatar

    Nice one bro

  35. Avatar

    Nice one nwanne mmadu

  36. Avatar

    Am in love with this song ???????????

  37. Avatar

    I love this song so very much. Thanks Mr. P for such a lyrical song ? ?. #bigrespect2you

  38. Avatar

    Dope one Mr p and Niniola

  39. Avatar

    The song issa banger. Nice one MrP

  40. Avatar

    I just love you and everything you will ever do, I know you will never let us down. Nice ? one bro, don’t let haters pull you down you are the best.

  41. Avatar


  42. Avatar

    Nice kop yo p

  43. Avatar

    nice one

  44. Avatar

    killing the beat greatest

  45. Avatar

    mr p the number 1

  46. Avatar

    already u are a music brain buster Mr p.

  47. Avatar

    U do all MRP

  48. Avatar

    Gud jam

  49. Avatar

    Love this die

  50. Avatar

    weldone Mr p, ur music is nice

  51. Avatar

    This song is one in a million….
    Weldone MR P

  52. Avatar

    Love u guys
    D song is killing

  53. Avatar

    I need psqure back

  54. Avatar

    Mr p and rud boy please cum back we beg u guys

  55. Avatar

    Not interesting

  56. Avatar

    Cool music

  57. Avatar

    I want you people to come back again Mr. p

  58. Avatar

    Wheneva i listen 2 ur song i always fell excited, tank bro

  59. Avatar

    Gud one from my bos, mr p.

  60. Avatar

    yeah nice hit good one from u Broo.
    but please u guys should com back
    for de sake of the fans

  61. Avatar

    Baba you too much… I love you

  62. Avatar

    can’t stop singing this song,weldone sir

  63. Avatar

    Unique & Clasy?, can’t stop dancing.

  64. Avatar

    loving diz music ???

  65. Avatar

    nice one mr p but niniola finish the song dat lady na legend.

  66. Avatar

    I never expected a great hit from both of them very good combination

  67. Avatar


  68. Avatar

    My altime king

  69. Avatar

    mehn all my step as dancer i am getting it from mr p nice one bro

  70. Avatar

    people should stop asking them to come back, I like it this way ,this one is call try ur best.

  71. Avatar

    Blast MrP?

  72. Avatar

    Love you all Mr p you too much you bee boss

  73. Avatar

    loving it more grace Mr p ride on dudu

  74. Avatar

    we still love psquare, but let them just change their style to something lot like this hit mr p dropped. kudos bro p

  75. Avatar


  76. Avatar

    good men making money men

  77. Avatar

    Nini killed this song…`he wants balanced diet’

  78. Avatar

    best of the year

  79. Avatar

    Dope song I swear

  80. Avatar

    keep it y

  81. Avatar

    The song is dope I love it so much

  82. Avatar

    really pulling weight

  83. Avatar

    The song is dope
    The steppings is mad
    Can’t get enough of the video

  84. Avatar

    Nice one I love it ?

  85. Avatar

    Nice one I love it ?

  86. Avatar

    Nice one I love it ?

  87. Avatar

    Nice one Mr p but try fear God and make peace with your brother… Biko??

  88. Avatar

    Nice one Mr p but try fear God and make peace with your brother… Biko??

  89. Avatar

    Please ? come back as P-square, together will be smiling

  90. Avatar

    Mr peter, I want u people to come back as P-square pleaseeee……….!!!!!

  91. Avatar

    Abeg leave mr p o! ,because Paul say he no go fit dey without him , so as peter dey power now let it be like that OK, up up up ,Mr p guy man,man way sabi

    Confirmed jam

  92. Avatar

    give us one more hits,I no u wil bak another award soon

  93. Avatar

    Dis one is a big hit keep it up

  94. Avatar

    My goodness am dieing for this song I was literally shouting when I first watched it on sound city bro yr too goo

  95. Avatar

    My goodness am dieing for this song I was literally shouting when I first watched it on sound city bro yr too good

  96. Avatar

    Too good

  97. Avatar

    That’s so good

  98. Avatar

    love it

  99. Avatar

    I love it

  100. Avatar

    wonderful song

  101. Avatar

    wow,all i can say

  102. Avatar

    I love this song more grace to you

  103. Avatar

    Men, this is nice . Especially the dance.

