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Rudeboy – “Reason With Me”

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Rudeboy "Reason With Me"

Rudeboy  “Reason With Me” is probably the biggest hit that the singer has ever released since he went solo.

It topped charts and still gets played constantly on the radio. The song carries a very strong message which is experienced in all relationships among humans. Rudeboy shows a vulnerable side on this track which could be evidence of the fact that he experienced what he says in the song.

He sings about his first love that left him because she was carried away by the flashy things of life and wouldn’t “reason with him”. He struggled to overcome the heartbreak and focused on becoming rich and successful. As seen in the video which has over 62 million YouTube views, Rudeboy eventually makes it and becomes successful.

On seeing that he has made it, his first love tried to make a comeback but she is disappointed as he was already married to the lady that stayed with him during his trying times. With the kind of music consumed in Nigeria, Rudeboy  “Reason With Me” produced by LordSky  is a breath of newness & freshness with a simple message “All that glitters is not Gold.”

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Quotable Lyrics:

I been dey beg you to try, reason with me
If I no get today, I go get am tomorrow
Abi you want make I die?
E no easy for me
If I no get today, I go get am tomorrow
Say one for the money
Two for the dough
Three for the shawty
Yawa don blow
One for the money
Two for the dough
Three for the shawty
Yawa don blow

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  1. Avatar

    Rudy the baddest, guy this melody hot though.

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    Gud song ….

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    tears,,,, rudy you are too much, message to every slay queen

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    Help your guy na @official_besty 08164552568

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    this song touch much,nice one bro more Grace to your talent

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    this song touch me much nice one bro more Grace to your talent

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    One luv bro.. Reality

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    Always a hit!!

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    Onye egwu

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    I love de song it makes sense

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    The song day emotional…… Reason with me na

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    The song day emotional……. Reason wit me na

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    All your song is going good

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    nice hit rudy

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    Rude-boy u are kidding

  18. Avatar

    very emotional and very realistic! love u kingrudy!!!

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    nice one

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    good one Mr rude boy,a lesson for all dose ladies dat don’t wanna be Patience with us

  21. Avatar

    Yeah this is happening am just a victim about this touching story kingrude you too much bro ladies please watch not all that shines are real please

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    I won’t forgive myself if I failed to say that this song is inspiring; it touches me deep down my mind.

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    Nice one 1

  24. Avatar

    Gud songs i love u all

  25. Avatar

    Mad jam ?
    Ruuuuude ?

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    We move ? ?

  27. Avatar

    Rude boy my mentor, i have been listening to your songs since 2003, doe i’m up coming artist, bless up senior man.

  28. Avatar

    Am falling for u rudeboy ur songs is one in a million much love?????

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    Chia brother you good die ??

  30. Avatar

    Nice song Rudy

  31. Avatar

    Very emotional and inspiring song.Good job.

  32. Avatar

    Nice song??so emotional

  33. Avatar

    Nice song??so emotional

  34. Avatar

    I never see oh this guy go kill us with song everyday young…. Respect boss

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    This is Dope

  36. Avatar

    the song is not sweet because his not there for him they should come together again

  37. Avatar

    the song is an inspiration to lover

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    Mr Rude Boy, I love all ur tracks

  39. Avatar

    Bro you too much

  40. Avatar

    Always a king with enormous vibe.. God bless u baba

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    Rudicaly on the beat ??

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    Nice One bro

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    I love the song

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    I love this

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    very nice but can do better than you my fellow JTOWN

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    I just get perfect luv for dis king, to show my support for kingruddy ve downloaded dis hit 5 tyms in a row….. song of the year i swear down.

  47. Avatar

    You are really doing great. Keep it up

  48. Avatar

    You are really doing great. Keep it up and God bless . You are the voice behind P square… IG handle @Vivian2love

  49. Avatar

    Best music ever…. Respect to you kingruddy.

  50. Avatar

    Walahi have played it like 100 times today, if I nor get today I will sure have it 2moro.

  51. Avatar

    I hear psquare sound not just Rude Boy.. Fayafaya..

  52. Avatar

    Boss u bam

  53. Avatar

    nice one rudboy

  54. Avatar

    dope jam! Rudeboy tried on this one

  55. Avatar

    In love with this song

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    This is a lesson to all gold diggers…nice song kingrudy ?

  57. Avatar

    Seriously is very hurting…

  58. Avatar

    This song enter… Rudy onye Egwu

  59. Avatar

    Thumps King Rudy

  60. Avatar

    @Official_Ciddysung I really love this hit

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    Bro more inspiration from GOD, my mum loves all ur songs, even when I play her reason with me. She love it. Love u bro 08067994293

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    of all the nonsense flocking the airway, this song happen to be sane…. Good melody,Good song writing skill obviously a song with message,vibe intact …. Thank for the msg…Good song….

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    guy na only u dey dis site?

