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Rema – “Woman” (Prod. by Ozedikus x Altims)

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Rema Woman

Yea Rema is back with another Banger and he hits us hard with this brand new tune ‘Woman’, produced by Ozedikus and Altims.

Woman‘ by Rema… With ‘Beamer‘, ‘Rainbow‘, ‘Ginger Me‘ and ‘Alien‘ still trending, buzzing, gaining massive streams on digital stores, on popular demand and topping charts heisrema set out another potential hit titled “Woman”. The young International superstar under Jonzing & Mavin shows no sign of slowing down.

This new jam produced by Ozedikus and Altims is a blend of Afrobeat, Pop and the African sound. It has the full capacity to take over your playlist. Rema brought a big vibe into this record and you know whenever the young champ shouts ‘Another Banger’, its problem.

On ‘Woman‘ Remmy talks about been addicted to women, shares he can’t just stop loving them and hold himself. The singer was dynamic about this, he sings about loving many women and doesn’t mind marrying them; ‘I’m in love with plenty women, i no mind marry all of them‘ this shows the Afrobeat Fela in him. He touches the trending Rape issue on this song with the Lyrics; ‘Dem many wey i adore, if dem no do, no be by force, plenty dey wey go concur‘ which translate to there are lot of women out there, if you want to have fun, do not force yourself on one that not interested in you. And also talks about avoiding Sex sandals… Listen and Enjoy below

“Rema – “Woman” (Prod. by Ozedikus x Altims)”, 3 out of 5 based on 460 ratings.


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  1. Nice one remmyboy

  2. wonderful

  3. Rema is Becoming boring

    • nt bad though

  4. Nice one

  5. I love rame

  6. rema try harder

  7. Nice one REMA

  8. Mahd jam

  9. Nice one brother

  10. This guy need some books and hood dreams

  11. Another banger always start it(the problem)dem no go rest

  12. U are too good rema
    always on point

  13. My manni….I love him

  14. Same vibe on most of his songs, boring

  15. mad vibe man??

  16. Lyrics too boring… He needs to work on this

  17. Rema women ehhhh see your death oooooooo but a good bit shaa.

  18. What is actually saving Rema is his beats. Like in his last song ginger me, it’s just the beat I vibed to even his song beamer and lady.
    But this his latest song woman, for me it’s not really nice but although I still love Rema, I am like his biggest fan

  19. Nice work

  20. René and Joeboy

  21. Make Rema no dey release song anyhow. Make him learn o

  22. lols…

  23. All you bastards!!! out here writing boring songs and all that bullshits that comes out of your dumb heads, saying it’s the best that helps him, claiming to be fans, you are not fans, you are just bloody critics!!!
    I dare you guys to use the same beats and release a track half as good as what he has done
    Motherfucking retards, that’s why people remain unsuccessful!!

  24. All you bastards!!! out here writing boring songs and all that bullshits that comes out of your dumb heads, saying it’s the beat that helps him, claiming to be fans, you are not fans, you are just bloody critics!!!
    I dare you guys to use the same beats and release a track half as good as what he has done
    Motherfucking retards, that’s why people remain unsuccessful!!

  25. Song too dope

  26. Nice Song, wanna smoke what your smoked

  27. I love this song

  28. How the actual fuck do you call yourself Rema’s biggest fan and still criticize his song in such manner saying its his beats that helps him, mahn or bitch you a fucking retard tbh no sense of reasoning, na me talk am come beat me and bitch I’m not staying anonymous you wanna know who I am? Check S.4.V.4.G.3 on IG ? dumb fuck

  29. guy you are going higher Remybiy

  30. this guy is still the best in the industry
    wonderful music

  31. Fuck this song

  32. Nice one best rapper use my name k god of speed eva

  33. Edo boy lyrics…

  34. I don’t care what u guys say…rema is no longer bursting my own personal brain again..(3 3 songs in one week and one of them na hit).abeg on to the next..omah lay lay me some jams abeg

  35. Fireboy fine girl from new York city beats all the 3 jams rema released this week

  36. Rema I wished
    I had the opportunity u had
    I 4 don blow wide bro

  37. F**king pals way de talk shit… Una get luck say una face no SHOW!

  38. This is a big miss………

  39. Rema we love you keep it up

  40. lazy rema wey dey use nose sing

  41. It’s a vibe
    Rema we love you??

  42. if e pain una,make una blow

  43. lovely


  45. ?

  46. nice music REMA?

  47. Una haters don’t make use of una number 6 if u don like rema song… go hang your self…beside some of u wey dey yarn about omah lay.. wetin omah lay sabi.. check some of e song na bad influence.. make sense, why una no go sing una own song.. una think to write music e eazy S.O.B.. una never get satisfied.. foolish peoples..

  48. nice 1, my man

  49. nice job rema,
    this song is real banger indeed

  50. nice one rema 100%

  51. how can we download this music

  52. His Beat nd Voice is Saving him….
    As for the lyrics,,,, He is talking trash….
    Buh Nice though..

  53. dope

  54. i cant download it

  55. that boy wey say wetin omah lay sabi …him de their de talk , but him no know say omah lay don pass am ,,mad man

  56. Rema still the best I love you best in industry

  57. I love your songs rema nice of

  58. Remy boy.. God no go shame us

  59. I love the song

  60. Nigga everybody do his tings in is own way omah lay or not.. some never have the chance.. to burss di music industry.. so no dey bad mouth any artste.. destiny is quit different.. make una stop dis protest.. buh brotherman check am if na u how u for dey..

