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Rudeboy – “Chizoba”

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Rudeboy "Chizoba"

“Chizoba” Which means “God has saved us” is Rudeboy’s way of appreciating God for the many blessings he has experienced. Rudeboy has so many things to say to God as he pleads with Him to bless his enemies and his family.

Because of the strong lyrics and brotherly love he preached in the song, it was well received by Psquare fans and music fans in general. Many are even of the opinion that he did the song in a way to bring back the lost love between himself and his twin brother, Mr P.

RudeboyChizoba” has over 3 million YouTube audio listening which is quite an impressive number for a song without a music video. The track sounds very emotional and really interesting. Well, this song might just be for his twin brother Peter Okoye, reaching out to him with a deep emotional message just after their birthday. This might just be the song that will bring the twin brothers back as One,

Listen and share your thought about the song below.


Quotable Lyrics

  • Something is killing me slowly
  • And am feeling so lonely
  • Now am looking up to God oo
  • Paid my tithe paid my due


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  1. Avatar

    And who told its abt his lady who promise not to liv. Beta listen to d song. Mr poster.

  2. Avatar

    Fire department

  3. Avatar

    There is nobody without adversaries. It is the way of the world. The key thing is to pray for family, friends and enemies and leave the rest to God. That’s exactly what Rudeboy has done in this emotional song. Deep, spiritual and serves as encouragement in everyday battles of life. Rudeboy is a singer!

  4. Avatar

    Who is this poster? Did you listen to song?

    I’m thinking Psquare will come back together soon. Both camps are feeling the guilt of the separation.

  5. Avatar

    There is nobody without adversaries. It is the way of the world. What is key is to pray and wish everybody well – family, friends and enemies. This is exactly what Rudeboy has done in this emotional song. It is deep, spiritual and serves as source of power to wake up every morning facing the battles of life and all obstacles in the way. Ruddy you are damn good! I am impressed.

  6. Avatar

    This song is obviously to no girl but to his brother Peter . I am surprised at the write up. Completely a rookie stuff.

  7. Avatar

    Nice one Rudeboy

  8. Avatar

    real definition of music #melting hearts

  9. Avatar

    I’d really love to hear dat psquare are both back together

  10. Avatar

    Rude understands what it means to be a brother Mr p doesn’t care his self centered

  11. Avatar

    Dope jam boss, this song melts my soul, always on repeat

  12. Avatar

    Finally am hastening to a song that will calm me down. Super legendary indeed. Lordsky is something else too

  13. Avatar

    This song can make even heartless man cry,hear voice like gold

  14. Avatar

    What A Song.. Rudeboy Made My Eye Lids Wet..

  15. Avatar

    Soooooòoooo dope, love this jam ? can’t stop listening to it…..

  16. Avatar

    Ur a legend ur d defination of music d industry knws it,kip doing ur tinz.#rudeboi#paulking

  17. Avatar

    U gat so much music in you kip doing ur tinz even d music industry knws dis ur d faze of naija music u made me 2 pay less attention 2 western music ur a living legend

  18. Avatar

    Rudeboy is psquare… Same sound, same voice, abeg he should release am album asap

  19. Avatar

    Rudeboy your name is music it’s self
    I m in love with your beautiful tone

  20. Avatar

    Over time, rudeboy has been leading the reconciliation team both in interviews and songs. I just hope his brother peter realises this. We need p square back please. I am tired of the mr p and rude boy shit. We started with psquare. This is the second year they are celebrating their birthday apart

  21. Avatar

    Nice one

  22. Avatar

    ? King Rudy you’re the man, any time any day.
    all hail the boss of good sound ??%?

  23. Avatar

    This song made it alive God bless you for us. Family is everything

  24. Avatar

    “…See those ‘people’ wey dey try to bring confusion in a brotherhood!”

    I think he’s talking about his brother’s wife here. I would like an Igbo person to tell us the meaning of Chizoba.
    That’s what he says he’s telling the person/people.

  25. Avatar

    CHIZOBA means God save

  26. Avatar

    Thank you ma broda,
    some of we no b naija.

  27. Avatar

    dis is emotional ..yes but enough of de sweeping issues under de carpet to please public…paul is lonely..if yes den he should compromise….and respect his brothers choice of a wife…..and live his brother to live his life de way he wants….he is a grown man wit kids now….first fight was “call heaven” is chizoba…I think he is emotionally blackmailing his brother..if de settle now de will still go apart…paul needs to knw he is important and so is his brother..he should stop saying he alone is de pillar behind psqure…atleast now he knws it taks dem both to mak it work…

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    Music is dope

  30. Avatar

    what a nice jam both are good in tym of music,king rudeboy nice one

  31. Avatar

    Who is cutting onions please

  32. Avatar

    :):D:pI love this song,Rude boy God will do it for you.I wish Mr P will understand.