  65. Avatar

    I big

  66. Avatar

    I bliv

  67. Avatar

    Rude boy u are killing the beat

  68. Avatar

    Hmmmmmmmm. This song is too much. Too sweet and hot

  69. Avatar

    u get yarn

  70. Avatar

    Nice one boss

  71. Avatar

    Love this music.. It helps me on something personal.. Thanks to you rudeboy

  72. Avatar

    Love this music.. It helps me on something personal.. Thanks to you rudeboy… We ur fan loves you

  73. Avatar

    love it mehn

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    Bro I love all your songs

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    King Rudy u re fucking good

  77. Avatar

    The Rude one love

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    Best of all

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    Rudy Rudy mbada onye egwu

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    Gud music kingrudy

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    I love this from you, boss!

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    The best music lyricist ever. This song really touch my soul mehn!!!!

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    Hahahahah no bad comment ….. For the first time everyone agree that rude boy is good ….. Vibes never end……

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    Hi am kurrect guy African no 1 funny boy. I just drop my own Fvk u cover ft Kizz daniel pls check it out on my bio @kurrectguy. Thanks 09038724114

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    King Ruddy I believe u… Great song From a great star..
    Is ur boy swizz 2

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    KING RUDY?????

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    the song is very melodious

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    dis song is dope

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    The song is fire

  95. Avatar

    Rudeboy is very talented musician . His writing skills and voice is a killer.


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    Rudeboy you are good in what you do no doubt about that but try to settle with your twin


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    it lovely

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    Rude boi you nailed it.

  100. Avatar

    King rude boy i feel this one

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    good and didcatic song

  102. Avatar

    Jam wey dey burst brain

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    Always on point. Nice song.

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    This is good

  105. Avatar

    Nice one rudy

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    rude boy z music!!.

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    rude boy you too good for the gooder.
    too emotional

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    Wow just wow

  109. Avatar

    Great sound bro,keep the Spirit up

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    Much brain

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    Thanks for this beautiful song I love the song to much

  113. Avatar

    Thanks so much for this song. May God bless.

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    King Rudy doing RudeBoy things
    One love bro.

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    dope jam

  116. Avatar

    Wow this guy he has been blessed man this song surely nice
    On repeat ????

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    Their’s deep message in this song…

  118. Avatar

    So emotional…. nice one boss

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    Rudeboy you are the best??????

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    Wao this is the song am going to play day and night,, nice one Rude boy

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    Nice one
    It could have been more standard if it’s a combined work with the person of the same vision.

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    Great vibe my G

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    My all time afrobeatz legend, you have proven beyond all reasonable doubt to be a musical legend. This one is a bome….

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    Love dis song like mad ?

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    Rudy is always the best and he is the real p square because with all his music I don’t miss psquare

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    forget say mrp don gain a lot from u when u guys were together but u are a legend!!!

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    rudyboy get touching songs men,so emotional and real

  129. Avatar

    Rudy my man…the voice of music

  130. Avatar

    baddest @king Rudeeee

  131. Avatar

    Love this song die

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    Nyc one the song is cool nd coded

  133. Avatar

    Touching… Thanks for giving me a song that gives hope

  134. Avatar

    Take it on bro

  135. Avatar

    The first time u come to kaduna 2003 I no u are God bless you brother

  136. Avatar

    Am on the reason level with you,
    Dope ??

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    Am in tears right now,Rudeboy this song really touch me

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    Dat is hot man..I feel its real wit me..more blessing contact me on+2347064972910

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    Make sense over the bar

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    I love this song madly and I also need your help please contact 08136606915

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    Rude boy nice one,and to all ladies believe in ur man always love him and not his money

  142. Avatar

    This guy is something else oh. The guy bad wowo

  143. Avatar

    For Nigeria you are the number one of love melody song nor be jogodo kpologo song, I don’t think if you know that

  144. Avatar

    Making sense

  145. Avatar

    Good song but I wish Mr p was on the track

  146. Avatar

    Nice music bro

  147. Avatar

    Lesson as true life story

  148. Avatar

    Wow nice one

  149. Avatar

    Nice one king

  150. Avatar

    Nice one! king Rudy.

  151. Avatar

    Wonderful song

  152. Avatar

    Rudy u are so wonderful

  153. Avatar

    Nice one Paul,you always burst me brain

  154. Avatar

    It’s really an inspiring song I gain a lot from it

  155. Avatar

    Rudy idi ok

  156. Avatar

    guy keep it up

  157. Avatar

    you are one of my biggest fans


  158. Avatar

    Ncy one

  159. Avatar

    My guy u are killing it bro never look down on someone ?

  160. Avatar

    King Rudy

  161. Avatar

    Rude king

  162. Avatar

    Am so much in love with this song.. Nice one ??

  163. Avatar

    Awesome ?

  164. Avatar

    very lovely song. good job.

  165. Avatar

    Sure Rudeboy

  166. Avatar

    Sure Rudeboy

  167. Avatar

    Rude boy….you killed it I swear.

  168. Avatar

    Dope song

  169. Avatar

    this song got me thinking

  170. Avatar

    This should teach the most impatient ladies in life,but is it out of personal experience?,whatever!!,I don’t care,but your my best of the best,trust me,mwaaaahhh no limits to you, love from Uganda.

