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[Song] Rudeboy – “Reality”

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Rudeboy, gives reality check on new number

One half of the already disbanded boy band, P-Square, Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy is nothing short of amazing as he displays his vocal capabilities on this new number titled Reality.

On this one, the singer does some real life situation checks stating that no matter the kind of love you serve to a loved one, it’s difficult laying ones life for them. Also, this song passes as a record used in apologising to a hurt partner.

This comes up shortly after his previous single titled Ifaiwhich did an awesome work on the charts.

Enjoy below


Quotable Lyrics

I’m sorry, I’m Sorry x2

I’m sorry, I’m Sorry x2

Some say that i’m blind no be my way (there’s nobody like you)

I gave you my heart then you throway, eyah


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  1. The best musician outa Africa… mad tune!!!

  2. Stufs on king.. Always giving us a legendary waves ? ?

  3. Rudely no description. Once egwu

  4. This is real muzik…chai

  5. What can I say ur too much bro is in u

  6. Wow?

  7. Jamming

  8. loving it

  9. It is about life, living and loving. It is about being human. Excellent song. On repeat. Rudeboy is ready for this summer tour.

  10. Soo proud of you my king

  11. Ruudy I wish other new artist go follow your step to make Nigerian music great again.

  12. King Ruddy…. u too much bro.
    More Songs in ur Vevo.

  13. Shai this song nah badam

  14. Real music bro more grease to ur elbow

  15. Rudy boy una can never say e no good but make Mr p dropped he own with una stupid mouth una go say e no good .finished fans.oga Paul u try small but u need to change ur star of singing and ur sound. U no see ur broda he change e sound and he no dey use p square way .so l no see d reason why u go still dey use p square way oooo Paul .change ur sound if u are truly a musicia.Mr p is d best weather haters like it on not Mr p classic

  16. My guy you are on point

  17. King ? king ? Rudy you are the best i can’t just stop playing this hot hit over and over again…… More progress, more inspiration and more blessings fall on you. Thump ? Nwannem

  18. it’s simply awesome. Lov dat am already trying to mimic it

  19. Rude, who wrote this song for you? because it is not like other ones you’ve been releasing since after ur splint. It must have been written by the writer of ifai

  20. Rudy…Rudy…King Rudy. Song full of passion and emotion that it comes alive…like REALITY which is the song title.

  21. This is music
    I just watched the video
    this is really reality oh
    Rudy Onye egwu

  22. I like this

  23. Make peace with your brother

  24. Lit

  25. nice trck

  26. Rudeboy my musical mentor keep it up, more blessings

  27. haters leave rudeboy now.I love this.We need more of this.No be to they copy other songs and be claiming it is allowed even on TV.U are unique rudeboy.

  28. u kill it bro
    too ? ? ?

  29. Dope as always.u are d best.keep it up

  30. wow! I love dis

  31. confirmed

  32. I just can’t stop playing this song.
    More Grace bro

  33. Nice video good verses

  34. Well dine king rudy

  35. Those complaining of king Rudy using p square tunes, u forgot that he is p-square himself.
    He was the voice of p square while Mr. P was the wave and dance of p square

  36. I love @mrp quiet but i always listen to @rudeboy music. i really love his music like reality. @kingrudyforever

  37. sweet dope jam from Rudyking himself

  38. Is in ur blood boss, nyc 1

  39. true definition of music, always sending a message, rudy is the man

  40. Not bad

  41. Who don sabi don sabi jor

  42. you re too gud

  43. Ruudy ur 2much,more tunes to cm

  44. U have shown us ur class in the Music Industry, keep it up.

  45. Dope jam Rude boy

  46. Radically u are d Bozz of music

  47. over repeatation of word, copied p sqaure track , tell me who made it posible, p sqaure ft 2baba possibility

  48. The song us dope

  49. are you ok

  50. Banger rudeboi

  51. I agree with those specifically hit the nail on the head. However, twice remain loveable partner. Their love goes on even they no longer together but they can come together and do what they known best in business wised. I want to straighten the record, they are mature to get on with their lives. People should stay out of their business.

  52. Dope song and good cool beat daddy. More grace and love injn Amen.

  53. This track na Bum

  54. The man wey sabi

  55. you too much Paul the music is really in you

  56. So in love with this song

  57. Waooo lv dis.. U too much

  58. Reality…I’m sorry it’s reality that this is a mad jam

  59. Very nice
    I love it

  60. King u to much

  61. Great one onye Ifite,U r the bomb

  62. bomb!!!!

