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Revealed!!! Five Reasons Why The Naira Marley Case Might Be More Serious Than You Think

Taiwo Oluwafemi | - Leave A Comment

The Naira Marley case is one that is currently the hottest gist in the entertainment industry and even outside of it.

The singer appeared in court for the first time earlier today since his arrest by the EFCC on Friday 10th of May, 2019 in connection with internet fraud alongside Zlatan and three other guys.

However, the issue had a totally different twist when four of the five arrested guys were released including Zlatan with Naira Marley the only one remanded in custody. Reports have it that the reason for this is because the evidence found against Naira is one that is overwhelming, making it difficult for him to be released.

Reports later came out that the EFCC have filed 11 count charges against the singer in which he pleaded not guilty to, in court earlier today.

Meanwhile, there are reports by a section of the media about Naira’s case not being a serious one, which would mean an eventual freedom for him. However, we think differently from those opinions as we feel the case might just be a more serious one than what is being thought.

We have highlighted five reasons below why we think Naira Marley’s case might just be a serious issue which might deny him freedom for a long, long time.

  1. While appearing in court today, Naira looked really cold, bothered and devoured of any iota of enthusiasm.
  2. Naira’s mother was seen crying in the court premises where her son was being arraigned. This is a serious sign that the case might be getting out of hands.
  3. Naira Marley’s case might be the subject of some ‘underground’ power houses in the judicial sphere who want him nailed and used as a scape-goat for others to learn from.
  4. Naira’s high history of arrest in the United Kingdom might portray him as a thorough criminal to the Nigerian Judicial players, thereby increasing their thirst to seeing the singer jailed.
  5. Naira’s past ‘claim of immunity’ to the law in his song (“Am i a yahoo boy”) could send him down the drain. 
Taiwo Oluwafemi

Nifemi is a graduate of the University of Lagos. He's a unique user of the pen when it comes to the expression of whatever. He is editor-in-chief of the organization and also a writer of news, articles, editorials and a lot more to help expand the level of knowledge of the readers and simultaneously have them entertained. A lover of music and football is who he is and a Man Utd die-hard.

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  1. Avatar

    Have they not released him ??

  2. Avatar

    Naira Marley will be released in Jesus name “AMEN”

  3. Avatar

    1. Naira Marley looked cold, bothered, etc..It is a known fact that Naira Marley is a committed weed smoker. Though I do not smoke, it is a known that weed addicts will lose enthusiasm/vibe if they don’t get to smoke. Before he appeared in court on Monday, he hadn’t smoked for 9days and you actually expected him to carry on his vibe..Wait till 30th to see how he will look without his weed.

    2. His mum crying in court is expected of every good mother. So that’s not debatable.

    3. Who could possibly be after him in the judicial system? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    4. I doubt if he’s actually been arrested 124 times. No one will be proud of that record. Being pulled over is quite different from being arrested so I doubt that 124 times ish.

    5. His lyrics in the song was to complement the fact that he isn’t a yahoo boy, thus he has no business being arrested by SARS..

  4. Taiwo Oluwafemi

    @the last commenter….

    1. I really do not have an opinion on your counter-response for the number one point as i am not a smoker.

    2. You might have a point with the 2nd counter-response though.

    3. Anyone could be after him in the judicial system, especially after making some moves which could be seen as ridiculing the Nigerian judiciary. Hope you are aware of the news around a certain female celebrity police officer who seemed happy and even made comments about his arrest? I hope you know the police is part of the judiciary?…these are the kind of ‘underground’ people i mean.

    4. I never said any where in the highlighted views that he was arrested 124 times. This shouldn’t be an issue after now.

    5. In the song there is this lyrics, “Oloopa o le mu wa tani SARS fe mu lo ni bi?” Which might have a different interpretation to you. But to the subjects of the statement it means exactly what i opined in number 5…you might not agree though!

  5. Avatar

    Let’s break some tables here
    If he is found guilty I pray he will go to jail
    If he is innocent I pray he will be released and even compensated. If u are into fraud no problem but u should not throw it open and discourage innocent youth doing legit work.

  6. Avatar

    may god help the guy
    cus i dont want to miss his tone in the music industry always at ur back naira

  7. Avatar

    The point here is, all the 11 file or whatsoever charged against him was to get the whole issues complicated, they tend to widen the case so they’ll have enough reason to take their illegal actions which is not mean to be, he’d be bailed tho

  8. Avatar

    @Taiwo Oluwafemi

    Please note that I am not defending Naira Marley. I only voiced my opinion on your writeup.

    1. I do not smoke too but I have read about people who find it hard to vibe without having a joint first. You could ask smokers around. Also, there are certain conditions that would make you hyper. When those conditions are removed, you may not function well. This guy is based in the UK and used to the environment. Now imagine being incarcerated for 10days in efcc custody, would he look like the Naira Marley on IG? I do not know the condition of their holding facility though. Again, you never can tell what was going on in his head/mind. Seeing his mum cry (not tears of joy here) could have made him sober.

    3. I was only wondering here. It’s possible that he might have had altercations with these people in the judiciary. But hey, this is Nigeria where the police can be bought. But then, anybody could be after anybody. I respect your perspective.

    4. Though you didn’t state the number of times he’s been arrested in the UK but you definitely had a figure in mind while composing your writeup. Naira Marley once boasted that he had been arrested 124 times. So I think that settles the hidden fact. I just assumed that the number is false and was said to buttress his gangsterism to the Marlians.

    5. It is your opinion and I shared my opinion too. The police could be enraged by the lyrics. My point is, if he’s clean, he truly has no business with SARS which also buttresses his point of not being a yahoo boy. Interestingly, na EFCC arrest him?

    Off point: “as long as you are alive, you can go to prison, you may not necessarily commit any crime”

    By the way, my name is Femi!

  9. Avatar

    abeg free my brother naira marlry i love him paaaa

  10. Avatar

    please free naira marly abeg

  11. Avatar


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    Make una free my naira I like dix guy die

  13. Avatar

    Naira dnt worry d lord is ur strength…Those that arrest u wil at last plea bro

  14. Avatar

    Femi I love your counter response. Respect

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