  171. Avatar

    nice one mr rudy..
    e too make sense

  172. Avatar

    This song really make brain well well
    I give you hand

  173. Avatar

    Gwagwalada!!!!! My story

  174. Avatar

    Rudeboy you killing me you are the best

  175. Avatar

    This song is a real life story.
    Rude boy u kill d beat again

  176. Avatar


  177. Avatar

    Stay with your man”girls”
    There is a better tomorrow

  178. Avatar

    So perfect King ? rudy

  179. Avatar

    In a world where the feminine gender considers materialism superior, your inspirational songs call for a rethink on how girls go about their relationships. That today is bad is not an etiquette that tomorrow will be the same. Ahead ahead man

  180. Avatar

    I love dis one

  181. Avatar

    nice one Paul (rudyboy) but I wish you n ur brother would come back bcos blood is thinker than water

  182. Avatar

    Rude boy d best guy I like ur music help me if u have 08129257531

  183. Avatar

    Baddest gbedu so far!!! Fire department killing it.

  184. Avatar


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    dis really cool

  186. Avatar

    This is a lesson for those girls that can not support their man until they both survive
    Rudeboy give hope the song is super good

  187. Avatar

    I too go love this song,more grace

  188. Avatar

    Good massage bro… Nice track

  189. Avatar

    great music …rudeboy sings like me?

  190. Avatar

    So emotional I love this song

  191. Avatar

    wow d song is so superb and fantastic I love it

  192. Avatar

    Rude boy I no no you sabi sing well reach like this,MPA continue

  193. Avatar

    Rudeboy this track is really awesome bro. I saw a thriller it hit my soul, it grab I can’t shake it bro. Reason With Me Bro…

  194. Avatar

    reasonable song eh touch my spirit ,a song for the street lovers

  195. Avatar

    Dats a nice and inspiring music

  196. Avatar

    Humm, nice work Boss

  197. Avatar

    God bless you rude boi!

  198. Avatar

    Gud music 1

  199. Avatar

    u are trying ?more oil

  200. Avatar

    It true bro

  201. Avatar

    well done but later we

  202. Avatar

    Aww ruby nice one dear

  203. Avatar

    I love de song
    Such is life

  204. Avatar

    What a massage bro nice song keep it up and more grace to your talent

  205. Avatar

    Great song my man keep it up but I will be very glad n happy if u forget about the past n everything between u and ur brother n u guys will be together again as one .God bless u . Prince from Ghana +233242331802

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    nice wan

  207. Avatar

    Wow.. so nice

  208. Avatar

    Rudboy….nice one
    Thanks A lot?

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    I’m loving the track like very much

  210. Avatar

    Boss can I feature you on one of my track

  211. Avatar

    Good one

  212. Avatar

    Keep it up

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  214. Avatar

    Loved one

  215. Avatar

    rude boy nice hit

  216. Avatar

    I love it… it’s a reality…

  217. Avatar

    Na for this sung you kill me

  218. Avatar

    This is dope song.

  219. Avatar

    I love D’s bro.

  220. Avatar

    So very nice ??

  221. Avatar

    The real man,am feeling u

  222. Avatar

    Touching song

  223. Avatar

    I’ve spent all my life following you both, Right from the movie, “TOBYS”
    RUDEBOY….. Thanks for always bringing creative, emotional, awesome, lovely and incredible songs to my ears and all living being ears out there.
    I can’t trade your lyrics for a billion dollars my mentor. Hope to ft u soon my king Rudy.

  224. Avatar

    i love diz song die

  225. Avatar

    Brain buster

  226. Avatar

    Am in love with your song ,nice one

  227. Avatar

    dis jam dey burst my to u broda man.

  228. Avatar

    i really enjoy this song, my boss kingrudy

  229. Avatar

    i know my contact of no use to u but one day God go touch u….ive been a psquare fan since 2002 me nd my friend wale…dancing nd singing psuare’s song so bad u guys re nt togeda……rude boy my favourite thou…y my friend wale mrp..evn i converted my family t b a psquare fan
    ….love yu til i die…hlp ur fan..08161394790…waiting for dt magic nd miracleluos call

  230. Avatar

    It’s hard how some of us help them get up and forget we did

  231. Avatar

    nice song. it touch my soul

  232. Avatar

    Oga Anonymous hope you are getting money for all this comments in most of the songs you comment on
    Abi you be commentator

  233. Avatar

    Correct hit reasion with men
    Boos rudyyyyyyy

  234. Avatar

    Bro Ur one of a kind, I enjoy Ur songs so much keep up kingrudy

  235. Avatar

    Baddest ?

  236. Avatar

    Kudos to you bro ??

  237. Avatar

    Always hit ::::::::

  238. Avatar

    if you have ever lost the one you love cos things were rough with you….u will relate to this song on many levels

  239. Avatar

    this isn’t just
    It’s a reality of life…

  240. Avatar

    sir rudeboy this is a best jam sir help me my number 07087193535 am a good singer and won’t to be like you

  241. Avatar

    please sir your jam is hit please Mr rudeboy help me be like you 07087193535 my number

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    too inspiring
    more grace to you
    Rude boy

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    nice track a lesson for girls that is looking for already made.