  33. Avatar

    I felt like crying ,so emotional

  34. Avatar

    mr rude boy nice song

  35. Avatar

    oh rudeboy u are my best keep it up,I pray that your brother Mr p will keep his pride away and behave well after listening to this beautiful song.

  36. Avatar

    I have not hear the song yet o,
    let me download it first

  37. Avatar

    Wow what a great song to listen to…. Now am looking upto GOD.? Baba bless my family. May your reason for this song be achieved pretty soon Amen.

  38. Avatar

    am kobi from Ghana I swear Rudeboy I love ur voice

  39. Avatar

    i love u Rudeboy kobi from Ghana

  40. Avatar

    Mr p na Yoruba man him be, that’s the reason he no fit no wet in be brother hood, Peter u are a disgrace to Igbo race, I watch one video where I saw ur so called wife smoking in front of you, if u are a real Igbo man, u will know that ur wife is just a bitch

  41. Avatar

    rudeboy is just asking God to protect them from the hands of the evil woman his twins brother just got married to, We are no longer kids,we know the truth here

  42. Avatar

    Heart touching but wont reconcile them…Respect ur bro and his family then there will be peace…Psquare wasnt about only u but u insulted and betrayed ur bro publicly on this..U shud know psquare was far beyond the songs..U both made that not only u…Obviously individually now as we can see ur bro is making more money and doing better…That means its not just about only singing, a lot of swag and creativity is required and ur bro obviosly is more complete than u..Just few days back u confirmed to us that what peter said about u disrespecting him was true..U could have ignored his wifes birthday wishes instead of giving such a wicked reply…Ur bro replied ur wife with love…U cant choose a wife for ur bro

  43. Avatar

    My only question is why of all name this Paul chooses to answer “RUDEBOY”?

  44. Avatar

    Nice jam dude…
    So interesting?

  45. Avatar

    it was a wonderful lyrics with power to change mind

  46. Avatar

    This song sounds good…

  47. Avatar

    Nothing sounds better than psquare…take a step more … There is need for ??

  48. Avatar

    Love this keep up and let this song bring you guys together just know blood is thicker than water

  49. Avatar

    You have no problem king Rude. I don’t know what is long with Mr p. You are trying your best. Both of you are singers And 1 no be 2.

  50. Avatar

    I want psquare back,I love both peter and Paul, please bring back this love

  51. Avatar

    already,rudeboy is a talented man for singing back and front.but mr p he did’nt care about their separation.

  52. Avatar

    Me too… I want this twins together again

  53. Avatar

    king rudy is my man he is the very person that make people like psquare, dat means he is the pillar

  54. Avatar

    what’s the need getting all the likes and positive comments here if u don’t have a peace of mind?? because is very obvious here that u are already guilty of your acts. Sorry is a very powerful word bro!

  55. Avatar


  56. Avatar

    May god brings you too together again

  57. Avatar

    Rude boy u are destined to be a really big time muscian as ur future keep it up nice one my role model.

  58. Avatar

    nice indeed I believe this song will definitely unite both of you back just praying for your brother to listen to it,I know things will go back like before

  59. Avatar

    is good for them to come back again

  60. Avatar

    Chizoba m.
    Back to Back Hitz. Rudeboy issa Legend.

  61. Avatar

    Oh my God,wat a dope song,I. I’m inspired. Psquare we want u back.

  62. Avatar

    what an emotional song from rude boy,pls we fans are begging u to come back together.(i love you both)

  63. Avatar

    oh how i wish una brother hood shuld be back

  64. Avatar

    nice one bro!

  65. Avatar

    I love the song it’s very touching.

  66. Avatar

    I love the song it is very touching. Continue praying ? to God everything is going to be ok in Jesus’s name.
    Job wel done my brother.

  67. Avatar


  68. Avatar

    mr p is a hip hop singer

  69. Avatar

    Rude boy u are the real Psquare try nd setle wit ur senior broz

  70. Avatar

    Rudeboy is just too much. I am proud of you brother.

  71. Avatar

    Rudeboy u are d best. my Dear. this song will bring u and ur brother back. in Jesus. if ur Enemies like it or Not. bcus Peter is ur Blood brother.

