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Naira Marley – “Why”

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Naira Marley “Why”

Naira Marley “Why” was released while he was in the custody of the EFCC. The song talks about “why” people always make Naira Marley the major player of any controversial happening.

“Naira Marley “Why” also talks about the betrayal of trust, deceit, and pretense from friends. The song had a lot of buzzes when it came out as people really wanted to know if he talked about the many controversies he got involved in before being picked up by the EFCC. The song was released on the 30th of May, 2019.

The song has a simple beat and it is evident in the fact that his voice is the most noticeable part of it. The jam is produced by Oluwajay Beats and has a lyrics video published on YouTube earlier in June 2019. It also has over 600 thousand views on the video platform.


Quotable Lyrics : 

Why always Naira Marley?
Oluwajbeats on the beat again
Why this, why me, why?
I just want to have some fun, o (I just want to have some fun, o)
I swear this stress is not for me (I swear this stress is not for me)
I don’t care if it cost me money (I don’t care if it cost me money)
I must to jaye today (I must to jaye today)
How dem ah call me their friend?
When I’m rich, they are here
When I’m broke, they gone, o
Shout to my real friends, friends forever
Dem ah keep it real to the end, o
Why is it everytime i put up a nice pic on Insta
That’s when you remember me?

“Naira Marley – “Why””, 2 out of 5 based on 23 ratings.


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  1. Avatar

    Him dey jail. Release this song?

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    How come?

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    This stress is not 4 u bro
    no mannaz music
    one love bro

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    No mannaz. #jam

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    All this stress is not for you ##marley

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    Freedom at last Nomannaz ?

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    marlians where you dey?

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    Free Marlian

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    Free ###

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    We are Marlianz free Marley for us..

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    Free them boys…. Free Marley

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    Free Marley

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    Naira ?

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    gosh!!!”! free marley

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    Free #

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    Freedom atlast

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    nice one

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    he’s already freed
    freedom at last

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    Free at last

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    Congrats malians

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    I feel you real men.. Welcome back to the street home.. Why!!!!!!!!!

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    Dey give his bail for 2million

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    Marlians welcome… I swear this stress is not for you…… Looking forward for opotoyi.. Welcome to street

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    Naria I always pray for u bro ??

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    No belt we get freedom malians

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    Thank God marley is out

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    victory at last,,, keep move forward ,, your fan. alex hope

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    Naira Marley you made me believe in my dream, your are my mentor

  32. Avatar

    Bossman love u

  33. Avatar

    Glory be to God

  34. Avatar

    thank God marley

  35. Avatar

    Please help me thank God Naira Marley is out

  36. Avatar

    My man never forget you

  37. Avatar

    They have realeased my only musician at last

  38. Avatar

    They have released my only musician at last

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    Na man you be you speak for the street forever street love favor be with you Marley

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    Na man u be brother and d street love u so much

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    congrats son

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    Malianz ti take over

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    congrants Malianz

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    Freedom for naira

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    Marley is out at last
    All thanks to God

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    much love marlians

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    We gat you bro!! Marlians

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    Naira marley banger!

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    We get you boss!!! Marlians

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    agbo baba naira

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    naira welcome back bro

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    free naira Marley

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    naira Marley welcome back

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    niara marley u re the teal nigger

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    How them ah call me their friend?
    When I’m rich they are here
    When I’m broke they gone o
    Shout to my real friends

  57. Avatar

    Real Recognize Real ??

  58. Avatar

    Real Recognize Real ??

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    The street got strict for the youngins??????????

  60. Avatar

    The street got strict for the youngins??????????

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    We want naria back in the street?

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    na so brother man ,
    the stress is not for you oooo

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    Naira we miss you

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    freedom… why oo

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    Omo ologo rainbow z back..

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    Freedom at last

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    Freedom at last.

    Victory is always yours marley

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    Welcum naira marley the king of street one love bro

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    Naira Marley love you and your song

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    I sew u blood

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    Nigeria sefff

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    welcome hum bro

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    naira marley i love you nd ur music

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    that’s what really men go through

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    Marlians for life

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    ask why e be na wen person won you won kill am you go die rapping like is a sign joy

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    Oti ree e lole alagbo

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    We be marlians

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    is not for you big bro

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    At last they released u “why”welcome back love

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    Thanks God freedom at last is not easy bro

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    Congrat bro welcome back

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    Na so e be

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    Boss after you na you, love this why you beefing on your friend why why.

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    Nice song, definitely beefing our friends.
    Marlians for life.

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    Nice music bro

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    welcome marley

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    rugg you be bad person

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    Live long president marlay

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    love u bro ybnl mar lay baba

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    free malians for us

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    U are d best Naira marley

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    I like him so much he is my real guy bib up man

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    Where are all his friends …..non of his cartel came to court , is really painful

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    I love you naira

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    I just love u naira Marley, that’s all i have to say…more oil to do more

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    Why him now KIA

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    Freedom at last


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    they’ll not see us again real nigga
    09064376971 pls let your contact reach me o am in Lagos state

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    D stress isn’t for u

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    Free Marley
    Gbayi loo Marley

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    abi na bro why

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    sign me please

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    No marnarz

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    Won’t Efcc go against our heartless politicians.. Don’t mind dem marley

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    No marnarz I really thank God for you bro I can’t wait to hear your new music

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    No mannaz

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    All thanks to God

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    I love you bruh..can’t wait for more

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    I love u marley

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    victory at last Marley… God bless the process

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    Nice one blood

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    Egban nla u no go suffer oooo is swear

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    Oya agba awoo nla #marley u don back again won to bee……………………

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    sure boy

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    nice one bro

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    Welcome bck

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    I love u naira Marley???

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    i love u jhor naira marley

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    Marlians to d world

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    Play maker

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    why always him

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    I am proudly a marlians

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    Y always me ???

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    I love naira marley

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    the best tiger in Nigeria

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    Why always you bro

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    Naira is the best person I like

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    no mannice

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    Welcome dawng

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    I love listing to naira song

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    naira Marley is my best friends

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    God punish them, Marley From today you are Dollar Marley since they don’t want u to promote there fucking currency naira

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    real guy

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    oluwa gat you back

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    zero mannaz ?

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    Naira marley

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    zero mannaz
    No belt

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    If you free naria you go dead

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    He was a glorious boy dat is why he drop d song

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    Am nairamaley

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    Igbolabi no worry marlian

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    I swerr this Stress is not for u i do care it cost me money .we must bring marleys back

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    malianz love you till I die

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    Real gee with swag and doings

  163. Avatar

    Marlian ices

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    i love u and ur music but there is some

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    Merlians forward

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    God bless marley

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    0 belt a thousand trousers gang no mxnnaz

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    0 belt a thousand trousers gang no mannaz

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    I am marlian fan,why is all naira marliy,free him for us,let him rest

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    One love bro

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    Naira marley are you born again

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    Malian you are moving train.

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    Ohhh this guy make me crazy I so love this guy

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    One luv bro

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    Like seriously the song make sense but it’s not complete ? why

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    nice yo!

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    Marlians secure de bank rest fuck up

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    Las Las he is back…

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