  244. Avatar

    Reason with me ooo if I no get today ,tomorrow I go get.

  245. Avatar

    Rashid from malawi u tht best boss respect

  246. Avatar

    Gud song brother

  247. Avatar

    You the best ?

  248. Avatar

    Wow I love this song

  249. Avatar

    This song makes me remember the past and the present

  250. Avatar

    in feelings by drake

  251. Avatar

    I just got introduced to Afro-beat music recently and I am definitely a fan. There is more out there than hip hop and reggae music.

  252. Avatar

    Heard it on TV ?… Searched until I found it.
    Cool jam

  253. Avatar

    I so much this track, meanwhile i was preparing to drop same pattern of song before I heard dropped by rudeboy, anyway I still can’t give up with mine. Nice melo from rude boy

  254. Avatar

    Ruuuuud boy this song awesome man

  255. Avatar

    meanfull song bro rudboy

  256. Avatar

    what a message,Rude boy you killed The song, nice one bro

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    This is a vim song.diffidently I get the moraaa I go get em

  258. Avatar

    So good

  259. Avatar

    Hello ?

  260. Avatar

    hit song rude Boy

  261. Avatar

    Love u bro,love ur song it’s a derm hit,reason with me is emotional ,more blessings to your hustle bro and ur family,keep it up.

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    Soft jam nd real

  265. Avatar

    everywhere good,,,,
    with this hit..
    reason with me na

  266. Avatar

    U finish work

  267. Avatar

    so hot…..keep it on bro

  268. Avatar

    so hot….. keep it on bro

  269. Avatar

    I feel this 1″

  270. Avatar

    I die ten time for d song

  271. Avatar

    ?????? Baddest Jam

  272. Avatar

    Nice one guys

  273. Avatar

    bro please colaborate with ur brother please u guys should come back again pls

  274. Avatar

    This is a hit….some partners just want to live “the good life” but don’t want to suffer with their partners. As we enjoy this hit let’s also learn something ?????

  275. Avatar

    My able mentor only God knows how I pray to be more than like you,u have motivated me a lot. King Rudy I love to hit a song with you 08106954483.
    Thanks boss ?

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    Good jam

  277. Avatar

    Hit song brother ?,am your biggest fan

  278. Avatar

    dopest jam great message nice lyrics

  279. Avatar

    Rudeboy is my mentor no doubt about that. This song is heavenly. Hands down.

  280. Avatar

    I can’t hold my tears???

  281. Avatar

    Feel like crying here
    Dis song dey gimme inspiration

  282. Avatar

    A message to all slay queens who dump their man cause of money? BUT WHY

  283. Avatar

    Woow rudeboy i love this latest track it will teach some of the girls out there a big lesson never to loose hope in any relationship when there is no money

  284. Avatar

    standard song…… wink

  285. Avatar

    I love this jam…. It’s a lesson to all ladies out there

  286. Avatar

    Nice hit kingruddy you’re the music

  287. Avatar

    My right hand man one love.

  288. Avatar

    Tooxclusive you guys uploads cool songs but I always delete after downloading because you keep adding “downloaded from” voiceover to it. It’s frustrating

  289. Avatar

    I need the song

  290. Avatar

    King Rudy,,, I love you

  291. Avatar

    I love this song, King of music when will you feature me in your music I am also a fine girl oo

  292. Avatar

    Never give

  293. Avatar

    I too love this song

  294. Avatar

    I like the way of your music ,but I don’t like you and at the same time I don’t hate you, good luck.

  295. Avatar

    Keep the gud work……..filling the vibes

  296. Avatar

    mr p

  297. Avatar

    pls u guys shud come back togeda.u guys are still the best in afri

  298. Avatar

    Bad jam bro

  299. Avatar

    I love this jam…kuddos to u rude da baddest

  300. Avatar

    Very emotional song, love it.

  301. Avatar

    I like this Guy……… Best song

  302. Avatar

    I really love it

  303. Avatar

    I Love the song nice one Mr. Rudeboy

  304. Avatar


  305. Avatar

    you are man of the people much luv bro

  306. Avatar

    luv dis hit…

  307. Avatar

    u just a hit bombbbbbbbnnn I love you doing a good job

  308. Avatar

    Cool song I will love to be like you

  309. Avatar

    Perfect banger bro

  310. Avatar

    music for the soul

  311. Avatar

    it so emotional

  312. Avatar

    Nice song keep it up

  313. Avatar

    Reason with me

  314. Avatar


  315. Avatar

    Nice song I take my number if you go fit put me true 09056730046

  316. Avatar

    Rudeboy your my God in music

  317. Avatar

    rude boy u much….

  318. Avatar

    Forever I’m ur fan kingrudy

  319. Avatar

    kingRuddy the real deal ……..

