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Rema’s “Dumebi” Vs Fireboy’s “Jealous”… Which Is Hotter?

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Rema‘s ‘Dumebi‘ and Fireboy DML‘s ‘Jealous‘ are no doubt the top trending songs in Nigeria at the moment.

Rema is the new star kid who recently earned a contract with Mavin Record, he released an EP titled “Rema“. Off the 4 track project is “Dumebi” which got massive audience and streams. Fireboy DML got into the YBNL family last year and his song “Jealous” made it to the label’s 2018 album. ‘Jealous’ got its first big attention when it featured on Olamide’s 2019 first hit music video, “Woske“. It finally went viral and big with the recent release of the visuals.

Both songs are enjoyed by all but, there has been so much debate on which song is the hottest.

This has compelled us to ask between Rema’s “Dumebi” and Fireboy’s “Jealous”… Which Is Hotter & your Favourite Jam?


Olabimpe O

Olaosebikan Olabimpe is a News Writer and Content Creator at Tooxclusive. Her idea of a great day is to be indoors snuggled up with a book and good music. She is also a passionate lover of rap.

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  1. Avatar

    i like the both

  2. Avatar

    I love them both

  3. Avatar

    They are both nice singers…I love them equally

  4. Avatar

    They are both nice singers… I love them equally

  5. Avatar

    We all say both but deep down we know it’s fire boy jealous

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar

    Fireboy jor

  9. Avatar

    Jealous abeg

  10. Avatar

    Dumebi!!!! All the way

  11. Avatar

    Fire boy jealous

  12. Avatar

    Jealous all d way

  13. Avatar

    Dml a££ d way better bY far!!!

  14. Avatar

    Jealous for sure

  15. Avatar

    Definitely jealous

  16. Avatar

    Ogun punish rema
    Rema khoor karma niii
    Fireboi dml ????????????????????????????????????????????

  17. Avatar

    No be kpana kpolo something oh,dumebi nah noise…..but jealous is the song of the year…if two big artist like wizkid and Davido will be singing to it them what are we saying….anybody that hears jealous by fireboy DML must like it I swear but dumebi some persons may say it’s a banger for clubs and all that but still nah noise believe.

  18. Avatar

    jealous by fireboydml I love that song

  19. Avatar

    If you listen to Jealous by FireBoy, you will know that is what the call music, FireBoy is very very talented, I have listened to the song so many times and it has not fade away, I only love dumebi bcuz of the beat,
    With this, I can say FireBoy is the best

  20. Avatar

    Both songs are dope… Jealous has richer lyrics, dumebi with the vibes… Dumebi will bring you out of depression and help out heartbreak, jealous will make you reason your heartbreak more….
    Dumebi for club, jealous when you wan enjoy rich lyrics and deep music….
    Use your head.. Them get their time when we go enjiy the songs… ?

    • Avatar

      you sabi

  21. Avatar

    Both are my favourite song of the year

  22. Avatar

    Far better dumebi there is no doubt

  23. Avatar

    To be sincere… Jealous gat it all

  24. Avatar

    am getting addicted….

    lol y’all know de rest jare #Fireboy

  25. Avatar

    fireboy all d way

  26. Avatar

    Fire boy is a very special musician ??? sent from above and his song is very matured gat good lirics

  27. Avatar

    Love both ooo…. But I will choose jealous ?

  28. Avatar

    what have you done to me you gat me chasing after you

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    jealous got it
    dat song na jam

  31. Avatar

    Omo na jealous fire boy all the way

  32. Avatar

    Jealous abeg……. Nice vibe

  33. Avatar


  34. Avatar

    fire Boy jealous, is my choice.

  35. Avatar

    Lolss… Una wan start another jazzy and ybnl fight again baa… LMAO, ayam getting addicted.

  36. Avatar

    I don’t even know what Rema was sayin in dat song. Till today don’t know the lyrics sef

  37. Avatar

    Jealous all d way jare keep it up fire boy
    Although rema tried with dumebi hit
    Both are good but fireboy is d best

  38. Avatar

    both are great songs but jealous is better fire boy keep the fire on

  39. Avatar

    Both re good…but that jealous make way pass

  40. Avatar

    Fire boy

  41. Avatar

    ? boy jealous

  42. Avatar

    dumebi all the way….brought back manya vibes of WizKid…but truth be said the two of them sweet

  43. Avatar

    tooxclusive allow us they put our name when commenting na…do it like Facebook that someone can even like your post…just suggesting

  44. Avatar

    Orisafemi is the best make una Dey ask jamb question rema kor rema ni jealous be making history that song is here to stay

  45. Avatar

    That dude called fireboy sounds like nobody else but himself and got more melody and lyrical content but rema sounds like WizKid and has less lyrical content.I think fireboy got it all

  46. Avatar

    Fireboy – Jealous is the jam

  47. Avatar


  48. Avatar

    Fire boy jealous all the way

  49. Avatar

    Fire ? boy

  50. Avatar

    Fireboy’s Jealous!

  51. Avatar

    Rema dumebi

  52. Avatar

    Make sense

  53. Avatar

    Both but fireboy kill de street

  54. Avatar

    fireboy -dumebi is hot

  55. Avatar

    Am Getn Addicted..Odo..Gat Me Rockn..Fireboy All The Way..

  56. Avatar

    Fireboy is lit!!!!!!
    Jealous is fire

  57. Avatar

    ogun go kill fireboy
    rema is omologo gbere…….
    alakori fireboy god go punish yur family….

  58. Avatar

    Mehn for me I love the two songs. Dumebi is more of a club song and jealous gat more deep lyrics I’ll say they are both talented musicians with good vibes though jealous is really a banger.

  59. Avatar

    Jealous no 1 song in Africa, dumebi is overrated

  60. Avatar

    Dumebi hmmm so good but don’t way he is singing dat local language makes it not really attractive., so jealous is better

  61. Avatar

    dat jealous is killing…. since December it never fade away in my head….I love it..I can sing it in my dream…don’t compare noise with music please for music sake

  62. Avatar

    Jealous oooooo

  63. Avatar

    Jealous is hotter.

  64. Avatar

    Nah Ma Guy Fire [email protected]

  65. Avatar

    Fireboy – Jealous

  66. Avatar


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