  63. this is complete nonsense
    my opinion

  64. Thank God is u bro

  65. trully it nt easy …..i blive ur government ……u r damn gud….99 percent luv 4rm chechi okoli jr

  66. What can I say, he can do more

  67. Great stuff, well worked

  68. 100% nice hit… Simz De Drake Smith

  69. it cool

  70. Really love the reality in this song,,,#reality

  71. Nice 1

  72. All those pipol that came here to comment rubbish about psquare you better focus on your different households. Comment on the music and continue your journey, is it hard for you? Why bring the stupid comparison and inciting comments that can only make things worse. This page should be for rudeboy’s reality, if it’s dope or not, not a family relationship advice forum. Gosh. Sick

  73. By d way reality is dope

  74. what a heat nice one

  75. what hit nice one love

  76. can’t stop playing it! Rudy na here u sing final! love u

  77. nice one

  78. U are the best boss ..I love all u songs
    God bless u for me

  79. Dis track dey scatter my head, I hv been playing it ever since I downloaded it even used it for my boo incoming call, Haters gonna hate

  80. When you see a natural voice you will know,
    If you’re a musician you will understand what I’m talking about.
    RUDEBOY is talented when it comes to music, he’s a super star and his not adding any voice filter or edits to his voice but his brother Mr.P is using a voice filter and edits and his voice looks artificial.
    Check my head, check ebeano and the rest by Mr p the voice is wack but the video is dope. Please let’s face reality ?

  81. When you see a natural voice you will know,
    If you’re a musician you will understand what I’m talking about.
    RUDEBOY is talented when it comes to music, he’s a super star and his not adding any voice filter or edits to his voice but his brother Mr.P is using a voice filter and edits and his voice looks artificial.
    Check my head, check ebeano and the rest by Mr p the voice is wack but the video is dope. Please let’s face reality ?

  82. Rudeboy all I known is that all your music they scatter my bream

  83. Rudy..after u na u..pple wey dey talk say Mr p pass,na because en get swag pass u..but lyrically u r d king,..dem no wan tell demselves d truth…he is d voice of psquare,so wtf do u mean by saying he should change his style…just like telling wizkid or olamide to change there style..stop hating on this guy..if no be for accident he sabi dance too

  84. I just can’t stop loving you. you are the only reason why I love psquare the emotion you show in every video kill it all.. am so proud of you continue making me your number one fan proud

  85. E be like say rudeboy only you na P square this the vibe I do hear on P square songs that fills my heart with love

  86. sense b is my name

  87. sense b is my name OR you call me 1boy

  88. And you have the p square voice I swear

  89. Ruuuuuude Boy.
    Oga ontop

  90. king Rudy…….. u always on point with your lyrics….i can’t jez stop loving you.

  91. U are too much

  92. thank u bro u too much

  93. Wow it’s so cool I love it

  94. Bros na u be psquare!

  95. Rudeboy all the way this song has been on repeat ever since I heard it.

  96. Keep on bro

  97. wow!!! amazing

  98. i really luv ur all ur music with passion, infact u are the real p square himself, i wish i can collaborate with u someday cos u are my idol.

  99. I don’t want Mr p or rude boy, I want p square back, twins are powerful even in the Bible, what ever it is you both are unique no matter the difference, think about your parents who has laid their life’s for you, forget about what you hear or what so many have said, I don’t even care what the problem is but what matters to me is you both are p square ( get squared) @ chuks Terence….

  100. Rudeboy is good just as Mr P but I’m pleading with you both to come back to form P Square because it will be proper to be together than to be apart

  101. Rude boy ur way up…. So magical this is reality… In luv wid the vocals

  102. you are the best out of them all, king Rudy.

  103. Rudeboy all the way.. song on repeat

  104. Just incredible.. Real tune!!!
    love this song like crazy

  105. Nice bro

  106. Always on top of your game!!!nice one

  107. Nice one rude boy

  108. d two of u are fools, and ur wives are the most stupid women u have, make up with ur bro, two heads are better than one, u both are the psquare,this is the reality.

  109. Really nice

  110. wow

  111. Good music

  112. well done bro 4 u both ar gud in music,see some atim life is like dat,at least u guys have let so many 2 knw dat u guys cn nt do without each other, normally many people use 2 tink gat u guys are like coins of 2 side with out d other side u will be useless,
    En nw u have made everyone 2 knw d u cn do witout each other.
    so I plead 4 d sake of ur family members an fans out there,
    dat u guys should drop dat shit of going solo, 4 get about dos who started up 2gater an later go solo like 2baba an som others
    see in dis ur case,Peter is ur blood brother not friend,Twins in dat mata,
    En if I who doesn’t even relate with u nor haven’t even see u physical am feeling Tis way of u departing 4rm brotha,tink about how ur lateparents an family members will be feeling were Eva they are,
    is 2bad plz don’t bring degrees 2 ur family an 2 us ur fans,
    don’t drop d way ur parents brought u up,they brought u guys up 2gater,
    u have been running tins 2gata
    Bt nw Becos u tink they are no more,
    u wanna do tins d way it pleases u, see ur parents are still within u do tins 2 mak dem happy were Eva they are,
    even d bible says be ur brother ‘s keep, just 4get Wat Eva d issues maybe an bring back piece in ur family.
    am sorry its ur family matter am not supposed to interfere,
    Bt u an ur brother ar like son’s of Nigerian an world wide too
    u don’t expect ur fans 2 kept quiet when everything is not right,
    dis mata BTW u and ur brother is no longer a family mata Becos hence u keep going solo so d world keep as why.
    u didn’t treat it when it was small nw it out 2 d world endure wat ever fans say

