Runtown – Energy [New Song]

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Runtown Energy

Around this time last year, Runtown dropped the chart topping record Mad Over Youit’s obvious the singer might just be ready for another feat with this Del’B produced record titled Energy.

Runtown has been an impressive character on the African music scene since the mammoth-sized successes of his releases and his commendable collaboration history which makes it seems like a Runtown-chorus is needed to score a continental hit at this time.

On this new record, Runtown collects soft melodies and wise sayings, serving them in the chilliest of ways such that the lines hit you while you are seeping in the groove. Runtown stuffs important life lessons in between good sounds, leaving it for meticulous listeners to spot and learn from. With this song, he ratifies his status as a singer who serves materials with more than one use, while one can dance to his songs, he allows his more important message resonate.

Runtown’s ‘Energy’ is a great piece. Bang on it below and share your thoughts.

Runtown – Energy

Quotable Lyrics

Yeah eh eh eh
I just wanna get more money and live my life my way
Free smoke, free Henessy
More life to my enemies
Ah ah ah

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  1. Avatar

    Am the first to download

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      Am Mr SPUNKY

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    i, need rawntown

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      l like you

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    This Song na Hit ???

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      no na Shit

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      no na Shit

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    This Song na Hit ???

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      No na shit

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        Which 1 have u realeased , witch fu*k u

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    This Song Na Hit ? ? ?
    #One Love for you Runtown

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    Nice song runtown

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    Ok so like m the 3rd to download this banga my love for runtown

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    So am the 3rd to download this banga my love for runtown

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    energy in d voice

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    4th to download…#one luv

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    Hi just like this song

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    5th to download… $10 one love for you boss runtown

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    runtown you try but as for me, ,for life is more hit than energy

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    I dey mad over you run town.

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    mehn runtown smashed the beat as always….i love dat

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      Wow that’s amazing

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    So nice oga boss

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    Runtown.more blessings to your hustle. Your are just too good. Dropping hit songs back-to-back

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      Runtown nice hit

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    plaec I need rantown music

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    nice one runtown

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    keep it ? bro

  21. Avatar

    keep it ? bro

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    Connected man,keep the link safe and smooth

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    Nice one, na blast

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    Biansman say runtown is d first and famous musician so far nice hit am feeling it

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    Nothing but mad love any day any time runtown

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    Free smoke free heneny

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    did guy is crazy

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    runtown, nice one there, just wait I’m coming…[email protected]

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    i love #runtown energe nd mad of over you#

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    i #love you guys who #support #runtown

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    I love this song but not as compare to 4life.

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    Much loff for dis song

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    Gosh! Runtown i av bin so much in love with u for a longtime now. You are unique and ur song is different frm any other nigerian song. You sing calmly, u just dont stress it. Wish u all the best

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      I hail u Bea

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    too lit🔥🔥🔥💦keep it up

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    Fuck him

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    much respect to RUNTOWN , diz hit is rili d bomb to me

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    Baba ooo # shot#

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    runtown NWA omama e di too much i love you bro i love ur songs from mad over you to pain killer to for life to let me love you and now is energy keep it up bro more hit songs fall u bro

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    i gbadun this energy because anytime listen to it my power is plus 2 so that mean energy gives me more energy

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    Nice song….confirm

  44. Avatar

    Only u I see mad over u mehn

  45. Avatar

    wonderful song

  46. Avatar

    Runtown ya really running the town with your hit songs./
    Keep it up Sir

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    dope song

  48. Avatar

    My boss doesn’t stress himself when singing u are the best

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    good one runtown

  50. Avatar

    Dope sound #Vibe ?

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    Cool one bro

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    U too much runtown..u no dey sing rubbish. .keep it up bro

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    I trust runtown he is to good

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    I so much like your music runtown kip it on .. I NORKASE Man I dey great .

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    nice hit master

  56. Avatar

    ur on point big man

  57. Avatar

    Soft jam

  58. Avatar

    kaii wanan wakan dope kenan
    Runtown yu always Tha Rude
    yu blast Tha beat

  59. Avatar

    Nice song runtown

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    I love you are an amazing artist….Zambia is behind u

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    runtown you’re the best always your voice knows how to hit me love youuuu

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    Am The 0.00,Party To Download This Lovely Hit.$20 @ U

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    Run town I just don’t know y I love u so much u are the best

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    your name no be Runtown your name na Run the world nice one

  65. Avatar

    Run town keep it up

  66. Avatar

    They can’t take away the energy..nice one bro

  67. Avatar

    u’re just one of ur kind man. “successful” still rocks on my phone. can’t get enough of u. u’ve bn unique from day one. keep it grinding

  68. Avatar

    keep grinding ,the star u are!

