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Naira Marley x Zlatan – “Am I A Yahoo Boy”

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Naira Marley “Am I A Yahoo Boy”

Naira Marley x Zlatan  “Am I A Yahoo Boy” would absolutely pass for one of the most significant songs Naira Marley would ever release in his music career.

The song which itself is a controversial one led to a lot of other controversial events in the Nigerian music scene.

The Rexxie produced song which many have said to be the main reason he was picked up by the EFCC is a definite smash hit. After Simi and Naira Marley had a little social media brouhaha concerning internet fraud (Yahoo Boys) in Nigeria, the singer/rapper quickly released the song which features his friend and colleague, Zlatan Ibile.

The song was well accepted by the youths and immediately became one of the biggest hit songs that the Nigerian music industry would experience in 2019. It is also worthy of note that the song gets limited airplay on radio or out-rightly gets isolated by some stations due to its unimpressive and derogatory lyrics as many believe it is a song that gives encouragement to internet fraudsters.


“Naira Marley x Zlatan – “Am I A Yahoo Boy””, 1 out of 5 based on 19 ratings.


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    First to download

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    I love the song…you guys are good..,????

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    Second to download

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    Third to download by lekan

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    We been waiting for this one all night …… this one na blaast

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    4th to download…… really love dis

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    This one is gooooooooooooo love it

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    5th to download
    ? ?

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    This is a banger…keep on keeping on

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    Dope stuff

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    7th to download

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    Guy this song na deaddddddd????
    SIMI!!!! am I a Yahoo boy??????
    Oya answer ooo!

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    8th to download

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    9ice one guys

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    1000000th to download

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    Bloggers na armed robbers?

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    Great jam ikorodu bois too good

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    Nice one bro….?

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    Again Oo, No be lie, Ojota connection ?we no be Yahoo, we be working boy?

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    dis song dope o @iam_jcee2

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    AM I A YAHOO BOY….. ?

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    11to download

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    12 to download

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    12th to download , this is a good music , Marley you are right

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    13the to download

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    Trash & Wack song waste Of Precious MB

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    I have loved this song am I a yahoo boy so SIMI answer me

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    on repeat since Morning

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    ??#Scope King part of d first 20 to download ??

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    No 21 to download

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    As He dey Hot ???
    Nairamarley & zlantan
    Kudos ??

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    Sebi music lemi fin gawu?

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    Yahoo boy

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    i love this music

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    OMG ??? awesome

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    22 to download
    But wait Ohh AM I A YAHOO BOY ?

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    am I a yahoo boy hmmm?????

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    100th to download ????

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    100th to download ????

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    23 to download

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    nice work boss

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    zlatan ibile… too much joor, am not a Yahoo but you can still check me on

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    D song is dope

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    Very hit sound

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    bless Gee
    Wahali mio le se okada yahoo yahoo

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    tan to download

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    Dis Beat dey make me do like Fela.. I con resemble Mandela

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    Because of my dress, I’m I a yahoo boi

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    good bit

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    You are not a yahoo boy just collecting your grandfadas money???

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    cool and nice

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    yahoo boy ke!!!

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    Marley and Zlatan arrested by Efcc.

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    na wa ooohh!

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    what is this shit all about now,music turning into somthing else this days.

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    Samueliweha I love. Your
    music zlatan

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    Your father go produce your own song

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    Wow u de borst my head

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    Nice “Abeg” I’m a Yahoo boy??

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    Wow you guys are good
    More money ?

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    u guys are dear nice vibe?

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    Lovely song

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    Everyone na army robber

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    Am not a yahoo boi!

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    U sure!! U r not i yahoo bwoii!! Kai u to bad lol….

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    i love the song….just because he sang about the bad government in Nigeria that is why they want to end his music career very bad government for that matter

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    oga boss sure you killed dem gon gon legbegbe

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    It’s good

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    nice songs

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    poka fu yin joor, 9ice song

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    Dope vibe????

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    nice sog

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    Forgive here

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    NA SO

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    good songs EFCC you are bad

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    Good song

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    nice song good and music

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    1m to download

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    Am i a yahoo boi

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    Yahoo boy indeed ….

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    As long as I live, I am a full time yahoo boy. I don’t need blood money bcos I got the power in my mouth. EFCC still remain the biggest fraud me in Nigeria follow to those in power. How can a senator have 3.8b in a Zenith bank account and 8b in Access bank account. EFCC never start bcos we go yahoo till we died. Have you all forgotten get rich or try dieing. Bro we dey your back.

    I know that very soon our government would turn to yahoo boys to save Nigeria. Those who hate yahoo boys YOUR FATHER AND ALSO YOUR PIKIN PAPA.

    Yahoo boys need new haters bcos the one we got are now our fans. Tell your sisters to stop friending yahoo boys.

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    musicians is gud

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    wow NYC ep jare

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    Very 9ice cell on

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    God bless u

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    dey no go answer!! !! am I a yahoo

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    Nice one jare zlatan u. Ar great

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    Marley I dey feel you

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    I luv dis song

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    I luv this song

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    Las las school na scam hk boys what is your occupation, Yahoo!! Yahoo!! Yahoo!!

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    Awwn,this song issa banger#reallyluv dis song die …Am I a Yahoo boy???

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    Nice song keep it up

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    Please I want to download that trending beat…. Tununu…. Please what is the real name of the beat

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    Dis song really power my im i de repeat fo my fone sinz earli morning

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    I love this song

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    Am dj jazzy i love this music guys

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    see me see trouble am i a yahoo girl.. lolz…. i luv the music marley keep it on and zlatan

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    Always star

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    God bless our ten finger we be hustler no b yahoo

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    love this song to the fullest

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    i love the vibe

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    correct bit but I am not a yahoo boi

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    I’m not a Yahoo boy

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    Nice one zlatan another hot one i beg

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    Nice one zlatan another hot one i beg

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    naira Marley I love that soapy song

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    Answer o

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    Nice song ? from Nigeria artists

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    legit i love this song like die

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    legendary song

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    kee it up gona expect more bru

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    Confirm yahoo ni baba alawo pastor or any alfa that stayed home for peoples to come

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    Fantastic music
    Great music post OLUWA bless naira Marley and zlatan ibile.may God help you win your case in the court.??

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    This song is a beast slayer

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