  72. Avatar

    ab prince, i luv ur flows, i wish to be like u

  73. Avatar

    I really love this song…pls u guy should reconcile..I miss psquare

  74. Avatar

    Pls my bros u guys should come back together as one, I use the name of God to beg the both of you,and you guys will still excel,pls forgive each other, May God bless the both of you if you will do so

  75. Avatar

    I love u two,I love your songs,I love everything about the both of you pls I don’t want to cry anymore, God bless the both of you

  76. Avatar

    I can’t stop repeating this jam is really melting my heart and is touching. ##
    Nice one Rude

  77. Avatar

    thank God u people has comeback together,congrats.

  78. Avatar

    u hv done it my bro

  79. Avatar

    God Go Dowam Rudeboy So Emotional

  80. Avatar

    Absolute Rubbish

  81. Avatar

    i just can’t stop listening to this song, true meaning of brotherly love, indeed rudeboy yhu are the voice of p-square

  82. Avatar


  83. Avatar

    nice song wit a strong message

  84. Avatar

    Nice jam, i strongly believe that things will definitely work out well for both Paul and peter. Its just the matter of time. I love p-square forever?

  85. Avatar

    My brother, there is nothing pass blood, blood is thicker than water, since all this while am not feeling well until today, because of my favorite musician Peter and Paul, ?????, baba god bless us with the maner of understanding and long life, both of them can make it up again before August 1st

  86. Avatar

    My brother, there is nothing pass blood, blood is thicker than water, since all this while am not feeling well until today, because of my favorite musician Peter and Paul, ?????, baba god bless us with the maner of understanding and long life, both of them can make it up again before August 1st , god help them, we all know that they have make their money, all they need now is name

  87. Avatar

    For me,my only fear of their reconciliation is that Rudeboy has stated categorically that P.SQUARE would never be back together because so many secrets about them has been revealed to the public domain…that there is no way they can continue together again…that he sings "CHIZOBA" for God to give him the strength to carry on after the seperation with his brother.He said and i quote "you pray to God for the strength to carry on if you lose a loved one"

  88. Avatar

    CHIZOBA is a please come back message to his brother Mr.P and i hope he replies with a similar heart felt message…

  89. Avatar

    Baddest song .. fire department

  90. Avatar

    nice l

  91. Avatar

    This song touched my heart I can’t stop listening to it. Rude you are the best between the two of you.

  92. Avatar

    I so much love this music am equally begging that u guys come together

  93. Avatar

    good one Mr.Rude

  94. Avatar

    psquare plz u guys should come together again for blood is thinker dan water menh

  95. Avatar

    Wow I am soo much in love with rudeboy music

  96. Avatar

    nice one master

  97. Avatar

    the track is just wow….. i’m feeeling it buddy….

  98. Avatar

    Rudeboy u too much, but come..o how did u feel when u guyz celebrate ur birthday widout ur twin boda? abeg make una try bring back Psquare bigo..God bless dat peaceful day

  99. Avatar

    Yoooh I love this song brooh, it make me cry, yeah keep on keeping on brother

  100. Avatar

    Good of u keep it up, and better settle wit ur border OK !

  101. Avatar

    I’m really hurt abt dis whole thing so plz u both shuld juz try & make up dia misunderstanding…tanx 4rm Switfavy’s Cake World

  102. Avatar

    Rude boy I wish ur pride brother will understand with u my dear

  103. Avatar

    I love the P-Square not the rude boy and Mr P

  104. Avatar

    It’s like I sense the fact that Psquare will soon be back together

  105. Avatar

    pls you guys should come back

  106. Avatar

    I first heard this song in a shopping mall,I downloaded it immediately, listening to the song is very emotional and root meaning, good song,rude boy best talent.
    Its my prayer that they come back together, because they are better together. #chizoba psquare

  107. Avatar

    Nice one

  108. Avatar

    Nice song I love it

  109. Avatar

    U too much

  110. Avatar

    Beautiful one here.
    While you do public apology which is great, more important is private and personal effort to make things work. It takes more than just being the best player to win a match, collectiveness is what creatures the day.
    Or people say, “if you want to go fast, walk alone; but if you want to go far, walk together”.
    Let you and your brother forget what the world think of who is right or wrong, better or bad and settle things like real men.
    We wish you two the best. Till then, make more of private effort and let public efforts only compliment the private effort.

