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Mr P – “Zombie” f. Simi

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Mr P "zombie"

“Zombie” is another love song from Mr P and this time, he features Nigerian songstress, Simi.  Mr P tells that he is willing to be a zombie for a girl and would go through anything just to be with her. He was able to show off his lyrical prowess as usual with the use of catchy lyrics we are familiar with “My cheri coco I don dey craze for your matter”. Lyrics like this and the name of the song “Zombie” makes it a hard record to forget.

Another thing that makes this record unique is the South African words continuously chanted by the backup singers “Koulessa Leba Salewu leja oh Oulawu leba”. The music video which has over 1.7 million YouTube views was shot at a beach and was decently received because of its simplicity.

Zombie is the perfect song for a guy who intends to propose to a girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with- the ladies can attest to this. There was no better female artiste to do a great job because Simi did a wonderful job on this track. I literally get goosebumps when her part comes on.

Zombie is a very beautiful record.



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  1. Avatar

    Good song

  2. Avatar

    This guy good pass his brother I swear, you are real corner stone. Soft for me oooo…Good Jam

  3. Avatar

    You better go meet your brother make una sing good music, only simi killed it mtceeeeew

  4. Avatar

    U always nailed it more grace to ur elbow, u ain’t gat nothing to prove to anybody coz this is the real u wright from day one, its just that they failed to understand coz of they hate and childish behaviour

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    nice one

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    Nice one

  8. Avatar

    nice song Mr p

  9. Avatar

    Mr p you are the best

  10. Avatar

    Which kind stupid song be this one Mr P, na so you want take blow as Solo artist? Hahaha see your dead voice. Many people are going to buy the song because of simi

  11. Avatar

    Mr p go back to your brother and stop fooling yourself na, this song is below the psquare standard, I love your effort and courage but put up a good music please.

  12. Avatar

    Up coming artist, your talent is dancing but you want to force yourself into music. Better go back to your brother as psquare and do better song. This is trash for me

  13. Avatar

    Peter you try small.

  14. Avatar

    useless song…it’s shame he was shouting hit of the year and ended submitting trash! Mtcheeew

  15. Avatar

    Peterrrrr whyyyy naaaaa, waiting be this one

  16. Avatar

    Mr P knows what he’s doing.. You guys should leave him alone..

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    If I no download good music from the Boss himself Wetin I gain nah?

    Mr P u are the Man, Kudos!

  18. Avatar

    Mr p way better than his brother

  19. Avatar

    Good Jam Keep It Up

  20. Avatar

    people will look at you nd say what they want but if you prove it nobody will have an option [email protected] coolitdown i will be ur zombie

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    This Guy is just the best… Nice jam

  23. Avatar

    Good song, Mr P. Never let anyone tell you are a failure without them. New vibes and unique

  24. Avatar

    I personally do not like this song at all. Simi did good.

  25. Avatar

    Mr. P is the more creative of the psquare bro, if not the most complete. He’s everything.

  26. Avatar

    good song

  27. Avatar

    love it and please keep it up

  28. Avatar

    The video gives me GUSSBOMBS I LOVE IT.

  29. Avatar

    Please go and learn music from your brother

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    I wonder why some people are hating.. the concept of this song is everything.. Is not about jumping up and down.. .. . It’s one of the best for me. Keep doing your thing Mr. P

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  34. Avatar

    No be by VOICE OH,

  35. Avatar

    Mr p I always believe in you like am crazy…. Still on repeat I swear down.. I go naked for simi I swear she’s so good

  36. Avatar

    woow I luv this God bless u Mrp

  37. Avatar

    Your song is good and nice voice

  38. Avatar

    Your song is good and nice voice

  39. Avatar

    monster hit jam
    these song is all in 1

  40. Avatar

    U are the best mr p

  41. Avatar

    Can’t u people just rate a song without comparing people? Mr P nice one joor

  42. Avatar

    this song is amazing Mr p u are d best

  43. Avatar

    nice Mr p

  44. Avatar

    Mr p. you are the best

  45. Avatar

    rude boy is the best of my

  46. Avatar

    Mr.p you are the best among the psquare i wish the best my guard

  47. Avatar

    I love mr. P him is the best

  48. Avatar

    Mr p u are good.

  49. Avatar

    Nonsense song ?