  320. Avatar

    Great music

  321. Avatar

    I can’t believe you are the best artist I see yet

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  323. Avatar

    I must say it an inspiring song meant for everyone especially the girl not just girls but every femmine gender in the human race

  324. Avatar

    Rudy u re too much u av teach every gal a lesson wid dis song God bless u

  325. Avatar

    Rudy u re too much u av teach every gal a lesson wid dis song God bless u 07030889023

  326. Avatar

    Very beautiful piece. I feel very inspired listening to it. On repeat all day long. Nice one and well-done #Rudeboy

  327. Avatar

    Rude you are one of the best this song is really good keep it up nice one

  328. Avatar

    Nice one …..ah luv this song

  329. Avatar

    This song touched me rudeboy you are good

  330. Avatar

    bt it wasn’t fair d way u treated d girl……at least she was there wen u had nothing… least she was here with u… anyway
    ur good …???

  331. Avatar

    This is a message to all the slay queen…

  332. Avatar

    diz song got hit ma guy rude boy u do all

  333. Avatar

    you are the best, how can I reach you I have the talent to sing very well @09038032387

  334. Avatar

    Rude boy did is a hit… too much thumbs up

  335. Avatar

    This song is a hit man big up -Rude Boy

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  337. Avatar

    this particular song got me shed tears cos i was one in same shoe…but every where don stew for me now…Oluwa is involve

  338. Avatar

    Reason with me….omo the song make sense….

  339. Avatar

    swetest song be this

  340. Avatar

    plenty kudos to you ruddy love you so much

  341. Avatar

    planty kudos to rudeboy this video thought me a lesson

  342. Avatar

    planty kudos to rudeboy this audio thought me a lesson

  343. Avatar

    More grease to ur elbow bro

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    I never believed in rudeboy before, I was thinking his brother was behind Psquare, but with this track….Respect man you are a real talent.

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    This is so nice and great, keep it up Mr R

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    My best ever track.don’t give up in life

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    my Bro never give up who nor go nor no

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    NYC one continue blessing as with gud vibes

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    Good one bro

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    God bless you endlessly rudeboy.
    More wisdom be yours in Jesus name. Amen

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    So tourchg

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    Gay you three much

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    always by your side.

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    wow! you are a great person, and that is the only reason you always come up with something reasonable, keep it up,God bless you and your voice

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    This song is an enlighten one and encouraging,more grace and new song

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    song very good

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    rude ur entering my mind keep it up

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    Inspirational and courageous song from you. Tomorrow will be always better.

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    this’s a massage… More Grace Bro Paul..

  360. Avatar

    i salute u..nice one…

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    Guy u really nailed it..yr track make my every morning ….u reminds me of my missing love in gwagwalada??????…more grace Bro…

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    Respect man, a talent from God

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    Gbosa for the song

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    Balunda nice one

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    I love this song keep it rolling bro

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    More grace rudeboy the song affects me mentally

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    Boss dis is inspiration sound
    dat touch my soul

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    Carry on
    i want to be like u ooo

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    That is life for you , no body too small

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    The song is a hit of all times

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    Rudeboy doing the best at all time…

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    My x girl friend need’s to lestine to it

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    infact, so touching

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    Yhu re too much rude
    I love yhu?

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    Am in love with the emotional and inspiring

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    I can’t stop listening to this music

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    Ride on my brother

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    its a true talk RudeBoy…I love ds song

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    Great i love this song

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    Wow even in Uganda we like it

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    You just can’t stop making me happy, thanks big brother. ???

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    Nice song every guy on the street that is hoping and believing God will answer keep moving keep ur dreams alive •••God will bless ur hustle •••nice song king RUDY MORE grace !!!!!!!tears

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    I love this song like mad…

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    Too much guys you do all good music

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    with me

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    lovely song… I just hope those of us that are reasoning with our men eat the fruit of our labour, n those that are carried away, who na better bring who na head down. nor follow ready made sew own…. 1 for the money
    2 for the doow

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    I really love this song, I keep playing it, it’s so touching, more grace to you

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    Today will be better than tomorrow ?

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    I wish my ex listen to dis song. Kudos to u bro

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    Please I beg you in the name of God,reason with your brother and you will see how greater you people we become from bright santos

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    Nice hit,, hw I wish my ex get access to this hit

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    Dis song is should be in a genuine book of record. God bless you bro

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    Never will I force her to stay , I will rather use the energy to work hard and she will stay ?? Thanks Chairman??

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    I die for this

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    i young bob ,ichuma

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    i love the song but i one you and your brother ,mr, p , to come back again and be a one family

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    Always unique rudeboy. But pls p square is the best pls make up again.

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    i reason that song and is the best song i have hear in this year rudeboy keep it up

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    Its a cool jam for rudy big up bruh

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    God will protect you my bro

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    I really luv this song

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    I love the music name Reason

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    These song na better hits

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    rude boy num music

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    Nice one my girlfriend break up with me but with this song she is back again thank you rude boy

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    can’t stop playing the music you too much keep reason us

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    I love this song

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    I love this song ,Rudeboy you too much ,

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    This song touch me so much.. Rudeboy U’re too much…more Grace ahead…?