  111. Avatar

    now is not the time to comment on who is the pillar and who is not, it’s the time they let the lyrics of the song into their hearts.
    That’s where the solution lies in their heart, if they have the heart to forgive each and forget the past our psquare will be back in no time and they will be one again.
    I only pray God should give them the understanding they need at this moment, that they are two bodies but one soul, I believe that no matter how far and long they separate, they will always come back, there is a big connection between the both of them

  112. Avatar

    I stop listening to the song

  113. Avatar

    Not like brother in this life will come back

  114. Avatar

    Will come back brother this is young sunday

  115. Avatar

    Wao. This song is simply great

  116. Avatar

    Simply wonderful

  117. Avatar

    cool song

  118. Avatar

    i one dem to be one again and be together as dem be one blood i want that to happen again

  119. Avatar

    totally diz song z so perfect ?much love you people

  120. Avatar

    So touching..,.please bring bck psquare

  121. Avatar

    #tears kingrudy!

  122. Avatar

    Please hw can i have dis song in video

  123. Avatar


  124. Avatar

    Honestly the song make me forget my self the 1st time i ear the song, rude boy honestly show that we all need a family.

  125. Avatar

    I don’t know why rudeboy is saying that he is the Piller of the psquare consept bcoz he has voice, Mr p has a very good voice too nah or don’t you guy have ears?
    Besides without Mr p their videos would not make any sense bcoz all the dance and break dance are all coming from Mr p, isn’t that enough to appreciate Mr p?
    Have you watched these videos by Mr p: look into my eyes, woki woki, and the rest you’ll see creativity. So they’re all talented .

  126. Avatar

    I love this song it kidding

  127. Avatar

    Paul okoye my brother …jisie ike ..
    may God crown you with good health…

  128. Avatar

    This song is heart touching

  129. Avatar

    Something is killing me slowly,, nice song Chizoba…

  130. Avatar

    dat woman is d causes of everything his brother is carry away by woman if I were rude boy I will simply delete him totally

  131. Avatar

    Deleting ur brother is nt ryt..just wish the two can b bk as psquare

  132. Avatar

    Why they aren together?

  133. Avatar

    guys please all this thing’s you peaple are saying are not helping at all but to make thing’s worst becaus you guys are taking side’s betwin the two brother which is not good but instead let’s finde them solution that will bring down this samefull act and as for i do not take side with no one wether rude boy or mr p i don’t give a dammn but i only take side on p_square for i strongly belive that the name p_square will soon come back so if any body want to help please help me and type amen for oure god dors not sleep, bro paul well done for this your wonderful music keep it and please never you give up on your brother for he need’s you to be on his side and please peter please, please, please finde a place in your heart to forgive your brother even if the forth his from him or not please come back as one not only as one but as one family for the sake of your late mother so that her soul can rest in peace, once again thank’s p_squre for that is what i used to know you guy’s.

  134. Avatar

    oh!! thank mr rudeboy for that wdfll song u hv rlzed may God give u more wisdom am Gerard frm uganda

  135. Avatar

    I love u p-squar

  136. Avatar

    Rudeboy was not at fault with his bro.i can see it through this emotional chizoba.

  137. Avatar

    The song is impressive,I love every bit of it,it’s emotional too.Makes me wish to have u guz back as psquare.Pls ur reconciliation and re-union is my burning desire.Ur work together is stronger like a solid foundation.I fell in love with ur songs right from childhood because I’ve never seen such an identical twins with such energy.Am one of ur biggest fan

  138. Avatar

    Thanks Rudboy for this.Chizoba mu na gi o

  139. Avatar

    My king rudibaba a.k.a rudeboy ur song is emotional and touching d first time I heard it and play the song to my mom she was like I wish u guys are together.. senior bros may your talent take u places, nay no harm come near u, more inspiration to ur song.. love you big brother..

  140. Avatar

    I almost cried ,,,,the song has a strong message,,, you people should just forgive one another and continue with life ,,Live Love forgive and forget

  141. Avatar

    Am so in love with rude boy’s voice,God bless you

  142. Avatar

    So touching songs

  143. Avatar

    It makes me shade tires

  144. Avatar

    So touchable

  145. Avatar

    So dorri

  146. Avatar

    Rudeboy try is best to make peace with is brother mr p that is good,my prayer is anybody that wat to put distration between both of them thunder

  147. Avatar

    M so blessed with ur music keep it up .u wil go far

  148. Avatar

    I she’d tears whenever I listen to this song

  149. Avatar

    Kudos Mr rude boy

  150. Avatar

    Thus amazing song well done bro.may God bless you with more knowledge in music.never lose hope , keep it up.

  151. Avatar

    Blood is thicker then water. Fighting is not good for u two pls little ur dispute, let by gone be by gone pls….

  152. Avatar

    Wow nice song can’t stop listening to it.??????????

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