    na their mouths make dem talk

    as 4 u fans knw d way u contribute over some mata
    Som say Mr Paul alias rudeboy is still use d pattern an voice of p square yes dat is in him p square is made up of 3 major part
    (d voice d supporting waves and d dance )
    check 4rm d beginning of p square till d bodom dat voice is of p square,
    rudeboi gat d voice an nothing cn change dat, En I love dat voice

    then of Peter alias Mr p bring out his own voice wish he has not been using b4, En dat is not d p square voice we know,
    blend it now with d ( squaredance ) of p square dat he do best in d Tim of p square,
    so if u ask me I will say they are equal in dis business

    so don’t jump 4rm no were an started saying what u have not even tink stop dat so u won’t get ur self in trouble

    am Fabian John alias Omo igbo
    25yrs old

    sir rudeboy am addicted 2 song i can sing i have my own lyrics Bt no finance an backup support
    I beg u help me En I will never betray u
    l love you Mr Paul (rudeboy)



  114. finally he can do it without Mr p, u r indeed rudeboy, and I’d always follow the right person.

  115. Nice one……. Kudos Rudy

  116. nyc hit rudy king

  117. It feel gooooooood

  118. You finish work here Kind Ruddy. I thought I was dreaming the first time I heard the song, never knew it was a REALITY.

  119. Rude boy killing ma soul with this song……
    It’s real Bro.

  120. When he said that he had been doing it all alone in psquare thàt you guys were only deceived with pictures and videos,some of you doubted him.He was the brain behind psquare songs.The voice you hear in psquare belongs to him and him alone.This is what you would be hearing,same psquare tunes…

  121. Wow wow wow… He is the talented psquare, you are rudely humble, Keep it up… It’s REALITY BRO, me I no go die for her o




  125. Brother you are always wine in all I love you so much and so proud of you

  126. Rudeboy all d way, u d best

  127. great song This is Joedon Mr producer

  128. Rudeboy iam pround of u all the times please come back to psqure thank u 4 dat i love u . Tile eric in benue state in gboko

  129. Always d best ruudy keep hurting your haters

  130. Rudy rudy this na blest the first day i list to this music is like i was in heaven l love it keep it up

  131. nice song Bruh….

  132. Love you bro

  133. Nice track

  134. See guys this one is cool wow

  135. Reality de lambo

  136. Am really impressed love

  137. Too kul

  138. rudboy is a better singer than Mr p

    remember all the singing wen they are still p square was written by rudboy and remember Mr p only specialized on dance alone so check d voice of rudboy den and check DAT of Mr p too and you will see who is the main owner of d voice…..
    if you like believe it or not
    nah rudboy be d man in d game

  139. Rudeboy ur the bast, but My guy Remenmber say enmy is every where,thy mey throw you ponchw.but who God don bless e don bless am, we the good fans we still dey your back noting do you, remen bless.

  140. Rudeboy ur the bast, but My guy Remenmber say enmy is every where,thy mey throw you ponchw.but who God don bless e don bless am, we the good fans we still dey your back noting do you, remen bless.08182788264

  141. So proud of my hero

  142. Rudy my gee
    Ride on

  143. Who say rudeboy no be better person na God na go fire dat person frm heaven

  144. Am loving dis 1

  145. As for me before I will play the music played by any of you,you two has to be back together so u can give me what I want to hear..pls don’t allow women to separate brothers my to talk of twins..that’s my prayer for you two..come back together because blood is thicker than water..thanks

  146. I miss the square records

  147. Nice songe

  148. Rudy u are a better singer Mr.P is better dancer. u got d lyrics Peter got d entertainment so dz matter na like Eba and soup u guys should make peace cos u nid each other , am on my knees plsssssss. As for dz lyrics and reason wit me e fit wake dead body n make d deaf hear again. Tnks n kip d gud works. love u both.

  149. Great song bro, it’s all about reality

  150. Nice 1,i love it

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