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    I always break down into tears whenever I listen to this song

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    I always break down into tears whenever I listen to this song,it serves as a lesson to all

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    I hope my guy regrets on how he treated me badly, thanks Rudeboy

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    Shedding tears. This song is the topmost emotional hit of all time. The score, the instrumentation, and lead voice and the arrangement all superb. You are the creativity behind the PSquare with bringing the best of any existing rhythm. This is Turn your light down is a perfect match. This is over 250th time on playback.

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    Bravo sir:*@Mr Rudeboy

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    This song is so inspiring, thnx Rudeboy

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    Nice one dear king rudy

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    Nice brain work for the song

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    This song reminds that there is good future after all the suffering

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    This is really a very nice one coming from Rudeboy, I appreciate you and also appreciate this song. Thank you ??.

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    Can’t stop listening,
    non stop, is an inspiration to me

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    Its on ???

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    Its a moral song??? love it??

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    Good one brother more vim more grace

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    u do all the great man

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    Rudeboy said it all,if I no get 2day I go get am 2moro.

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    This Hit bad…
    Nice one Bro..

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    Source of encouragement

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    Je valide depuis 229

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    OMG… mehn.. RUDEBOY is just very much better of compared to Mr.P …

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    I listing to this music like twenty times a day, love it Rudeboy

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    This guy is from another planet. What a sensible song? Not just the rhythm n flow but the message content as well. Its a food for thought. You are an angel of music Rudy. May God add to ur wisdom.

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    wonderful song with gracious meaning.. more Grace to your talent

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    I can’t stop listening to this inspiring message you are passing out to the world.God bless you for this beautiful piece cause i love it.

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    I can’t stop listening to this inspiring message.You are a professional indeed.

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    This is make me feel better

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    Really love ur songs and u are good indeed

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    I really love this song …. very sensational…. i love the lyrics

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    I have always known that King Rudy will makee proud. Keep the flag flying whenever I hear your music I am always thrilled. Well done for living up to expectation . Keep it up

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    this song really got me rude boy….. I luv u….. God bless u

  449. Avatar

    Rudy…. I’ve been ur greatest fun since childhood…. plz come together n be the psquare I knew already…… Plssssssss…… n God bless u for this song too…. it really got me…….

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    You make my day

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    Hmmm R boy that time that you people sang chop my in 2012 why Reason with me now???

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    I love yo songs Mr rude boy you rock
    My world just like Mr M.J did

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    You are one of the best

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    The jarm carry

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    what a heated song in Nigeria 2019

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    Wow! The song is touching.

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    I love this song so much anytime i feel so down I will play it again and again,
    is one of my best song for life… ?

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    I love this song, is one of my best song for life…

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    Woww,i really love your song dear,you are the best…more… Grace

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    My best song so far

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    rudboy this ur song is so was just like this song was made for me and my girlfriend that was having problem ever since you this album is at she have been corporating with me

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    fantastic song keep it on

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    Na wow song

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    i luv this song so much i want all the girls to think n always belief in their guys,above all still sad that p.square is no more i pray they come back together.

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    I just love this Song,One of the best songs Indeed,nyce track as well,keep it up Rude Boy

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    Very nice

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    let me dwonload

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    I like dat song for real if i dont get today i go get up tomorrw wel done rude boy

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    speechless ma guy…..anytime i listen to chizoba tears runs all over ma heart…..

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    U r really man of words

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    Nice song to poor peaple like us

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    U made t mr rudeboy

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    Nice one brother,keep it up

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    Soo nice

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    Yh, if i no get am today i go get am tomorrow. Rudeboy you do all for me bravo

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    His song is the best,the song reason with me is a beautiful song

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    After watching the video i was even about to cry.

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    ts my ring tone its very perfect

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    Big up !?

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    Reason with me is a boom, I love dis song it’s a lesson to all

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    ??i really love the lyrics of this song…..
    Much love for you Mr Rudeboy ?

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    NYC hit
    Rudeboy pls collaborate with stonebwoy

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    I love you rude boy am your fun am also a musician

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    Awesome bro

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    Wow nice one bro

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    we need you guys back

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    this song is heart torching, more grace and inspiration. One thing I want to beg for, is, pls try and reconcile with ur twin brother I beg do what ever it takes pls, imaging him on this song with u.. pls.. am not happy listing to most of you guy’s song since you guys choose to go ur own way…. pls sir reconcile with the other you plssssssss…..

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    This song is amazing

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    Am in love with the song

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    Like this is really touching carry go I dey ur side

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    Fantastic song from rudeboy

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    Lovely I ll give u a lady Lol

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    I really love that song couse experience it.