  104. Avatar

    This One Na Banger
    too good i want to join you I’m a dancer

  105. Avatar

    Nice Jams bro i which i can Dance with you I’m a dancer

  106. Avatar

    dis dance is a blast I love it

  107. Avatar

    so hit keep it on my praying all the day of my life is that we will see each other one day and you are the that’s going to sing for my wedding since i have been hearing your songs i always feel happy

  108. Avatar

    Dope Song P All The Way

  109. Avatar

    this song is tremendously hooooot, keep pushing the Skye is your limit nice one bro

  110. Avatar

    A song broke my heart because of d dance Mr.P l flat 4 u d boss longlife d Rudeboy ad mr.p go back together plz…. I miss u brotherz go back ad apoloyiez

  111. Avatar

    A song broke my heart because of ur dance Mr.P l wave 4 u bross longlife to d Rudeboy ad mr.p go back together luk brotherz plz…. I miss u broo go back ad apoloyiez

  112. Avatar

    The is fantastic….u killed it

  113. Avatar

    Coolest song

  114. Avatar

    First time I’m commenting . this song is way beyond. Noooo this is too exclusive Mr p 1ne

  115. Avatar

    I love one more night

  116. Avatar

    This track is nice very special

  117. Avatar

    Perferct banger

  118. Avatar

    Nothing to say

  119. Avatar

    Nice one u got there

  120. Avatar

    Your p sing

  121. Avatar

    Omg speechless

  122. Avatar

    I can dance this jam even in the market??
    I love it

  123. Avatar

    the song is the best song of the year

  124. Avatar

    thank you I love this track

  125. Avatar

    Nice one brother from another father

  126. Avatar

    sounds good

  127. Avatar


  128. Avatar

    Mr.P ….The song is real sweet ..I love the Lyrics…keep it up….U are my great fan

  129. Avatar


  130. Avatar

    Words can’t describe the feeling I get wen I listen to this song

  131. Avatar


  132. Avatar

    Good one big bro

  133. Avatar

    Silute Sir,no One Like

  134. Avatar

    wow Nice jamz
    Mr p more ice

  135. Avatar

    This song cool high temperature

  136. Avatar

    Very gud song MR.p

  137. Avatar

    Sharp music

  138. Avatar


  139. Avatar

    Good and talented,sweet song.

  140. Avatar

    Ninola your finished me for dis one jst in love with you lyk so crazy Mr. P baba for d guyz sail on..

  141. Avatar


  142. Avatar

    lovely i was so amazed by this song this is a heat and jam

  143. Avatar

    Wicked rhythm nice one P

  144. Avatar

    The song makes sence

  145. Avatar

    I love it Boss

  146. Avatar

    Please psquare comeback life is too short and we need you guys together forever

  147. Avatar

    U realy try.nice jam.plfs go n recogcile wit ur blood,4give n 4get.d fans ar crying.oh! Where ar p-squre???

  148. Avatar

    More grace to u bro.keep it up

  149. Avatar

    Even though I don’t like commenting on a place like this…… But this music is too good

  150. Avatar

    I love this song . Nice one mr p

  151. Avatar

    Lovely Mr p
    I so much love d song

  152. Avatar

    Bravo…well-done Mr P

  153. Avatar

    Love love love love the jam

  154. Avatar

    Nice one Mr p

  155. Avatar


  156. Avatar


  157. Avatar

    I think I like everything about Mr P

  158. Avatar

    Filling d vibes

  159. Avatar

    Gud dhop Mr.p

  160. Avatar

    So cool I am overwhelmed?

  161. Avatar

    Loving song

  162. Avatar

    so good

  163. Avatar

    Good song good work Weldon Mr P you are one of my Motivator in Music ? , once again Chaimosky said keep it up

  164. Avatar

    Good song good work Weldon Mr P you are one of my Motivator in the Music Industry ? once again Chaimosky said keep it up

  165. Avatar

    mad hit

  166. Avatar

    Nice one Mr p,pls keepit up

  167. Avatar

    Sweet music

  168. Avatar

    Interesting bro

  169. Avatar

    So sweet

  170. Avatar

    Great man

  171. Avatar

    nice and sweet music, more grace mr p

  172. Avatar

    Booom nice hits track
    mr p

  173. Avatar

    This song is very nice

  174. Avatar

    I love this song

  175. Avatar

    i love it too, it’s amazing

  176. Avatar


  177. Avatar

    wow I really love it

  178. Avatar

    This song is best among the rest mr-p my name sake.

  179. Avatar

    You Kill It Boss

  180. Avatar

    Awwwwn I love d soonng so much

  181. Avatar

    cool jamz kill them more,u are the best

  182. Avatar

    This one pure pass faro water

  183. Avatar

    this is the music of the year, just keep it up bro

  184. Avatar

    Always on ?????mr P

  185. Avatar

    Mr P. Thumbs up
    I pray to collabo with u someday

  186. Avatar

    i love the song i want to even do my remix don’t worry mine will be best

  187. Avatar

    MrP is keep it up.

  188. Avatar

    Have been playing this song repeatedly, too good mr.p

  189. Avatar

    Nice hit?

  190. Avatar

    Mr p 1 night

  191. Avatar

    Luvly night

  192. Avatar

    is great, keep it on

  193. Avatar

    Mr p u are the one that made psqure to excell cus people noticed psqure by dancing

  194. Avatar


  195. Avatar

    Dis song wanna burst my head ???

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