  61. I love you rema

  62. Nice one remmy boy

  63. Remmy boy I luv dis

  64. Rema good job

  65. nice one Edo blood, fly folder

  66. Reme, your music so tedious ????

  67. Reme, your music so tedious ????

  68. I love it

  69. Love

  70. nice

  71. I wish he can pick me up from d ground and raise me

  72. Another banger
    Rema u too sabi jor…

  73. I luv the song but the beat can’t fit in

  74. Gbayi ?

  75. Nice jam

  76. Keep it up remi

  77. wow

  78. nice one bro

  79. Boom ? ? ? ?

  80. wonderful rema boi

  81. Rema nice 1 keep trying hadar

  82. Rema nice 1

  83. Rema bad commando on the way

  84. On Gold rema

  85. Nice jam bro

  86. Still on same radius. Keep it up. It’s all about the style and pattern.

  87. I don’t care wetin anyboDy talk.Omah lay better pass rema papa Period

  88. GOOD

  89. Fyn

  90. you are the best rema

  91. Rema i love ur voice

  92. So boring, oga rema drop better song. You are becoming boring for us

  93. I love this this song paaa

  94. awesome …I love diz song….rema ya doing well keep it up??

  95. Who’s Rema sef
    I don’t know him
    Can someone tell me who he’s on instagram

  96. amazing

  97. hookups with rich ladies that can pay you up to 10,000dollar call 08074414791

  98. goo

  99. Rema you’re the best
    IG Christian Jonah

  100. Can’t download

  101. Another hit my rema ?

  102. Loving ur vibes ??

  103. I luv thiis

  104. Very sweet song and I love it

  105. U bust my head
    Remi boy u try

  106. Nice song

  107. E go wella rema @djcoinz

  108. Be disturbing us

  109. Nice hit rema mi

  110. so lov de track much vibes

  111. Nice track

  112. …lovely

  113. i just like rema and is music try more remyy boy

  114. You are the best, keep it up my man

  115. Y’all making negative comments about remas songs. If given same beat to make songs. You will try 100 times you can’t come out with this kind of remas hit songs ! Yall criticising while he’s elevating

  116. kul song am on my dancing shoes right now, am in love with the song

  117. Faaji

  118. Lovely song

  119. nice one by rema

  120. Good one

  121. Woman

  122. ?a?

  123. rema nice one

  124. Hi

  125. Hello

  126. sweet song

  127. Madooooo

  128. Help the poor

  129. u are good boiiii

  130. Great song bro

  131. Bad one

  132. rema u loya u allowed got a point on ur song
    i wish i can sing like u ar, I’m upcoming musicians

  133. great

  134. Great music

  135. Good song

  136. I can’t download it why

  137. Good jam

  138. just too sweet

  139. ???

  140. great music rema

  141. Banger

  142. Try more

  143. Awwwn boring..!!

  144. Y cant we jus download ya song peacefully??????

  145. Love ur song rema

  146. nice one REMA??

  147. Rema…
    You are trying but you need to do better…
    Use this time and period well,the lord is your strong..
    I know is not easy right.

  148. Nice banger

  149. ur hard work will not go in vain

  150. ?

  151. Please why can’t I download this song

  152. Rema your sounds are like mahd…I love every song you drop…I love you so much

  153. wow rema go ahead

  154. good okay

  155. Another banga

  156. cool

  157. Good one rema

  158. Mavelous

  159. Rema dis song is a hit I love it

  160. Rema ur song dey bust my brain.nice one bro

  161. Love it

  162. ?

  163. I love ?? you rema

  164. I love you rema??

  165. I can’t download it why nah

  166. remmy boi

  167. Which of u haters can achieve this when you were a teenager coz am sure all of you guys beefing Rema are far older than him, instead of encouraging this young chap to do more you guys are here saying bushit. Here is my candid advice for you guys, pray that you or someone from family should be a quarter talented like Rema then we’ll have a discussion but as for Omah Lay this dude is up for Next Rated award and a big new upcoming talent in Nigeria this year ??????????

  168. Hot song

  169. I love the song alot when I use to learning to it, it boom ? my brain but I didn’t know how to download it from my phone please help me out, am a fans

  170. you try guy ,nice one e no easy

  171. kudos

  172. You are doing well

  173. dope rema

  174. Confirm

  175. Nice hit bro

  176. Nice one brotherly, ls Ture but control it we too like woman. ???

  177. Bad commando

  178. Rama don kill me with his songs

  179. Nice but can I danlow it

  180. Awesome music

  181. that cool

  182. Madooo

  183. Cool one reammi boi

  184. Kk

  185. E sharp believe rema?

  186. I love rema…his de best

  187. Nice one but all you people making bad comments you can’t come up with a song better than the worst song ever made on the plannet

  188. Nice one guy

  189. Nice one I so much love diz song, one of my favorite

  190. Really make sense

  191. I can’t download it he no gree do

  192. l love dis song

  193. Nice one?

  194. Nice one?

  195. Can I just get to meet you once,I love you

  196. Truth be told
    Rena was talking trash throughout
    Song be like child’s play

    I mean just listen to fireboy or joeboy
    Dis guys are already mature
    With nice vibes wich rema doesn’t have

  197. I love rema

  198. 90%

  199. Dope I like the song

  200. nice song I like it

  201. Nice music

  202. Rema you’re my favorite

  203. Rema you’re my favorite

  204. I love this

  205. Nice album

  206. Awesome rema

  207. too make my guy

  208. cool hit my guy

  209. Lit one

  210. More Grace bloodline

  211. Superb

  212. Rema is good

  213. Bad boy

  214. V.nice

  215. good beat

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