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    love it keep it up

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    I love u

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    This be swag

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    Sweet song

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    i love the track

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    wow so excited

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    Awesome, I love it

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    Awesome………my ringtone

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    Please you guys should come back together as psquare again am missing old times please God bless u

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    Baba pls am talented sir pls i need ur help sir dont mind if you can help out sir 08102524701 p star by name

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    Baba pls am talented sir pls i need ur help sir i dont mind if you can help me out sir 08102524701 p star by name

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    This is a good message to all girls esp slay queens

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    i love dis song

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    You’re the reason why I like p-square songs God bless you brother

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    Guy tht ix wat to do bro tel

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    Very nice song to the girls who are loving because of money

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    nice song I really love it

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    Really love the song

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    Wonderful song brother

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    Rudeboy may almighty god bless You for your everything
    Because this your music touch my heart
    And special we Ghanaians love You

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    Rude B you too much and 3 much this is one of the best cool music in all African I luv it

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    This is cool men

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    This is my favy album u hv realsed

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    This hit z hot

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    Great song love ? it

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    Rude boy, you have a great talent, thanks do more we need new hit ??

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    Wonderful songs, please keep it up!!!

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    Very clear,I like this

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    Wonderful hit

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    God bless you for releasing this song it touches heat

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    u just aback me with this song

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    U song at touch me a lot dia

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    God bless you thanks for the song

  531. Avatar

    So true.these slay queens should use their brains..

  532. Avatar

    Very inspiring,,good job

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    educative song man

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    good vibes?

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    nice one
    lovely with good message

    I love dat line “back then in gwagwalada unibuja”

    do u still remember Koch & duch

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    Nice hit

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    Am inspired by this song as I am an hustle man bt I believe one I av a jackpot nice song rudeboy!

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    Nice hit

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    I love the songs die, more power to your elbow bro

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    Love your songs

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    I really like the song much pa pa wow is a nice song for the youth may allah bless the mouth who sing this song, reason with me God bless ps.QUA.

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    the songs the be keke ebi like the songs you sing for me

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    The song really move me

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    I love song.

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    the song go straight to what am faising one mor bro

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    I love this song very much

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    Wonder full

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    Rudy I started following you when you and your guy were P square??ma guy the song be great.+233552149691

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    Good vibe ?

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    I love this song paa

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    Amazing song, really nice. You talk true

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    Nice some
    Offinso Bwoy

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    this song is making me crazy wow
    just reason with me baby
    the song is a lesson to those girls in a haste
    to run a guy down

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    I love this track

  556. Avatar

    Actually it’s a powerful song l love it

  557. Avatar

    Osheey rude boy… Absolutely correct story line

  558. Avatar

    Bros u too much, God almighty will continue increasing u in wisdom more to realize, dat lyrics na true talk keep going higher ‘”RUDEBOY'”

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    it’s very nice and touching song ,keep it up.

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    This song is the best song I have ever listened to.Indeed it’s a nice song

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    so touching

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    This Song Makes me Feel Nice When Am With Ma Girlfriend

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    awwwwwwwn, so lovely ???

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    Love you

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    Rude Boy you are too much.I will always be your fan till you are gone

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    Rude Boy all the way

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    Perfect track bros

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    A very nice song

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    the song is very very something else am with u rude but please let ur brother be by ur side

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    Yo fan for life! King! RUDDY!

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    I actually arrest my spirit

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    It very nice

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    yap they must rizon wuzi u if not!!!!!!!!

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    Rude boy be one wonderful singer
    As he do am with sark lucky same way he do this one too
    The guy be talented

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    Haaaaaaaaaaa did song kills me I can dance sing the whole night it reminds me of my ex NYC 1 my brother

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    Fantastic song

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    Very interesting and emotional song, nice one bro, more grace to you.

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    I like the song it’s very nice

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    Thousands respect to you brother omoluabi king of music

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    this is a good song

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    nice bro

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    Plz i want to danload the music

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    Hit song.

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    l like the way u do music ,rude

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    Big tune # reason with me

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    It is intersting ad emotional ad inspiring loving it

  588. Avatar

    It is intersting, emotional ad inspiring loving it

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    I just love this song Rudeboy

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    every nice song with good message
    love u Rudy boy,,,but please come together n give us our own p square back

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    I love you

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    ur song be too much …but come back and give us our own psquare

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    ur song is good n good to hear

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    Nice song of all season

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    Rude boy, i like all your songs you are a talented musician keep it up. I love you guy

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    In fact, Rude you hit the hell out of me with this song……Champion keep the love burning
    Let us have a chat0246695220

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    i like his music sometimes encourage men to understand where the good woman is.

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    I love this music

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    i love the song so much

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    I love this song is try

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    I like this song so much

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    awesome song #rudeboy

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    Favourite song

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    More blessing, more wisdom to Rudeboy and his brother. I strongly believe this song will go a long way to encourage those guys that have not much at hand and the ladies to endure with their fiance knowing that if he didn’t have today, he will definitely have tomorrow.

  605. Avatar

    God bless you for the song.

  606. Avatar

    wow Wat a touching song keep up d spirit Rudeboy

  607. Avatar

    This is reality

  608. Avatar

    Wonderful song.