  50. Avatar

    music is not all about bombing the beat or having a sweetest vacal but by getting what is in need inside thankyou @mrp

  51. Avatar

    I love this song with all passion

  52. Avatar


  53. Avatar

    Dope jam..u guys should listen to Chizoba by his brother.. U will know Mr p is good more than Paul..wokie wokie

  54. Avatar

    Bro go make up with brother. U v shown and prove ur sf

  55. Avatar

    I have always believed in Mr p talents singing and dancing I lyk u bro

  56. Avatar

    I love this bro
    More grace to u

  57. Avatar

    Lovely song from my mentor Mr p. More grace Sir.

  58. Avatar


  59. Avatar

    Why can’t i downloaded this song?
    ? ?

  60. Avatar

    Why can’t i downloaded this song?
    ? ?

  61. Avatar

    Why can’t i downloaded this song?
    ? ?

  62. Avatar

    All.of u saying he’s not good, I’m learning, u are d major cause of their brake up, let them be, they are all doing well. Let x psquare be!

  63. Avatar

    pls ft once more

  64. Avatar

    Mr p I love you but I love psquare more

  65. Avatar

    you did a good job Mr P, keep it up

  66. Avatar

    I love the song ,but keep it up nd may God almight help you.pls one more thing make peace with your brother rude boy paul

  67. Avatar

    Most of u guys conderming Mr p,he never said he is begging all u dumb asses to live his style of music,nd u guys jst prove to me say na those kind noise making music una sabi listen to cus of una shallow mind,dis kind song na em mature minds de listen to,u haters 3rd mainland bridge still get vacancy oh,nonsense haters…

  68. Avatar

    mr p u d best

  69. Avatar

    Mr p u too good, mature then ur broda rude boy

  70. Avatar

    Peter go and make peace with your brother..this song is as wack as shiiit

  71. Avatar

    some are hear talking trash ,as if you all have solve d problems in ur various families

  72. Avatar

    nice one…..
    but 2 good head is better than one

  73. Avatar

    Good song i love the lyrics and the vocals keep it up.

  74. Avatar

    Mr p you did well but I know Psquare will do better. Blessup ?

  75. Avatar

    this is good beyond human imaginetion
    mr p i fans you for life
    God Bless you nd ur talent

  76. Avatar

    my able Mr p na u try pass, ur Bros is claiming

  77. Avatar

    Good song. watch out for this one on the stereos

  78. Avatar

    Mr p you are not better than rude boy in anyway, zombie is what you want to be, what a song.

  79. Avatar

    one man food is another man poison. I love u Boss, u re d best

  80. Avatar

    E sur 4 simi

  81. Avatar

    I love this song

    i love this song
    I love this song

  82. Avatar

    Mr p dey bad guy u nailed it

  83. Avatar

    mr p one above all""", broz u de try ur best but feature again.

  84. Avatar

    Nice jam

  85. Avatar

    nice one mr p you are indeed talented
    but I prefer psquare abeg….let the sleeping dogs lies..

  86. Avatar

    This guy is just unbelievable… You are far better than Rude Boy, chai! I love you jare.

  87. Avatar

    i realy like your swags pls lets get busy in love wit dos who love us

  88. Avatar

    I really love the music
    so touching

  89. Avatar

    People wey mature go know say na better song be this
    Stop comparing.if u think it is easy go nd sing yours
    Nice 1 mr p

  90. Avatar

    Nice concept, graphics and composture; Mr p is indeed good one, maintain ur stand.

  91. Avatar

    pls somebody should explain this thing part for me, "This Once You Fine With You
    I Think Say God Dey Tell You Time
    Na You My Love
    It’s So Divine O" pls if u understand it explain pls

  92. Avatar

    So lovely

  93. Avatar

    Bigger u ah pray bro!

  94. Avatar

    nice one mr p

  95. Avatar

    Keep it up Mr p

  96. Avatar

    Is okay

  97. Avatar

    Mr P is legendary. I haven’t listened to him before this song. But this one I listened to,it’s one of the best ever produced in this our country

  98. Avatar

    soon I will hear the biggest hit from p square I am wetting

  99. Avatar

    Good jam man… Make haters go kick them ass

  100. Avatar

    i really love the song. Mr p you are really trying.

  101. Avatar

    This is a good jam. Mhen you guys made a perfect combo here o.

  102. Avatar

    I like dis song like mad

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