  69. Avatar

    Can’t stop feeling this song…..more blessings baba …na you dey runDtown.

    • Avatar

      Bless !!!

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    This is lite…. Much love for runtown

  71. Avatar

    nice song runtown u are always d best

  72. Avatar

    Bring it on…

  73. Avatar

    one eko for u runtown.

    keep on going
    crash the beat normal

  74. Avatar

    I loving diz song,keep it up runtown

  75. Avatar

    u are d best runtown dey ca
    n’t take away d energy

  76. Avatar

    If u Love Runtown, then I love you!

  77. Avatar

    nice, lovely song

  78. Avatar


  79. Avatar

    i cut cap 4 u Runtown

  80. Avatar

    Nice hit

  81. Avatar

    Am not surprised u always kill da beat

  82. Avatar

    Runtown U ar de Finisher

  83. Avatar

    runtown 4 lyf

  84. Avatar

    I love runtown like mad

  85. Avatar

    I love runtown like mad, my number one ?? artist

  86. Avatar

    I bow for you runtown

  87. Avatar

    U BE Baba

  88. Avatar

    sound god .ur de best I won see u.u are really d sound god.

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    am ur biggest fan by heart.#one love sound god.

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    Love this

  91. Avatar

    mehn u d best at wot u do…

  92. Avatar

    i like the song energy keep up runtown nothing good comes easy

  93. Avatar

    Runtown… blast
    As always from the hit track Emergency with King Pato,one of my favorites… now Energy…
    Baba…love you for life
    More energy to you Boss…Jah gat you covered.muahhhhh????
    You too much

  94. Avatar

    Runtown… blast
    As always from the hit track Emergency with King Pato,one of my favorites… now Energy…
    Baba…love you for life
    More energy to you Boss…Jah gat you covered.muahhhhh????
    You too much

  95. Avatar

    All i do all nyt is plug my earphone on my ear play all runtown tracks that i had in my phone.keep on giving us d best of ur best.

  96. Avatar

    I just love ur songs

  97. Avatar

    more grace my right man runtown

  98. Avatar

    Runtown nice one keep killing with hits, am coming soon

  99. Avatar

    This nigga really murdered the beat, right from day one, big ups to u bro naija got your back, more love to my enemies

  100. Avatar

    who GOD bless no maximum dimensions; i say?!!I!?no man fit curse people to. cho chop . run town

  101. Avatar

    who GOD bless no maximus dimensions; i say?!!I!?no man fit curse cho chop am there. runtown.i am proud of u’and because of this song energy I am proud of being a Nigeria.

    mr sam

  102. Avatar

    i done madoooooo because of runtown.

  103. Avatar

    run through run town more life more wisdom
    more money
    I will always pray for u bro

  104. Avatar

    U dy there… Soundgod

  105. Avatar

    runtown…. man of music….. keep it up

  106. Avatar


  107. Avatar

    I love it energy is inspiration song no man can it away up runtown

  108. Avatar

    Nice one

  109. Avatar

    Jentle Man,runtown

  110. Avatar

    Useful talents by the greatest ever. Run ur town my grand. @iamwyperjr

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    Nice one bro I just wanna get more money ????

  112. Avatar

    #Dope love u so much runtown…

  113. Avatar

    tu ale run town

  114. Avatar

    Princewill victor

  115. Avatar

    Princewill victor

  116. Avatar

    I love all songs

  117. Avatar

    Love energy

  118. Avatar

    waoh dix song iz melliflous ,mah broda runtown take 5,1000000000 stickers 2 dat really they cant take away d energy

  119. Avatar

    in love with this song…

  120. Avatar

    d song make sense

  121. Avatar

    its a real banger

  122. Avatar

    hahaha o my gooodness so god men

  123. Avatar

    baba may they take me along please
    i have so much songs but nobody to manage
    me am simple ? you can’t call me high ?.
    sir the way you sing is so unique i no no
    were you get this runtown voice i tell you,
    you they de kill the street with your vibe
    way i love you bross more life to you runtown.
    am on WhatsApp 08134166670 that is my number please if you are there may de take me along please i take God beg you help my music career please….

  124. Avatar

    Keep it up
    ..god gat your back town

  125. Avatar


  126. Avatar

    i am hkb_hopekid up coming actress long runtown your music give more vibes and inspiration

  127. Avatar

    my best artist of all love u bro

  128. Avatar

    i wish i would have d opportunity to sing with u

  129. Avatar

    U are 9ja music inspiration

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