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    I love the song to fullest

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    Nyce of thm

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    like your songs

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    I’m really in with this song

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    Good message to the girls out there

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    naija gals Don cast

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    Nice song I like it rise Africa

  616. Avatar

    Bless you

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    Actually i personally i love the very much cause it teaches as ladies who doesnt have patience in our hearts that we pass by goodlucks….tnx Rudeboy for that powerful message

  618. Avatar

    Do acallabel with chameleon
    Thnx rude

  619. Avatar

    I like that song especially as Rwandan

  620. Avatar

    I love all ur songs from onset. Nice songs are coming from u

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    The best so far, good song more….

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    I love the song every much

  623. Avatar

    Awesome, ruddy.keep it up

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    This music got me thinking…..So lovely

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    Nice one my mentor, but try to settle with your brother,I love your music, baba from benue state 07037024396

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    Nice song and reasonable

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    if this song is not been awd some thing is rng some where, rudy boy is not just ats but msnger

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    Life transiform

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    Rudeboy u too much.

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    this has been the best music ever

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    I really like the Sung

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    I like the song

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    If I no get today I go get am tomorrow
    I love this song

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    It Soo touching ,??

  636. Avatar

    I love rudeboy

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    I really but patience with my guy when I heard this song for the first time, we have to reason with you guys

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    I like this song

  639. Avatar

    Yi like it

  640. Avatar

    A say this one fine sooty

  641. Avatar

    I wish am your younger brother I for don blow

  642. Avatar

    Positive man Rudy,Nike sign….

  643. Avatar

    kill us carteloma

  644. Avatar

    This song is so inspiring
    I don’t know why but it touches my heart so deep

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    rude boy,u are talented,reason with me,is hot

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    the song is really good and make sense. in fact I love it

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    I just love this song

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    It is a nice song

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    So inspiring am in love with this song oooh mg

  650. Avatar

    Waw j’aime cette chanson

  651. Avatar

    Keep it up ? don’t forget to thank God always it has been him since day one ???

  652. Avatar

    I like this song because it teaches how girls should be

  653. Avatar

    Keep the good work nice one

  654. Avatar

    Bad one rudeboy?

  655. Avatar

    too much rude boy

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    bigger you go bro

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    The song is too much, it gives a high degree of sense???

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    Beautiful song!

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    Number one nice one rudeboy

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    Help me God be ur strength ? 08168282323

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    This song inspired me alot

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    Nice tune..

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    Nice voice

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    nice one rude

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    Best song

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    Rude boy is a hit Maker, a messenger and a blessing

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    Great voice

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    if na 200make them help me

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    Music maker

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    This song is inspirational

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    i love d song rude boy you dey so much try.

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    rudeboy “reason with me” is my best song

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    nice track keep it up

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    Very educative song

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    we love u

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    Am AAron +2560708116630

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    I just love rude bout keep up de good work

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    Has no problem

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    Correct confirm

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    Too much

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    This is a great song

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    very touching song

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    the music touched my soul

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    More grace boss from Enitan

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    I can’t use words to express my love for this song

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    Great tune

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    I wept listening to this song

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    More Hits Bro One Love

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    This is the best song u’ve sang ever. More grace. I love it.

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    Nice shot

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    Such a wonderful message

  696. Avatar

    Gud song bro keep it

  697. Avatar

    Need to settle with your brother and forgot the pride

  698. Avatar

    much love bro ???????

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    Amazing song

  700. Avatar

    this is reality keep it up papa

  701. Avatar

    rudeboy. i respect u.coz in songs there is many and gd messages wich makes us think and be care with love. My bro go on as u started.wish u the gd odds.

  702. Avatar

    Inspiring. More love rudeboy….

  703. Avatar

    South sudan luv,ur highly motivated.

  704. Avatar

    I love da song cool

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    Some people may not want to reason with Rudeboy, but i trust him to always give me the sweetest hit. I super love Rudeboy songs and i will always do.

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    Like it

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    Rude bwoy you’re the man

  708. Avatar

    this is advice to the slay Queen’s

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    The lyrics of the song oh bad gan. Make sense die

  711. Avatar

    Wonderful and touching song

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    l really love this song…it makes me remember u guys together… l wish u guys are together again

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    I really love this song keep it up my guy

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    I really love this song …?????

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    I have been playing this send several times because is very enjoyable song
    I and and my lady love dis song very well

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    I really love the song keep it up

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    The way I love this song it reminds me a lot, the first I head my tears drop from eyes , and I have learn to respect everyone and have patience who knows what tomoro can bring.

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    I like this song?

  719. Avatar

    This song is boom keep it up may GOD see u tru ijn . One luv, my guy

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    Love the song very much

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    My ex left me Cox she knew I was starting life afresh as she knew I am leaving naija for abroad….she fost sent me a message saying that living in d country means that I am starting my life afresh not even our life as we usually say.,well she can say that bcox her level done pass my ..she has gotten a job dat made her meet classic pple….I never ne she was using me to keep up herself in d name of her selfish love ….
    These was why I am downloading this muzik today

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    i love d song.its mind-blowing

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    gud one bro

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    Rudy my best musician more grace and talent to u I like all ur song

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