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Mr P’s “Karma” Is A Better Song Than Rudeboy’s “Audio Money” – Do You Agree?

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

The Okoye brothers have continued to do well even after they broke up as a team. Both stars were criticized by a lot of music fans for allowing their ego cloud their judgment and letting P-square go into extinction.

People made a lot of proclamations when their relationship hit the rock. They said if they allowed P-square fold up then that would be the end of their music career. However, that hasn’t been the case as both brothers have been doing fantastically well even as individuals. They have churned out several hit songs as Rudeboy and Mr. P and are not even showing any signs of slowing down.

Keying into this motivation, both brothers recently dropped two singles which have been doing positively in the industry and getting their fans to drag about.

Rudeboy dropped “Audio Money” which in fact has become a pop culture. Music fans now attribute people make false financial promises as people who have “Audio Money.” i.e. people who do not have money but brag about it. The Lord Skyy produced song is a good one for the dance floor and a jam that would still teach you a lot of things about the reality in the society. It’s a motivating and liberating song. It has a video which is doing very well on YouTube as it has already amassed over 2.7 million views.

Mr. P on the other hand released his much anticipated single;”Karma” last week and since the release, it’s being doing well and getting a lot of positive reviews from fans.

However, we would like to know which of the two records you are feeling the more?

Mr P’s “Karma” Is A Better Song Than Rudeboy’sAudio Money” – Do You Agree?

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Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Karma is not better than audio Money
    But I prefer one more night to reason with me

  2. Avatar

    Ride boy is far ahead. Bit Mr. P is trying share.

  3. Avatar

    MR P the best got plenty swag

  4. Avatar

    Rudeboy all the way

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    Who talk ham Audio money on Point

  7. Avatar

    Lol, hunger dey oo. Na so una want traffic badly?

  8. Avatar

    KingRudy #audiomoney

  9. Avatar

    We all it is audiomoney, why say rubbish

  10. Avatar

    I need song

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Audio money all d way

  13. Avatar

    Team rude boy all the way

  14. Avatar

    Audio money all the way!!!

  15. Avatar

    If you’re bragging about the money you didn’t have. It’s your wahala and your headache but if you dey do bad, na you and Karma and your generations might affected as well…….. So therefore, Karma by Mr P preaches more lessons

  16. Avatar

    God plz bring this brother back together

  17. Avatar

    their both nice n sweet songs… is never easy to compose a song… weather rudeboy or Mr p, remember their still one.. (twins) let’s not sit and judge d two hard working fellers just sit back n enjoy d good work d do pls…. moremoney n sufficient grace to dem both amen…(09077942760)

  18. Avatar

    Karma teaches a lot ….

  19. Avatar

    Na who talk am….thumb up to Rudy Boy

  20. Avatar

    Both song are good but #AudioMoney pass more massage but its not danceable…
    I have to listen and be convince more on #Karma???

  21. Avatar

    All over the world we Have uncountable nice songs therefore just listen and move on… The boys are Nigeria’s billionaires like it or live it

  22. Avatar

    Rudeboy all the way…the boy sabi pass I swear

  23. Avatar

    Rudeboy all the way..the boy sabi sing I swear

  24. Avatar

    Mr p all the way

  25. Avatar

    Rudeboy @iamkingrudy is on another level please you should stop comparing the two of them. Yes Mr. P can sing but you can only compare Apples for Apples not Apples for Mangoes.

    Rudeboy @iamkingrudy is talented


  26. Avatar

    Rudeboy @iamkingrudy

    Olufunmi Oni

  27. Avatar

    Fire department

  28. Avatar

    Fat lie. Audio money flog m by far

  29. Avatar

    To me MR is the best… He cam sing dance and give us some swag.. But that rudeboy or what did he called himself only to sing and all his songs are not danceable.. Just like comparing Messi that has it all and Ronaldo thats trying… I know some pple will find offense in my comment but anything you say.. Remember KARMA

  30. Avatar

    That’s an invalid comparison, karma cannot in anyway be compared to audio money…… Mr P Sabi sing?.. Rudeboy is simply the best jor

  31. Avatar

    Who says so Audio money all the way
    Never try to compare Audio money with Akamu abi na nkama?????

  32. Avatar

    King Rudy all the way look at this song which rude was ft by sokorde am lucky is a mad jamb I swear dat guy make me love music again

  33. Avatar

    They are both good me I think no one is better it all depend on the listener.

  34. Avatar

    I love the two boss, nobody to compare

  35. Avatar

    Not actually comparing but Audio money is quite preferable for me

  36. Avatar

    rude boy is the king karma is after Mr

  37. Avatar

    Rodeboy is all d best….

  38. Avatar

    Mr p is in another level cant compare wit any

  39. Avatar

    Rudeboy is the best joor, is an insult to #kingRudy if you are to compare Mr p with him.

  40. Avatar

    MrP will always remain the best. karma all the way. on another level.

  41. Avatar

    MR P’s songs can be only loved by people who live FALSE LIFE(AUDIO LIFE). RUDEBOY’s songs has POWERFUL messages. Songs like; chizoba, reason with me, reality, somebody baby, AUDIO MONEY etc.

  42. Avatar

    Hmmm person wey dey live fake Life nain karma go follow ooo

  43. Avatar

    Rude boy has the voice
    Mr p dance steps no dey trend again oo
    Poco Lee don kick out….
    Audio money all the way

  44. Avatar

    Audio money is better than karma

  45. Avatar

    Na kingrudy

  46. Avatar

    Una Sabi Fix Match well Well! idiots

  47. Avatar

    Mr P self no say karma na d worst song in 2019

  48. Avatar

    how can karma be a better song than audio money.
    karma is so empty .

  49. Avatar

    One is the voice and the other the dance
    I personally can not have a Mr P audio on my phone…. I won’t listen to it… You only enjoy his videos
    But rude boy kills it… You can listen or watch…. Its still dope

  50. Avatar

    Please stop that nonsense Mr p got everything complete Mr p is the boss

  51. Avatar

    stupid rude no get better lyrics dan 2 say na audio money people AY, Emoney na audio money.karma dey run after him n d mumu okoye….best concept non like it in 9ja video history. directed n design by Mr p himself….abeg who get talent pass…na Mr P all d way joor….gbefun

  52. Avatar

    Na karma hit pass jariiii

  53. Avatar

    karma is like an upcoming artist song not a Match for audio money

  54. Avatar


  55. Avatar

    RudeLion the Father of AfroBeat.

  56. Avatar

    rudeboy is the best why u can even see that mr p he will never be like angel rudeyboy

  57. Avatar

    Mr p all the way…. More grace

  58. Avatar

    some person are so stupid Nigerian fake pastors to original so as u comparing Mr p to rude boy check an individual that can compose songs, play instruments, dance, direct movies, and directs his own videos, yet Nigerian say he nor get talent the man way bi say na only song him they sing the same pattern for years yet Una say na him sabi pass….. Nigerians will always prefer fake to original…. if u don’t like Mr p karma go follow u.. go call ekelebe … then make Una nak head for wall…. thank god say u nor bi god…. Mr p don’t reason with them cos u are not broke u get the money to spend …. u don’t have time to reason with them cos u have your money today u will till have it to morrow…. Mr p on top…

  59. Avatar

    Mr p forever

  60. Avatar

    Mr p karma is the best

  61. Avatar

    recently after their brake up Mr p have gotten a lot of endorsement yet u say him nor sabi…. u gays like reason with me cos u are looking for an excuse not to take KIA of ur gal friend… c let be serious can u allow your sister to go marry a broke gay? if u want to date a gal stop talking her to reason with u step up and provide want she needs …. even the bible says if s man can’t provide for his wife he should be stoned cos he he worse than a unbeliever so work hard before u go a woman stop telling them to reason with your been broke …. change your ways cos wot u sow u will reap oo ….. if u do bad karma go follow u…. Mr p for life

  62. Avatar

    yes rude king does not have recent endorsement like Mr p I think Mr p is doing great

  63. Avatar

    Mr p I love ur karma song tell them to do good oo .. this song is better that audio money u don’t do music to insult because Mr p for so time people said Mr p has been give out 500k to youth tru zoom organization so u came to insult him that the money is not his own that he is claiming to be rich ….well his not his fault leave Mr p alone abeg and face ur music … I love the gentle Mr p

  64. Avatar

    Audio money far more better

  65. Avatar

    Do good karma. Do bad karma dey for ur back.

  66. Avatar

    Even rude boy is jealous of his brother.wahwah all say shame, how can i be living my life in a vibe lucal and it pain u much na rudy. Most people comment becs the don’t know the meaning of that word vibe lucal.means living crazy and wild thing that make u cool what is his problem there. Karma de for his back

  67. Avatar

    They are all amazing,Mr p all the way

  68. Avatar

    the best

  69. Avatar

    Audio by Rudy is the best.

    Anyway na condition wey make crayfish bend shaa. If not that they were together who on earth can compare King Rudy with Mr P MUSICALLY? The musical comparison is an insult to Rudy and very unnecessary too.

    Mr P is doing good on his lane but ‘Mr’ dey and ‘King’ dey musically. The guy is musically rude! !!

  70. Avatar

    I Strongly Believe In Karma Cuz Anything You Do In Life, Think About Karma. Mr P On Top.

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